: New free champion rotation: Azir, Nautilus, Vayne and more!
can you change the free champ picture for voli please? In the OG **picture at the top, you can only see half of voli's face, and it's kinda bothering me**, unlike his description at the bottom of this post.
: Champion and skin sale: 11.13 - 11.16
Finally an excuse to get a xayah skin, I kinda wish I could get the same rakan skin along with it, though. {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
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: did you maybe have Transcendence as a rune selected?
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: Tell me your League jokes
What do you call an afk shyvana {{item:3087}}
: What's the balance philosophy behind not being able to flash out of hyper mobile Leblanc's Chain?
As a {{champion:7}} abuser one of the one main things I don't think is fair about her kit is how long of a range her E is... It's waayyyyyy too long
Pro Geno (NA)
: League of Legends Haiku that Describe my luck in ranked
> Just a few more games left Thats not 7 syllables, but aside from that, these are great. Here's one of my own In B4 promos Lock in my famous Yi sup How did we just lose {{sticker:sg-janna}}
Infernape (EUW)
: Nope. PP Zac is made of water and water kills people mmkay?
PP Zac made me giggle for no reason Just imagining Zac made of urine idk lol
: Nexus Blitz Sudden death ABSOLUETLY needs to change
imo I love how if your team is feeding your asses off then you somehow ace them during sudden death you pretty much instantly win But you're right, it def needs to be touched on.
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: Super Tilted? Add me in LoL! Let's talk it out join discord! MR C0FFEE will help heal your soul
super kind of you ~ I'll bookmark this so I can msg you the next time I hard int against Faker's smurf
: League Friends - Now with News
no joke this is the only fucking thing that I NEEDED in the app. thanks rito {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: How to buy 2018 NA LCS Summer Finals tickets
Sadly I live on the other side of the country, but I can't wait to watch online either way! :D
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: Quick Notes: Where NA LCS Finals Will Be
Closest league game to me yet, thanks for considering the SE!
: Patch 8.2 notes
i fucking love that you made the splash art for the support items have their eyes closed. It's the little details that count
: It’s time for January bundles!
the Let me dance bundle, honestly the best thing in league atm.
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: 10 Players to Watch: "The dream for Svenskeren is to steal Baron in a deciding Game 5 over TSM to lift C9. That way TSM fans can blame him one last time for a loss."
: D’Pengu on ‘em
we need a tf emote of him tipping his hat
: Add a little League to your holiday gifts IRL!
damn this is a great addition to put on some gifts, it'll come in handy :D
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: Your Snowdown Shop returns until January 8, 2018
YES! your shop is one of the best things riot has done in my opinion, I hope it continues and more things like this continue to come out
: Big money big money big money... ***Master Yi shard***
got an alistar shard what a ripoff
: I logged in just to upvote the people who logged in just to upvote the people who just logged in to upvote the post :)
I logged in just to upvote the people who upvoted the people who logged in just to upvote the people who logged in just to upvote
: New free champion rotation: Caitlyn, Kled, Lissandra and more!
Whats with the early free champ rotation? are ya'll always gunna do it on sat now or twice a week like the sales? or is this just temporary?
: You seem to have some good Masteries over your puns, too bad they'll be gone when this update comes out, and it runes them.
god that reply couldn't have been any better
: Patch 7.14 notes
{{champion:50}} MY MAN FINALLY NO MORE BIRDIES FLYIN ACROSS THE MAP FROM FOUNTAIN {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Challenger rewards update
Riot sure likes their jackets and hoodies
: Challenger rewards update
This would be a little distracting, maybe a gold outline on the recall or maybe a gold outline around champ border in login screen? something along those lines, I feel like this full gold recall can be quite disracting
: Coming This Preseason: Runes Reforged
Is there a max ammount of zombie wards you or your team can have on the map, or a cooldown on the ability? Also, will they be visible like control wards, or will they be only visible by true vision, like trinkets?
: Legacy Client Officially Retires April 24
I've realized in the beta client doesn't state whether runes are tier 2 or 3, and I've had enough IP recently to get all tier 3 runes, but I can't tell which ones I need because my rune page won't tell me which of my runes are tier 2 or 3
: League client update Q&A coming 11/17
whenever I lower the volume on the client, it works fine, but in champ select, its always full volume, and if I'm talking to a friend I can't hear them once a champ is locked in and there quote is shouted at me. is this a bug?
: I'd choose support as my secondary if I would get it 30% of the time instead of 90% of th time. imo it's my second best role but I have to choose mid or jg because of how it dominates what you get to play consistently.
yes! whenever i do fill I always get support. Even if fill is my secondary or support is my secondary, I ALWAYS get support, around 1 in 10 games i will get my primary role, which i find really annoying. Hopefully they do something about this in the future.
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 6.22, big changes in the preseason!
I was just wondering if anything would happen in the future to Morellonomicon? It seems that almost every ap mage buys this as their first item, so maybe something would happen to it so that it would be a bit more diverse?
Porocles (NA)
: Are you using any third party programs that interact with League? They may be causing issues like this and will cause you to crash out. If you have any running like play.tv, lolrecorder, etc remove them. Let me know if that helps!
I used to have play.tv but I recently uninstalled it, besides that the only other programs I have open at the time are curse and sometimes a browser (google chrome) Is there anything else I could do?
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: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 6.18, Worlds Patch!
Vi {{champion:254}} is a great champion but I never see her being played anymore, I really feel like she needs some love. Will there possibly be any Vi buffs or new skins coming out to give her some attention?
: Your post indicates that you're most likely experiencing heavy packet loss and packet buffering. Packets are important because they communicate yours and others actions to the server, so if these are lost along the way, it can cause big problems. I recommend starting with our [connection troubleshooting guide](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752664-Troubleshooting-Connection-Issues) in order to resolve this. Let me know if those steps caused any noticeable change.
I did what was told on the connection troubleshooting guide for packet loss and packet buffering and could not seem to find a fix. At the suggested link, there was nothing under the results for packet buffering or packet loss. On netalyzr the only things that kept showing up were: Direct UDP access to remote L2 tunneling servers (port 1701) is blocked. Your ISP's DNS resolver follows CNAMEs regardless of their location. This is very unusual. 3 popular names have a moderate anomaly: we are unable to find a reverse name associated with the IP address provided by your ISP's DNS server, although we expected to find a name. This is most likely due to a slow responding DNS server. If you rerun Netalyzr and see this condition remain, it could be due to a misconfiguration on the part of the domain owner, deliberate blocking using DNS, or your DNS server could be misconfigured or enabling a Man-in-the-Middle attack. Name | IP Address | Reverse Name/SOA mail.yahoo.com | | X smartzone.comcast.net | | X www.yahoo.com | | X
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