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: How would you even accomplish this? Wards are not like champions, where new models are applied to a singular animation rigging - in which legendary skins and above completely replace the model AND the rigging - as wards create a new model and animation rigging every time. Compare the Valentine Arrow Heart ward with the Pizza Chicken ward.
I'd like to believe that there are many cool concepts when it comes to crafting a legendary war skin. Now, back to your argument. You're right, "Wards are not like champions" so why are the legendary ward skins compared to the legendary skins of champions? Obviously ward skins change the model and animation, but what about effect before the ward is placed or even after? Consider this. A ward skins that, before being placed, crushes the ground below it and lands as would galio would land using his ult. Or. A ward that ignites in different color flames when an allied champion goes near it. So many possible animation and design concepts to be had, and with that I hope I've changed you mind, my friend.
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: Your map is wrong. Other than that great idea
Lol the dude above us said so too. I want to clarify, I didn't make it, just took from the sub-reddit Thanks tho, it's kinda blow-in up so i'm hoping a riot employee comment something like, " ;) ".
: Honestly, this sounds better as a standard RPG with maybe online elements.
Agreed, maybe a world boss? The Kraken, Tahm Kench, Baron Nashor, Elder Dragon, or even Rift Herald.
: Why make an MMORPG and not a single player RPG? I feel like it'd be easier to make an RPG where you can do many of the same things, and you wouldn't have to worry about stuff like pvp and what not. They'd finish development faster and it could be more fun.
I personally like multiplayer, i'd rather grind with friends and make a guild than get my champion to lvl 100+ and read the story Gameplay wise, i completely agree. They'd have to nerf some stuff or build new structures to implement pvp, so it's certian it will take a longer time to make.
: kinda Sad the Rakkor don't get there own group, then again we don't know 2 much about them either nice ideas Im also thinking about suggesting a game related to time travel/dimension hopping for LoL
The Rakkor are sorta like the villagers of Targon, but i'm catching your drift. They're essentially The Solari, but common folk. Bro, i reccomend you pitch an idea, we can telling riot to make other games and stop drilling deeper holes into league.
: I like this idea a lot! but I'd personally like to have Wanderer/Loner as a origin just because I main Ryze and I'm an edgy loner boy
If you choose the Ionia tree, choose the Kinkou Order, you can actually disband to either join the Shadow Order or go off on your own like an edge-lord. There will definitely be a Wu-Ju opotion in later patches XD
: The map is incorrect. Mount Targon is to the west of Shurima, not north of Demacia. I do like this idea, though. I fucking loves RPGs.
Thanks bro, honestly, i just googled Runeterra Map and got a link to a sub-reddit xD
: I would love a single player rpg game set on Runeterra in the style of say Dragon Age, but I think there are multiple problems with doing an MMO, there is no denying that we are somewhat past the prime of new MMO's managing to be terribly successful, making a new big multiplayer game that would require constant play would pose a risk of taking players away from League of Legends, and the maintenance required for servers and making new content expansions I think would cost too many resources from Riot to effectively manage alongside League. I am by no means saying it cant be done. But making a Single Player RPG in Runeterra I think manages to be a new game from Riot, scratches plenty of peoples urge to explore the rich world more, while at the same time not being as much of a long term resource drain, and not posing the risk of being self competition for Riot's main game.
Think about this, stop all upcoming patches in League of legends. If they did this Pros would have a better time adapting to the meta, newbs and casuals can climb better and quicker because the meta is so clear, and those who want to play off-meta can learn who's good and how to counter them(so dominating a meta-slave with ap-ww will come easier). This obviously won't happen, but stop all upcoming patches and focus more on the rpg. Rito's made a lot of money off of league, it's time for them to stop and reflect. "How can we keep players connected?" And the problem with League players quitting and going into this game, in my opinion, won't affect Riot as a Company. Players who were probably on the verge of quitting league, find out they get to play a game where they have the same characters they've loved over the years and not have to play with toxic inting zed-one trick. Just an idea :| The single player idea doesn't sound bad, i'm thinking of a MHW type deal, where you can party as a group or grind it out in single player mode.
: I would play the hell out of that. Piltover and Zaun for life.
Yesss!! I would become Zed's apprentice and kill me some Noxians >:D
: So the three freljord tribes are named Winter Claw / Avarosans / Frostguards but nice idea !
Thanks dude, those sound way better than ashe, sej, and liss tribe xD
Hi lm Zoe (EUNE)
: Riots potential is just unbelievable
Dude, i appreciate you reading my stuff. I'm lowkey just waiting around for someone to have a discussion on my piece xD
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