: > I felt like a chat restriction would have been more appropriate in this case. You just came off a penalty days ago, and are continuing with this behavior. To be honest, you're lucky this time was only a 14-day ban.
I read your stuff man and it wasn't that bad, definitely not 14 day ban worthy. I honestly hate this game. It's statements from employees like yourself that just cloud league of legends in hypocrisy. It's clearly one of or if not the most toxic communities for any game. The punishments you give out are more than unjust. I was banned because I had a "negative attitude" towards my teammates by saying "let me out" or "this one is over"...like how do you want me to respond to a child running it down mid or inting, I'm wasting my time and efforts. The tribunal is a joke, I know people that just report other players after every game for the sake of just wanting to get people banned and more so then not, they get those instant feedback reports. It doesn't matter because people will keep offending and get banned, then guess what? People buy accounts and move on but who cares right because Riot still get paid. So laughable.


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