Tsuko (NA)
: Fuck people who abuse the chat system.
I think the worst part is it tends to trigger 1 of 2 things, the player being blamed either quits (leaves the game/intentionally feeds) or it causes them to lose confidence and play worse. The problem is, and will always be, human beings inability to take responsibility for their own actions. I see this behavior from iron all the way to challengers (vids obv) where people get caught out doing obviously stupid things and instead of admitting they got caught out they'll quickly scan the map for someone else to blame. My personal pet peeve is when laners throw a tantrum if the jungle or support lands the killing blow.
: Fix MF Lethality.
Yes a channeled ultimate does a lot of damage to someone forced to stand still through it. It still probably would have killed the enemy with raw damage.
Bynanana (NA)
: Just carry your team???
Doesn't happen much to streamers because higher elo players actually know what they're doing and don't feed 10+ kills in the first 5 minutes every game. The biggest thing you need to grasp is that not every game is carryable, you just have to accept this. Something else to consider is your role selection if you're really interested in carrying yourself out. You can carry yourself MUCH faster as a jungler/split pusher. ADC and support are so team reliant that even though they CAN carry it's much less effective.
: Mid advice!
Mage last hitting just takes practice. While I was learning I would select minions to see their actual health %
Hige (NA)
: technically, skirmishers and slayers are what we used to know as melee adcs and they TECHNICALLY should work as an ADC as well... {{champion:23}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:157}}
I'd throw jax in there too. If your standard marksman is to be replaced then the replacement has to have the ability to shred objectives.
: half lethality for ranged
It's like everyone forgot last week when ADCs were 100% useless. A 20% lethality boost at least let's them partake in fights earlier. Dunno why everyone thinks assassins need pen, they shouldn't be able to fight a tank anyway.
Alytrox (EUW)
: Haven't played LoL for a year....
Kinda weird you don't play a game based off a single champions kit. I call b.s
: Instead of Vayne dealing 12% max health true damage every 3 hits, make it 4% on every hit
: "Wow Master Yi takes no skillz, pointclick crp, no brain neded, 4noobs"
Master Yi has a Q that's very similar to old Fiora R which was removed, and for good reason. This isn't a slam against anyone, OP or otherwise, but pressing R+Q for a penta without taking any damage in the process is pretty stupid.
: Season 7 Jungle too strong early
: Junglers are way too important right now
Uh, this has been ongoing for a while now, hence the tweaks in each patch.
ItsOrval (NA)
: Every Mid Laner Pre-Lobby
Feels like every top laner I get is some worthless squishy in a meta where tanky champs are gods. Dunno what's up with that.
: The only purpose of ADCs
Tell that to the other half of the boards who'll swear ADCs are unstoppable killing machines that 2 shot tanks and insta gib everyone else.
: Bronze 2 gets matched against a gold 5 in top lane
Was this flexQ? If so that doesn't count. Well that and a gold 5 isn't going to be crazy ahead of the bronze 2 macro wise.
: Why is giving your fed mid laner blue such an issue in low elo
Lots of blue buff reliant junglers are popular right now, I gave up on getting blue on any role except junglers long ago.
: PSA: your nexus>everything else
: To people who ONLY/Mostly play norms: Why?
I found just as much toxicity in normals as I do in ranked, more so since people will afk/feed faster. It took me a while to make the switch to ranked, mostly some weird anxiety, now I just don't care.
Risen29 (NA)
: How am I suppose to figure out when it's better to build Lethality vs Damage/Crit?
I struggle with it too, at least with ADCs. From what I've heard Jhin is broken again with lethality but he's a little different mechanics wise.
: Jhin is back to being Obnoxious
Wtf was up with that Varus build?
: are you going to post the full build that youd see on caitlyn? The one that melts bruisers late game?
If the bruiser stood still for 8-15 seconds and nobody else was around.
: Were Smiteless leashes really at little no to no cost?
I'll have to time it in game but typically I arrive just in time to kill the first 3 melee minions after leashing. As Jhin that would be 4 autos and a Q but I wouldn't suggest ANYONE miss CS for the jungler's leash. That may sound selfish but it's usually a race to level 2 in lane. I can foresee ADC going to lane and support leashing now, not sure how top lane starts will work.
: Lethality buff question regarding ADCs
: ?? Pinging ??
I think you can stop it by using /ignore (douche) I know you can mute the volume for sure, I turned it off because the ??? sends me into a toxic rage.
Rioter Comments
: A major flaw with lethality
It's also getting a slight buff 7.2.
: go to ur other buff then take his after
> [{quoted}](name=ImOnUrGoat,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=BwMKAVA5,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-25T01:44:18.010+0000) > > go to ur other buff then take his after There is this solution, but I do agree that sitting under turret is pretty lame. Whenever I would mid lane I would be on the opposite side of wherever my jungle would spawn and ward for him at 1:20.
: top is the definition of win lane, lose game right now
People that actually go tanky top bring plenty to the table.
: Stuck in Bronze 5
I have been in the same boat and from personal experience you have 2 choices, 1- Keep playing ADC and don't care about rising in the ranks 2- Switch roles Pre Season I was placed B4 as a support main sprinkled with other fill roles and I rose to S5 before that demoting came in and knocked me to B4 again. I rose to B1 before missing ADC and made the switch. Since then I've gone from B1 to B5 and everywhere in between. To put it into perspective I could carry HARD even as a supp but with ADC it's MUCH harder. I won't say it's impossible as I am sure someone will come on here soon and peacock about their ADC godliness in bronze but it's definitely not common. If you REALLY want to climb I would highly suggest a split push role, either top or jungle. Play a champ like Jax or Tryndamere, someone who can destroy turrets solo while being able to get away safely/duel when the enemy comes. Bronze/Silver just simply can't handle the split push, almost all of our peers have no concept of keeping their lanes pushed after mid game starts, so when someone is split pushing they can easily rotate for maximum annoyance.
JoeMG (NA)
: Current thoughts on Ekko?
He's 50-50 in low elo as he does take decent macro, but yes late game with a butt ton of AP he becomes a monster. I would never put him in the same bracket as Yasuo though, he doesn't have a BS wind wall that blocks projectiles, a cringe worthy amount of crit, an ult that's ALWAYS up, oh and his stupid ability to ice skate through minions as he laughs at your teammates for coming to assist you.
RexSaur (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=SrbLud,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=eNmlYpLJ,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-01-24T18:24:44.080+0000) > > He would be useless against them if he didn't. > His dps on the towers with the crit is the same if not lower than other ADCs. Then he would have some weaknesses. And thats a terrible thing, new champs cannot have those (see camille).
His weakness is having 4 shots with a reload time and an ADC that can't load up on AS. I see people complain about Jhin's damage whenever he's played in a game, I know he's not seen AS much but surely it's not hard to remember to avoid him while he only has a red bullet icon showing ;P
: @Meddler, Please don't remove Rift Herald
Or make the buff worth more than a mediocre bonus to a single player.
Moetaro (EUW)
: I've downloaded dota 2. I'll test it as soon as i've some free time to spare. I had a look to Smite too, but I saw my computer doesnt fit the requirements and didnt dig further.
It's got a bigger learning curve than LoL and the shop system is god awful, I enjoy the rest of the game though. Playing support isn't as god awful as league mainly because you don't need crazy gear to be effective.
: > [{quoted}](name=SGT Dingle Berry,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=H1iclG4x,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-01-23T20:50:23.350+0000) > > I know almost every support now is auto fill, Please stop spreading that silly logic. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Escheton (EUW)
: Look, it will take you a minute and half to get back to lane. I am expecting their botlane back any moment and I haven't seen their jungle in far too long. Either I shove the wave out, or we lose half the turret hp and get dove and dumpstered, with you following 20 seconds later as you try to defend a turret thats gone already. Thanks! (yes this also applies to second tier if they are ahead)
> [{quoted}](name=Escheton,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=H1iclG4x,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-23T20:53:53.218+0000) > > Look, it will take you a minute and half to get back to lane. I am expecting their botlane back any moment and I haven't seen their jungle in far too long. > Either I shove the wave out, or we lose half the turret hp and get dove and dumpstered, with you following 20 seconds later as you try to defend a turret thats gone already. > > Thanks! > > (yes this also applies to second tier if they are ahead) A minute and a half? Are lanes 3 times as long in Europe? And these are the dumb excuses with typical attitude thrown in that you'll get if you ask the support to not take CS. Obviously there are specific circumstances, like the enemy pushing and crashing the wave, I'm obviously talking about when you're standing there with a thumb up your ass and nobody is around.
RexSaur (NA)
: So pro players are only playing Ashe and Varus in the adc role
Yeah pretty much. I love the ADC role and although I try to play all roles I always end up back to ADC, this season has been extremely hard however. Aside from bot tower always dropping fast and games being shorter it just feels a lot harder to pump out any damage against tanks before someone jumps on your face and kills you within a second or 2. I would gladly take a higher sustained damage against tanks (small bump in armor pen?) over burst against squishies. Nothing is more depressing than shooting a Nautilus/Poppy/maokai 15+ times with 3 full items and have them just walk away laughing.
Rioter Comments
: I just played a Smite Arena Game
I've been exploring other MOBAs lately too but didn't like Smite. I am diggin Dota 2 on PC and VainGlory on iOS
: Why are non-marksmen bot lanes so popular all of a sudden ?
How did those non marksmen teams work? I've only seen it a few times and they got a spanking each time. Against Ziggs you just need to let your support know to constantly push.
Hibeki (NA)
: To all you who sit at turret level 1
In SoloQ you can always ward the buff you'll be doing second before running to your start point.
: The nerfs havent even gone through yet and darius has been replaced as #1 top laner
Dunno why this was down voted, Jayce has been oppressing top laners and forcing out melee champs for forever now.
Sciela (NA)
: Right click, AFK, and win!
Are you, as a Darius player, complaining about marksmen? The ONLY time you shouldn't be able to dunk a marksmen is if it's like Vayne with AS/LS max build and you're like 0-10.
: Teemo Support
He can do pretty damn good bot lane, a blind against an AA champ
Rioter Comments
: Ziggs takes over my perma ban pick
Bot lane just needs to learn to push back. No reason to try and freeze against a Ziggs but most supports are auto fill who don't know how to set up minions properly.
: Lack of tanks being played?
I've been boggled over this same issue! Tanks are so annoying right now but my team always ends up something stupid like Teemo top, Shaco Jungle and Lux supp.
: PSA: If you got autofilled, tell your team in champ select
I've never seen this issue, normally it's "boo hoo I was auto filled I don't know how to supp can I top plz?!"
: Why do I keep getting paired with Horrible players
Looking at your KDA you die 1 for 1. Also since you have this issue with vision why not use a trackers knife and ward that map yourself, it's, imo anyway, worth giving up the dueling power that you shouldn't be focusing on anyway.
: ADCs now have to support themselves because the support didn't like being a support
I love how this is down voted but it's crazy true. I was just trying to explain to my Lux support that if she at least bought an eye of the watcher she'd be useful AND not broke.
: Short Term and Long Term Mordekaiser Suggestions
Idk why but I'm one of those wacky people that feel like Morde is in a really good place but word of mouth keeps him down. A tanky AF, high damage fighter with a very unique, definitely powerful ult crushes whenever I see him in game. Sure he has weaknesses, all champs should have them.
: Zed needs a buff
Zed will probably be sidelined for quite a while, he was a top ban/pick for a long time. I don't think he's gimped I think people just got used to playing in God mode.
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