: How long is Lucian going to be able to abuse Black Cleaver?
He's been doing this for 3 years, since season 6.
: >Shield, slow, stun, nuke, rinse and repeat Funny a Ryze player is complaining
Have you played Ryze? Ryze doesn't slow, he doesn't stun, and he doesn't nuke. Please tell me you've played Ryze.
: Let's see Ahri , and others Why do you complain about ever single pick that happens to be good against Ryze ? At least hey ! You said it yourself , he needs to land skillshots, unlike some other champion
It's you again, you don't seem to leave. If I complained about a 60% win rate champion you would still come to me and say that I shouldn't be complaining. I really wish people would play Ryze to see how "strong" he supposedly is because maybe you're right, maybe I suck ass with Ryze. > Why do you complain about ever single pick that happens to be good against Ryze ? Because every single midlane pick _IS_ good against Ryze. He has the lowest winrate out of the entire midlane roster.
Kivolan (NA)
: So I have no idea what Twitch rivals is, but I will say as a Vel main that he feels weaker the higher you climb in elo. He gets shut down extremely easily by the incredibly mobile / bursty roster that League has these days. As you said as well, he's completely skillshot based so higher ranked opponents know how to dodge things a little better than those in lower elos.
Any champion feels "weaker" as you climb elo though, it's not just Vel'Koz.
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: I have an idea https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYexL1JDUpc There ya go, if challenger ryze can beat a challenger diana Then you can beat whatever diana rank same as yours. You are complaining ryze is really weak, just like LL Stylish complain how weak is zed but hey at least he makes it work. So your choice, either you make ryze work by learning match up and improve or just give up. Stop saying, ryze 2-3 item vs X ap champ 2-3 item ryze auto weaker. I give u a clip go watch, next time just search youjtube, there will always something you can do, its just u dont/cant do doesnt mean there is nothing u can do. Even my suggestion is not bad, if you cant kill her, simply bait/wait her Q then just spam ur abilities and push wave then walk back to ur turret, just farm and wait for opportunity, I can tell your rank is not high by all your logic and its ok, dont tilt and improve man. if you find it too hard then just move on to other champ, I suggest u play malz ezpz, press W push wave back, press R win fight :D. Remember if you cant figure out a match up, go youtube :D and watch, if a challenger can beat a challenger using that method, you can do the same because ur enemy is not challenger either, so u dont need to execute it flawlessly like the challenger but it should be good enough to win you the lane :D, but after that rotating etc its up to u :D !
I began typing, but you're too delusional if you think that Ryze isn't weak especially if you're comparing my complaining to people complaining about Zed being weak. You're not worth my time.
Hotarµ (NA)
: * Darius had _543_(*) damage with a nearly full 6-item build. * Judging by the ridiculous amount of AD Darius has at this point (^) and the amount of damage you took from Crippling Strike + Noxian Guillotine, Darius had 5 stacks of Hemorrhage on you which means you fought him for a long period of time while staying in his melee range, a place where Juggernauts survive. * You have 4/5 items at this point, not a single one of them has any sort of armor. You're also running Sorcery and Domination, you don't have any sort of survivability from your runes either. * This means you have the _base resistances_ on Ryze (who's relatively squishy, not the tankiest champion by any means) up against a high damage Juggernaut who thrives in extended fights. He's essentially doing true damage to you at all points of the game. * Ryze has a point and click root, a spell that can easily be used to get away from an all melee champion such as Darius. You can also E-W to root him for longer periods of time to get away from him. _You can also_ use your ultimate to warp away from Darius, should you need to put a large distance between you two. * Nexus Blitz. Increased gold regen, shared gold, and increased EXP rates make this a place _meant_ for snowballing and hectic teamfighting. Yeah, staying in melee range of a Juggernaut while not building any resistances and fighting him for extended periods of time (where Darius thrives) probably _wasn't the best idea._
- Fought him for a long period of time? It says I fought him for 6 seconds. If that is considered long, then I'm done playing this game. - Explain how armor would have helped versus 1.1k true damage. I had 2 health items (Morello + fully stacked RoA) and fully stacked Seraphs. - Ryze has a point and click root that lasts 1.1s (empowered) when the enemy champion has Merc Treads. He had fully stacked Legend: Tenacity so he gains an additional 30% tenacity lowering my 1.1s to 0.6s root. He used ghost, so as soon as he got out of the root he was able to get on top of me. Me, on the other hand, am slowed for 1s by 40% which with base speed of let say 380, it becomes 190 which is low enough for him to get a second auto off. Ryze's root is probably one of the worst CC's in the game. They've literally bend over every single one of Ryze's abilities and fucked them in the ass. It's incredible how they invest so much time into Akali and Irelia when I can't root either of them for long enough to get away. I wasn't in melee range to begin with. I was walking towards the team fight, he popped out of the bush, applied most of his stacks with his Q and hail of blades AS steroid while I was trying to get away. You would think that Ryze, a battle mage capable of sustaining and CC'ing (hah) repeatedly would be able to win extended trades. No, they took everything away from Ryze and gave him a little dick team teleport that no one uses.
Lakrosin (NA)
: As if Smash is balanced.
Smash is at least skill dependent. There is _some_ skill in League but its overshadowed by the blatant imbalance and design choices. I can play SSBU with my friends, pick Duck Hunt and do well. I can also pick Olimar and play like shit. Skill dependent.
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: Finally hit Diamond
Must be hard playing Irelia
Poske (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ryzê,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xcrIwszM,comment-id=00020001,timestamp=2019-01-21T03:58:57.998+0000) > > So I can "abuse" you for the first 6 min of the game and you get to nuke me for the rest? How is that okay lol? Diana is quite onesided and doesnt function in teamfights unlike ryze.
How does Ryze function in team fights? He can only root one person once and is on an extensive CD, has been nerfed, and root duration is nonexistent with Mercurial Treads. Sure, he can double E flux MAYBE but I have only done that a few times in the hundreds of games I played. His old E functioned better in team fights because it was AoE on the initial cast, not like his current pseudo AoE trashcan ability. Diana, on the other hand, can function better in team fights with her knock up and slow. Obviously, a Diana wouldn't dive mindlessly but she has superior range with her QR combo compared to Ryze ability range and her damage is more potent. What does Ryze have in terms of team fight? His trashcan ability R. I hate this fucking ability. Either no one takes it, everyone takes it and dies, or the ADC takes it when I'm using it for baron vision and they port into 5 man baron brawl.
Poske (EUNE)
: Ok so first of all Sorcs are must the more you deviate from sorcs the more trash midlaner you are Diana one shot doesnt stop with MR because often times she overkills wiht just RW You can definetly stop the Ahri, Lb, Ekko burst with mr but diana not so much The way you stop diana is by simply not entering her range.
The main problem I have with Diana is that in an extended fight (she is a burst mage/assassin) I should come out victorious because I _should_ out sustain her and "kite" her (as Ryze). But, like old Akali, the amount of times she can reset her Q + R is just obnoxious and unfair. If she lands Q + R then W -> E, ( at level 6) she has a 3s gap between her W knock + slow to execute another Q + R. So, even if I am able to escape her initial burst, she still is capable of bursting me again. Her Q + R is just an insane nuke. Her other 2 abilities are absolutely useless and I don't know why they don't take some power out of her Q + R and put it into the other abilities to make it a bit more fairer. The "just stay out of her range" advice is petty. Her R range is 825 and the legendary R+Q -> R combo reset is something that has been executed on me multiple times. Her Q range is 900 which is a huge range for an ability that resets her R. Ryze only has one ability that is 100 units greaters and that's his Q that doesn't do damage without E on the unit. Ryze other abilities are both 615 units and his range is 550. I literally can't do anything in lane vs Diana. Both her abilities that out range mine cost less, do more damage, and can be reset. I'm not trying to make every champion balance according to Ryze, but playing other champions like Mordekaiser or TF into Diana is so overwhelming. I can't help but ask why the Diana community cry about their champion being "weak" or whatever when I am constantly blasted by Diana who has a perfectly normal early game and a fantastic mid game. Imagine crying about a champion who is decent and claiming they're weak when there are a multitude of champions that are actual garbage tier and get left there. Other champions I can kite but god damn Diana reminds me of old Akali in the number of times I've seen her reset her R
: The only way diana be able to kill you is when shes 6,7 not whole game, when you get ur item and scale she cant nuke u anymore and u nuke her, ryze only strong with 2+ item. If you gonna stand there for diana to Q + R you then its ur fault. Simply dodge her Q, use ur abilities push wave then walk back, just push wave and farm poke if u can, if you are not good enough just keep pushing wave and back when ur out of mana. Just scale and wait stuff to happen, u dont need to 1v1 if u cant Side note: what rank am I talking to?
I love how rank has something to do with this and I love how people on the both forums gatekeep like a motherfucker. Do you actually think I'm standing there taking Diana Q's on purpose? Ryze is only strong when he is full build. Any mage at 1 items is stronger than Ryze at 1 item, any mage at 2 items is stronger than Ryze at 2 items, any mage at 3,4 items is stronger than Ryze at 3,4 items. Next, I'm not just standing around waiting for Diana Q + R. I am doing my best to dodge abilities while trying to farm on Ryze (who has no mana refund like Diana and every other mage does). When I do get hit by Q + R, 90% of the time I am able to shield combo sustain her initiate wave of damage and get out of range, ONLY to have her Q + R to me again. She has a slow, she has a shield, she has AS steroid, she has a knock back (knock in or whatever), and she has empowered autos. Assuming that she has level 6 and 3 ranks in Q (max Q first) her Q is on 7s CD. Typically, she'll have stinger which reduces it to 6.3 seconds. Her combo would be Q > R > E > W. Q -> R takes 1 second to execute and E for knocks me closer and slows me down for 2 seconds. Assuming I get out in time (without flash) there is 3 seconds in between her E and for her to land Q + R again. I'm slowed so I cannot easily move away from her in time without a dash (playing Ryze) which allows her to land Q + R again. Look, I'm just tired of the boards telling me to just "dodge" X or Y spell and live another day. I don't play any champions that have high mobility or dashes/blinks. Just looking at recent champions that you've been playing (Ezreal, Kai'sa, Kayn, Rengar, Zed), well of course you'd be able to just "dodge" easily since you have something in your kit to allow you to do so but no everyone plays those champions.
: If your problem with any magic-damage champion is that they can do something, and I quote, "multiple times," then your mind should always automatically go to {{item:3194}} , not {{item:3001}} . Maybe the reason you've not won against her is you've always bought the wrong defense item.
You must not understand the difference between those items. Adaptive Helm is better for DoT abilities. Adaptive helm only affects 2 of Diana's abilities (Pale Cascade and Lunar Rush). W is only maxed 3rd after Q and R so I certainly wont be gaining anything from blocking that repetitive damage. Additionally, the orbs are the magic source that I'm blocking and they have a low AP ratio and low base damage. Her R, on the other hand, is reset-able which I would be able to mitigate but by how much? Adaptive Helm mitigates 20% of subsequent magic damage from a spell for 100 magic damage becomes 80 magic damage, and you want me to build this item instead of Abyssal Mask? You really need to know itemization before trying to make me look stupid. Adaptive Helm doesn't return mana, has no mana in build path, terrible build path, and is hardly built on any champion in the game.
Ðïana (NA)
: As Diana, a good Ryze is scary. I can't burst him in one rotation, and he can rock me once I'm in there with him still alive. The trick is Ryze needs to abuse me pre-6, and respect my 6. At 6-7 I can 1-shot him, and if I do it's over for him. If not, and he rushes RoA, it's over for me. In my experience as a diana 1-trick. Side note - Barrier into Diana.
So I can "abuse" you for the first 6 min of the game and you get to nuke me for the rest? How is that okay lol?
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: I’m not. I just punt her away, or just walk away myself.
40% slow is too drastic for champions that don't have dash/blink abilities
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: It's not diversity of choice, it's just giving you a whole bunch of trash that will never help you in any way but you had the illusion that it did.
I play some champions differently than others and my rune setup certainly did help me.
: Just because you had the option to doesn’t mean it was good.
What made it bad? Additionally, I didn't say it was good or bad. I said that it made gameplay very unique and customize-able. It's current iteration is the same cookie-cutter rune setup that everyone uses where some champions use it better than others. You're right though, for a game more options doesn't necessarily mean that it is good for the game. Typically, for new players its bad to be overwhelmed with a lot of options but that is what makes the game personable.
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: Vayne's tumble buff actually made it out of PBE into the game
Looks like when you spam LR + side analog on SSB
y0r1ck (NA)
: He doesn't feel like the free top lane win he used to be.
: iT's jUsT CoINcIdAnCe bRo
absolutely embarrassing
CppL (EUW)
: If she misses you engage on her and kill her or at least force her to use flash.Dont forget she has 0 mobility.
Velkoz also has 0 mobility but it's really hard to get on top of him.
CppL (EUW)
: Well thats the point of the burst mage.You get caught by her snare you die.If she misses her snare ,she dies.Simple
If she misses her snare she sits back until it's back up again.
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: Everyone wants to see damage nerfed but no one's willing to have their class nerfed.
I wont mind nerfing classes. I just want to play the strategy game again.
: Yeah it is also the excuse I use for bad positionning, not properly working on the opponent CD or seeing other players actually reacting and making good play to survive or turn a fight. The good old "Board whining topic".
I wasn't going to comment on any of the responses but your's stuck out like a sore thumb. You think you're edgy and cool for responding this way? Bad positioning is arbitrary in this game when in the last year every champion that has been released/reworked has had an aspect in their kit that aids them with mobility. I used to play Kog'Maw and it was extremely annoying to be dove by a Zac but now we have a champion that can move through walls, a champion that goes invisible for an extended period of time that gives you 2 second warning of his presence and our most recent addition is a champion that goes invis, clones and nukes you. You can bring up the "bad positioning" argument all day long but the reality is that good positioning and safe play goes unrewarded. Lucian/Ezreal are highly played and have decent win rates because when they are in a "bad position" they just E and get out of it. On top of this they are rewarded for being aggressive since they have an advantage of champions without mobility. The game if flawed but if you think being edgy is cool and your "git gud" mentality distinguishes you from others then so be it. There is no fucking strategy in this game.
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: Considering 80% of Xeraths are scripters good luck with that
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: That's because they are not fun to play against and got many tools to kill anyone Ahri has only 1 tool , nothing else
She has 3 good abilities and a garbage ability. Instead of changing the garbage ability to something better they kept it the same and buffed an already good ability to become a better ability. Look at this tier list: https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/platinum/plus/tierlist/ Look at who the other top midlaners are; Karthus and Kassadin. Karthus is top because of the broken Dark Harvest mechanic and Kassadin is top because they buffed him unnecessarily, and incorrectly 2 patches in a row AND Dark Harvest. Why is Ahri top? Not only because of Dark Harvest but because of the charm buff. If they revert the buff while keeping DH the same, then I would be okay. The current charm duration is just pathetic. You can claim that the wind up animation is telegraphed but the projectile speed is at 1600 which is 400 faster than Lux Q and 400 slower than Ezreal Q. The projectile speed is incredibly fast for someone running towards you and is nearly unreasonable to dodge within 500 units. The range of the ability is 975 however I have yet to see a max range charm. Past 500 units the ability is easier to dodge/harder to land.
Lulü (EUW)
: don't bother talking with the boards about anything reasonable, most people here are delusional as shit. Ahri has 54% winrate? nah, let me complain about akali/irelia some more.
Although, I do agree with Akali/Irelia being extremely annoying, I would still rather try to deal with them than Ahri. When they buffed her charm without reducing the damage amplification I KNEW that she was going to be a huge problem. They made it easier to land Q by extending the duration. She can perform poorly all throughout laning phase but the second she lands a single charm she will do 70% of a non-tank HP or simply one-shot them. This is extremely poor design because people get used to one-rotation champions which then raises champion design to that standard (Zoe).
: Lolalytics seems very inaccurate. Like everything having above 50% winrate.
: Her true damage is her Q on it's way back , it's literally nothing , you can't even call it true damage , it does nothing against tanks and it's still blocked with {{item:3155}} shield That's the case if she hits her Skill shots , theu are not that hard to dodge I mean , she is that way of a champion Win rates mean nothing , look at Ryze , back then before the nerfs , he had 45% win rate and still people wanted him to get gutted , it's about how unfun the champion to play against , Ahri isn't unfun to play against , she is one of the few healthy champion in the game.
She has a 54% win rate https://lolalytics.com/ranked/worldwide/platinum/plus/champion/Ahri/ When is it enough? She has been strong for several patches.
: Dude you are a Ryze main , you don't know what skill shots are.
Here come all the weeb Ahri lovers
iiGazeii (NA)
: Ahri is balanced around the fact that you can dodge her main damage tools. Her Q is a slow projectile, and it only deals true damage on a telegraphed return trip. Her Charm is a slow projectile that is also blocked by minions, so you have no excuse to get hit by it other than the Ahri player is better than you. Either you didn't take advantage of your minions to block it, didn't have the capacity to dodge it, or let her clear your wave entirely without punishing her down to a point where she can't all-in. "Don't get hit" is an absolutely relevant piece of advice when you only really have to dodge one thing and it's easy to dodge. Even though ONE of her abilities has the POTENTIAL to deal true damage, MR reduced her overall burst damage and can save your life when you get combo'd. If you're really concerned about it, take one MR shard and one health shard to get the best of both worlds.
I can't wait for when Ryze becomes extremely strong just so I can copy paste exactly what you said. You're delusional if you don't think Ahri is out of line. Her win rate is at 54% right now and that includes new/inexperienced people playing her because of the whole KDA event.
iiGazeii (NA)
: You can now enter the game with 12 MR if you want. Or just dodge her skillshots.
1) she has true damage 2) the argument about dodging skill shots is applicable to every single champion in the game, you could have also simply said "don't get hit by anything" to sound equally incompetent
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: I meant that PD is an option for Yasuo, just better than other items depending on the situation. Would you rush Phantom if a Leblanc or Syndra kept bursting you in lane? No, that wouldn't be the safe option, cuz to survive, you would build Hexdrinker first. Yes, PD is a core item because Yasuo can make it work, but it's not always built as a first item. I still don't see why the item should be removed because only two characters use it in their core. Should Muramana be deleted since it is core for Ezreal? No it shouldn't.
PD is core on Yasuo. Something being an "option" would be the current toplane clown fiesta of itemization where Garen and Darius pick Triforce instead of Black Cleaver. BC is certainly equally viable but Triforce brings more stats to the table. This wouldn't have been an issue if 2 ADCs for 2 seasons in a row didn't abuse BC (Lucian & MF). PD gives enough defensive stats that you don't need to build Hexdrinker/Maw versus Syndra or LB. Alternatively you could build Mercurial Treads and play around your shield. Yasuo brings too much to the table and PD is just too good on him but bad on everyone else. If an item is only viable for a few champions then the item is bad. They reworked Guinsoos so many times to make it more viable on a multitude of champions but look at it now. Kai'sa is the only one that can really utilize it, hell she is the reason why it was nerfed and everyone wants it gone. Kog'Maw and Varus were previous abusers. Yes, Muramana should be removed from the game because Ezreal is the ONLY one that builds it. Only a few champions built Zephyr but what happened to that item? It was removed for lack of use. Same with Sword of the Occult. In their own words they said that only a few champions bought it and utilized it but it wasn't a healthy item for the game. For some reason they kept Mejais. There is a reason why they try to avoid singular items for champions. Can you imagine if every champion in the game had their own personal core item? How could you possibly diversify itemization at that point.
: Is {{item:3003}} kept in the game solely for {{champion:13}} ? I don't see any other champion building this item, except maybe {{champion:69}} and {{champion:34}} rEmOvE tHiS iTeM
It literally is - there is no champion in the game that synergizes with AAS than Ryze. His passive synergizes with it immensely and I think they should remove the item. Cass probably needs it but Anivia can get away with using RoA. If Ryze's abilities didn't cost so much fucking mana then he could go a different build path.
: It's core to them, but it's also an option for them. Vayne, Xayah and Graves can benefit from them due to thheir godly dueling. Not all Yasuos and Tryndameres build Phantom anyway if they have to build around it, since they are also godly splitpushers. But that's it. It's not about PD being kept in the game for them. It's kept around as an option, just like almost every other item in the game.
I'm sorry but how is PD an "option" for Yasuo? There is literally no other option besides SS but since it's weaker in comparison to PD he will always go PD. He doesn't have options, they can't change the item because he (ab)uses it and they don't want Yasuo to explore other build paths. They're satisfied with his current build path and how stupid he is with Conqueror. They refuse to admit that despite his win rate being low, due to monkeys playing the champion and walking it down, he is stronger than what the statistics are showing. They wont change him or his items because of his fanbase. Don't you remember the legendary day 1 hotfix because the 10k Yasuo subreddit cried that he wasn't OP anymore.
: Not really. Sure they work wonderfully on Tryn and Yas, but they also work considerably well with other duelists. It's just that other characters are more focused on damage compared to attack speed and damage reduction. Have you ever tried Darius or Mundo with Phantom Dancer? It's amazing for damage.
In normal builds do Darius or Mundo go Phantom Dancer? No, they don't. In normal situations they'd be punished for building that way but not everyone understands that. Statistically, it isn't core on anyone but Yasuo and Tryndamere.
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