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: Patch 8.11 notes
So with the changes to Infinity Edge, crit-reliant ADC's will see a **decrease** in damage up until their target has more than 175 armor. At 25 armor it's roughly a 17% decrease in damage, 100 armor an 8%, and so on until roughly 175 armor where they begin to see a very slight increase in damage.
: They already have custom skins, but only you can see them
They're also against the Terms of Service and can get you banned.
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Tamat (NA)
: Introducing the Service Status Portal
It'd be nice if it was also listed that there were other issues listed, such as that "we've disabled logins" or "there is an issue with summoners logging in". This getting through a 5-10 minutes login queue to sit at position 1 forever is annoying.

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