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: Mafia Wukong skin concept
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: Retiring Dominion
Honestly if Dominion had a solo and team ranked it would be 10 times more popular. DON'T TAKE OUR CUSTOM GAMES!
: Retiring Dominion
I guess the Dominion players are moving to Smite as I could tell from the comments here
: Retiring Dominion
It's your fault that Dominion was never as big as it should be. Yours and yours alone. No ranked, no awards, no prestige, nothing. League of Legends is a game based off pride and pride alone. Dominion as it stands does not help players claim bragging rights. It should have been it's own ranked game to allow players to attain glory through different playstyles and better facilitate team work but like a bastard child it was neglected and left unloved. Now you're just going to kill it. Shame. Give people incentives. Hell update it! But don't delete it. It's soooo fun! :"(


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