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: It’s My Party Now
If it's just gonna be every champion with a giant head with a DRAAAVVVVVVEEEEEENNNNNNNNN mask on it'll be a bit disappointing. {{item:3073}}
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Acrding teh mai kalqlations hu have not scuare. - {{champion:14}} It's 12 DRRRAAAAAAAAAAAVVVVVEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNN x 13 DRRRAAAAAAAAAAAVVVVVEEEEEEENNNNNNNNNN! - {{champion:74}}
: Thresh & Rengar’s Bot Lane Carnage
{{champion:136}} & {{champion:143}} Everyone just goes *Pop* Stun > Snare > 2 Plants > Ult Knock > Ult Slow All while Sol W is ripping them to shreds. So much AOE CC and Deeps. Then late game global stun.
MakiSan (NA)
: the god has spoken
O.o What are the Chances I'd find a person that rekt me in here... I was the Blitz when you were Ez w/ Morg support. My Zed yelled "Nozomi is bae!!!" or something... QQ IDK where I'm going with this...
Thermiten (EUNE)
: Random Champion Concept (Double Trouble)
Not really new :/ It's basically a Lux+Brand+Ryze+Lb mash up. The Q & W screamed Brand to me, but their effects a much much worst. Why would I risk getting close to slow/silence when I can stun from a distance with Brand. Q's slow will be unnoticeable in game. Also Stun > Silence. The passive on E is basically OP Lux passive. Ult is just broken, 2x damage is never good and impossible to balance. Overall this kit looks perfect for a full tank build with it's easy to proc % damage.
Beruon9 (EUNE)
: .......................-The Master Thief
Sir. what you have made is an unkillable tank/bruiser. Frozen Gauntlet, Spirit Visage, Deadman's, ZZ'Rot, Warmog's/situational + 3% Max HP per auto every 4s.... 40% CDR = 2.4s on a 10% max HP heal. Then you add 3% every 4 then add 28% from spirit visage + masteries. That's nearly 6.3% max HP every 1 sec. It's on Par with a Mundo Ult. The E also means you can keep on spamming Q like a mad man. Not only that, according to the ult he also has infinite scaling. Permanently (?) stealing AR & MR could get bonkers. 100% broken.
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: Garen, Darius, Katarina and in the back Renekton, Ahri, Riven. Leona, Nidalee, Yorick and probably Syndra with the white hair.
Nidalee = Xin Zhao? Looks too masculine to be Nid :/
: Trials of the Poro
Ohhhh new Tank.... His Ult is Audacious Stache all surrounding units friend or foe receives a smexi stache that blocks attacks from Ashe, Vayne, Varus, Twitch, and that bird girl for 10 seconds...


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