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: > [{quoted}](name=SVPERUZER,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=UFbkogPc,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-10T20:56:30.880+0000) > > This isn't internet radio. Champs are drawn from a shared pool. Manipulating the appearance of champs on rolls would be wildly undermining to the integrity of the game. Guaranteeing a player can always build the exact comp they want from what is suppose to be by design a random selection from a shared pool is an aweful stupid idea Actually, no. The game has complete integrity as long as the system is applied universally. A random generator that always errs toward the middle is exactly as fair and intact as one that wildly varies. In fact, since generating a choice is arbitrary, one could make it exactly as objective by doing something like rolling three times and picking the average or median. This would make it more likely to produce a moderate roll, but leave it _possible_ to still have an unusual outcome. And this applies to the champion pool, as well. Which, obviously, does not mean guaranteeing that the player will always get what he needs, but instead simply that he will less often see one extreme or the other, a huge number of some champs and zero of others, with murphy's law and negativity bias making it feel like it's usually the exact opposite of what you need.
I'm not sure how feasible it would be granting 3 rolls in the background for every player roll since everyone is rolling at the same time from a limited quantity. I suppose you could introduce a "virtual unit" pool that gets reduced as units are selected. Aside from that, personally I don't think I'm comfortable with the idea of introducing this sort of "artificial randomness" (of course conventional computers aren't really able to generate true randomness anyways, but that's a different discussion) to account for the bias of humans in a competitive game. It just seems frivolous. It's like pandering to peoples ignorance. The thing is...the unit rng isn't the issue. I've never had a problem with it. Most rng complaints are directed towards the items.
Porglit (NA)
: Add Mercurial Scimitar as an item?
Or rather than a percentage have it insta negate the first stun per round...
kriegnes (EUW)
: why are we getting tft and lol updates at the same time??
Logistically it makes perfect sense to update both at the same time.
: The Solution to the Teamfight Tactics RNG Debate
This isn't internet radio. Champs are drawn from a shared pool. Manipulating the appearance of champs on rolls would be wildly undermining to the integrity of the game. Guaranteeing a player can always build the exact comp they want from what is suppose to be by design a random selection from a shared pool is an aweful stupid idea
Glaciace (NA)
: Question about how champion cycling works
When you sell it goes back into pool. That much I'm pretty certain of. After being eliminating I'm not so sure
: TFT is stupid
It's still in beta. Chill. Watch a damn YouTube video
Blåsigt (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=SVPERUZER,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=GXediq84,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-09T19:40:30.114+0000) > > The item RNG really needs tweaking but other than that TFT is really about knowing when to spend gold and when to save. Rolling to get early level 3's was probably why that guy had a 3 star and you didn't. There is no real reason to save gold if you are not refreshing - there is not penalty to selling champions (unless they are combined)
Uh...interest gold is a thing. You're definitely incentived to save gold up to 50
Ratpie (NA)
: I agree that skins would be awesome in this. The only problem I see is that you have a limited time to overview everyone elses teams, and if they were all skinned, it would be very hard sometimes to figure out who everyone has in time.
There should be a function similar to tab in league that lets you see what everyone else is building anyways. Would solve that issue
CurS1VE (NA)
: Hey Riot! TFT @ 50 Hrs Feedback
Riot has made a pretty stellar product with league. They get a lot of shit but I have faith in them as a gaming company. Give them time. It's still in beta. I agree though early game is boring.
: From the wiki: > Examples: > > 25 armor → × 0.8 incoming physical damage (20% reduction, +25% effective health). > 100 armor → × 0.5 incoming physical damage (50% reduction, +100% effective health). > -25 armor → × 1.2 incoming physical damage (20% increase, -16.67% effective health) this link has the actual calculation but i don't think i can just paste that here because of the type of element it is on the site.
That's the league wiki. Posting in the TFT forum he's obviously requesting info on TFT. You'd think it'd work the same as that would be the most straight forward but I dunno.
: Why is this item knock-off a thing?
Yeah in that situation last item should get knocked off
: Patiently Requesting Champion Skins
Srbonator (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=SVPERUZER,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=GXediq84,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-09T19:40:30.114+0000) > > The item RNG really needs tweaking but other than that TFT is really about knowing when to spend gold and when to save. Rolling to get early level 3's was probably why that guy had a 3 star and you didn't. No i was rerolling too, but the problem is i cant get a fucking garen or vayne for like 5 rounds in 2 rerolls, after i got them i was already at 40hp, and dont throw in the champion pool is shared with other players blah blah nobody had a SINGLE garen except me who was useless since everyone had at least 6 finished items
Fair enough. I get top four more than half the time so I think there definitely is skill/knowledge involved but some games I just get stomped out when I was really trying. RNG definitely is a factor that can screw you over. I've had some clutch saves before though, just straight up switching my comp idea after not rolling what I was looking for.
Srbonator (EUNE)
: This gamemode wasnt worth the hype
The item RNG really needs tweaking but other than that TFT is really about knowing when to spend gold and when to save. Rolling to get early level 3's was probably why that guy had a 3 star and you didn't.
: There is no "execute" mechanic. Assassins are working as intended. 3 assassins will do 150% crit damage 6 assassins will do 350% crit damage Thematically, it does make sense. Assassins are *assassins* -- they are designed for one-shot kills. It's what assassins do. Knights may be tanks, but that doesn't mean invulnerable. Try building phantom dancer -- it negates all crits. Phantom dancer on garen paired with frozen heart might be worthwhile against assassin team comps. Lucian is also viable with his kite, he's very frustrating to play against as an assassin main. Ranger builds with rageblade and bloodthirster are also extremely frustrating (looking at you vayne). Keep in mind t3 assassins will usually have double health and damage over t2 assassins. A comp with t3 khazix and t3 zed will *hurt*. Try different builds and items. Pure health won't work against crit damage -- you need to work around it.
I don't think it does make sense thematically. That's what tanks do, they soak up damage. In league a full build assassin cannot one shot a full build tank.
: Best Solution to Get rid of Item Stacking
If you really want to get rid of stacking have the second and third item lose effectiveness by some percentage. Just saying. I really don't care.
: Why is TFT getting Ranked Rushed?
The thing is...league already has rng...your team mates. Pretty much the same thing. In soloq sometimes you get bad team mates. In tft sometimes you get no items.
Yeah this is a huge problem. Neft tft buff emotes.
: So how exactly does one deal with or counter a glacial comp?
It'd be nice to see some sort of anti cc effect introduced like {{item:3111}} either as an item or a synergy.
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: Worst TfT Champion?
Fiora's ability should actually be reactive, like an actual fencing maneuver, like the ability is actually used in league, instead of just randomly throwing it out when her bar is full.
: Blitzcrank/Nidalee Impossible to lose
I'll try it out and get back to you.
: Why cant I view matches?
They rushed the release of this game. They'll get to it eventually bro
PowerOfDoi (EUNE)
: Another thing about the item RNG and the power of items.
Items as a whole really aren't balanced right now.
Barkley (NA)
: How to mostly reduce RNG
I like this suggestion...
: > [{quoted}](name=DARCKD00M,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=ZMedUmGA,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-07T06:55:25.263+0000) > > I tried to help you before, this is your last warning Oh snap!
This time...its SERIOUS...
TrenixPL (NA)
: I have never, nor have I ever seen a golem win a game before, or even do exceptionally well. I seriously thought you were going to ask for a buff. They attack so slow and don't really do much damage whatsoever. Also there are only three stars for a champions, so that doesn't even make sense. Unless you're lucky, you're probably gonna have a gimped champ like Lissandra to even obtain that passive. She's probably as bad as mort, if not worse. If the player has Anivia, Brand, and Kennen, then you were probably going to most likely lose regardless if they had a golem or not.
The utility of the golem isn't the damage its the tank stats. It's definitely won me games.
: Yeah I was destroying everyone and it came down to me and the last dude and he had less than 10 hp and I had at least 25-30. Last three fights he summons the fucking golem and my ENTIRE TEAM including assassins jump on this fucking thing that doesn't take any damage and he just wipes me after I handily led that whole game. There was no strategy in his play outside of "let me get this golem". It's fucking bullshit and needs to be nerfed hard. It's got WAY too much HP. 5 Brawlers (lvl 3 and lvl 2) 2 assasins (lvl 2 and lvl 3), and this thing takes no damage, it's health barely disappears... it just doesn't feel like the person actually did anything to be rewarded with an instant win card. Not to mention it just draws aggro from your whole team, i even tried different arrangements. His team was full of lvl 2's and 1's, he had no lvl 3 champions. This is the only thing in this game that I find absolutely busted beyond belief, and it's a lot easier to get than people think.
I actually just did this in a game last night in a match up I was otherwise clearly going to lose. I had built glacial though so I already had Liss and Anivia. Just drained my gold looking for a third elementalist.
: Blademasters is SEVERELY underpowered
I've built 3+ blademaster comps several times and won. I'm pretty sure I've gone full blademaster and won at least once or twice. Yes Fiora is garbage. Don't go for blademaster early unless you can get a spatula and avoid using her. In fact, don't use her period. She's the most useless unit in the game and wasting a spot on her will lose you games unless the rest of your comp is absolutely disgusting. Blademaster by itself isn't very impressive but the available synergies make it viable. Darius and Varus will get you imperial/demon. Later on Swain can do the same. Gangplank is the next weakest link after Fiora but his barrels can hit hard at 2-stars and he has the extra attribute so you can throw in a Lucian or Miss Fortune for gunslinger. He can also get you that juicy early gold lead if you go pirate for a few rounds early game. It really does help ramp up your econ. Not saying they don't deserve a buff of some sort, just pointing out there are paths to viability.
asamu (NA)
: This site is super useful. It has all the stats for all the champions as well.
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PowerOfDoi (EUNE)
: So hyperrolling is not dead and it's just another layer of RNG dammit
Yeah I've won at least a few games with no 3 stars while the next 2 top players had more than 1 3 stars.
: The complete guide to winning TFT by intentionally throwing matches to influence draft picks.
Yeah full ass comp is busted. Rush 3 void/3 ass into 3 void/6 ass (possibly with the help of spatulas), all the while keeping an eye out for the other 3 ninjas, then once you have them all you just level up, sell everything if you have too, until you can fit them onto the board. Not that it matters since by that point you're deleting every other comp. Ninja is just overkill but its the logical conclusion of full ass.
: They rushed it out because Underlords came out. Simple as that. And yes it does feel awful to play right now.
Yeah they should've of rushed it.
: Teamfight Tactics Mobile?
If TFT is successful I don't see why they wouldn't port it to mobile.
: TFT a few key issues
Nobles are pretty much the go to early line up. It's fucking boring. I agree this should be changed.
Teh Song (NA)
: The timers between rounds need to be longer.
I agree. Time needs between rounds needs to be extended slightly. Obviously too much additional time would extended game length too much, but I think 5 to 10 seconds is reasonable.
: if someone dies or sells something
I was under the impression that that's already how it works. I don't think the game could function otherwise.
: Item Stacking, The Glacial Passive and Phantom Dancer Need Nerfs
Yeah PD should probably have a percentage miss rate on crit rather than 100%.
: TFT changes on the PBE, yet no double-item stacking changes? Hello? 2X SHOJINS PYKE?
I don't mind stacking. Shojin should probably be nerfed a bit though, and/or some of the other items buffed. The main priority however should be fixing item RNG.
: You know what would be a great f idea?
: my personal feedback after intense playing since launch
Definitely a lot of QoL improvements need to be made. I think they stated they'll implement viewable stats soon. My understanding is that the "spell stat" applies to all abilities with a few exceptions (Vayne and Kass, and half of Lucian's), I don't really know though, it is a bit ambiguous. I've also had issues with picking a champ from the carousel while my board is full. It's quite annoying. Also, you can combine items on a throwaway champ you don't want, sell them, then place said item on the champ you want. Not possible though if you have no space.
asamu (NA)
: Current thoughts on balance of TFT
I totally agree with everything you wrote.
: TFT is 90% luck, 10% skill
The item RNG does need fixing. They've already stated they'll be addressing that soon. Other than that and some balancing issues (Fiora is absolutely useless) I think it's a great mode.
: I really wish riot would stop vomitting out game modes instead of fixing the modes that need it.
: Any thoughts on Syndra? My personaly Disatisfaction with the champ is she feels like she only has 2 basic abilities. Her W is only there to waveclear, there's no green light u're ever supposed to max it second (as it should be). It's so easy to dodge. TL DR I want her W to gain the 20% bonus from her passive when maxed as Radius alongside with the 20% bonus true dmg.
Her W is mostly there to reposition balls or refresh duration. If enemy is already stunned then you can use it for the extra damage... And who else can fling Tibbers around like a red headed step child?
: Your Shop Returns
My shop sucks!
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