: I like how you deleted and reposted this thread just because multiple people gave good reasons why everybody hates her and the thread was downvoted Lucky for you, I don't feel like re-typing my list
For you info riot deleted my post because I had it in the wrong section. They then told me I could re-post and gave a suggestion for where I should post it at. Know facts before stating false information
Ourboros (EUW)
: Lux is playable but not viable in my opinion as a support. Its just that everything she does another real support can do it better. If you want to pick engage {{champion:12}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:497}} If you want peel and shields {{champion:117}} {{champion:40}} {{champion:267}} If you want damage {{champion:63}} She is the classic example of jack of all trades, master of none, which is really bad because she is also Item reliant, which goes against the philosophy of supports
While I do agree with you on the fact that lux is not "optimal" I just haven't found anyone other than brand that I like to play sup role. Nami I can do decent in but not good enough to climb ranked in. Janna....I just hate playing Janna in general. Rakan is usually my backup if I can't play Brand or Lux, but that's because I really suck at playing tank/engage champs. I mean even If I do a good engage I usually still end up dying so it'll end up a 1 for 1 trade. With Brand and Lux I can stun/root from a safe distance without getting directly in the line of fire so to speak.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Why do you care what meta sheeps thinks? If for example FNC today picked Lux support, they will start maining her and claiming she is better suited so support... If you like her in support then play her support, ignore the stupid talks of your team or, if you can't swallow it, mute all pre-emptively. As someone who plays Lux support a lot too I can give you some advices though: - she is best paired with immobile marksman as you can predict their movement easier and they also have easier time to position to get the second shield proc - don't bother with glacial augment it is not worth it at all - don't bother maxing W, even when losing, having more damage from E is better so you can get back into game with a pick, however I usually put second point into W at lvl 4 though and maxing Q last - don't bother building athenes, redemption or mikaels, from support items only support items worth it are ardent (and only because its high raw AP) and locket (but only get it if they have many AP champions or very fed - also it depends what kind of champion is it, if they have LB it is useless, but if they have someone like Syndra or Orianna then locket has high value as it is easy to use before their abilities hits) - don't bother trying to leave kills, use all you have, leave kill only if you feel it is 100% guaranteed enemy won't escape or kill you or your duolaner - don't pick exhaust, this spell is utterly useless this season, only taken by inting trolls along with cleanse, also since exhaust is not an option that leaves just two choices basically ignite or barrier, I play with barrier personally
Honestly I don't really care what "meta sheep" think. I just wanted to be given a valid reason so I can more so understand why. I mean I've had decent success with it and the first time I was told Lux wasn't a sup was by the person who got me into league. Also never really thought about locket on lux, i'll try that out. I do agree with you on exhaust being next to useless. I've been primarily taking ignite in my games.
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