: Posts from a level 1 acc so that nobody can look up your history and point out how youre delusional af and made critical mistakes costing your team the game but youre way too egotistical to admit that so you blame your jungler even though you yourself have no clue how to jungle.
Yeah, ok sure buddy. Calling me egotistical is a paradox in league, you could be egotistical, in the sense in where you blame losing your lane on the jungler, or, it could be in the sense that the jungler blames the laners for losing lane, and disregards how they could have impacted it. Since you clearly seem so passionate about the subject and would rather insult the integrity of this **rant**, I would assume that you are a jungle main. If you are, you could take notes from this. Jungling is not hard for the most part, your efficiency and skill in the role primarily roots from experience. Regardless, whenever I play jungle I do well most of the time. I just don't like the role due to its monotonous nature, so instead I'd rather opt to play in a lane, where the gameplay is more dynamic. As for this rant, I wrote this after losing a game where I had the most braindead jungle lee sin. I was playing top lane, I forgot the champion but the enemy jungler camped me straight for 6 minutes. 6 fucking minutes. That's not an exaggeration. During those 6 minutes I died only twice, which, honestly would have been worth it if my jungler did anything at all with the information. No, instead, out of those 6 actual minutes - (which is absurd), of camp, all we got out of it was a free scuttle crab. He didn't bother to gank open lanes, counterjungle, get the drake, none of that, and as I asked him why he didn't take advantage of the camp, all he did was say "noob ward more". Like, are you fucking serious? That's what you call egotistical. If you are being camped, and you die every time, not playing safe, always overextending and you blame the jungler for your death, that's what you call egotistical. If you are subject to a jungler who does nothing but farm his own shit in a **ranked** game for 6 fucking minutes when the enemy jungler is camping top, that's called having a living baboon as your fucking jungler, which honestly is the most frustrating shit to deal with in League.
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