: Here are 5 tips to approaching champion select
hmm interesting, so u are saying adcs is not a good role to play atm to climb? i heard the adc pros complaining about this before
: article on why u should Baron > inhib usually
wow a very nice article, the only problem with it is, it doesnt tell me how i can convice my teammates to ever goddamn listen to me when i make a call
: Check out my Patch 6.17 Tier List
u mentioned u didnt like the other tier lists, what do u not like about them and what do u think of tahm kench jungle because ive been looking to try that out
: Upcoming Event Finder Tool Changes
Riot hasn't done shit for these tournaments and communities. They're not advertised, they're not pushed, Riot doesn't listen to the community heads for feedback. NOTHING has been done by Riot to HELP, they already cut the prizes by a ton in the past. Why did they do that? Why did they cut the prizing? Had nothing to do with this "event finder tool", they're just using that as an excuse. Riot should be supporting these communities and instead of that they've done nothing but put more and more obstacles for them. Now they're just going to kill them.
: Instant feedback powers up
makes me want to quit this game
: Looking to build and brand a ranked 5s team to compete in tournaments
IGN: story Rank: d5 Seasons played: started end of s3 Main Role: adc Age: 25 Do you follow the pro scene: ye Previous ranked 5s experience: a little Have you played Team sports if so what: basketball, football, and water polo :P Time zone: pst One thing that sets you apart from other applicants: i was a professional starcraft player and play poker for a living xd
: Looking for a plat 2 - diamond bot lane for R5s and Weekly lcs style tournaments
Role: adc IGN: story Rank: d5 Availability: 24/7 Level of chill: 100 Champs: main jinx/trist but know all adcs Teamspeak: yea but would rather skype
CalmWall (NA)
: **Evolution Gaming (EVG)** - Tournament Today 10-22-2014 Click for info!
I just tried to login to the teamspeak and got this msg - "TheKingsHill": Try not to cum too hard... You were banned permanently from the server by "ThePinkGoat" (bye for good =)) I've never been on here before oO;


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