: PROJECT 2019 Event Guide
When will the merch be able available? I'm not seeing it in the merch store.
: {{champion:86}} Nerfed in Urf by 5%. Now it will take him 0.5sec to kill you from 0.01sec
No, that's not how math works. You die in 0.0105 seconds now. That's only a 5% reduction, not a 50% dmg reduction.
: Update on Yesterday's Capsule Pricing Error
An easy way to make mends with this would be to identify all the accounts that abused it the bug and blacklist them from a 100% chance lottery. Make the lottery give all the accounts a purple hextech chest. This chest contains a skin shard, a ward skin shard, and enough OE to enchant either but not both.
: Heyo! Thank you! So, his big meaty bloody gory impact was... well, a bit too much of all of that. We tried to stay away from blood, and as the skill is actually an "infected" cleaver, we went a bit more into a green-ish/poisonous feel. This also links him a bit better to his Zaun origins. :) Hope that makes sense!
League: _"We tried to stay away from blood"_ Dota: _**Can literally make an enemy hero's skin rupture and slowly bleed out while they try to escape a sigil you wrote in blood**_
: "Riot keeps letting CertainlyT make champions, do they have any idea what they're doing?"
> keep in mind that they didn't want to give Annie one because of the implications Becccaaauuuuuussee too many skin already, the fact she's a fire mage, got SG not too long ago, or Loli bait?
: Check out the Champ Memotion Winners!
Why are they all so angry?
SirPurrr (NA)
: WW AD Nerf: Overkill After Meta Shift
WW has been strong ever since his rework. It's about time for him to spend some time at C tier.
Nipsahoy (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=D357R0Y3R,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=L6EyAf5t,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-30T20:56:08.356+0000) > > https://i.gyazo.com/51964f68b560f0f0ea781f79ee226f47.png > > they're only covering 80% of top picks > > it needs to be 100% :/ Only real issue I have with some marksmen right now is how long it takes to powerspike compared to melee champs. Half the games I lose I haven't even reached 3 items yet meanwhile some melee champ can buy 1 item (tri force/black cleaver) and they are online to kill you in one combo of abilities if not less while they have way more survivability in fights and typically require less mechanics. Positioning doesn't matter as much for them since they have dashes and gap closers, defensive skills, and more built in sustain. Yet the champs I play need 3-4 items to be a threat. That's the real issue. Melee champs need their powerspike delayed somewhat or to have less of the things I listed above. Also some marksmen builds are best as AP which indicates another issue imo.
> Only real issue I have with some marksmen right now is how long it takes to powerspike compared to melee champs Then why are 3 of the top 11 hypercarries? Jinx, Kai'Sa, and Twitch.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: Reading through Zed's change history in the last two seasons absolutely disgusts me
Zed is a champion that is heavily dependent on his items to be a good place for him to be in a good place. Lethality and AD items have been changed a lot over the past couple years, often times becoming weaker because of other champions that abuse the items. Because of the nerfing of the items, they in turn buff Zed to compensate. Your post just shows the changes to ZED over the past two seasons and doesn't take into account that changes to items or the changes to other champions that would effect Zed. Direct buffs aren't the whole picture.
: When are legacy skin sales gonna happen?
Those are only on sale during their respective events and times. Esports around MSI/Worlds, Snowday in the second half of December, etc.
: Fan Fiction Theater Vol. 1
Dangit! Missed my time to shine with my awesome Rek'Sai impression ;-; Rito, please add me so I can show you ;-;
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: With the bundles being limited time, does that mean a piece of the bundle is exclusive? Or is the bundle just convenient?
Convenient, since all items (skin, icon, and ward) can be bought separately.
: i like conqueror better
Conquerer is for tankier lane opponents, as the keystone was made so fighters can answer tanks in lane. Against squishier targets, this new keystone might work.
: ***
Anivia is very immobile with skillshots she needs to land to do stuff. Taliyah can shove lane then roam insanely quick because of her ult. If you are high diamond and want Challenger? Play Taliyah. Azir needed it because his early game shouldn't be as strong as it currently is and he's also very mobile (properly times E>Q is basically two flashes). Ryze is basically all point and click + mobility + lots of roam potential. Hate the bird? Learn to survive her laning phase then pick her like a ripe apple when she tries to go anywhere outside of her turret. Her passive makes this harder, but it's on a long cool down so whatever ults you used to pop it should be back before it comes back up again.
: So {{champion:38}} is left again with another nerf duo to arch angles nerf while they contiune to rework champs with win ratios better than his.
Win rates shouldn't be taken as face value. There's deeper stats that help create those and so many other variables that need to be considered. Master curve, skill floor, current meta, meta in regards to "are champions that are good vs Kass currently favored by the meta?", Etc. You can't just buff and Nerf from win rates alone. If you did, Azir would be deleted from the game virtually (because he'll be permabanned), and there'll be no incentive to play harder champions because you can do what they do with half the effort[read **skill**] on someone easier. Why put the time into learning Cassiopeia when Annie is a thing?
lhly (NA)
: Another Nerf to Azir is the Mana flow Band Rework and the Presence of Mind rework. The new ones literately does nothing early game. A early WEQ combo costs him half the mana bar without anything to regen. Yes in pro games he gets blue buffs. But in ranked you jungler does not give you and he flames you if u just take it.
You can fully stack manaflow band before your first back. That's 250 Mana + the passive Mana Regen. Presence of Mind changes are helping his late game because it gives him Mana back, instead of just free Mana (similar to how a heal is better than a shield since you get to keep the health whereas you lose it when the shield does off). These changes hurt his early game? Great. He was way too strong early on. For someone that scales like a Vayne, he shouldn't have the laning phase of a Lucian.
Daoist (NA)
: Just Delete {{champion:268}} Plz. Out of the 47 mid champions his win rate at Plat/Diamond Rank is No.46. Azir used to be good in defensive match ups where he wave clear the baron minions, now with the new baron buff that is gone. Azir's mid-game power to wave clear and roam is so important to him cuz there isn't a late game now. WHY NOT LETS NERF HIS MID GAME WAVE CLEAR? Srsly what is the point to design a champion who would only appear on pro play but not regular games. That is ridiculous.
Azir is turning into a main champion only; a champion only played by people that main him. He's not longer strong enough to just pick him up, learn his mechanics decently, and then get a lot of freelo. He's now high risk high reward as someone with his power should be. People that main him are finding success, which is why riot is okay with the consistent nerfing. > Azir used to be good in defensive match ups Didn't you read the context to these nerfs? That's a reason why they are nerfing his wave clear. He used to just stall games, which for someone with as strong a late game as Azir is unhealthy because you are creating a win condition that has no counterplay. > There isn't a late game That's false. Games normally last about half an hour. With good CS, you should have 3-4 items by then. Get a couple kills and you see full build by around 35-40 minutes. This patch is just upping his skill floor and making it harder for people that don't know how to play him to succeed. I can definitely see people start going lethal tempo this patch since those buffs look nice.
: New emotes for Soraka, Graves, and a tent
*Spams This Raka emote and thinkingblitz every time my ADC misses a cannon*
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: ***
> [{quoted}](name=EastWolfy,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=sac03FgX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-09T06:38:01.425+0000) > > this thread has been made a million times over. How about you remove that tampon that is firmly lodged between your cheeks and behave like an adult that can handle something slightly offensive. You should go report bookstores i hear they are selling Mein Kemf. Your analogy is inconsistent and is detached from reality. Everything in a video game is supposed to be observed and taken in. It's the cognitive stimuli that makes the game entertaining. You compared league to a book store in which those two have almost nothing in common. The only similarity that is even slightly relevant is the fact that both contain large sums of information. A book store is out of the way and generally unused by those that don't desire its merchandise. League is a video game where large qualities of information come across the screen at any given moment and as the play, we stoke it all up then asses its functional utility to us, using the meaningful information while discarding the rubbish. You say "behave like an adult" yet you yourself made a joke about tampons, stooping to the level a 7th grader that just went through a sex ed class thus rendering yourself a hypocrite. *Do as I say not as I do* doesn't fly in the real adult world, if that's what you are thinking when reading this. > something slightly offensive This isn't about it being offensive, it's about it being annoying. > Mein Kemf This doesn't exist. You are looking for Mein Kampf, the novel Adolf Hitler wrote while in jail in which he outlined how he would eventually bring about the Third Reich and make it so the National Socialist German Workers' Party had full control over the government in Germany in the 1930s. This book is more disturbing than it is offensive and it's not even that offensive to begin with so poor example. A better example would be an orthodox suing the Vatican for keeping the manuscript for many different grimoires (books of magic, usually written with demonic influence) in their archives.
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: Look At These Two Pictures
They are both demon type champions, so it makes sense for their abilities to have similar icons.
: ;_; i cri
But why? We've known this for two weeks now.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 5
> High Impact Bugs Will that be including the Double Q Warwick bug that recently hit front page of the Subreddit?
Kaigera (NA)
: Is there a support bundle? E: only see Janna with four ADC's.
What do you mean four adcs and one support? I see Ezreal and Ashe in that bundle :^)
: It’s time for December bundles!
I use the Angry Kitten as my Victory emote.
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: Welcome to UNoRTHoDoX Gaming
Neat server, a lot has changed from my time here.
: Clearly we need to combine them Ultra Rapid Fire Hexakill All-4-1 Xtreme. U.R.F. H.A.X.
Hexakill, yes. All for one? That'd be a little much.
: Will Name Change Card 50% off discount ever come again???...
That'll come with the soft reset of rank in January.
Meddler (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=TiberiusAudley,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=Txqphwwa,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-11-01T15:55:11.845+0000) > > I like how both spellings of mustache are near the top of Braum's word cloud. That's my favourite thing about that one :). The fourth one by contrast I find interesting because it's nowhere near as obvious who it's for at first glance.
> [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=Txqphwwa,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-11-01T15:57:41.159+0000) > > That's my favourite thing about that one :). > > The fourth one by contrast I find interesting because it's nowhere near as obvious who it's for at first glance. You just didn't look at the right areas at that first glance. Tank, Triforce, and Blades makes it a dead giveaway that it's Irelia.
: Im confused... releasing three new skins and in just one month they become "legacy skins"?
Seasonal Legacy skins, like Snow day and Warring Kingdom's skins.
: Patch 7.19 notes
Is Riot gonna release a bundle with all the Azir skins since he was updated?
: PSA: You shouldn't negotiate with champion select terrorists. Here is why:
tl;dr Champ Select hijackers are just penguins in a trench coat with an airsoft gun with the yellow tip colored over with black sharpie. Their threats aren't real, challenge them. They will back down.
: how do you buff there kits without making them op/toxic in a solo lane {{champion:117}} mid
> [{quoted}](name=curtin123456,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4AEMON6l,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-20T19:49:58.440+0000) > > how do you buff there kits without making them op/toxic in a solo lane > {{champion:117}} mid On Lulu W and E, there's two different effects; one if cast on ally and one if cast on enemy. They should just buff the allied effects and not change the enemy ones. This'll make her favorable bot lane but not mid since she won't have the same impact on the game. A thing they could do is make her E shield strength have a scaling with %missing hp and make this only work on allies. This'll make that shield not be abusable by her mid but work well on her support role.
: But you won't hesitate to spam that mastery emote like it means something when you "outplay" someone, right?
> [{quoted}](name=L Psy Congroo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4Z4c6Rqq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-20T16:32:43.483+0000) > > But you won't hesitate to spam that mastery emote like it means something when you "outplay" someone, right? I only ever use that emote to show to teammates at the start of games or when a lane opponent starts spamming it or when I actually outplay someone (like when I 100-0 someone while only being on 20% hp myself).
: Stop calling her OG! Sivir is not a gangster and I'm honestly a little offended.
Wasn't aware your opinion mattered to me. Thanks for letting me know. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Kind of skipped over his main question there. Is it going to be essentially identical to the original or is it going to be noticeably different in color, etc.?
OG Pax Sivir has a color scheme of black/dark grey with blue some spots of red here and there. Neo PAX has a color scheme of Yellow, blue, and a lighter shade of grey. I would guess they would look different in game as the differences in their splash arts imply.
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Ququroon (NA)
: Adding Skin Portraits to all skins
> What if I think the minimap icons suck too? Have you looked into just making 2D icons for every champion that will represent them on the mini map, similar to what Dota did with their mini map?
: Consider adding separate honours for the losing team. Like "most trash/garbage, worst calls" ect. Thats the only way that people will use the honour system on the losing team because when you lose nobody actually gives a shit and goes straight to post game lobby
That's a pretty toxic attitude. No one should be looked down upon before playing badly IN A VIDEO GAME, let along have a system in place to call them out on it. It's just a game. I don't see a reason why someone should get demeaned upon for something so insignificant.
: Reminder that "No" Really does mean no
Tell this to the assassins that keep violating my asshole ;-;
Wolfeur (EUW)
: I came
Rioter Comments
: How can I watch Rift Rivals 2017?
: I mean ya, sure, the system feels for more rewarding now when honored. The thing is though, the system is rewarding fewer players after a game, so maybe 1 or 2 people will reap benifits from their efforts. While 3-4 other people will go on to their next game feeling uncompensated for their efforts. With this, many things will start to happen. Players will act sycophantly to one another, and create fake interactions for the sake of being "the one." Honestly, my ideal system would be one that gives equal opportunity to everyone in a game to give according to their judgement of who deserves an honor and who deserves a report. That way there is no competing for good attention and people can focus on their game.
Well, last time I checked, there wasn't a honor for sucking the most dick, so I don't think that'll happen. The only honor in the system that you have that much direct influence over is the GG<3 one, and that is earned from being friendly. It's super fucking obvious when someone is faking friendliness. I can see a struggle for power to get the shotcalling honor, but if a team is divided over things like that, they won't win and neither person gripping for that will get it. The tilt-proof one is pretty fool-proof. If someone is shallow enough to fake friendliness for the sake of this system, they won't have the mental fortitude to no tilt off the face of the earth when something goes wrong. They will snap like twigs and be thrown to the fire and consumed. > That way there is no competing for good attention and people can focus on their game. Understandable but the honors in the system won't effect gameplay, at least not negatively. Shotcalling benefits your team, not tilting benefits your team, and being friendly boosts morale among the team which helps the dynamic as a whole.
: More skill expression for more power? Good, good... Now if they could just fix how his villain passive works he might be useable...
Yeah, I hate that function of him. It sucks to be really fed and ahead just for him to get a BC and start stacking [resistances to whatever dmg type you are] and start focusing you more than a geek to a text book.
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