: Patch 9.10 notes
You just had to make another Ezreal skin... I've sworn to myself to buy all the Ezreal skins, but little did I know at that time that you would make more skins for Ezreal than any other champion.
: Riot decided that having a champion useless at a tier is less of an evil than having said champion _broken_ at a tier. It's better to have a champion with a 40%/50% win rate for low/high than a champion with a 50%/60% win rate for low/high.
In the NA LCS he had a 44% winrate so that's all I'm going to say about that. Edit: also, in platinum tier or higher, he still only has a 44% winrate in solo que. I don't know how you can defend low winrate in low tier, high tier and LCS. He's just trash right now regardless of who's playing him. Of course he CAN find success, but you could say that about any champion, that doesn't mean they aren't bad.
: Patch 7.20 notes
You guys need to re-buff Lucian... He has a 43% winrate midlane and a 45% winrate bot. Just because he's strong midlane in the current meta for pro's doesn't mean you should make him literal trash.
: I disagree with why they think NA is strong, and more importantly what they said about TSM. TSM has the easiest group and they still are struggling, while C9 and IMT have the two hardest groups and are thriving. EDG and AHQ are not weak teams yet C9 was able to make them look like wild card teams. Likewise Fnatic is amazing yet IMT made a quick comeback after punishing a mistake by one person (much like a Korean team would do). As goes Korea, they could have two 1-2 teams and in my opinion they will have that next year if the current trends continue to happen. Korea is no longer a guarantee anymore, and if C9 and/or IMT cleaned up their play we could very well see an NA win over the "most dominant" region. This could just be NA bias, but NA is no longer a region that can just be ignored or counted out of finals. There is a very real possibility that an NA team makes it to finals, or even wins, this year. Feel free to disagree or agree, I'm interested in hearing responses.
That's exactly why TSM needs to step up their game. If they watched those IMT vs LZ game and how NA has overall been performing, they should see that they ARE good enough to make it out first in their group. They're not playing aggressive enough. They are playing like they're always at a disadvantage or scared. They beat IMT and C9 over the course of this split, and it's time they translate that to international success.
: What is the 2017 World Championship?
I only hope for two things. One is that NA gets out of groups, specifically TSM and hopefully to semis. My second hope is that Korea does not win again. I actually like Korea, they're my second favorite region after NA (gotta represent even if we're bad :P). However, I can't be the only one who's bored of SKT winning over and over again. Sure I could say, "any team but SKT", but I don't want a dominant Korean team to be replaced by another one. I remember season 2 when Taipei won worlds, it was CRAZY. The complete underdogs, and nobody expected them to win, it was so hyped. I want to see another underdog story. Not anymore of these stories in which Goliath grabs Davids balls and rips them off.
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: LF Coach
Hi, as I'm not that much better than you, (I'm gold also, but I think as someone who's been playing since season 2 I may be able to give more helpful info than I can perform myself. First of all, if you're a jungle main, then a lot of different than every other position. First of all, you need to main three junglers, but be able to play every single one at least decently. Secondly, get a duo partner. Unfortunately, unless you're a diamond+ player, you won't be able to carry every game. It's better to have a trustworthy duo than 4 randoms. A lot of in game coaching would require you actually show your playstyle otherwise I can't say anything to improve.
: The Keybind Wars: Which Key is Best for Flash?
I don't know how this happened, but I have flash on A and always have. It's easier to hit for me because it's right under my q finger. I use D for any other spell besides flash and I don't have F on anything.
Arie (NA)
: What role do you main?
Well I main ADC because I've duo'd with a support main since season 3 and before that I just did whatever. But I find myself playing top a lot because my computer has really bad FPS (like 5-10 FPS in team fights is not good for kiting Dx) and top lane bruisers/tanks are a lot more forgiving since they have a lot of CC, AOE and are tanky. So I guess you could say that until I get a better computer it's top lane.
: Looks like it's going to be OG vs SKT and then SKT vs FNC if they win that one. SKT's the obvious strongest team, but they are in for one wild ride.
Haha You guys actually thought SKT was going to have a hard time? They still have yet to drop a single game in worlds and they're in the finals now xD. Sorry FNC fans but I was pretty sure they would be taken out in the quarters, no way they were beating KOO. Lets be real, no team in NA or EU has had any chance of winning worlds since season two with Moscow 5. Also season one barely counts as a real worlds since Asia didn't compete back then. So honestly ever since worlds has actually included the whole world, NA and EU have been really bad, not even making it to the finals once. Now both regions are recruiting Koreans, and no Korean team is taking in NA or EU players. In fact, the only NA and EU players who might be worlds level are Bjergson, xPeke, ZionSpartan and maybe BunnyFuFu. I don't mean to be mean, but you can't compare Fnatic, a team who had a tough time in groups to SKT who hadn't dropped one game and have already won a real worlds once. I'll bet that SKT beats KOO soundly with no losses 3-0 but it would be funny if SKT lost once to keep the streak going. SKT lost three games in season three worlds, Samsung White lost two, and now it would be funny if SKT lost one. Then we just need a team to go undefeated. I don't know why people suddenly think EU and NA teams are gonna win when they make it to or past the quarter finals. Hey, no disrespect, I'm a TSM fan so I can't talk shit, I'm just being real. If TSM was in Fnatics position I would think the same thing, "They'll most likely lose vs KOO and if they somehow make it past them, then SKT will 3-0 them." I think NA's most proud moment was when TSM won a single game off of Samsung Whte in the quarter finals. You should just admit when a team is as good as SKT who make so little mistakes and can capitalize on any mistake other teams make, and know that teams like Fnatic, and Origen who have, at best, shifty play styles and makes to many mistakes just can't win. Maybe next year, or the year after. I will always support NA and TSM, but I'm not afraid to admit when we're just not ready yet.


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