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: It's like that by default because generally, those are the better comments
Yes, for those boards and that community. The LoL community on this board however, has had a history of ganging up on perfectly legitimate counter arguments and/or posts of credible posters simply because they don't like the idea/poster. But not everyone votes for the same reasons.
: That would actually be more Reddit style: "sort: controversial"
With all the different sorting options yes, but with how most reddit boards are shown by default it usually displays highest-to-lowest rated comments. At least this way there's a way to see more than just what is popular to one group.
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: Did the NA server went down ?
Most likely server issues, I just dc'd from a match and tried connecting after a complete shutdown of league with just the loading screen staying black.
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: > [{quoted}](name=The Sword Dancer,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=aGEAleXs,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2015-10-11T18:32:12.179+0000) > > Riot mentioned emphasizing caitlin's sniper thematic especially her range and traps when they do the marksman update, I'm hoping that they'll take this chance to do something like giving her much increased auto range when standing in a position( like stand still a few seconds and then gain double auto range until you move, or stand on a trap, or stand in a bush because we already have the headshot passive thing and maybe we could double down on that) or make her ultimate do less damage on a much shorter cooldown or with some cooldown reducing mechanic. > > Maybe even chance it so that the ult only does_** %max hp true**_ dmg and applies a massive armor shred debuff on the target to make it into an anti tank artillary shot. fixed that for you.
> [{quoted}](name=Malefîcent,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=aGEAleXs,comment-id=00080002,timestamp=2015-10-11T23:49:23.829+0000) > > **FTFY**. FTFY
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Pengod (NA)
: Who to learn as an ADC?
Sivir is easy to pick up, honestly just learn to time your spell shield along with the usual laning stuff and you'll be fine in most matchups. Ashe is another easier pick, just need to know how to abuse your spells and kite properly.
: QQ about Balance
This is beating the already beaten dead horse. People don't want to be told it's their fault for why they lose, they want to blame something that they can't control directly.
Atom141 (EUW)
: Where to place wards
Borrowing from: Blue side warding: Red side warding:
: Champion Mastery Display
It shows the 3 champions with the most mastery points on it
: Jax's identity
I'm confused...
: I think Vayne should be redesigned, not nerfed
They might be considering her as one of the marksmen who are altered in the marksman update for next season.
: I know, but I don't even know what role every champ is supposed to be in. Again, being shoehorned into a role doesn't make it fun for me.
Go to They have a filter option where you can see what champions are generally seen in what role. Do keep in mind though, theres about 1 or 2 champions in some roles that aren't seen in that particular role anymore (e.g. Gankplank jungle).
: Stop calling Kindred "He" or "She"
Call it "shklee or shkler"
: How Do I Choose A Role?
Find champions you like, learn them. Many champions can be played in most roles.
Lyte (NA)
: We're in the process of re-making the Report System and cleaning up the report categories, so apologies for some of the jankiness in the current system. But, reporting for Unskilled Player does not affect your report weights, and the report is never used to directly punish or ban a player. However, Unskilled Player reports are used by the matchmaking system to tune the system and help us figure out weird cases where a player was accidentally propelled to an inappropriate skill level.
> [{quoted}](name=Lyte,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=yFLxpAcV,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2015-10-01T21:39:24.065+0000) > > Unskilled Player reports are used by the matchmaking system to tune the system and help us figure out weird cases where a player was accidentally propelled to an inappropriate skill level. Does this have any effect for ARAM? Given the complete randomness of champions, some people end up getting champions they rarely ever play and don't always do too well with them.
Lyte (NA)
: Not exactly, but we're considering bonuses to IP for positive players. This is part of a feature in the new Tribunal voting system that we'll talk more about in the future.
Speaking of the new tribunal, how much longer do you think until we can take a stab at jury duty again?
Lyte (NA)
: Q&A about Player Behavior Systems, Chat Log Reviews, and Feedback!
Now I'm also curious how bad I've been... I don't remember every game (swear it's not blind rage >_>) so I'd like to know.
: What if Fizz's Trickster...
This would be a kassadin level nerf on him simply due to the fact that on the troll poll he can just get CC'd until the damage reduction is gone and be blown up instantly. Perhaps just make the cooldown of his E a two part cooldown. A long cooldown if he uses it to escape, but if he uses it as an engage and it lands on a champion, the cooldown is reduced by a % amount. This would help with his ridiculous invulnerability time when trying to escape.
: How bad of a person am I? Hmm publicly shame me :) I honestly want to know
I would also like to know how bad this random person is :3
Lyte (NA)
: Q&A about Player Behavior Systems, Chat Log Reviews, and Feedback!
Have you ever considered penalizing someone by reducing their IP (influence points) as a punishment system for toxic behavior?
: So trying to experiment with double jg
If this is an off-meta perspective, then perhaps if you try double jungling you should put a bot lane champion who can 2v1 if needed that isn't an adc. Perhaps a mobile mage or a top laner who is capable of such things. Then put the adc in mid and the mage top lane. This seems like a comp that would need a bit of mobility, or survivability in order to make it through the early game. If an adc were left alone in bot lane, that adc would never be allowed to farm and essentially make it a 4v5. But if you put an adc in mid (pref over top due to the current top laners populating the rift) it could work out. Some adcs have had their time to shine in mid lane before, so it is possible again.
: idea for reworking poppy's ultimate
From a coding perspective, it seems it would be difficult to set that up when multiple people attack her in a small window. A good example is {{champion:15}}'s spell shield, it has a flat duration for how long it lasts, and then it has a much smaller duration in which a spell that hits in that duration will get rid of the shield. The smaller duration is about .25 seconds if I remember correctly. Currently if she is hit with 2 spells that reach her within .25 seconds of each other, she will block both of them. Technically, the spell shield should only block 1 spell, but the coding has that small window for reasons only Riot knows, but it will end up blocking 2 instead.
: Who are the worst mains?
The mains I dislike the most are people who main toxic jerks
: Malz xin bug?
If Xin's 3rd AA from his Q was in the process of landing as you ulted him, then yes it's normal for that to happen as it just passed the "point of no return" for AA cancelling. But if he managed to get off more than 1 AA off on you during the ult, then it isn't intended unless {{summoner:1}} or {{item:3140}} was used.
: Safe to assume no kindred till after worlds?
5.18 is the worlds patch I believe, since this patch just went out and worlds begins tomorrow. Kindred will show up in this patch. The jungle changes with "patience" is too drastic for it to be released for worlds so soon. I've already seen people have trouble with the reset mechanic. Gosu was trying to kill a red buff but it was trying to hard reset with 0 patience and he kept attacking it, so it just keep healing.
: Bard ULT question...
People level their ults 6/11/16 because it's normal for most champs to do so. Honestly if you feel you're better off leveling another ability over your ult at those levels, then by all means, do so. Most guides are simply a "do this if you're new to the champion" because the only reason you'd be looking at a guide is because you're unfamiliar enough with the champion.
: well from what i've been reading on the boards lately if a high elo person helps a low elo person its automatically "boosting" and everyone associated is banned i'm just being dramatic but there are a lot of posts about that lately
Helping is not just "duo que with me on my smurf and I'll carry you" It's also "Hey, lets make a custom game and play against each other and I can give you tips and tricks on what would work better playing X champion or playing against X champion."
: well this is just the most recent example but everyone loves looking down on people with low elo. go through the boards for 10 minutes and you'll find dozens of people condescending "bronzies" for example Mongoose- its not high elo, lmao its low middle elo plat is middle elo
That's a given, because people are naturally assholes. But there are people in higher elo who don't care what rank a person is and just play the game, and there are also people in high elo who are willing to help those in lower elo. But no one ever mentions those people because we like to remember the negative things more than the positive things, no matter how insignificant. Face it, humans are spoiled little assholes.
charnel13 (EUW)
: I meant the option to be available to see regarding all that though. Sry! I should have made myself more clear on that. :D
I may be wrong but, I think the reason Riot didn't do that was to not confuse anyone when reading an ability when they hovered over the icon. Some people might end up mixing the numbers up and make improper calculations. But if you really want to know how an ability changes as it ranks up without having to wait for leveling it, you can go [here](
Thing is, it's blind pick and so people can instalock and go wherever they want. That being said, not communicating with your team just makes things difficult as now everyone has to decide on what to play around the player who instalocked. As far as him just saying "plat" there's really no point other than to stroke his own ego. But if that's all the person did, then just get over it. No need to make a post about it just because someone said their rank as they locked in. Better to just enjoy the match and not let that person's one word get to you.
charnel13 (EUW)
: Adding more info to skills.
When the + sign shows up to level an ability, if you hover over it without clicking it will tell you what changes if you level the skill up. But it only occurs when you have at least 1 point in the ability and have 1 point to spend.
: Thanks!! <3 About how long did it take? I have to be somewhere in about 40 minutes so just wondering if its worth my time to wait around. I just had to get online to gift someone for their B-Day asap!
It really depends on the computer/internet. You're better off leaving it alone and doing whatever you need to do in the mean time.
: Scanning files!!!
Let it scan everything. The client is making sure all the files are fine and not corrupted. It happened to me as well. It will take a while since there are a lot of files.
Nasuuna (NA)
: Time to push small camp timers back to 2:10
Sounds like you don't want to adapt to the situation. Your jungler isn't responsible for winning your lane for you, only to assist the team in taking objectives.
: I litterly play all supports. And by items, i meant after i get my boots, sightstone and gp5 item. I get stuck and have no idea what to get
{{item:3105}} if the enemy team has 2 or more ap champions with some aoe abilities {{item:3504}} if you and your adc are ahead, or get it later to help your adc in fights {{item:3110}} if the enemy adc is ahead or the enemy team has a lot of AA based champions {{item:3151}}{{item:3100}} if you have an ap support that likes to poke {{item:3041}} if you and your adc are doing really well {{item:3222}} if you need to get cc off your adc asap {{item:3165}} if you need to stop someone from healing and team has no ignite or other way to stop it situationally based, just need to try them out on your own
: Support mains
What supports do you like to play? Usually support items I go are (GP5 item relevant to my champ) -> {{item:2049}} -> upgraded GP5 item -> {{item:1001}} -> depends on your enemy comp If im behind or have to back early, ill usually get {{item:2044}} {{item:2043}} {{item:2003}} {{item:2004}} and {{item:1028}} if i have enough gold
jQuery (EUNE)
: Supports need a visibility buff
Because ADCs want to be like "ALL ME" while the support mutters obscenities under their breath
: Hi, I need someone to explain something to me
One of the main reasons is that necroing a thread that caused a huge heated discussion was left alone for a long time and people forgot about it or got over it and when they see it pop up again theres another uproar about the topic once again. It could've all been avoided if someone didn't necro.
ECG Fury (NA)
: Vel'Koz ult bug
If you can provide videos for this, it would help in determining the cause. There are numerous possible causes for it, something you did specifically caused it as it hasn't been reported before.
BGkamaz (EUW)
: [Gameplay] Yasuo's shield is triggered but he gets "executed" instead killed
Doesn't seem likely that it is intended. The coding for the shield might not be associated to Yasuo's character, so that might be why he was executed.
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