: Power Rankings - Week 32
Wait... So TSM beats Cloud 9 3-2... Gains 7 spots in the power rankings... But then is still below Cloud 9? I would maybe understand if the series was extremely close in TSM's 3 wins and super in favor in Cloud 9's 2 wins, but that isn't how it happened at all. All 5 games were at least somewhat close, with only game 1 coming close to a true stomp, but even then game 1 was still winnable for TSM. Another thing that would've helped make sense of C9 being ahead of TSM was if the article stated that it thinks that C9 would match up better against international competition, which it didn't. In fact the only thing even close to that was the statement that "they still look poised to make a deep run in World Championship." (And maybe I'm a bit biased, but after that series TSM seemed pretty well matched up map control and general strategy wise, and definitely ahead in mechanics and skill) I get that there is still the eye test, and that of course is open to interpretation and all that, but if you are going to put a #1 seed in a region below the #2 seed, then you had better explain why.
: Behind the Screens: Kev1n and life in the LCS
Is it just me or do top laners seem to stay professional the longest (at least as far as Eu and Na goes) I have no real evidence supporting this but to me it seems like out of any position in either LCS the original top laners are most likely to still be in the league in some way. Examples: Dyrus, Voyboy (though he did move to mid), Kev1n, soaz, Darien, Wickd... Probably more but this is all off the top of my head.
BertZZ (EUW)
: Wembley stadium holds 90k people, just saying
> Wembley stadium holds 90k people, just saying I did mention for "league events" I would assume that is the maximum Riot was able to fit for their set up considering that they likely would've offered more seats if they could considering how quickly the event sold out.
: "the victorious teams emerge to battle it out in Seoul (home of defending champions SKT T1 K) in the semifinals and final." Read pls
Dude that doesn't answer his question... He is asking if there will be a 3rd place Bo5 ON THE SAME DAY. Not just in the same stadium... In fact last year there wasn't even a third place match... @Rehkless Honestly I cannot say whether or not there will be a third place match since there wasn't on last year. However if there is one it will likely be on the same day as the Final.
NightWi5h (EUW)
: S5 worlds in the UK? Final at wembley stadium? One time? Not much to ask?
I could see it being in europe, however Riot may decide to continue holding worlds at the country that last won them (considering this year is at Korea, and chances of EU winning worlds this year are decently high, but EU are in the same boat as NA this time around, underdogs for sure.) However if it is in Europe it will more than likely be in a country in mainland Europe (easier for a majority of fans to get to) and should it be in UK, it would be at a bigger arena. I say this because Wembley can only hold 12k people for league events and the Staples center held 13-14k people. So all in all it could very well be in Europe, but likely not in the UK and almost certainly not in Wembley. (I will say though, that Alliance and CW game, the fans were amazing) Edit: Added something in the first paragraph. Edit 2: I was only trying not to offend anyone, but to be completely honest, when I say decently high, I mean like there is a real possibility of something happening. I don't EXPECT an EU team to win worlds, and I don't even want one to win, but truly anything can happen. Not sure how many of you watched this, but back in S2 worlds, TPA was considered a pretty big underdog going into worlds, not many people knew much about them and the SEA region was considered not nearly as strong as Korea. Yet they beat Azubu Frost, and in a convincing manner. So I say this again, I do not think it is likely that an EU team will win worlds, but I think the chance for that to happen persists and isn't a ridiculous thing to imagine happening.
Moobeat (NA)
: I don't have a question but I just wanted to say I loved the album and everything that came with it. Awesome job!
OMG found a wild moobeat.
: Pentakill Q&A
Where are the singers? ;_; For real though, love the album and thanks for releasing it!!!
tw64 (NA)
: Same here
> Same here Yeah Thornmail is pretty good. For me lightbringer was really good the first time I heard it, but overall I liked others more.
Acerola (NA)
: I like all of em! It's too hard to pick.. I like Thornmail, Lightbring(er, you forgot that in your vote option by the way) and Deathfire best... oh, also Orb of Winter, ahh.. picking one favorite is way too hard. The others are all close seconds too.
> I like all of em! It's too hard to pick.. I like Thornmail, Lightbring(er, you forgot that in your vote option by the way) and Deathfire best... oh, also Orb of Winter, ahh.. picking one favorite is way too hard. The others are all close seconds too. Whoops! Thanks for seeing that, unfortunately it appears I cannot edit that >.>
Valenten (NA)
: Awesome album
Yep ^.^ Very well done especially from a company that makes video games lol
Rioter Comments
: Santorin Joins Team Coast as New Jungler
What I think will be interesting is the note at the end of the article that states that coast must field at least 3 players from their original roster. Does this mean that they intend to move nintendude to top/mid or are they having zion/shiphtur return?


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