: Kill participation, wards placed/destroyed, kills, and minion kills. All of them vary depending on what you're playing, but those 4 are what you should work on. A short range support needs like 60% KP, medium range 60~65% KP, long range/super safe ones 70%+. The more magelike you are, the more kills you will need. Somewhere along the lines of that. I will say it's not the easiest thing to get S ranks, but it's not impossible; people just like to bitch and whine.
I definitely participate and my wards are always high. It's easy to just say what it goes off of and believe that people just aren't meeting those expectations. But nobody else seems to need to do all of this just to get some love. others just need to get kills, but they get kills from Support presence. That should be the main goal, but it obviously isn't
67chrome (NA)
: > I believe Riot absolutely just hates supports. Riot is a company. How can it even feel hatred? How can something that isn't alive even have feelings? > I was only given an A grade with that ratio. Riot is hiding the exact machinations of how grading works, but if you play a support Annie you will be compared against other support Annies, and to get an S rank you need to be in the top 10% of support Annie's in this case. There's a lot more about your rank than KDA, and none of that effects supports any differently than any other lane position. I've gotten an S rank multiple times on Janna, not that difficult. How well you do compared to your rival in particular seems to be the most important ingredient in getting a good grade. If you can get the enemy support to get a D while you make the plays, that's generally when you get an S rank. If you go 3/1/12 and the enemy support went 3/1/12: you're not performing in the top 10% of supports after all.
That score wasn't an example of the rating system. It was to show how a Nidalee that was DC for the whole game had the same amount of gold as someone that was in for the whole game.
: At least you always get ur role...
: It compares your performance to other people who play this champ in that role. So that just means a lot of people play better than 3/1/11.
This game wasn't to point out the KDA, I know there's people that have done better because I do better than that constantly. That game was to show how a Nidalee that was DC for the whole game got the same amount of gold as me, someone who was in the whole game. That just isn't right.
zlumpy (NA)
: Why should they relax requirements? Just like a high elo rank (which I don't have) the grading system is something to strive for to better yourself. My favorite S strat for supports is buy tons of pinks, roam to mid or top (I run teleport) when I can be of use and the adc doesnt need me, and to just glue myself to a hyper carry. What you guys thought vayne was strong before? See what happens when she has a pocket taric following her everywhere.
Here's the thing about that though. You get so little gold, even when you do well. It becomes the choice of wards or defense. which I definitely commend Riot for adding the option to combine your gold income item with your sightstone. THAT was something that I absolutely loved, but as opposed to the major changes done to other roles like Mage and Marksman, it pales in comparison.
: The Hard Knock Life of a Support
Trust me. I always average highly in the ward category. And i definitely participate in the kills my assists are always at least in 20. The only time I get less is when the team has retreated so bad into defense that we can't even tower dive. But as some people have stated on this discussion, One thing that I do quite often, is I will take the hit and die if I know my adc will get the kills from it and that can't help my score, but it helps the team. It sucks that I get punished for it though.
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