: We Want To do a Fun Turnoment LCS Style and need more people!
: Get bronzed
: Current B5 Jungle (Main)/Top (Off-role) looking for DUO partner!
I'm down I'm a adc/mid main my ign is Sackett1223 I have discord and skype
Monsta (NA)
: LF Flex Que
I'm down add Sackett1223
PBSkills (NA)
: Looking to fill our 5 man
I would like to joinbi can top I'm on most nights
: New season new Team
I'm in I'm a support main
Zaoc (NA)
: Support LF Duo
I am an adc add me
IamKíng (NA)
: Starting a group
: Silver ADC for silver or lower support
I am a bronze sup main I have Skype and curse ign Sackett1223 hmu
Dylteternos (EUNE)
: Ranked team (Bronze-Gold) Adc Supp Jung
Add me Sackett1223 I am a sup main
cCramer (NA)
: Serious Ranked 5's team
I main sup bronze looking for a team
: New Serious Team Looking for Mid, Supp, and Jg
Ign: Sackett1223 Rank: bronze Role: sup Top 5 champs: Tahm, Braum, Morg, Bard, Soraka Favorite team comp: No preference Discord: Yes Schedule: 10 pm - 2am


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