: As i said, if you really think so then you are arrogant beyond a point of helping. I went through your whole post list a while back, and still have the record. (I keep track of the things i criritize because of stuff like this coming back as retaliation) and you were not once well received, until this point, because so far you kept trying to inspire reworks on champions that A really did not need them B were either freshly changed already or not that old and C your reworks completely denied the lore and power fantasy they brought to them. and good old D, you tried to implement mechanics and kits that didn't synchronize with their skills at all, and either completely trashed the rework, made it undoable due to too complex coding required or skyrocketed their overpowerness to a point where people just wanted to shake heads and walk off. Your mordekaiser rework is your very first dated success BECAUSE: - Mordekaiser has always been an issue to balance and has been maliciously haunted with bugs because of his R. (There is a purchasable book written solely about every mordekaiser bug to exist. the book has a decent rating and consists of several pages with over 150 dated bugs) - His kit, despite already having received a rework, still feels rather unsatisfying (Althoe it is rewarding asf) to most people, making morde mains respectable for their insane patience to put up with this champ. - His identity has always been questionable in league. Your rework post mainly fixed those things, and as i said, althoe the numbers still need dire discussions, this for once was an actual improvement in some direction. and you for once received positive answers on it, because it is by first looks giving a more balanced and appreciated reward/satisfaction ratio than his current state does. The reason i used to tell you to stop making your reworks was because it was obvious as daylight and night together you do not receive any critics well that aren't blatantly positive. every person who would even remotely disagree with you would get an essay shoved down their throat about how your opinion demands you to be right about your idea and your motives and that any and all things said about improvements or distastes are negated, and for the future nonexistent even, as demonstrated by your ignorance to the past receivings your posts created. Kind of a shame, if not for your out of the league arrogance you would do a decent rework creator who would receive great praise. but you don't because you refuse to see faults and accept criteria of improvement. With that, i rest my case. your morde rework was good, but anything else so far was not.
Weird, because Morde is not my most upvoted champion rework concept. That honor would be for my Malphite rework over in Gamplay like a year ago, it got like 150 upvotes. Then there is my Shaco rework which at least 25 people seemed to like. I remember my Alistar rework being liked enough. I know how to get people to like an idea, but people liking my idea is an afterthought. I just want people to hear my ideas, to vent the thoughts in my head, if you will. Sure some ideas are better left ideas, you have made that obvious enough, but keeping my ideas, even the bad ones, in my head isn't the healthiest option, for me, you, or the community. I'm sure my posts have at least made you look at champions like Ezreal and think of what they could be. Of course, you being mister right would never think about sullying your name by suggesting that Ezreal could be made better. Unless of course you do truly think things are better left alone, no discussing the possibilities, or rocking the boat. Meanwhile I am jumping around like a loon just to watch the ripples in the water.
: If that is how you see it then you have really never accepted criticism but only victimized yourself because this is the first of your posts people did not stomp to utter ruin. If you couldnt see it then i have to say you are more arrogant than it will be healthy. Take it as you want but your past posts were never well received. So you made progress somewhere
That's not true, I've had a couple of ideas that have gotten as much, if not more, upvotes than this post. You and your ilk have done nothing but tell me to stop and not change what doesn't need to be changed. The only difference between this post and most of my other posts is Morde is in a really bad place. What made this post successful, in my opinion, is I was inspired when I learned Morde's mace had a name, and so I made a kit to reflect the importance of Nightfall. Most of my other posts were made just because I don't like something about a kit or the champion. I have learned that ideas made out of inspiration are usually better than ideas made out of discontent. Of course I never heard that come from the peanut gallery of negative criticism, I found that out on my own, through trial and error, and continuing when people told me to stop.
: Now this is a decently good kit rework. And it's a massive improvement compared to your previous posts. Glad to see the critics didnt go wasted. I like the Q and the R a lot. Gives a unique impact without being gamebreaking. While we could discuss the numbers in the skills, the idea itself is well done and has potential to synergize with his lore and powerfantasy. If you keep the work up the way you did with morde you might actually inspire something.
Honestly the critics of the past have done nothing to influence this kit. I rarely, if ever, get constructive criticism, especially from you. If I listened to you I would have never posted this.
: How did I miss this? I adore what you did for his Q, it looks extremely fun to use and does actually provide a nice skill ceiling. His W and E are pretty solid too. My main gripes are with the extra passive, while it's one of my favorite songs, it's a tad too strong since it's already on a very solid base kit. His ultimate could be a bit funky to use and has a "burden of knowledge" due to him assuming control of a different champion but it does kinda fit the thematic you went for. Overall one of the better Mordekaiser rework concepts Solid 8/10
Yeah, most of this kit could probably be toned down a few notches for balance sake, but I use the mind set of thinking of something fun and balance it later.
Echo3s (NA)
: Oh man, I love this concept! Personally as a shen main, this concept really seems to be similar to his, but more fun. Definite upvote, especially for that badass Q and W. The concept of him revolving around his mace is really cool, and while his E is slightly lackluster, and I'm sort of confused around the soul aspect, I'm still really behind this sort of rework for such an underappreciated champion. It would be really cool for him to be more focused around his metal theme, and maybe his ultimate and E could reflect that more. Jeez, I wish this was on PBE already.
Yeah, the E could use some workshopping, but it suits him. Basically the souls act like Kled's courage bar, allowing him to get his lizard back without having to recall, but in this case it would be to repair his armor. It could also be used to power up the E. I did have an idea that revolved around Morde being a giant suit of living armor, but while it worked and it made sense, people didn't like that it was too different from what Morde is now. So I kept Morde's kit the same, just made it about 100% cooler.
: So basically shen, right? the mace is like the spirit blade? also, what happens to mord's body when the armor goes around the corpse?
It would feel much different, but I guess. Morde doesn't have a body. His bones are being protected in different places across the Shadow Isles by his necromancer liches. He is just an empty suit of armor. He is basically Ganon, making you go to different dungeons and fighting mini bosses in order to actually be able to kill him.
: morde has no cc right now at all you gave him buckets of it and a 50% hp heal and untargetability how is that fun for the other 5 players
I wouldn't say buckets. His displacement isn't much of a cc, and his pull is really telegraphed. Involving him spending a second to summon his mace, then make it start spraying mist, then it pulls people. Well the idea is he basically turns into the champion for awhile. His defense would probably scale with their's, meaning if he become a marksmen, he gets squishy, for half of his life. Also when the time runs out he probably would lose the health he gained. The 50% is just to say that breaking his armor will end it early. And again, the untargetability is really telegraphed. The enemy knows they are marked, it doesn't take a genius to trigger it and just walk away... Unless Morde is running some gimmick speed crit build, he will probably never get a kill just from his passive.
: In terms of strength, or actually being broken with bugs?
: literally every ability is broken lol
That's not too different from how Morde was in the past. This just seems more fun.
Naalith (NA)
: I may not agree with all the abilities here but I'll throw an upvote your way for one reason: you're at least thinking of what to do with this champ. I loved playing burst mage nuclear bomb Morde before the season 5 update, I know the few who stuck around after love him but are increasingly unhappy with how buggy and outdated he is. Riot NEEDS to take action. Irelia, Akali, and lots of already released VGUs are nowhere near as broken as Morde and they need to do it. Any creativity in Morde's direction is needed. Edit: I like that you kept some form of Children of the Grave on his kit. I think it's iconic to Morde and some form of it needs to be in the rework, although the way it works could change.
I just wanted too keep his iconic abilities and give him a new fun mechanic. I also thought becoming the ghost is way cooler than just using them as a pet.
KoKoboto (NA)
: I like the nightfall mechanic a lot. The regular passive seems a bit excessive but otherwise love the new nightfall.
I just wanted to deal with Morde's current health/shield problem without completely removing it. It also gives a clear point in which his ultimate stops.
Jackom1 (EUW)
: Upvoted for creativity. That said: * Passive seems nice, but the "end of all hope" part is unnecessary IMO, and will cause uniteractive moments, sorta like poppy's old ult, which is better left in the past; * Q - Is very nice, I'd say best part of the kit. The displacement kinda fits, though I wouldn't put to many sources of CC on a juggernaut (displacement isn't the strongest cc, but it's still pretty effective) * W - Second best part the kit. I think it's fairly intuitive, kinda like shen's Q but with more oomph. Although it's strength would depend on how far Morde is able to summon the mace with Q * E - I don't know, I don't like this one very much. The base spell is simple enough, and I'm ok with it. Maybe just cut the minion part, leave that to yorick and malz * R - I just think Morde needs an entire new ult, something completely different from his current one. I think your R doesn't fix Morde's main issue, which is the fact the ghost spawned is different for each of the 139 champions (You can surely see the problem there). The "play as a ghost dragon" is awesome though, that could stay. Please don't take this as harsh cristicism, because I actually like the concept very much. Thumbs up.
I agree, but I think it fits him thematically, I'm sure it could be removed or dialed back. Yeah, I hear ya with the minions, but I see them as more of a lane pushing tool, while Morde is waiting on his cooldowns to pick his mace back up, and it's not like they are pets like Malz and Yorick, they are minions, and Morde is suppose to be the defacto kind of the dead, so I figure a king should command an army, even if he is just telling them to march until they die again. I suppose balance and bugs could be an issue, but I think Morde's armor opening up and surrounding someone else is a cool image. Maybe he only have a few different body types he changes into to cut down on visual bugs, but I don't see why abilities would be a problem. Sure it would need some thorough testing, but it could be done.
Raiyza (NA)
: Screaming for Vengeance is broken. That's Poppy's old ult. overall I love the ideas.
Yeah, but Poppy was a different animal and she could pop it when she wanted too. This is something the enemy will be waiting for, and you will somehow have to get them off guard to catch them.
: I love it! so he'll be more of a tank than a mage! I can totally see this happening! his Q falling from the sky {{sticker:sg-lux}} I Love it so much! his mace acting as terrain! and casting W on in! this is amazing! have you posted it on reddit yet?
I wanted his size and the importance of his mace to really be a core of his kit. I have now.
: Pretty picture.
Yeah, I can't find the source for it. Just a bunch of reuploads on pintrest.
: I absolutely love this, unfortunately I think it's too broken. But I will upvote regardless.
Being broken is kind of in his nature.
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: Swain is dead! All hail Sprain.
He still feels like Swain, just better. His old abilities were clunky and kind of bad, and when used together he was just stupidly over powered. He was ugly to look at, and that wasn't suppose to be part of his character, but the art department at the time just couldn't make an intimidating old man, so they just went with ugly. Now Riot has room for an ugly old champion who walks around with a hunched back and a cane, who is suppose to be ugly.
: What this Game Has Become
I could say the same thing about Overwatch and PUBG.
: > [{quoted}](name=SSmotzer,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=rb3FbOdG,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-02-08T04:20:03.591+0000) > > Mundo is a "doctor" he should be attempting to "help" his "allies" by giving them "medicine." Mundo is a masochist and there's even an in-loading screen tip "Dr. Mundo isn't actually a doctor, he just thinks he is"
Exactly. Which is why his "medicine" is just some garbage he found and he "cleanses" them with his spit. He thinks he is a doctor, and he thinks he is helping, and in a twisted kinda way, I want him to.
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BBagz (NA)
: Middle Eastern Champion?
Unfortunately for you, the "Middle East" on Runeterra has a nasty habit of turning their warriors into giant animal people... But hey, Taliyah is still human... I think.... Malzahar was turned into a purple monster man... Same thing happened to Kassadin... Uh... I guess they could just make a guy, but what would his thing be? He could be a jinn... no, then he would be a weird color... hmmm. Middle Eastern mythology doesn't really have a figure to draw from that isn't part animal or a genie. I guess they could just make Aladdin... Wait no, Sivir was already the thieving street rat that is secretly royalty and has an army of thieves.
: So.... You gave Annie a tragic backstory? LIKE WHY!!!! I mean Annie Parents are the one supposed to have a back story. Not Annie Herself! You just made her a mage that can not control their power so she hurts people dear to hear archtype.... What is wrong with her being a prodigy and being cocky about her, you know like a real kid would do!
A child prodigy you say? I mean, it's not like LoL has many champions who were just born better than everyone else. I mean sure there's Ezreal, and Kennen, and Lux, and Garen, and Yorick, and Jarven, and Darius, and Draven, and Ekko, and Jax... but other than them, and the champions who were made to be better than everyone else... and every Vastayan... and the elemental champions.... Everyone else went through some ordeal to become who they are.
: Rant from an Amumu Main: --------- /CRY
Yeah, Amumu is one of those champions who could use the full update treatment. His lore is okay, it could use some more connections to existing champions, or places, but his gameplay does feel like it is 10 years old. Amumu just needs more tools. He has a spamable aoe that might as well be an auto cast passive, his aoe can be left on and forgotten about while he has blue buff and his passive is just a damage buff. All he really has is his bandage toss, and ultimate. Honestly I think his passive, W and E should just be rolled into his passive and then give him more utility to control his jungle better.
: "Can't Dodge Zoe's Bubble? It's a skill shot NOOB"... Silver V btw
Just buy items that give you enough speed to react to Zoe. Because that is one of her counters, any champion who is fast enough to dodge. {{item:3009}}
: About Maokai Skin.......
Perhaps they will AT SOME POINT be doing anniversary events. Like, it's been 10 years since this skin came out that no one could get since then. Now place gold or plat and you can get it. It is coming up on the 10th anniversary of LoL's release, so I will expect some skins that no one could get will be released, but I highly doubt any victorious skin will be available. So in MAYBE 8 years you can get victorious Maokai...maybe.
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: I am flattered to announce my new job at Riot
Now you just gotta grow out your hair, darken your eyebrows, get a metal chest piece, and the arm... lose it.
: That’s the thing though, Swain, mr bird guy, and an old, hunched over witch would still be 100% distinguishable at first glance if they both had canes.
Well, I suppose you could then choke it up to Chekhov's gun. Riot's new kit didn't utilize his cane in his gameplay, so they just removed it. I suppose they could have worked the cane into his eye thing, but they didn't want to lock Swain down while casting it to play the animation, so again, they just removed it. I suppose if they changed his identity a bit from being about birds to being about eyes, his cane being an evil eye thing could have worked pretty well, but they didn't want to change Swain's core identity. So they dropped the cane being the source of his power to his wicked ass demon bird hand.
: > [{quoted}](name=SSmotzer,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=boHRfBlP,comment-id=001c,timestamp=2018-01-24T07:02:02.762+0000) > > From what I know about Riot, whenever they take something from a champion during their rework they reintroduce in a new champion. > > Riot wants all of their champions to be visually distinct at first glance, which means Riot must be working on a champion who's main visual indicator is their cane. My money is on Riot making a hunched back old crone of a witch who walks with a cane. Could you please give examples? I know of no champions that use fans other than pre-rework Karma.
Well, most of the previous reworks have been mostly lore based. Like Poppy was a blacksmith, now she is just a delivery girl and Ornn is now the blacksmith, or how Maokai was a sad but determined fighter of the black mist, now he is a pissed off tree and Yorick is the melancholy fighter of the Black Mist. And the situation with Karma is a weird one, because she is up for another full on relaunch, who knows, maybe Riot is working on a fan dancer champion. Maybe as a female shadow ninja, possibly the one who killed Yasuo's master with her fans, to give him a proper rival.
Ralanr (NA)
: I feel new Swain and Vlad have too similar designs.
Well, Vlad is up for a visual and gameplay rework, maybe even a full relaunch. So who knows, maybe they will make Vlad less of a Dracula type and more of a creepy blood mage, or feral vampire.
: Swain Doesn’t Have a Cane? Why?
From what I know about Riot, whenever they take something from a champion during their rework they reintroduce in a new champion. Riot wants all of their champions to be visually distinct at first glance, which means Riot must be working on a champion who's main visual indicator is their cane. My money is on Riot making a hunched back old crone of a witch who walks with a cane.
Sukishoo (NA)
: >I would much rather wait until summer for Pool Party Taliyah than get a fire or gem themed skin next patch. Most people thought we'd get that last year, but there were no pool party skins. So we dunno if there will be this year or not. I'd like a PP skin for her myself but there are some other nice ideas out there besides obvious Event themed skins. I've seen one of an Elderwood Taliyah that would be really nice on her. >Maybe we could even see a Victorious Taliyah if she gets that popular. She'll only get one AFTER a time she has other skins first as Riot doesn't want to release those as a champions second skin after what happened to Elise.
From what it looks like the Elderwood skins are seasonal, so we would still have to wait for spring or fall for an Elderwood Taliyah. Just like the Arctic skins coming out in winter months. Yeah, Riot basically makes a ton of skins in advance, so no doubt there are at least some rough drafts for Taliyah's next couple of skins. All we have to do is wait for the right time for them to release them.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Uh...what? They happen enough, in-between event times. From last year to this year, we've seen: Pulsefire Caitlyn, God Fist Lee Sin, God Staff Jax, 2 Blitzcrank skins, Hextech Kog'maw, Mecha Rengar, Lancer Zero Hecarim, Chemtech Trynd, Dreadnova Darius, Dreadnova Gangplank, Beekeeper Singed, Archlight Yorick and Eterumn Cassiopiea. The eventual Amumu skin to replace his canned one will be another. None of these were tied to events.
I would much rather wait until summer for Pool Party Taliyah than get a fire or gem themed skin next patch. Then Next year who knows, maybe Taliyah's popularity will spike after a small update or rework and we could get a Jade skin in February and a Harrowing skin in October. Maybe we could even see a Victorious Taliyah if she gets that popular. And again, I would much rather have an event theme than a one off, especially for Taliyah. Other champions could make much better use from a one off skin. Really think, what kind of skin would best suit Taliyah? The first thing that comes to mind is surfer Taliyah, then after that a grave rider Taliyah, then Jade, school girl, and then something like crystal or obsidian. And I do not see Taliyah getting a God, Dreadnova, Chemtech, or Lancer skin any time soon.
Sukishoo (NA)
: Skins are not only released for events. The next patch 8.2 includes Arctic Ops Gragas which has no event tied to it.
Yes, but those kind of one off skins don't happen that often, and when they do it's almost always just a single random skin. Besides, would you rather have a random one off skin like Amethyst or Lava, instead of an event skin? Maybe an Academy skin in September, or a joke skin in April.
: This would be an interesting way to explore the world.
Let's just hope Riot doesn't cheap out and partner with Mega Bloks or K'Nex.
: Isn't it time for a new taliyah skin?
Skins are really only being released for events nowadays. So the next event she would qualify for would be Pool Party Taliyah. I could also see a Jade skin, a Star Guardian skin, a Harrowing skin, maybe a PROJECT skin....
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: League of legends is DYING
Isn't that why Riot is making a LoL fighting game and movies?
: dude, can you please stop and listen? her lore WAS UPDATED A FEW WEEKS AGO WITH A BUNCH OF CHAMPIONS LIKE : zillian,shaco , nunu, etc and some other champions, zyra was one of those, it was and it is her new CANNON lore, that little paragraph
Whatever, believe in what you want, useless discussion.
: I was milling through Gameplay when I saw this, and thought I should point out that generally, skin and champion concepts go in the Concepts & Creations section, not Gameplay. You'll find a lot more feedback there, and we even have an official Discord server.
You must have taken a wrong turn then buddy.
: dude, can you please stop and listen? her lore WAS UPDATED A FEW WEEKS AGO WITH A BUNCH OF CHAMPIONS LIKE : zillian,shaco , nunu, etc and some other champions, zyra was one of those, it was and it is her new CANNON lore, that little paragraph
Those little paragraphs are just as canon as their biographies. The only reason those champions got those little paragraphs was to summarize the character in as little words as possible for the new website layout. That is like saying if you go to Gangplank's champion page, only that little paragraph is all there is to his character, canonically. Nothing about the paragraph contradicts the biography. Either way, neither of them are canon, they are just place holders until her full lore update.
: AHAHAH I am laughing at the figure's you're doing. Dude, read: Born in an ancient, sorcerous catastrophe, Zyra is the wrath of nature given form—an alluring hybrid of plant and human, kindling new life with every step. She views the many mortals of Valoran as little more than prey for her seeded progeny, and thinks nothing of slaying them with flurries of deadly spines. Though her true purpose has not been revealed, Zyra wanders the world, indulging her most primal urges to colonize, and strangle all other life from it. Just learn to read, that lore you posted, it's the outdated Bio, the new one, that was added on her summary and on PBE few weeks ago. It's okay to admit that you were mistaken my man. I won't judge. Step by step: Go to universe - Zyra - Read the small text before entering her Bio
You do realize that none of this matters right. Both what you wrote and what I wrote are no longer canonical. Both the snippet you are parading and my copy and paste of her biography are both from 2012 and are out of date and can be changed in any way to suit whatever her rework might be. Also, did you click the big "READ BIOGRAPHY" button? Zyra being "born" is the same thing as Dr. Frankenstein giving "birth" to his monster, or Batman being "born" out of Bruce Wayne's suffering. It's not her literal birth, she's a plant, she was never born, she was grown.
: Whatever if she was or not from an island, her lore, her actual new lore takes all that part out (about eating the girl), instead she is born from a catastrophe (probably rune wars 99.0%) and just strangles all life.
Here is Zyra's current lore from [Riot's updated lore page](https://universe.leagueoflegends.com/en_US/story/champion/zyra/). _Longing to take control of her fate, the ancient, dying plant Zyra transferred her consciousness into a human body for a second chance at life. Centuries ago, she and her kind dominated the Kumungu Jungle, using thorns and vines to consume any animal that set foot in their territory. As the years passed, the animal population steadily died off. Food became increasingly scarce, and Zyra could only stand by helplessly as the last of her kin withered away. She thought she would perish alone, until the appearance of an unwary sorceress presented her with an opportunity for salvation._ _It was the first time in years Zyra had sensed a creature wander so close. Hunger drew her to the sorceress, but some other, deeper instinct compelled her. She enveloped the woman in thorns with ease, but as she savored this final meal, foreign memories invaded her thoughts. She saw great jungles of metal and stone where humans and animals thrived. Potent magic surged through her vines, and she devised an elegant but risky plan to survive. Using the woman's memories, Zyra poured her newfound magic into the creation of a human-shaped vessel. She didn't know what sort of world awaited her, but she had nothing left to lose. When Zyra opened her eyes, she was overwhelmed by the raw power ready at her fingertips. It wasn't until she noticed the shriveled remains of the plant she once was that she realized how vulnerable she had become. If this body died, there would be no network of vines to retreat through, no roots to regrow her... but she felt truly alive. She beheld the world for the first time as animals did, and a dark smile crept across her lips. She was reborn, and there was so much now within her grasp._ It's okay to admit that you were mistaken my man. I won't judge.
: just shut up about things you don't know about, zyra's lore WAS UPDATED, She used to have that trash lore but now she is born and original from the rune wars
Zyra's lore has never mentioned an island, but Elise was a young magic girl who ventured to an island at the edges of the Cursed Isles. There was was seduced by the twisted and raw strength of the fauna that had grown there and she was ultimately consumed by her bloodlust, giving up her humanity to become a beast of the Black Mist. Meanwhile Zyra's lore has always said she was part of a dying race of plants, that feed on beasts, that lives in the heart of the Kumungu Jungle. She was the last of her kind, dying of starvation until a misguided sorceress stepped into Zyra's domain, and she entangled the girl, shattering her body in her vines. Then she sucked the magic from the girl, used it to rebuild her body and then flowed her essence into the girl's body. I do not know where you get your information, but here is a telling of her lore from 2012, when she launched. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9htSJUVB4Lw
: yes she need more lore, but her base lore is already set, she will probably be tied with rune wars wich is pretty important and yes it was changed, she used to be a plant in an island that consumed a girl witch something like that and then turns into zyra, now she is born from a rune
Wukong's lore was that he is the immortal chosen sapient monkey from the Plague Jungle who was infused with the raw power of a runestone from the Runewar. Now he is just a Vastayan who left his people to train with Master Yi. No, that is Elise's lore. Zyra's lore has not changed since she was released, outside of some grammar corrections. Zyra's lore can literally be changed to be whatever Riot wants her to be, she could be from the moon for all it matters, she could be changed to have beef with Lissandra or Brand, anything, so long as it ties Zyra to the new lore in any way.
: Her lore got updated few weeks ago, she is born from a cataclysmic catastrophe , rune wars. Thats pretty much all we have but this is her new lore.
Her lore wasn't changed, it was just moved and corrected. It's the same now as it was when she launched. Other than the Runewar, Zyra has nothing tying her to any other champion or location or faction in the lore. Zyra still requires brand new and expanded lore, as 2 paragraphs is no where Riot's current standards. I mean, Gregor the shopkeep or those ghosts on Twisted Treeline has more lore and character than Zyra has currently... they even have more lines of dialog.
Arakadia (NA)
: Back with another rework Ssmotzer! Well one way or another you've made a name for yourself. I admire your persistence even if I disagree with some of your approaches. {{sticker:leblanc-funny}} I don't think the parasitic attachment mechanic is fitting for Zyra, sorry. Her lore isn't about her hopping form host to host. She's got her human host and the _whole point of her lore_ is now that she can die and is vulnerable. She has been humanized. She no longer has roots to retreat to. I understand why you chose this path, but her lore specifically states that with the power she gained by using a human body, she also became vulnerable and truly mortal. The passive also just changes her gameplay a crap ton _without_ improving it. I do like attaching to another character as an idea, but on a new champion. This feels like a gimick tacked on when it doesn't actually add anything to the kit. Her kit doesn't have anything that synergizes with her position or host, so why bother? Plus not having control of your movements would fucking suck in solo que. The minion power on turning enemy minions into her own plants needs to go. Minion power is either horrendously overpowered or goes unnoticed, and either way feels bad because you can't control what the minions do they just march. Compare this to Yorick who controls when the minions spawn, how many, how, who they attack, and can get them to follow him out of lane. Also seiging isn't an important aspect for Zyra, and could potentially break a support/mage if it was strong at all. Supports and mages aren't supposed to be good at seiging. Now the ult is hella cool. I'm not sure how it would feel to play in game, it feels like more of a combat mage's ability, but the idea of reanimating a God Willow is fucking epic. When they update Zyra lore, I would love to have her be an enemy of Ivern who wants to become/gain the power of/reanimate or has some connections to the God Willow. Showing the extreme sides of the spectrum in nature is super cool and I wish they put Shaco in the fae so they could do this with Lulu and him. Anyways having Zyra be Nature's Wrath so to speak and Ivern Nature's Gift is pretty cool. Oh also the 2 second delay on her ult is a little worrying just because it would leave the enemy a lot of time to cast some CC, retreat, prepare, etc. and even after words her zone of control would have to be massive if she wants the enemy to stay within her ranges. I'd make the delay shorter unless you expected to give her really big cast ranges and let her control a massive area so the enemy can't always escape in time the second she takes herself out of battle for 2+ seconds just to unleash her combo. I do think Zyra could use another update. Her passive is pretty boring and fails to truly bring to life the Garden of Thorns she is supposed to promise. Her ultimate is pretty god damn hard to avoid and its mostly just a big AoE damage knockup, which again could live up to the fantasy better. It seems like Zyra also fluctuates in strength levels and sometimes proves hard to balance, especially while keeping both her mid lane and support lane strengths in check. Anyways this rework has potential. I would have done the kit differently but I like the thematic direction with the God Willow so much that its honestly inspiring.
Which is why I suggested she get new lore. In my theorized lore, Zyra would be a sapient wood rose, a "finger of the God Willow." She would have never had roots of her own, but her species would have been parasites of the God Willow. When it was cut down and became Ivern, Zyra would have been the only survivor by attaching to a girl who was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and used what little magic was inside of the girl to keep the roots of the God Willow alive. Well they aren't exactly turning enemy minions into her minions. She is turning enemy minions into her plants, so they would only last a few seconds before decaying, just like her immobile plants. That and they would go down in like 2-3 hits like her plants. The delay on her current ult is 2 seconds, and it still seems to land pretty reliably. I could have changed the kit more, but too drastic of a change never seems to sit well with the community. So I tried to keep her core gameplay in tact.
Vonler (EUNE)
: Well to be fair Zyra has already conquered a body, the woman who people usually call Zyra. It would be kinda weird if she disposed that vessel and kept switching between vessels. Where does the woman go when Zyra isn't controlling her? As cool as attaching Zyra to other champions sounds like, it isn't a realistic gameplay change for her.
Well from a lore perspective I suppose she could have absorbed the human body into the dead roots of the God Willow, to uproot whenever she needs to walk around, and her new goal in her lore would be to try and take control of Ivern and plant his ass back into the ground. She would still have the seething rage to kill creatures, as humans killed the God Willow who she is obsessed with. Her kit isn't all that powerful, she just has an above average root and an under powered point and click damage ability. I suppose if she was on a tank there would have to be some kind of damage threshold that would knock her off them, as a way to balance her, but gameplay wise Zyra wouldn't need to change at all really. The only thing separating her from that Zerg in Heroes of the Storm would be Zyra actually has to be put in harm's way, and that she has a root instead of a shield, well, that and the plants.
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