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: I'm sorry are we playing the same game? Doesn't seem like we are.
We are. User player views may differ but a lot of us have been around long enough to know that the current 3-5 minutes of laning phase, isn't a laning phase anymore. It's a kill lane, disguised as a minion killing lane, until first blood hits and then it's a slaughter house. The minions are just a bonus for gold acquisition, if you bother killing them anymore other than accidentally.
: There isn't even a laning phase anymore
100% agree. There is no laning phase anymore. Now, with the huge damage output and all time low defenses, bot lane's ADC doesn't need to force a 10 min FF. Hell, the enemy support will, by himself, because his ADC decided to troll and pick daisies. Literally. Not to mention the massive drop in FPS a lot of players have as of the last couple patches. Fuck the power spikes and 3 minute turrets. Some of us can't play the game at all, enjoyment or not.
: {{champion:99}} : *spam pings mia* {{champion:99}} : Zed coming bot guys {{champion:238}} *Double Kill* {{champion:67}}: *spam pings mia mid* {{champion:67}} : gg noob mid
: When you beware ping botlane 18x and they still both die to the warded midlane roam...
Agreed with OP. I take constant precaution to MIA ping my mid and immediately Warning Ping bot or top and am 9/10 correct on which lane my mid went for even when I did not see which way they dove. 9/10 times said lane ignores my pings, and by 20 mins my mid is somewhere between 2-0 and 5-0. Instead of following, which in my case would be bad regardless of matchup due to my lack of 1v1 ability in general, I shove lane and start damaging mid turret, and get out before their JG ganks me or before my mid comes back, even if I'm risking a lot at low HP and/or mana. I do what I can to at least gain something from it, but that 9/10 times, I end up muting one lane or the other because they proceed to spam rage or spam ping, or both. Nevermind the fact that you dumbasses now have pit me against a 5-0 version of the mid I WAS just fighting at 3-0, you're right. The extra 2-0 you just gave him makes MY job easier when he comes back to lane against me, right?
: Hi Guys, thanks for being patient with us. We have engineers looking at the problem right now. I do have a question for those having this issue: How many of you were in game and were kicked out? I'm trying to get a feel for how many folks are not able to get back in, or if this was your first time logging in. Let me know. Thanks for any info you can give.
I was unable to login at first, but patiently waited to do so. Mainly because I havent been able to play for two weeks due to the insane FPS drops introduced in previous patch. Your patch notes for this patch specifically state there were improvements made towards the FPS issue, but upon logging in and heading to the rift, the issue is far worse than before. Now not only am I running the game at 30-40 FPS, (at lowest settings across the board), but my FPS count at top right of screen is lying to me trying to say that Im running a solid 40-50 FPS all game long. BS. No 50-60 FPS title runs with these constant glitches, screen tears, and constant drops and spikes of FPS. The game is now more of a nightmare for me to run than ever before, and it's really upsetting considering a couple weeks ago, I was putting in 5-10 matches a day, EVERY day, and prior to worlds patch, WITHOUT any FPS problems at all. Extremely upsetting.
dominusx (EUNE)
: Reminder the game has been overhauled and adcs still broken as shit.
I myself am officially arriving at the "Despise ADC Landing". I myself am an on again, off again ADC main, when I'm not running Support, and even I can agree. This trend with ADC spikes and itemization is F*CKING INSANE. If I myself am playing ADC, rest assured I am up against an ADC who. despite my BEST efforts, puts me through a shredder like I'm god damn paper. If I'm not running ADC, rest assured by 20 minutes, I have an ADC from top, bot, duo bot, AND/OR JG, one and two hit KOing my ass, and being smartasses and taking tower shots and walking away like nothing ever happened. It is infuriating. I can survive ganks with 2,3, 4 people coordinating against me, and take a few of them out for fun or at the least take some of them with me to the grave; but if it's a fed ADC, or god forbid a duo ADC and or a JG ADC, (because low elo is ADC heaven), I can kiss my track record goodbye and die in vain, or run a whole 30 seconds before their arrival like a bitch. It gets to the point where in team fights, or in many cases, just random, roaming ADC triggered skirmishes, these ADCs and their (totally not OP) power spikes determine way too much of the ending of a fight than they should be allowed to. Have a tank to come back you up? Fuck you. That's funny. Have JG coming in to lay down some hurt? Again, fuck you, I'm an ADC and already dropped you on your ass. Have your whole team ready to dish a beatdown? Sorry. My Tristana dropped your squishy and her sup 3 seconds ago with a single crit, that they bullet bent from across the map. Building armor? HA! I'm a fucking Twitch, what is armor? Far too often, an ADC, or several ADCs in one match on the same team, are determining these split seconds instant kill fights wherever they go. It's time to put an end to it. For starters, Lifesteal regarding ranged attacks needs to be addressed. The frail, skinny, barely clothed men and woman with their pistols and bows, should not be allowed to miraculously survive outnumbered engagements and taking damage from several sources at once, ESPECIALLY when a lot of them are glass cannon builds. Glass should fucking BREAK.
: Honestly I don’t even see the need for unanimous either, screw it if 1 person FF@10 they are so tilted it should just end the game.
This I agree with in some part. In a lot of legitimate need to ff scenarios, there is always that one person who refuses. Then the game drags out another 10-20 minutes because one person can't let their ego down. It's infuriating when you can clearly see your loss is sealed.
: can we get the option for surrender at 10min?
I'm a chronic nay sayer to FFs when they appear to come from some kid who got his ass handed to him because he realized his Call of Duty sense of superiority didn't translate well into the game, and as a result, I'd rather see the game farther to establish a more valid need to FF or push to win. However, what with this recent development, there are significant spikes in early game massacres and tower sieges that spell defeat legitimately long before the enemy reaches your front door, and as a result, I do think there needs to be a surrender option long before the 20 minute mark. Champions are the moment are so snowbally, they can almost skip laning phase in entirety and drive a siege all the way down your mid or bot in the first 6-7 minutes flat, and can starve you of your own minions so badly you have zero chance of building items to "eventually" compete. It's over in many cases, as one or two people can only carry a team so hard in the face of the odds. By the time the 20 minute ff appears, in many cases the game has BEEN over. No questions asked, no room for argument, no room even for a humorous "what if". It's been over. Period.
: > [{quoted}](name=Søn oƒ Echidnæ,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=WRdJZUYl,comment-id=00150001,timestamp=2017-11-10T13:24:47.287+0000) > > Wait..........You don't believe in gay marriage, transexuality is a mental disorder.....but abortion is murder? > > You won't abort a kid because it is murder, but you also will never truly accept them if they turn out to be one of those things? Wouldn't it ironically turn out they were better off dead then? Because no one in their right mind, "disorder" or not, would want to walk around knowing their mommy or daddy doesn't think they should ever be allowed to marry, or that their options for existence include being labeled as "crazy" in some manner or another, for turning out either to be A or B. You don't magically "turn" into anything. You make a choice. You live with the choice and all the negatives that come with it.
No one here is arguing that it is a magical happening, like one day you wake up gay by accident after years of heterosexuality. Either way, it's not up to someone who disagrees with someone being gay for instance, to determine the consequences should be that person never be allowed the happiness of marriage, in example. A natural consequence is something like, you didn't look both ways before crossing the street, and are struck by a car as a result. Or, choosing to murder someone leads to your incarceration, and later your execution. A tad different in my opinion. You're knowingly choosing these two options, which both have severe consequences, for different versions of being wrong. "Choosing" to be gay, in your example, shouldn't be a death sentence or a lifelong of misery (as a consequence) because being gay is perceived to be "wrong" by society. It's not knowingly inflicting harm to someone else, nor is it inviting undo harm to itself. It's simply different than you and I.
Sparkle (NA)
: Yeah we've been seeing some weird spikes. Trying to track down what is causing it. EDIT: If you are experiencing FPS drops, match history of your game(s) would really help us! Extra credit if you can get us your Game-R3d Log from the game you experienced poor FPS in (possibly on a pastebin). You can find it here: C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Logs\Game - R3d Logs One, either or ideally both of these things will go a long way in helping us track down what exactly is happening
Yes and please. I am a rabid fan of LoL and play League daily, without fail. It is my go to, more than it should be, for entertainment. Prior to these latest 2 patches, I was running LoL at a solid 120 FPS. Now, I can't get past the 3 minute mark without dropping down to 60 or so FPS, and by 20-30 minutes, the game is STUCK at 30-40 FPS. This absolutely kills the game for me, despite my intense enjoyment of it. I am running the game at absolute lowest settings, to no avail whatsoever. I've spent thousands on LoL, and can not just walk away, but this FPS dropping is forcing me away from what I love more as of late.
: Prior to these last 2 patches, I was playing League at a consistent 120 FPS regardless of how much was going on at once. Day or night, heaven or hell, I was running smooth. Then come the last two patches. My game starts the first 30 seconds or so at 120 FPS, and immediately drops to about 60-90 FPS a minute or two in. When minions spawn, and with regular intervals thereafter, my FS steadily drops until the highest I can run is 50-55, and approaching 30+ minute games, I am stuck in 40 FPS or worse for the remainder, reagardless of how much or how little is happening.
I am also running the game in its absolute lowest settings graphic and performance wise. Why? Always have. I started playing League on a potato of a laptop back in the day, and when I got a better rig, I kept the low graphics settings because that's just what I'm used to. So, there is no reason my PC should be keeping up with it one moment, and then just unable to the next. It IS these patches that just dropped.
: Much lower fps since 7.22 Patch
Prior to these last 2 patches, I was playing League at a consistent 120 FPS regardless of how much was going on at once. Day or night, heaven or hell, I was running smooth. Then come the last two patches. My game starts the first 30 seconds or so at 120 FPS, and immediately drops to about 60-90 FPS a minute or two in. When minions spawn, and with regular intervals thereafter, my FS steadily drops until the highest I can run is 50-55, and approaching 30+ minute games, I am stuck in 40 FPS or worse for the remainder, reagardless of how much or how little is happening.
: Karma is insane right now
Karma is outright oppressive to lane against now indeed. Went into a duo lane against her, having plenty of experience playing her myself over the years. She may as well of soloed us. Me and my support couldn't step up to the line to contest our own minions for 20 minutes.
shicky97 (NA)
: Anybody else feel really squishy right now?
Yes. I am feeling so. Last match, I was murked to hell and back by an underleveled and poorly itemized Zed. Match before that a duo ADC lane pushed me over so hard I damn near broke my monitor in rage. After spending this season becoming increasingly more consistent, and earning a bare minimum A- on 9/10 matches, I am suddenly getting my ass handed to me in seemingly much smaller windows of time. I went from "lets trade" to, "I'm dead, there was never going to be a trade". Some runes and Champion combinations make your interactions against them 10/1 odds against you now, before they even bother buying items. Other rune and Champion combinations, that make sense on paper, are so underwhelming you may as well have not taken any runes with you into that match at all.
: ***
Wait..........You don't believe in gay marriage, transexuality is a mental disorder.....but abortion is murder? You won't abort a kid because it is murder, but you also will never truly accept them if they turn out to be one of those things? Wouldn't it ironically turn out they were better off dead then? Because no one in their right mind, "disorder" or not, would want to walk around knowing their mommy or daddy doesn't think they should ever be allowed to marry, or that their options for existence include being labeled as "crazy" in some manner or another, for turning out either to be A or B.
Wráthful (EUNE)
: Riot please allow me to delete the "prepared" runes that you've made so i can create my own.
For the love of God yes. I HATE having those 5-6 premades in my selection of pages, and NO way to get rid of them! It's driving me God damn crazy!
Eedat (NA)
: This new system REALLY isnt friendly to older players.....
Seems like the $1.1k is more norm than I thought. Glad I'm far from the only one! I agree with those of you who had already spent tons of time and money on runes and pages before the update by the way. Sure, you now have access to all the new runes same as the old ones you already purchased, so the 30% cost conversion and options for spending your refund are garbage. This is coming from someone who did not buy nearly as many runes or pages, having used incredibly simple builds for my two years in game.
: It's the last day of League as we know it
With the current runes retiring, and the new ones arriving in mere hours, I finished my last solo queue match of the season with a huge, momentous victory in what was a clash to the absolute death from the start. Upon viewing the post game stats, a fellow player pointed out that the new patch was dropping in 2 minutes. What a great time to have finished! I know a lot of us have grown attached to our current runes and masteries, as did I, and will miss the old system like an old friend. Others will happily shun it like a bad memory. Either way, look forward to the new system, which will see players reaching for an entirely new plethora of builds and goals! I've grown a lot this season, and have earned what I deem most important in both victory AND defeat while fighting in the Rift. Consistency. None of that would have been possible, without not only my own ability and knowledge, skill and practice, but also with the immense presence and support of my fellow League community, and rest assured that is what this is! A game through and through, but a community above all. Reach for new heights, enjoy the system as our old is retired, and I will see you out in the Rift! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Exactly. Or just afk farm untill an item or 2 and hope for the best. Your top laner shouldnt have to suffer because your junglers a moron.
By this logic, every possible misstep in the game a player can experience, makes them a moron. ADC missed a skill shot? What a fucking moron. Support misses a vital stun that would set up a kill or save a retreating player? What a fucking moron. JG accidentally smites the wrong champion because the enemy team is too close together in a hectic skirmish? what a fucking moron The game creates thousands of opportunities, but each of those opportunities has a brutal, other side to its coin toss. Slight misevaluations or mere degrees or pixels make the difference between good and bad plays. Being on the end of a bad play or forgetting something doesn't make you a moron. You yourself have your share of fuck ups in game, and if you try to claim otherwise, you're full of yourself. No one is perfect, not even championship tier players.
: PSA: If you forget smite, you are no longer a jungler
This isn't always applicable though. A few games ago I got stuck as jg in solo queue, and it not being my go to position, I completely forgot smite. No biggie. I grabbed a coin and went to support top as vi. Didn't kill a single minion. Beat them down so my laner could kill them and harrassed the enemy top hard. Wasn't okay though. My top laner rage quit and gave the lane away within 10 minutes. According to him and the rest of my team, who also refused to leash, I was supposed to legit Level 1, jg with no leash, and without entering anyone's lane, ever. At level 5 I promptly entered jg and smashed all my farm without tedium. Not possible with just any jg and no smite, but certainly possible if someone will "allow" you to tag team their lane for a couple of minutes to get the necessary xp to unlock your skills and some alternative equipment since you can not buy your normal jg lifesteal or mana regen starters. People tend to be morons though. As a result, simple solutions turn into free lane giveaways and spam reports with a 30 minute ff.
: Running into a 3v1 or 4v1 situation over and over again, however, should be considered inting. There is a difference between being outplayed and just consistently going after horrible situations. These are ways people actively avoid being banned for inting, and feeding this mindset that it's *never* inting hurts the community just as much as considering *everything* inting.
This is true, but in too loose a sense to be applied as absolute. In most cases, you are the observer of another player's gameplay interactions. You can not, without doubt, determine from your view point, that what they are doing is inting. People tunnel vision. People get caught out. People tend to only be able to commit to or pay attention to certain avenues. Other times, those same people may think their team mates will back them up, and then repeatedly everyone just stands there and let's it happen without so much as properly clarifying they have no intention of joining. We can't just condemn a certain action and clarify it as inting, in order to ban actual inters, as it would target and punish players who are not doing it on purpose at all, so much as they're just terrible at the game. Bots don't teach you how to properly interact with the thousands of mechanics in game. And yes, there are thousands of them.
Raksha (NA)
: Playing badly does not equal inting
The people who rage at you with "stop feeding" or "this guy is inting" tend to forget that every game in LoL has one winner, and one loser. If you win a game in twenty minutes flat, chances are, you stomped the living daylights out of the enemy team. Does that mean they inted? Hell no. They got their asses handed to them on a silver platter. Then for good measure the silver platter was smashed over their head. But, then when the reverse happens, and you lose a game in twenty minutes, several people per lobby tend to start hurling the "feeding" insults. You gotta lose some time, and no matter how good you are, you're bound to get games where you're double or triple negative. Leave people alone. They're not inting most of the time. There has to be a winner, and there has to be a loser. 50/50 chance either way, no matter what.
: I'm pretty disappointed in the effort put into Harrowing this year
I've only been playing for two years, but from the stand point of someone who came into the game seeing quality over quantity and spending several hundred hours in game, this year's Halloween seemed very non-existent. The three skins for the Deathsworn line, look rushed and without identity. Viktor's is okay, but the other two show clear signs that they were rushed and squeezed in alongside to make a "set" of skins, rather than crafting individual pieces. Katarina and Zed share the apparition-esque blue skin and armor shading, but do not look as if they're part of the line, so much as additions that were made to inflate it as an offering for this year. I do not believe it is due to being timed badly alongside Worlds. In my humble opinion, it is simply a lack of genuine interest in doing this year's Halloween line up, that caused this to be released looking as generic as it does. Even the matching icons are incredibly generic and lack the most basic approach to coolness of new icons. Instead of giving us the cool blue shaded faces of each of the Deathsworn characters....we have three, incredibly awkward weapon icons, each of which belongs to one of the mentioned characters. A glowing dagger, a glowing wolverine claw, and a glowing eyeball staff. The accompanying ward, looks like Championship Thresh's face also. If you don't believe me, go look again. Incredibly generic and unthoughtful to say the least.
: makes sense to me since its not the team play that wins but who can abuse ardent the most. when skt1 wins worlds its not skt that wins its ardent that wins so we need ardent skins
Sell me an Ardent Censor emote to spam every time I abuse it to kill an opponent and I'll buy you dinner. And reprogram all support items so they have the option to evolve into Ardent Censor. Spellthief quest now rewards you with a free......... You guessed it.................
: You've got to be kidding me with this Victorious skin....
This is by far one of the ugliest skins I could have imagined for a gold+ seasonal reward. It looks like he can't make up his mind between being A: The Royal Guard B: The Butler for a household that has an affinity for Purple C: An overly dorky toy soldier displaying the newest Nerf Gun merchandise and Walmart What looks like a grim, but fabled and badass wolf plated Graves in the splash art, turns into.....whatever the f*ck this skin is.
Raoul (EUW)
: As a Support main by heart, I am sick of being the ADC slave!
In a similar sense, I am tired, as a support main myself, of being what the ADC nearly always identifies as his/her "bitch". I can't tell you how many times I've selflessly stood in the face of danger, miraculously portended incoming insta kill ganks, or just kept my ADC/team from slipping over the edge and won fights by the skin of our teeth because of my quick thinking, and ability to actually "guard" my team rather than just stand by spamming heals or shields. But that amounts to little, as 9/10 times, the ADC angrily spam pings me on every single action they see as "unfitting" of my "bitch" status to them. -Kill a minion? FUCK YOU STOP TAKING ALL MY CS -Miss a skillshot to stun/slow/whatever? OMFG YOU'RE A FUCKING USELESS SUP UNINSTALL -Attempt to save your ADC who stepped out of line? WTF WHERE WERE YOU SPAM PING SPAM PING SPAM PING -Decide to port back to base because you're out of mana finally? FUCK YOU DUDE YOU JUST GOT ME KILLED -Go help JG kill Dragon real quick because your lane is locked and not moving atm? SPAM PING SPAM PING SPAM PING ?????????????????? -Kill and/or shutdown the enemy Nemesis that has been killing your team all game? FUCKING KILL STEALING PIECE OF SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Choose offensive items over Support items mid game because your ADC is afk or SOL so you can dish some pain rather than lose your lane outright? FUCK YOU REPORTED REPORTED SPAM PING SPAM PING SPAM PING I'M THE ADC YOU'RE ONLY ALLOWED TO EQUIP WARDS AND ARDENT CENSOR WHY THE FUCK HAVE'NT YOU BUILT ME A REDEMPTION WTFFFFFF (meanwhile that ADC is 2/8/1 because he can't be told to reposition properly in lane or gets ganked despite your attempt to tell him to back off)
Hadfield (EUW)
: The in-game model for Victorious Graves is utterly disapointing
The character itself I can't complain too much about, but the gun is straight off the toy aisle of your local Wal Mart.
Lakega (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Søn oƒ Echidnæ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mnvcVdTl,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2017-10-19T10:28:37.181+0000) > > Please plan ahead for the unexpected. Try contacting your electricity provider to discuss scheduling loss of power during more convenient times. Nope, not the same mentality, or the same situation. That'd be like me going into your ranked game, then deciding I'm going to go afk for 5 minutes. WHy report me? It's no diff than if my internet had cut out or something, no difference right? So no big deal. At least that's what you're telling me with your example. See? It is very different isn't it? Just like it's not ok for me to afk cuz there's no difference, that doesn't mean you can tell someone to not play because they're bad.
: > [{quoted}](name=redniwediS,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mnvcVdTl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-10-18T22:11:04.070+0000) > > That really does seem odd... Can't say I've heard of this one before. If no one replies you could try a support ticket, though I don't really know what category you would pick. It's not really something they could fix, but they might at least be able to answer your questions. "Try to not lose power next time." -Riot Helpdesk
Please plan ahead for the unexpected. Try contacting your electricity provider to discuss scheduling loss of power during more convenient times.
Durzaka (NA)
: >Ground effects, like Velkoz E or Swain Q; How are those considered projectiles? Tresh/Blitz hook, Amumu binding; Why are they considered projectiles? It's not some small arrow that can Ricochet from the windwall, it's a freaking part of themselves they are throwing at you. The answer to this is pretty simple, and yet we keep chasing this fucking complaint for years now. It is for the sake of clarity and overall balance. If it travels, it is a projectile (except if it goes off screen like Ziggs ult). Riot is not going to add a bunch of exceptions to Wind Wall simply because you think logically they should. Video Games don't need logic.
He makes a point though. Maybe they're not going to add exceptions, but the fact that such a braindead skill blocks so many things is insane. Other champs have similar skills (morgana shield for instance), or items like the Ankh, but they tend to be singular target and do not last as long. You throw a windwall though, and it can block an entire team of ults, attacks, skills, you name it. Huge difference in usefulness and ease of use. And the fact that it blocks even if facing the wrong direction? Few other skills in the game are that useful if not appropriately tailored for the exact scenario at hand.
: Yasuo is a very overbearing opponent.
I'll agree with you. Accepting the fact that I am pretty low elo and as a result am not the most intuitive player on board, there are simply no other champions I feel so easily outplayed by on a consistent basis. I'll put aside the fact (yes, fact after 1000+ matches) that the vast majority of Yas players I've happened upon are also verbal nightmares, in order to focus on the real point here. His passive shield for starters. Constantly having to choose between minimal CS gain and pre mitigating the impending new shield is exasperating. If you go for the CS, his shield pops and he starts shit. If you spend time keeping pace with taking his shield down and keeping him dancing rather than letting him bitch slap you, you lose CS. Then there is the fact that your own CS constantly supplies him with renewed avenues of access to you, despite your constant attempts to re position AWAY from him. It never ends. You have a few seconds to scrape together some gold, or recover a few HP, or scratch his chrome, and then the new wave of minions arrive and he forces a new engage all over again. I won't say it's unfair, as many champions have seemingly "unfair" mechanics, but it is just not FUN. It is a miserable time unless you happen to be a player who knows how to pick a Yas apart, and that simply isn't a lot of us (I can already hear the fanboys poking insults about how easy it is and how noob I am) Combine those mechanics, and you then get a nightmare of a tower diver who can all too often, too quickly assassinate you. Many mid champs simply do not have an immediate answer. I can not tell you how many times I've had to settle for (barely) killing a Yas because he stayed a micro second too long under my turret after murdering me, rather than straight up defeating him in combat. It is not fun, and the kill I get in return is more an insult to me than him. Then his ult. The almost constant harass he can output while getting ready to proc with that damn tornado he throws, is a miserable time in itself if you are an easy kill for him. You can run, he will likely catch you, even if by accident. Yes, by accident. I know damn well low elo Yas, much like other similarly coordinated players, are not 100% accurate skill shot gods, and can not always be THAT damn uncanny and accurate with the catch. It is absurd how quickly it reaches you, despite your best attempts to read its potential path and your opponents intentions. Too often the slightest pixel of misstep, and a lucky spam on his part, and bam, Tornado and then ulted. Sweet coin toss for him, pure rage for you. His windwall is the only fair to league mechanic he has, in my opinion. It has to be placed, and for all my best intentions, I can rarely meet a Yas who is not faster at placing his wall than I am at casting whatever ranged opposition I had in mind. That, in itself, IS my fault. I am not quick. I am okay with that. And its cool being jaw dropped when you try to Nami ult and have it bounces off of windwall out of nowhere. It makes some hilarious moments. Many people will point out, that he has to be matched against with certain champs, and that is very true, but everyone doesn't play the champs he is poorly matched against, or matched up more evenly to. From even his early levels, he is simply overbearing to a large portion of mid would be players. And do not forget about his damage. Wow. I've been hit in the face with late game Vaynes and still felt like I wasn't being bent over and having my intestines ripped out from through my back door. Sincerely Some moron who can't compete with (any) Yas regardless of skill level
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Terozu (NA)
: FYI, Annie's molten shield damages you when you auto her.
Not gonna lie, I did not know about this. Then again I've never read her abilities or tried to play her. But this would explain some of my deaths ha ha.
: They already have it, it's called away works just the same just click the little green button in the top next to your name and icon and it will say away. Granted a few people would still invite you to join games but they are usually low Rank anyway that don't really know what Away means in this case it means the same as DnD "Do not Disturb"
Yeah, no offense, but not being able to read isn't exclusive to low rank players. The OP clearly asks for an "appear offline feature", which the "away" button is not. Appear Offline and Away modes are features in many games and social media outlets so it would be an absurd argument to suggest that many people do not know what it means. They simply don't pay attention to it. Sincerely Some Low Rank Player
: I personally see a lot of similarities in the communities reaction to Emotes and the initial reaction to Chromas. * Both sold for RP * Both priced such that the community complaining about the price * As an extension of complaining about the RP price, alternatives were thrown out (IP price, not bundled, unlocked for Champion Mastery, etc.) * Community made versions of roughly equal quality popping up relatively quickly after release (5 minute custom Chromas, thread with 45 emotes) I think the next steps that Chromas went through will also follow: * Majority of the community doesn't buy it * An IP sale is announced * Quality of future product is raised to the point the community is ok with the RP price. I saw someone in another thread suggest that instead of everyone getting the same one emote, Riot might sell more if they gave everyone 3 or 4 emotes so that they could actually experiment with using them in different scenarios. Right now there's no frame of reference for any value of the emotes (if anything the price and the fear of spamming devalue them), Riot needs to convince players that Emotes are cool and worth the money.
I was expecting more variations of the thumbs up emote, like a thumbs down, an applause maybe, things that you can actually use to quickly ping communicate "yes" and "no" to players who are in viewing range for tactical plays. For instance, if an ADC (or support) ping and target the enemy ADC and wish to make a play, the current thumbs up emote quickly lets the other player say "yes lets do it!". However, there is no matching thumbs down emote to accompany it, making it more like a set of silverware.....except it only came with a spoon. No fork or knife.
: Emotes are live!
I'm all for there being more emotes to flash, as pinging is a much faster form of communication that typing will ever be, but the price point for these is ridiculous. This is coming from a person who whole heartedly supports Riot being Riot, and wanting to make more money, but this is a step in the wrong direction for sure. Not only are the price points absurd, but the lack of initial offerings is astounding for what is being asked for them. The basic emote you get (thumbs up) is at least useful for communication, whereas the others are cutesy things to flash needlessly. Why at the very least not include more of the basic ones so they can serve some actual purpose in the game other than being collectible stickers?For instance, when your support targets the enemy ADC and wants to make a move, the thumbs up emote instantly notifies them "yes lets go". But there is no matching thumbs down, making the usefulness of the one half assed unless you'r going to spend RP on a cutesier "No" version, which doesn't match and may confuse the other person rather than actually communicate anything of importance.
: Hm, maybe I am biased. I have 28 champs on m7 and think the requirement is kinda low. Maybe make it m5 + 1s-? Basically you would get the icon as a little bonus for your first mastery token on that champ.
27 golly! While I agree the requirement are "technically" low, as said before, a lot of people get set back with an S- when they really want those 3 remaining S and S+. Often times it's over such incredibly small differences in performance that wasting that 30 minutes in match grasping for it can be infuriating.
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: I think mastery 7 would be better. Let it be a small bonus for putting effort in the champion. Mastery 5 would mean you would get the icons automatically just for playing the champion.
True, but a lot of people don't play champs to M5, yet alone to M6 or M7. Hiding an icon behind a marker that requires 2 (S-) or better, AND 3 (S) or better ranks, can take a very long time. I can't tell you how many times I've been shafted with an S- for seemingly trivial differences in match performance. M5 already takes time to obtain, M7 needlessly stretches the grind, IMO.
: > it's not Riot banning you, it's the community as a whole that provides Riot the information that's needed to determine what kinds of behavior are generally not acceptable to the player base. LOL The League playerbase is the most toxic one on Earth. The reason people report each other isn't because they are offended by mean chat messages, its because they know they can get the other kid suspended. The rage and hate is that real. Pretending like that is us as a community deciding what we want... that's a joke. If you gave every League player the option to permaban their teammates in the post game lobby you know we would smash that button. Not because the other kids deserved it, but because its League and everyone is at each others throats the second the game is lost.
I agree in some sense with this. I only have 1000 games under my belt, and the first....500 or so were in oblivion as I struggled over a year to grasp the basics and just played to have fun. However, the more I've played and noticed chats in the next 500 games leading up to now, this community is by far one of the most volatile and toxic entities in gaming history. On my best days, protecting and serving my team to the utmost of my capabilities, even in GOOD games where we win, 9/10 of my games are populated with toxic people who nitpick, insult, and ultimately do their damnest to humiliate and degrade the people around them, and that's not counting the toxics on the _other_ team yet. So, although I agree with the "community" technically voicing the validate of these bans, I more so hear the extreme negativity of the community itself, which in the last 450 games says, it doesn't give two (expletives) about ban potential. They're here to let you know they think you're a piece of (wordie words) and that you they hope you get put out of your misery after uninstalling the game. The toxicity I feel, is the majority of the community, rather than the other way around.
: Yea having to have the icons is kinda annoying. If you forget to use it your whole mission progress is gone.
Not even just that, but you look like a bunch of conformists in random lobbies with people all wearing the same or similar masks to achieve missions that I'm pretty sure, can be coded without the icon necessity at its core.
: i dont mind the new missions.. but can we just remove the whole "equip this icon" BS
Mastery 5 would be a huge improvement if you unlocked an icon for that champ. Would give people a lot of options for personalization being as how there really aren't all that many to choose from, even if you do pay like me.
: Dragon Trainer Heimeringer Splash art i made
I absolutely loath Heim as a champion but would buy this skin.
Kaeblen (NA)
: If this is a **_common problem_** for you, it may be that you just weren't securing the kill without them doing it.
Yes and no. A sup is more than capable of securing a kill that otherwise would walk away or if the adc was CD or whatever other reason, but there's still a difference when (a lot) of sups will intentionally drop the mallet on a kill even though their adc is more than capable and often times in the middle of doing the same. Can't tell you how many times I've had a kill(s) in my Varus' Q lined up and a sup would flash or ult any other combination of DMG spike it out from underneath me even though they can see I'm loosing an arrow.
: Supports need kills too
Different sups have very different kill steal potential, so I tend not to be upset if they get a kill as long as I got the assist to go with. What really tilts me, is a support who will sit there all early game trying to CS from underneath me. So, lane opponent backs with 70-100 CS, and I'll be stuck with 10-30 less than that because my dumbass sup thinks its funny to drop mana all over the place trying to murder minions. But watch when that lane opponent comes back, or a gank swings in, and that same sup wont drop a single drop of mana to shield or heal me, slow or stun the enemy, harass, nothing.
: But if you ruin game for the other people, why shouldn't you get banned? I see you single handedly destroyed around 5-6 games for 20-24 people in just 2 days! You must be stopped.
That is absolutely absurd. While he has pretty terrible performances, yes, you can not realistically expect that to translate to him single handedly ruining the game for everyone else. Someone who flames his team 24/7, a sup who constantly KS and CS steals his adc, a jg who afk farms all match and refuses to gank to be a jerk, those are people who "ruin" part of the game for everyone else, because they are intentionally choosing to demoralize and/or obstruct the motions for the people around them. Having you teeth kicked in isn't you ruining the game for everyone else, otherwise every single player in ALL of League would be considered to be "ruining" the game. Each and every single one of you, pro or not, silver, gold, platinum, whatever, have had games where you had your balls ripped off and shoved down your throat, and don't even try act like it hasn't happened. I know damn sure that every one of you is judgemental here, but doesn't think for a moment when YOU have a bad game that you are at all to blame for your own team's downfall. Being bad at the game is not ruining it for others. It doesn't matter if you're bad 1/10 matches, or 9/10 matches. Either way, it's just being bad. It does not amount to trolling, no matter how hard the millions of you insist it does.
Palhum (EUW)
: Banned for "Intentional" Feeding, but wasn't intentional.
I cant say yay or nay because I myself am a terrible player, but I can attest to bans over alleged "feeding" being questionable at best. I have games where I beat the opponent to a pulp, mainly because they're somehow worse than me (very hard to be worse than me), and I have many other games where despite my best intentions, I get my ass handed to me no matter how hard I try. I can't imagine being banned but I have no doubt 9/10 people in each lobby think its intentional, and spam the report button like there's no tomorrow. All you can do is hope for the best and try to have fun playing. If you're really bad like me, you die, a lot, end of story. It feels bad but we shouldn't have to live in fear of it being viewed as inting. Good luck on your endeavor, assuming you really are just terrible at the game like I am.
: 2017 ranked season ends November 7
Okay, to be clear. I get the blue honor ward skin, even though I'm only finishing season in bronze, right? Or do I need to hit silver/gold for that too?
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