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ChuShoe (NA)
: I feel like I'd be okay not seeing an adc EVERY game.
ADCs will NEVER be anything less than the most represented and most powerful class. Every non ADC main agrees with you but that doesn't mean anything. RIOT loves ADCs and you need to learn to deal with it.
: So if tanks have better base damage, better base stats, more CC, and more utility than bruisers
Bruisers don't really fit into the triangle. The only classes that matter are in the triangle or directly relate to it. The triangle of course being Tanks > Assassins > ADC. Supports are also very important but they are basically just ADC slaves so it's ok. Basically you have to either be an ADC, healbot/ward an ADC, counter an ADC, or "justify" the existence of ADC (tanks). Since bruisers don't truly do any of these they don't matter. Same goes for the way most mages feel right now with the way their item build suck. Honestly just don't play anything outside the triangle. And if you're wise, focus your time on a good ADC.
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Azadethe (NA)
: While I generally agree that Udyr is in a bad place comparatively, I'd argue your points are illogical. - Turtle Stance is usually not worth maxing. Therefore, most Udyrs still max both Q and R. - The current Tenacity/Sterak's meta put Udyr in a much safer place than he's been for years. Getting Unflinching or Legend: Tenacity opens up a lot of windows for Udyr that have been shut since Season 5 and the removal of Zephyrs. If Udyr can beat crowd control, he's much more viable at peeling and running and engaging when needed. It doesn't beat the wall jump beta, but it helps. -Something I've found over the years is a CDR Udyr is stronger than an Udyr without it. The challenge is figuring out how to do this with Tiger strike. You can get 20% from Trinity, maybe 10% if you go Warrior, but Warrior usually doesn't feel like the best option, which leaves you deciding on 20% in other CDR items. For while, I actually did a crit Udyr with Essence Reaver, which works great, and crit really makes Q shine, but vs a High cc burst team, it's not always advised. Although, Phanton Dancer + Essence is fun as heck, and adds some gap close/tankiness. -The few times i've seen and communicated with Udyr smurfs, they taught me one thing: The goal is not to chase the adc, but to hide in unwarded bushes and wait for the adc to come to you. If you want to run a 30 kill game, that's how you do it. Hide in good choke points and have superior vision. I haven't tried it yet since I moved away from Udyr, but a Duskblade might be a good choice, since it can eat wards and bonus damage the first time you hit from no vision (two hide in bush features). Also, a super fast movement speed (Trinity, Phantom Dancer, etc) Udyr will perform better on average than one that is just tanky or just bruiser. Bruiser will just melt if he slips up, and Tank is too easy to cc/slow, which is what allows adcs to eat him. -Udyr is one of the champs who still excels at drake taking solo and early. Use that to your team's advantage.
I don't think it's illogical at all. Firstly, no, most Udyrs don't ignore turtle stance. They max it 2nd or 3rd until they're forced to dump their last points into Q or R. Second, it's not about power or how well he's doing. You're missing the point. It's about his flow and cohesiveness, how much wasted potential there is. I just want some opinions on THOSE issues, NOT his power level.
Nymzo (NA)
: No, Udyr's issue is his lack of options in battle (not for splitpush). Pop Quiz: An enemy Udyr is running at you, will he... A. Run at you and use his stances B. Run at you and use his stances C. Run at you and use his stances D. Run at you and use his stances
Well that IS his obvious issue, but I don't think that makes these points less real or valid.
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Rexxiee (NA)
: I dont see the ezreal nerfs on patch notes
Give a real, hard nerf to an ADC? HAHAHAHA what game do you think you're playing, son? Bow to the ADC gods
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: It doesn't devolve into a toxic meta like URF? Maybe. Maybe not. You may have missed it but by the end of last Ascension people were starting to do this thing where they built full tank on some already tanky champs and then held the game hostage by the enemy team not being able to kill them and they would stop the little pylon (not sure what they're called) grabbing with their sunfire capes so they weren't killing the enemy team either. While it wasn't the meta I could see more people doing something like that and that is imo a lot more toxic than anything I encountered in URF.
That's one issue and it's not too hard a fix honestly. What I really meant was that you see some variety, not the same top 5 picks every game. Especially since there is a ban phase (which should be updated to the same one SR has).
Almighty (EUNE)
: Did you forget the whole reason Dominion got removed? Everyone got bored of it and so Riot stopped updating and balancing it. So it became a ghost town for new players and bot accounts. If Ascension or any other Featured Game Mode become permanent they will suffer the same fate. So i'd rather they keep it rotating. Also, Ascension becomes very redundant once people figure out who are the strongest picks for it and you start to see the same champions every game.
I see a lot of variety in Ascension. I mean, SR has some pretty clear "strongest picks" to be "redundant" as you put it. Also, there's no need to balance for Ascension really. The only time they've really had issue is with the build tank and not let them die strat which shouldn't be hard to fix tbh.
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: This is a pretty timely post, actually. Udyr is a champion we're looking to buff for 7.21. Probably looking at a simple buff overall rather than a larger effort that would introduce pattern change. Some of the things we're considering (wouldn't necessarily ship more than one or two of them) are: * Bear Stance stun duration increases with rank * Bear Stance speed buff duration is flattened out to its current rank 5 duration (3 seconds rather than 2/2.25/2.5/2.75/3) * Significant AD/lvl increase * Taking reduced damage from crits (or even becoming crit-immune) while shielded by Turtle Stance.
This is great to hear! Those sound like a good bump for the wild man. Any thoughts on giving his Turtle and Phoenix stances AD ratios? I like his hybrid kind of feel but I think he's pushed way too hard into going either Q or R and thus being left with basically only 3 skills and no ultimate.
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