: Pretty sure telling people they aren’t good and to not play, asking for reports for others, and repeatedly insulting your team counts as verbal abuse....
Said that ONCE to a team mate who was actually flaming me, and asking to report a person whos actually inting my game and ruining the experience for 4 other players is a bad thing. Also the only person I "verbally abused" was Pyke and we were joking around.
: I believe my ban was wrong
Yes this is my second acc.
: ***
Waste of time explaining this to them, they just won't look at your opinion.
: Assassins are 100% the problem with this game.
Every mid laner that is a assassin is nerfed to the ground. You actual are so ignorant of who is broken. A fed leblanc or kassadin will always carry. The only other junglers that are "assasins" that are BALANCED are rengar and eve. I dont know what class your talking about, but im pretty sure you misspelled "tank"
: Ever wondered why 90% of most popular champions are AD?
: I just realized why Yasuo will never get reworked to make him less frustrating
If yasuo is so broken why do you see nobody in high elo like masters and challenger use him? Because their are way better mid laners, and top laners then him that scale. Obviously, if he gets fed he will shred your team if he is at all decent. The reason why they nerfed those 5 champs is because of how useful their kit is in LCS, and how strong they were in solo que, I may be wrong idk. Their are plenty of match ups were yasuo straight up loses cause he doesnt have items. As long as people understand that you can beat him with your minion wave then nobody would be complaining.
: At what stage of the game is Darius not strong?
Emo Twink (OCE)
: Can Yasuo Get Some Removals like Irelia/Akali?
Yasuo is and always will be a skill match up for about 80% of his enemys. He has plenty of counters in mid and top. Many champs easily beat him such as Morde, Teemo, Malzahar, Wukong, Kayle, Fiora, Jax, Zed, Katarina, Heimer, Ryze, Garen. Those are all the more "ovbious" counters and it is very hard for yasuo to win lane or go even, but its definitely possible. The only thing you need to nerf on yas is his w and make it into a braum shield or like a nidalee w where it heals. Idk its just my opinion, but I really thing nerfing yasuo wont do anything he has been way stronger before and people complaining about Yas instead of like Neeko, Sylas, Xin Zhao, and every other unbalanced champ. Oh sorry I forgot ZOE the bane of my existence. Edit: {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} So 95% of the replys are he has great split pushing, but wait every single bruiser builds TIAMAT, which is extremly good. Also you can build against a yas, also I listed more than 10 counters to yas. Everyone that downvoted this do not know how to play against him, build against him, or know his counters. Please explain how Yasuo is so overpowered, but he is not in high elo (diamond) or in LCS. You wanna know why? Because players their know how to beat him or at least go even. He is a skill matchup.
: doesnt it trigger you?
no I don't tell them anything about being toxic or they will just flame more, I wouldn't want anyone else to get permabanned because I made them flame me.
Ratpie (NA)
: If the damage in urf was not so extreme, I could see being able to jungle, but the games end so fast that someone going jungle does really screw a team over early, although to be honest, even if you are not getting kills, you are still going to be fed. and if you are vs a sivir, she coudl 1 v 3 a lane and win.
lol 1v3 sivir below 6 bruh if they have even one cc ability she practically lost lane already
: you know guys.. the "F*** you riot" posts don't help right? Just shows how toxic you actually are
Im pretty sure they dont really care about Riot's opinion on them anymore. Its like quitting a shitty job and flipping your boss off or somethin like that
: This is a shameless part of this guy attempting to undo a permaban, but the forum cult's "attaboys" make me want to vomit. You guys just eat it up hook line and sinker.{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
I haven't asked Riot to unban me after I made this post and I didnt ask for a unban in this post either? If Riot ever does have an unban system then of course ill try to undo my permaban.
: im curious tho, how do you feel/what do you do when you see someone behave the way you did? or worse? someone really toxic who is clearly just getting mad instead of enjoying the game
I understand where they are coming from, I would say its being immature just childish behavior.
: The NA Reform experiment has been closed and under wraps for a while now, pretty much a day or two after Wookieecookie announced it, they had closed off the application process for having the desired sample size. Beyond that, we were also told that they wouldn't update us on the progress or whether or not the experiment was a success. No matter which way the experiment went, we won't know until the hypothetical scenario occurs where a new one starts, which, frankly, would be unlikely. Would that there could be better news - or, news for it at all - but as far as we're concerned, even if the results came back conclusively positive, I'm doubtful they would have extended the trial to others/an increased sample or done much further in that line of testing.
Oh I didn't know thanks for letting me know
Rioter Comments
Mcziggy (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=SaltyBoiMalum,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=8TNVTnip,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2019-01-27T08:30:44.693+0000) > > ik, I was really going down a shitty path, but riot just doesnt give players the chance to reform unless they are big streamers pepehands This is true. Certain people they not only give a chance to reform but they also hire them. So they are pretty selective about who they ban and why. I think they are because it's one of their team members. For instance a particular streamer had beef at the time with Phreak and other high profile riot team members. Then they banned him but they hired him for high profile events like with WWE. They rarely permanently ban people so more than likely you were playing in a game with someone who worked for riot and got slapped with it at the time. It is great it benefitted you however their punishments and how they lift them are suspect as usual
wait what the reform thing is still going on?
Seba7290 (EUNE)
: I’m a bit disappointed {{champion:50}} wasn’t part of the invading forces. Maybe he just led from the backlines.
he was in the first scene to the opposite side of draven u see a stand with crows and a man with white hair so swain i think
: Giving no fucks is scarier than anything. I also think he's out of bullets. That, or its an act to get Camille close, and right after that moment he shoots her. Jhin is incredibly smart so I wouldn't hold in against him to stop wasting ammo and just let her get get close enough for him to land his last shot on her.
nope hes got the fourth one and u know what that means fast fast fast
: I just don't get why RIOT has never decided to simply REMOVE a mechanic from Yasuo
only a 50% winrate. Yasuo has plenty of counters in every lane top, mid and bot. its not impossible to beat him, u have to give up cs and wait for a gank and if that doesnt happen wait for him to leave and push your wave and help other lanes. Its really not hard your just salty because you dont like a character that beats you because you walk up to him show yasuo respect till late game then you crush him.
: You sound like a swell person now!
nah just a lot less toxic
The E77 (EUW)
: damn when you see a title like that and you think its gonna be the same sarcastic passive aggressive bitching at riot about a "undeserved ban" but it's actually them being thankful for it and them thanking riot for making them a better person, good on you man {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: no chat ban. no nothing. Instant 14 day ban cause of the beautiful "kys"
you wrote kys and someone reported you, u do realize that even though u and the other guy were having "friendly banter" they might have not seen it that way so yes riot is right and maybe rethink your way of dealing with toxicity.
MarcoBTW (NA)
: I just wanna play league
feelsbadman we can't do anything riot wont unban you and then never will or have unless its an error
: Emotes are only used to be toxic
If you can get titled from an emote maybe you have your priority's wrong then lol
Hotarµ (NA)
: I respect you a bunch for taking responsibility for your actions. (excuse my language below) I was in the same position once, my old job absolutely fucked me up in so many ways. I was tired and angry from working in bad conditions with shitty people and I just took those frustrations out on League and my friends. It turned me into such a negative person but thankfully that's not who I am anymore. Glad to see things are going good for you and I hope you continue doing well. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Hey thanks it really does mean a lot :D
: U are too addicted to this game boi.
u are level 147 dude lol
Karfuss (EUW)
: See, this kind of thing really sucks. Yes, it took a permaban for you to overcome your toxicity and time to improve your situation, but you're still left with a permabanned account banned on the premise that you'd never improve your behaviour. You've improved. I wish Riot would provide a "last chance" scenario, where you petition the Support team perhaps a year after the fact, and are given 200 hours of in-game time (as in, playing a game, not AFKing in the client) to PROVE you're a changed player. Any hint of toxicity during that time frame detected means the account is indefinitely permabanned. I imagine there are thousands of players in a similar situation, permabanned years ago, that are totally different people now. There should be a means for them to redeem and prove it themselves.
ik, I was really going down a shitty path, but riot just doesnt give players the chance to reform unless they are big streamers pepehands
: ***
forgot to switch accounts lol
: So long as you don't int in my games, really don't care if you're toxic. just don't feed, would rather take someone toxic with a 50-0 kda than someone super nice with a 0-50 kda, I can mute toxic, can't mute inting.
this had literally nothing to do with my post, but I appreciate your opinion I guess lol (english is my second language idk if this is supposed to be a joke or sarcasm)
  Rioter Comments
: Edit the name out of this post or take it down. Putting a player's summoner name in a post like this on the Boards is considered public shaming and can get you either restricted or banned from the boards. That being said, I'm a mostly casual player and, if I had control over it, I would permanently ban any player who did this in my normal games. The sole reason I didn't get gold last season was because I had 3 straight games where people were intentionally feeding the instant I hit promos. And this season has been even worse for problems like that. I think that, after the deal with Tyler1, Riot has decided that they want to help reform players like this rather than removing them from the game. I personally think that this idea is completely stupid. Most of the time, these are entitled little children who have no respect for other people and who just want to make the lives of others miserable. Remove them and let us sane people play. I do hope that Iron next year becomes the ELO of trolls, where all these players who are routinely toxic to the game end up.
No Riot is nothing like that, reform my fucking a$$ they perma ban me for going toxic, and not even close to tilting like T1, its all about money for this company unless they prove me otherwise.
Vartius (EUNE)
: One is a creature literally straight out of your nightmares... The other is Nocturne.
: I don't think you know how S works.
i dont think you know how S works.
Srbonator (EUNE)
: Will yasuo EVER get nerfed
Or just learn to play against him.
: Probably after bad players learn how to play against him and realize he isn't that oppressive.
evanisaiah (EUNE)
: Toxic Trollers.
/allmute if u ever get jg tbh unless high plat
Zapzya (OCE)
: Female police officers don't wear dresses. It clashes with her thematic. I would like to see them replace it as well. The hat is fine though, adds personality.
i mean the hat looks so bad, it has like 200 pixels on it lmao.
Rioter Comments
NemeBro (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=SaltyBoiMalum,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=2Pkw8rHI,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-09-26T01:27:52.164+0000) > > Graphic Change : The hat just makes no sense for a police man. Stopped reading. First of all, Caitlyn is a police woman. Secondly, no, get out. The hat stays. Period.
REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, okay in what situation would that hat be like good, unless it had some sort of gadget or somethin
Rioter Comments
: Fiora vs Jax. Who do you think is stronger late game with the following builds?
: The problem with jungle.
This would be busted, one kayn e he can go through walls and still gank faster, and nocturne r, they can both get really fed up and go for a gank, and im sure their are more junglers, but this would mean junglers that can pass trough walls such as ez, nidalee, kayn, nocturne, lee sin would be more broken and they would need nerfs and they really cant afford to have nerfs. (well maybe nocturne and kayn)
Dehydration (EUNE)
: Can you return Taliyah to mid lane?
Riot will prolly keep her because they like the concept of tailyah r to block laners from retreating to their turret, but she can still do this midlane.
: Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger Splashart
: Riot, completely deleting champions people love, totally keeping the most game breaking stuff. Riot should just delete muramana and rework Ez's Q.
Yikes, someone got shit on by ezreal, everyone has wanted a w change, and deleting muramana would force ezreal to rod of ages and go ad, probably annoying a lot of ez mains, and no one asked a rework for ez q, its not hard to dodge, and its pretty bad in laning phase since someone can just go behind minions, his w was the only thing people wanted to be reworked, can you find me a post saying that someone thinks ez q needs a rework or is that just your opinion. Changing ezreals w, is much different than "completely deleting champions people love". Honestly I dont know why I wrote this I could have finished my spanish homework. Also your posts are complete trash.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: A case for Ohmwrecker: What can be done with this item?
are you crazy do u realize how op this would be with a fed akali? Not only does she have smoke to cover tower shots, but now she has an ad/armor item that disables a tower for a few secs I can legit now see akali diving an adc and supp and coming out with 500 hp, im glad they had removed this item in time for akalis rework. Edit: Not to be rude, and I do like this idea, but even if its stats didnt help akali like at all if she had an item lead and bought this she would completely devastate the entire team. {{champion:84}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Rioter Comments
Moody P (NA)
: If you want Darius to be good in high elo, buffing his damage is the worst possible choice
Make his e a movement speed boost because that e guarantees a q hit and this ups his "skill" cap (no offense), and make q like a velkoz ult the longer you stay you get stacks + dmg and with three stacks you gain a tremendous bleed. A mini rework I guess. Edit: what do u darius mains think?
: Enough designers to get the job done as efficiently as possible, to be honest. If the backlog of champions that need love (Yorick, Taric, Urgot, Poppy, Yorick, Ryze, Zilean, Yorick and Yorick) is pretty big and the Riot is committed to fixing / reworking them as much as they claim, then it should be a priority. That is, until something bigger pops up... like a new champion released with more bugs than a planet full of Skarners and Kha'Zixes... or some unforeseen patch change for the LCS season that creates something insane like AP Tryndamere.
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