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: To be fair, Rakan and Xayah's skins are supposed to be used together. Galio and Varus aren't exactly designed teammates; Although Varus ADC and Galio mid would paint a complete picture
I don't think synergy of champs being "used" together makes a valid reason to just crop out Varus...... Not sure what you're getting at sorry.
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Anl0rian (NA)
: With Arclight Brand coming, can we get an update for Justicar Syndra?
You probably need to read the lore of the Justicar Skins as they aren't just labeled Arclight for that reason. Justicar Aatrox: > Chief among the Arclight stand the Justicars, sentinels who serve as living embodiments of justice and order. Aatrox embodies power, for it is his martial prowess that holds the chaos back. Justicar Syndra > Chief among the Arclight stand the Justicars, sentinels who serve as living embodiments of justice and order. Syndra embodies knowledge, for what guides the world if not the wisdom of gods? Also I know I'm being that narcissistic person, but what tweaking are you wanting for the skin? It would help Riot understand what you want tweaked....
: Can't believe the Transformer is the base and the actual Arclight looking skin is the chroma lmao
I agree, I understand that Riot is a business and they need to make money.... but there are creative ways to make a chroma for this skin and not take away from the base design of Arclight.
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: A ban last season won't affect your eligibility for this. I don't think a ban in preseason would either given the requirement is "this season" not this year.
Oh thank heavens then, phew! Thank you for clarifying.
Keyru (NA)
: 2018 End of Season Rewards and Honor
So I got a suspension due to a bad incident on December 2017..... it's been a year now and I've returned on better terms. Does that mean I'm pretty much ineligible based on the rules stated? (Just wanted clarification). Been trying hard to collect all the Gold-Ranked Skins and I have every victorious skin except for Jarvan, but hoping this would be another year.
: I agree that new PROJECT skins for supports and tank would be a great idea, but I'm just going to point something out here. All of the PROJECT skins are of humans with special weapons (and occasionally abilities). That seems to be the theme for who's a candidate for the skin line. I may be wrong, but that's the feeling I get when I look at the existing PROJECT skins. So, a good number of champions you mentioned, the ones whose kits are more magic focused or who aren't 100% human (Taric, Karma, Rakan/Xayah, Janna, Braum, Zyra, Morgana, Sejuani - because of Bristle, Evelynn) probably won't get considered. Shen and Braum are toss-ups as far as I can tell, and Taric is arguably in this category as well. But that doesn't mean that the remaining candidates (Irelia, J4, Akali, Diana, and MF) aren't good ones, though I personally would toss MF off the list, she already has a lot of skins, and a good portion of them are decent ones. Besides, there are already a lot of PROJECT adcs. So, that leaves Irelia, J4, Akali and Diana. All 4 could use a good skin, and could theoretically fit the PROJECT line (if my theory is correct). That's my two cents, but any of the champions on the list could get the PROJECT skins, after all. But thanks for making this post - maybe Riot will even let people vote on the next PROJECT skins, like they did with the Illaoi skin.
> [{quoted}](name=BladeSingularity,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=KEEKMm3E,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-10T05:42:00.750+0000) > >So, that leaves Irelia, J4, Akali and Diana. All 4 could use a good skin, and could theoretically fit the PROJECT line (if my theory is correct). > > That's my two cents, but any of the champions on the list could get the PROJECT skins, after all. But thanks for making this post - maybe Riot will even let people vote on the next PROJECT skins, like they did with the Illaoi skin. I'm going to agree with you on this as they probably are going to make a 4-person series with those 4 (I can already see the ideas). Even though Taric is more magical, he does utilize a hammer, but the glowing gems would be holograms.
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: Yea pretty much. It probably would help that player think twice about it. Might even make a difference in a single a game for some players. But toxic players are toxic. What's in their nature is quite inevitable. I do believe it could make a toxic player think twice about their actions in a single game of ours.
But what if someone just gets toxic for one game and gets banned because other players were toxic to them?
: It would help players be more aware, but it wouldn't stop toxicity. Giving them guidelines and example what is acceptable and what isn't might help players think twice about their actions. Players not reading Term of Use just shows how careless they are about the consequences. But I honestly believe it won't reduce toxicity due to the fact toxic players will one day slip up because it's just their nature. Maybe if a player gets the first penalty, have them do a quiz or have them accept an agreement after they review what they did wrong and what actions are unacceptable. Such as trolling, flaming, slurs, intentional feeding, retaliating against their team, etc.
I agree with this, a quiz for redeemment or something of the sorts would be nice. It's like the system my university gives for parking tickets. Take the quiz, read the guidelines and if you pass you get one free appeal.
: No amount of making the Terms of Use "interactive" is going to change how many rulebreakers there are. If 90% of the players don't read the TOU when the click "Accept", d'you really think they'll read the TOU when prompted to write down an agreement ad-verbatim? The whole proposition relies on the assumption that the prompt itself will cause them - whether directly or indirectly - to read through the TOU. And, if the assumption is also that 90% of the players don't read it...D'you see where it's going? The only way that the proposition would even remotely work is to have keywords or whatever hidden/highlighted throughout the TOU - players would then have to read through the TOU to find said highlighted words to type them in for the agreement. But even _that_ has a telling flaw in that the words have to be highlighted in some way, meaning players will just skim through the TOU looking for whatever word stands out so they can skip ahead and do the equivalent of "not reading and clicking Accept". If there are feasible avenues to deal with toxicity, this isn't one of them surely.
You do know that writing down/check boxing means they actually have to read the statements.........
: hahaha i was messing around with my bud in game. i can see that they might not like that though
But if you explain that, then they won't fault you for it.
: Riot has a zero tolerance policy on this. Even if your "gayness" comment was an inside joke with a friend, your comment may have offended others on a team. Also, you mentioned that this was not your first offense. Have you been chat restricted before or had a 14 day ban? Punishment's move up tiers as you rack more and more. You mentioned that there are millions of other people more toxic than you. While this may be true, it doesn't mean that you have to be toxic. You don't have to do what others do. Looking at your chat logs, you do harass your teammates. If you have not received a 14 day ban before, Like others mentioned, I would submit a support ticket. Good Luck!
If he was reported by multiple people (from the sounds of it his teammates), then its probably he got the automated system ban.
: Man I'm permabanned now. Bummer
I read the chat, does not deserve a ban, please submit a ticket as it looked like you were being screwed over in the game and you were not happy. Also I'm gay and calling someone gay is not offensive.... some people here I just smdh.
: Man I'm permabanned now. Bummer
Can you post the history of the chat log they sent you that got you banned?
: Why can't we report tags?
To be quite fair, what is the actual name of the clan group that leads to the clan tag? Is it like "Kleanse Your Soul" or literally a random madeup acronym for "Kill Yourself"
Jamaree (NA)
: That wouldn’t reduce toxicity.
it's a suggestion, so if you have a valid constructive criticism, that would be appreciative.
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: Idk why it matters you can be bad at rank 7 Ranking just means you played that hero enough and got at least 6 s’s on them. Doesn’t mean your good as that champ In addition if you play ranked you’ll know your opponents rank since it’ll be near yours or na.op.gg yourself during the loading screen Done outside already no real need for it to be incorporated would literally kill a few sites
There’s a thing called normals and it’s a broken system where I’m a gold player being matched with diamond and it’s an unfair advantage considering my experience. Would be beneficial to know who my opponent is. Honestly this might be just a me personality thing, but again if i was diamond, and I’m against a gold player, it’s gonna suck for them but I wouldn’t tell them they are trash because I know they are below my rank, I don’t need to further establish that.
: You can find your teammates ranked status by searching it up on a different site but I don't think it shows on the loading screens, just the mastery levels. Also, if you were to see your opponents rank, wouldn't more people trash talk using their victims rank as an advantage? I do wish LoL community would be more positive but I doubt showing ranks on the loading screen would improve it.
You can see if your teammates are gold/platinum/diamond/etc on the loading screen.
: Seeing someone else's Ranking in the loading screen will most likely increase the amount of toxicity in-game. Toxic players are toxic when they have bad teammates, bad opponents, and other factors. Now, let's say you get in a game full of silvers and you are a bronze 4 player. If you perform badly, your team would use your rank as a way to further their negative behavior like saying "this trash bronzie is in my game" of course adding more curse words. Think about it, if toxic players were that considerate, they wouldn't be toxic to players that have bad games yet even when I have bad games and I feed, my team most likely flames me for it even when I say, "this is just a bad game for me sorry".
But you can already see your teammates Mastery and Ranked Status? I barely see toxicity from my teammates (maybe im just lucky) but more toxicity from my opponents. Maybe I’m just being optimistic and think the fact my teammates know that I’m gold and they are higher, then it’s peobable I’m gonna do poorly than them and they are okay with that? I’m just hoping the outcome would be the same if you can see your opponents status.
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: Level 5 honor to 14 day ban
The Honor System honestly needs a look into. I understand your frustration as I went from Honor 4 to 14-day ban and dishonorable. I really do think if you built up so much honor and had a bad game, you should be getting a mute or a lower ranking of Honor rather than go straight into Dishonorable and get a 14-day ban.
: 14 day ban for asking the flaming support who he said Kys to...
So you got banned because the word "kys" was in your question, you don't deserve a ban whatsoever. Submit a ticket and I hope riot will reconsider.
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