: Ah this again? Well basically, game operates on 2D hitboxes that manifests as shapes on the ground, mainly circles. If you hold down...spacebar i think it is? In game you´ll see a circle around your character, that is your hitbox. Now basically thresh´s Q hitbox is a circle on the ground that moves with his hook and its a bit larger than it, that circle made contact with MF´s and the hook just moves accordingly for the sake of clarity and style.
That is not right. It makes it hard to dodge for new players. It take the skill of the hook of what you say is true. Just because it’s been like that for years doesn’t make it right. Riot needs to fix it. Because I’ve even had one hit from behind a minion. When it landed the hooks chain was inside a minion. That takes zero skill and takes the outplay out of the hook.
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