: I got banned for aggressively defending myself during a game?
On a sincere note though, when I criticize someone, I try to make it constructive. I try to present my reasons/analysis for the criticism. I just want people to show some empathy and try to listen to the meaning behind it sometimes times instead of checking its face value. I have done my best to understand theirs, but I often find myself confused by their explanation due to a lack of apparent supporting arguments. What is there for me to work with in those situations? I agree with you on that point. It's frustrating when you're literally just trying to coach someone, and it ends up biting you in the ass. It's totally not worth it though dude, i've tried. Just mute, report and move on. It's just not worth your heart health. The less you type the more you play, the more you play and focus the more chance youll play better than them. Just focus, farm like a god and carry your team.
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: Gentleman Thresh wishes you Merry Christmas!!!
....... dude... ive been wanting this skin for a while now. Except his hook as a giant monocle and have a taller top hat and tailed suit jacket.... WTF?!

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