Leyrann (EUW)
: I don't know how it is for other people, but I myself don't have a binding for the "v-ping" because I use zxcv to level up my abilities (easier than having to use shift, also less chance to accidentally cast an ability). Considering I use A for ping wheel, T for champion mastery and G for laugh emote, the closest free key for me to use a "back off" kind of ping, if the red one would be removed, would be H or Y, which is too far away to reliably get my finger on. I would much rather see a 5 or 6 option ping wheel, and I really don't think it'd be too crowded. The maximum would, I think, be 8.
: Ever felt one ability or passive is totally out of place in a champion's kit and holding them back?
Talon's old passive all the way, it was literally useless Jayce's passive is just part of his R, it does nothing that couldn't be explained in the R tooltip.
Meep Man (NA)
: I think the following have a clear capability for a final form skin: {{champion:136}} Unchained Aurelion Sol {{champion:59}} King Jarvan IV {{champion:11}} Grand Master Yi {{champion:78}} Poppy the Hero {{champion:68}} Grand Duke Rumble (Rumble in a suit not made of junk) {{champion:113}} Queen Sejuani {{champion:15}} Ascended Sivir {{champion:110}} Fallen Varus {{champion:19}} Prime Warwick (if he finally got Soraka's heart) {{champion:101}} Unchained Xerath {{champion:157}} Redeemed Yasuo {{champion:143}} Queen of Thorns Zyra
Rumble already has Super Galaxy which isn't made of junk I don't think Sivir is meant to ascend but who knows? TBH I think King J4 and Queen Sejuani would be more along the lines of King Tryndamere/Queen Ashe, and Redeemed Yasuo could be more like Redeemed Riven I like Fallen Varus because you might not think of it but I also think that Dark Star Varus essentially has that same theme so it would be somewhat redundant Lord Gangplank would also be redundant because of the existance of Captain Gangplank, which is a legendary skin as well I think Equipped Jax sounds good in concept but a lot of his skins already have weapons in them so it wouldn't be such a big deal I think that the proposed Battle Regalia Kled would go better as a Victorious skin tbh, but it would look pretty cool Maokai after the purification of the Shadow Isles would be pretty cool but, of course, Victorious Maokai is coming out and in that he seems pretty good (although not new VO like a legendary would be) the problem being it could end up feeling too similar to Ivern (like, there is no Demacia Darius skin because it would basically be Garen) Unchained Xerath is kind of just what his Ulti does I think Master Wukong would fit better than Grand Master Yi, because lorewise Yi is a master of wuju and Wukong is his student, so Wukong learning it properly could be interesting Tbh, Lucian probably wouldn't look too different after killing Thresh, maybe he stops using Senna's gun because she is laid to rest but his whole deal is 2-guns so that would be too different for just a skin ------------ Sane Renekton sounds interesting (or like, Renekton as a warrior back in the past) Poppy after she realizes she is the hero seems pretty cool Freed Aurelion Sol seems cool although I am struggling to think how his abilities could be made to look more badass As for Fallen/Dark Star Varus I think that skin line is pretty cool and you could do more Fallen skins, like Fallen Kayle would be awesome (and in that vein, Good Morgana) I think Overlord Malzahar being updated to legendary quality could be cool because that is basically the theme of the skin but it is really pretty miserable at delivering that
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Mhija (NA)
: Happy coincidence, that's all ^_^
WolfBV (NA)
: If I remember right, wasn't there a time when Riot had a 5 man team of bots play in ranked to see how far they could get? (Edit: Or maybe it was just people wondering how a bot team would do.)
: it does compare them with the average for that champ in that role. But if half the people that play janna jungle are trolls, the stats that you're being compared to are really low and thus it's easier to get really high ranks.
no not the average for that champ in that role, the average for that role. so like, not enough people play janna jungle to get solid statistics, so it just uses the average JUNGLER of **all** champions to get your score. e.g. jungle janna is calculated using jungle in general, not jungle janna
Fakerr (NA)
: Azir- 6.11 did not address his issues
: FEK 1v1 Tournament - Info Thread
L E T ' S G E T R E A D Y T O {{champion:68}} R R U M M M M M M M M B L L L L L L L L L L L L L L L E
: Upset and/or confused that you didn't get an S?
This tactic doesn't work, Riot has confirmed that playing something off-meta just compares it to the average for that role. Sorry.
: FEK 1v1 Tournament - Info Thread
lower bracket tournament tonight GET HYPE
: And if you had to kill those that once loved you? What if you were the only one left in the universe? Killing is still killing.
memes and games, bringing you nuanced philosophical ethics debates since 01 AFL (anno fishisus laughingus, or In the Year of Laughing Fish)
: The official list of Good Guys and bad Guys in this game:
So it's Demacia vs the rest Bandle City is allied with Demacia Katarina is Noxian "For Noxus!" (just because garen wants to do certain unmentionable things does not exempt her from the Holy Light) So all the above is completely understandable, human error, but there are two things that I will not and CANNOT accept 1) {{champion:201}} i mean pls 2) {{champion:268}} SHURIMA
: but fizz can go burn in a fire
: It says hre that {{item:3123}} inflicts "grievous wound." what exactly is grievous wound?"
Castanean (EUW)
: ... I'm gonna find a champion this build works on. It's probably gonna be Graves.
aatrox, until you get oneshot because you don't have any tankiness
: Sadly in my games, I feel like I'm the only one who is aware of existence of this item. I've never seen any of my ADCs build it whenever there is any of those rapid healing champions in enemy team. But wait. Most ADCs in my team can't even cs and are too busy feeding. I should understand their own plights.
crit ADCs like jinx don't like it because if you are going crit you are really weak until your 2-3 item powerspike and you need to hit that ASAP, spending 800g on an item delays it a lot so even though it is extremely effective it feels terrible to buy and then just sit on until your 6th item upgrade
Jari (NA)
: Not an item. Try part of an ability. {{champion:21}}
{{champion:84}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:38}}{{champion:18}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:238}} have also had entire parts of their abilities removed (not reworks with compensation, just removal)
Baunjo (NA)
: Do you know why riot designed it to only apply after 40%?
It's a kill pressure item, designed so that once you get someone low they stay low and you can finish them off. The <35% thing specializes its purpose and allows it to be balanced around a smaller window of power (meaning its stats would be worse if it always applied grievous wounds)
: I knew there was something {{champion:105}} fishy {{champion:267}} when it was tagged as "Memes & Games".
: Need 6 more rp for 50% azir plz rito
If you have FEK you know why I'm commenting
: agree, though it's also worth noting that most fizz players aimed for max cdr befor as well, so bringing it now as excuse for the cdr nerf seems shallow.
well it was harder. before, you could run 20% scaling cdr glyphs + lichbane + ionians, or take a nashors/morello somewhere which delayed damage or build path. now you can get protobelt, lich bane, abyssal, zhonyas which add up to 40% cdr plus the other two options still work. so it wouldn't have been reasonable before but it is now this is coming from someone with a 60-page long fizz guide (shameless self-promotion, i suggest you check it out)
Dehitay (NA)
: I don't really see this as a buff. But I'm curious about his W having a max range. For some reason, I've never heard about that.
yes, once you are about (not sure, 300k mastery zed tho) 1000 units away of range you can no longer switch places with the W shadow until you go back in range does not apply with the ult shadow
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: I'll pass the idea along. I know we are usually don't like adding it to everything because of how much it clutters the screen but I'd be happy to pass it along anyways. I know it would personally help me play Zed quite a bit.
Thank you so much! :D Even if it doesn't get implemented (probably won't) it's great to know that feedback is heard. (psst, I have 300k zed mastery and it's still killed me more times than I would care to admit)
: I would say the chances of Zed getting something even close to a buff would be very low right now due to player sentiment of him.
First of all, I am sorry if this feels like a 'rito pls' question because I understand you were just coming on here to give some more information and did not want it to turn into something annoying. if you're still listening/reading: when I first read this shadow change I thought you were giving Zed a threshW/twitchE/leesinQ-like indicator for swapping with his shadows. It would be a really great, easy QoL change seeing as currently it is really hard to get a read on when you can or cannot swap places. Is there any chance you could pass this on to someone who would be able to do this?
: {{champion:54}} he is called malfight not malbealittlebitch so u obviously aren't playing rock right {{champion:57}} lmaokai takes quality shitposting and dank memes so ur in the right board category to play him wrong {{champion:254}} she was a popular jungler so there's still some people who know how to play her I can see the Rock Paper Scissors but what about the other 120~ champs?
vi as scissors {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Count Zubat (EUNE)
: The problem doesn't lie in itemization or counterplay. He is just annoying as fck to play against.
I understand, I commented on a post by Cloth Armor rip
: Does this mean if an opponent plays zedd i can report him for giving me a negative game experience?
just build cloth armor {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: {{champion:421}} Gurgles with pleasure...
: > [{quoted}](name=a w1ld bulbasaur,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=LjrM9AIc,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-06-10T09:42:13.817+0000) > > Mom- What is your league in ranked? Clearly this mother has no concept of league since this question makes no sense. It should be "what is your rank in league" or "what is your division in ranked" if you really want to keep the same format as you have there.
it's called the league system, it is a valid question when they were implemented in late season 2 it was like bronze league, silver league, etc.
Aír (NA)
: Well, 9/11 jokes are not funny. However, the other two are.
take this upvote and get out
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Senate (NA)
: Malzahar's Taunt to Mordekaiser
: FEK 1v1 Tournament - Sign Up Thread
Hey, I organized the signup sheet into two brackets separated by rank. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_aSr5sUtDS0RCjFnPXJJUyVU_fBWl8H0fuYMa6EwKuM/view
Dr Poro (EUW)
: League of legends is one of those games.
: 1) Something completely unheard of: a support champ that supports like an absolute beast, unlike any other support. Power like we've never seen before. The trade off? No damage at all. Not even an auto attack. Yet, whoever they are supporting becomes a shockingly powerful force. This champion would completely rely on allies to use the buffs provided to succeed. 2) Or how about an AP Mid or a Support champ that uses HP to cast powerful buffs? Not new, you say? Read on... The trade off? The HP comes from the player receiving the powerful buff. The strength of the buff would be strong enough to justify the health lost, of course. I know, I know.... ugh, supports champs? Whatever, it is what I thought of, lol.
Closest thing ingame atm is probably {{champion:16}} I mean her Q does a bit of damage but not really, and it gives an adc a second hp bar essentially
: I've been wanting a fan warrior Champion for some time. Not old Karma, but someone who actually uses their fans in close combat to overpower better-equipped foes. Maybe someone like Kyoshi? http://i.imgur.com/3wYJRUK.gifv
: I really like Bard's shrine ability, so maybe a champion that does the same thing, only on a grander scale, like shrines of Attack Power, or Shrines of Healing, or Shrines of Temporary CC. Maybe a support Ascended who can make an Oasis, or something. The ability to take objectives is a good champion path, but I feel like the ability to CREATE objectives is really ignored (except Skarner, kinda).
{{champion:268}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:203}} are the only ones I can think of, true
: I'd like to see a swashbuckling hero, something like an Errol Flynn/Robin Hood/Zorro type. A bombastic personality, lighthearted character; i think this would be good for the game :)
: Forum Enhancement Kit: F.E.K 4.0
Can I get my avatar set to this? The forum looks awesome now btw, I can't imagine how big a project this was. http://i.makeagif.com/media/7-08-2015/ApW2Bk.gif
: FEK 1v1 Tournament - Sign Up Thread
I would like to sign up. Is my posting activity high enough?
: Oh look Zed is "losing lane"
Hey it's the guy who intentionally throws games at the beginning of the season to keep his bronze tier diamond mmr
Admin Bot (EUW)
: Huge True Damage nuke from nowhere. [GAMEPLAY]
Bowmaster was Ashe's name during testing 7 years ago
: You forgot p5
i lost 8 promo series in 1 weekend right after getting promoted to plat in february 9th times the charm man, keep trying until you get to the elo heaven that is p4, just did it yesterday
Gaminon (NA)
: Should just be Draven wearing a Draven mask.
look at the comment this comment is a reply to
maikokk (NA)
: d is for dash f is for fire
: > [{quoted}](name=THlEF,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ms051I9Q,comment-id=000c0001,timestamp=2016-03-28T13:51:56.908+0000) > > yi winrate went down 2% > > 1 in 50 games that you would have lost because of tank yi you will not lose anymore > > just sayin yi likely needs further tuning, but not much just sayin Also, Lux dropped almost 4%. That means you only win 1 game out of every 25 you would have lost before the nerf. I can make things sound insignificant too.
I mean, as much as it might sound insignificant that is a legitimate and accurate way to display those kinds of statistics A dedicated lux main with 200 games played would have lost 8 games that would have been won. That's 8 games that are turned from +20 LP into -20 LP, which means 40 net LP per game, which is a difference of 320 LP (not including series), so about 3 divisions. Based off just that logic, that's pretty huge. The difference between the most OP and UP champs is 10% winrate, which is a 40 net LP every 10 games, so yeah you will climb faster playing OP champs. Something like a 2% drop though, that is pretty insignificant, like it certainly isn't going to change him from "auto win auto loss" to balanced like OP is suggesting
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