: Interesting theory.
I got it! Look at how the first video ends where Sivir and her blood? :D "Looks like trouble runs in the family, eh Azir?" :3
Opeli (NA)
: Huh? They haven't been updated with longer-form bios yet. Especially not Azir's, as that would spoil the Shurima event. Once it's updated you'll be able to get it through the client.
I know, in fact I meant at the end of the event, I know that would be a huge spoiler :)
Opeli (NA)
: Sure thing. Those client blurbs are intended to stay on the client only, and a longer story will be on the website. They'll be updated in time. :D
After being updated again you couldn't put a link such as "read more here"? So people who don't know that in the website there are a complete and detailed story can find out and go read!
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: Azir Q&A: Creative - COMPLETED
Some question: 1) What about Cassiopeia? Her father is still missing? I want an yes or a no, please :C Much of her psychology was due to the death of Marcus, and now I don't understand why she (probably deliberately) has made curse. Only for the power? 2) Cassie wants to be an ally of Azir but he what says? He seems more interested in Sivir (uhuh, a discendent of a princess? Xena!) 3)Skarner? He know Azir? At the end of this saga will we know what he protects? He still missing his brothers? :C 4)Ezreal embarassed? Mmh... I know this is an AMA for Azir but he still in this story, so... please :'C


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