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Macrinus (NA)
Dude, i'm having to restart after almost every game played. Since TFT has come online, it seems like the Mac client has taken a serious nosedive. Lag has been really bad and the restarts are driving me crazy. Not confident in playing any ranked games because of these issues.
: United Spawn Ceremony Bugged
Hope you got it to work, my missions seem ok (on Mac client as well), but I'm trying to figure out what's up with these reward ceremony things. No clue what they look like, haven't really seen anything happen.
: Mic not working on voice chat with Macbook Pro and Os Mojave
Just wanted to leave my comment about this issue. Same thing, multiple different mics tested.
Softpaw (NA)
: So I logged back in, play button was working, selected Ranked cause I was gonna play one, but decided to try a new rune build for a champ in normal draft instead, so backed out of the ranked que, tried to swap over to draft, and it said "client is currently patching" and then the play button greyed out with no indication the game was patching.
I was chatting with someone just now. I saw the play button come on for a second, told my friend, then it went gray again. SMH Rito
: Play button is grayed out
Having same issues my friend. I waited a few minutes and was able to log back in, but PLAY button still grayed out for me.
: client went dark in champ select (mac)
Same, having this issue after updating my OS to Sierra. Can still play ARAM, but in ranked I'm unable to do any bans which causes me to dodge...
hmb0i1i (NA)
: League Client on Mac
I'm having big issues on my MacPro as well. Using new client with OS Sierra. Getting the black box during champ select and unable to do bans which caused a couple of dodges. In ARAM, I'm able to sit there in blackness not knowing who my champ is, but the game does start after loading.


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