: Plain and simple. [ Zyra "mage reworked, and constantly getting changes" ], [ Reksai "way newer champ than Wukong, and still got semi-reworked specially her "R" ], [ Malphite "receives changes every now and then, and lately he received Passive changes" ], " Azir [ Newer champ than wukong still got reworked, gets changes every year , but gets more nerfs" ], [ Gragas "pro-play beast, gets plenty of changes as well, is competitive both in SoloQ and proplay, even getting texture changes etc" ], [Yorick "got reworked, small playerbase so i cant fully describe the champ, but i believe he got something, he should let others receive similar treatment even if that treatment fails ] You see, what's common between every champ in the game, all of them is they receive something. For Wukong, the last thing he received was 1716 days ago, that's 4.7 years , nearly 5 years ago, then riot introduced 2 broken items {{item:3147}} {{item:3095}} then nerfed them then gave Wukong something called "compensation buffs" then took them away from him with nerfs to 2 spells. so if you're gonna tell me "wait in line" I'm gonna say no, because he's supposed to be a high priority right now, #1.
Well, that's your opinion, my opinion is that the Wukong Kit doesn't have many problems like the ones I mentioned, and that's why it doesn't get big changes, the theme is that if this strong one doesn't have counterplay and is abusive as a killer, personally I would increase resistance and a little DPS, but I would get burst out of it, so it would be more fighter and less killer.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 14
Do you guys have anything planned for Rek´Sai? I think it needs changes to make it easier to use for new players, especially the sonar.
: Rek'Sai micro-rework concept! (Plz help xD)
I like the idea, but I think it's "too big" for Riot to do. My opinion is that Rek's sonar should be easier to use, thus favoring players who dare to try her, to increase her player base.
: That moment when Riot uses the Chinese player-base as an excuse to not get Wukong reworked..
Sometimes I don't understand why there is so much "Wukong community" in NA, I understand that Wukong has "problems" in his kit, but so do half the champions like Zyra, Rek´sai, Malphite, Azir, Gragas, Yorick and more. I think there are many of these champions who are in a worse state and need changes more urgently, Riot should do more "Mini-reworks" Ezreal style, much more frequently.
: Would u mind commenting on the youtube video too?
Later I watch the video and comment, I'm "working" xD
: Which is your favorite champion on ARAM?
{{champion:9}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:115}}
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 12
What happened to Neeko being "potentially very strong"?
: Gragas Square "Bug" :D
OMG Pls Rework!!!!!!!
: I'd say that toning down the AP ratio wouldn't be bad, but it would be the most obvious suggestion. Maybe add more risk to the reward by lowering it's hitbox range. I mean her R does have a fairly wide range for an ability that bursts AND stuns.
R'cd is too low, the few times I played her, I felt it was always available. I also noticed that her base damages (Q/W) are very high. I plan to try her with this build in jungle: {{item:1402}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3091}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3083}}
: If you ask me, I only have one complaint about Neeko
Yeah, the range is a good place to nerf. I would also remove some AP scaling in the R as well as more CD's to it. 130% is way too much.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Tiamat nerf planned by Riot
I'm interested in Warwick and Volibear buffs, but the nerf to Tiamat worries me, as it's vital for many champions in the jungle.
: > [{quoted}](name=Salvor Hardın,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gAql6j8V,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-12-10T19:03:22.935+0000) > > The last one, you need to save Cooldowns, so he cannot catch your team whit low guard, also he is very useless in early game, Your team should be able to take advantage, as it does not apply as much pressure to the lines. > But yes, Yi can be a annoying, and quite unfair in many soloQ games. > > PD: {{champion:33}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3076}} Hate to say it. But yi with conquerer bears Rammus every time. Without fail
> But yi with conquerer bears Rammus every time. Without fail Many Rammus make the mistake of buying {{item:3706}} instead of {{item:3715}} and that's why they lose the 1 vs 1, besides Rammus defeats Yi in the first levels, it's just a matter of leaving him behind. I main him since S5, Yasuos and Yi Masters were always my favorite prey, and I usually humiliate them hard. Except when they get a lot of advantage in early, but that happens less often.
: Riot please nerf Yi.
> should Yi be nerfed or am i exaggerating? The last one, you need to save Cooldowns, so he cannot catch your team whit low guard, also he is very useless in early game, Your team should be able to take advantage, as it does not apply as much pressure to the lines. But yes, Yi can be a annoying, and quite unfair in many soloQ games. PD: {{champion:33}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3076}}
Kadexe (NA)
: 40 Changes Riot could do to promote Diversity
I support the meaning of your post, more diversity would be great.
: Desperate Need: Increase punishment for AFK/Leavers
I agree that a much harder system is needed with AFKs, even if it means punishing a little those who have a bad connection or suffer a power outage or greater cause.
: how real is the fake neeko
I have a question too. if Neeko buys {{item:3742}} {{item:3025}} and then becomes an ally, are the visual effects of these items reproduced?
: Tanks and adc's are BOTH in a bad spot, hell anything that isn't a burst mage with cc or an assassin with 3 dashes is in a bad spot.
Agree, I believe that without tanks, adcs have no place, as constant damage (to melt tanks) is their job.
Meddler (NA)
: Addressing issues with existing items will be our priority. New items aren't impossible, but we don't believe the issue is so much lack of choice as it is satisfaction and pattern issues with existing items.
> but we don't believe the issue is so much lack of choice as it is satisfaction and pattern issues with existing items Sorry for my rudeness in replying, but I feel that these items are " very few options " and leave no room for creativity. {{item:3715}} {{item:3706}} {{item:1402}} {{item:1400}} {{item:1401}} I'd like a third option, since Tracker's Knife was removed. :)
: if you cant play them get better at the game cos tanks are not bad at all
> cos tanks are not bad at all Most of the ones I showed are not able to compete against the killers/ bruisers or have to be played full damage (therefore they are no longer tanks). > if you cant play them get better at the game Technically I'm a league above you sir, don't use such bad and generic arguments. You can justify anything with the "then you have to do better".
: Ok, can you explain the issue with it to me. I havent seen it be OP in my elo
Many champions, for example {{champion:266}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:164}} They can with a simple rune, almost completely ignore the armor statistic, so full ad compositions are viable, these champions have a lot of resistance as they build items such as {{item:3071}} {{item:3053}} {{item:3026}} ,they can eliminate both squishy champions and tanks and resist a good amount of time. They have good mobility and damage CC, can easily eliminate most marksmen, and because there are no tanks, there is not much that can stop them, so people say that the damage is too high, because currently meta is to kill or die.
: The Damage, what would you change?
I would eliminate conqueror, replace whit a minor version of the old fervor, and give bruisers some true damage, but minimal, and individual so they can face the tanks but not completely ignore the armor as they currently do. I think that would put the tanks and the marksmen in a more comfortable place. ######Also a nerf on Sion
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 7
Oh one more thing! I can't help but ask this question about {{champion:518}} , in what lines do you intend to keep her balanced? Because I used it in the jungle and I liked it.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 7
Could you say something about the state of the tanks, especially those in the jungle?
: Why do junglers not take free dragons or barons?
As a Jungle main I always take Drake or Herald if I see the rival jungle in the other side of the map or i got high advantage.
Dyrreah (EUNE)
: In all honesty I think this all has a reason. I used to main sejuani before her rework and I just loved her ult. I have one big reason why I stopped playing her and went to main bruisers and assassins. Tanks are dependent. I had many games during my low elo days where a 5v5 situation was about to burst and I managed to pull that AND HERE IS THE GLACIAL PRISON 4-5 man ults. Right as I was about to jizz in my pants I noticed the adc farming mid or backing full HP or whatever, the main point is that they were unable to rightclick. By the time the stun ends my top and supp are already in the fray with the 3 of us holding 5 ppl... while at least one of the carries are being I NEED 100 FOR IE/RABADONS. After losing game after game because of the serious lack of situational awareness I have decided to say fuck you and became the nightmare of every adc, a Vi onetrick with sideline Diana and Rengar as secondaries. In half a season I went from silver 2 to plat5 with that mentality. Since that I feel literally no drive to ever pick a tank. The tankiest I'll play are ww and rhaast. I honestly think that it's a way better meta in terms of solo skill. You don't rely on that idiot 0/10 botlane but 1v9 the game with a bruiser. I think it's way more healthy for tank players as well to play something else for a while. Don't worry tho, tanks always make a comeback and then I'll be crying because fucking full tank gragas busted my ass for a whole year.
Im not doing bad whit other champions, but i enjoy playing tanks sometime xD I don't ask 4 the return to the tank meta, but a punish to the team that doesn't have one, or has a full AD team. A more balanced meta where the strong, do not leave the weak useless.
Arammus (EUW)
: its totally fine but "currently" sounds like just recently. like a month ago you could still play tanks. but its more like since this entire season you cant really play tanks in jungle :D
Ohhh Ty for the explain! https://i.imgur.com/xH7SRUQ.png?nodirect
Arammus (EUW)
: "currently" lol
Is bad? Im from Argentina, mi english is not perfect amigo xD
: I got autofilled top against a Jax. I picked Poppy to counter his Leap Strike, and I counter-built him to a T, getting Ninja Tabi and Adaptive Helm in lane phase - despite all of my resistances and health, he was still able to melt me entirely because of the Conqueror Rune letting him do insane true damage each time. I don't normally play tanks, but that felt really bad. I couldn't have built or played better against him, but he was still able to beat me due to true damage conversion.
True damage was a very very gross way of making bruisers viable, now we are paying the consequences. And the marksmen are also paying for it, in the absence of Tanks, they are also displaced from the Meta.
Ultrys (NA)
: Lol who are you to say such a thing about rammus? Hes my main jungle. If I see certain enemy comps, or good players with certain picks on my team, I always play him. Rammus doesnt need to build damage to do respectable damage. He can make picks like an assassin with the right set-up. He is a God when the enemy team is mostly ad. Just last night in my diamond promos I saw we had a strong player on xerath mid vs a zed and the enemy team had mostly AD. I went rammus, got xerath ahead, oppressed zed, and destroyed the game. But maybe you're a lot higher than low diamond?
Hi, i main Rammus 850k xD https://i.gyazo.com/1c07fbc3ce987c2ae3197dd5de3e4cf2.png
SanKakU (NA)
: I think tanks should get a Magic Resist jungle item and an Armor jungle item. There are three non-HP Jungle items and the HP Jungle item. Tanks need more options.
I agree, maybe a smite option as well, since they got out the green of wards.
: Where is Hextech Renekton??
: Nunu is still my favorite. He just rolls around like a giant moron and I love it.
Yes, mee too, and I think it's viable because it doesn't have to "resist" the damage, just enough to heal with the Q.
: Top Amumu players are playing him full AP. His tankyness on standard build is a treat to nobody so they rather go full glass canon.
That's why, "tanks are only viable if they build full damage." Then they're not tanks anymore, like {{champion:79}}
: Tanks are only allowed as supports, didn't you get the memo?
Okay, then make viable supports for all the tanks mentioned above. {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Dr Dog (NA)
: i planned to try it actually, i think he'd be great with the tiamat rush jg meta rn my only issue might be how getting the jg item delays rens huge reaver powerspike
It's very rare that in a game with Renek Jungle, you don't pull several kills in early, you win the match against all the jungles except Graves. Look at this 1 vs 1 a lv 2 against Lee https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjHb8DfGWWs And I know this may sound dumb, but I think renekton scales very well with the game, considering it has a very good early game. The game that showed you 11/8/12 I lost 0/4 in early against Graves.
Dr Dog (NA)
: well you could give warwick a try? hes not exactly a tank but hes pretty damn close to one and he can do really good, try out the new DD with him because of his natural healing and mixed dmg its pretty damn good on him and keeps him very tanky with his e
I hadn't thought of the new DD in Warwick, maybe I'd give it a try. As a thank you, I recommend that you give Renekton a chance in the jungle, it gives surprising results, and it's good at almost everything, invading, 1 vs 1, ganks, and so on. https://i.gyazo.com/eaba281adf023b8d2827562faef90142.png
: Right there with you bro. Tanks other than Sion, Shen and Poppy are just terrible right now. Maybe some day they'll throw tanks a bone, but for right now it's a lot of Garen top for me.
Today I'm going to see if Sion cleans the jungle well. I rely on the good judgment of Meddler and the balancing team to realize the problem. https://i.imgur.com/xH7SRUQ.png?nodirect
DeKirschi (EUW)
: good, fuck tanks.
Thank you for great and deep argumentation. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Rioter Comments
Moody P (NA)
: Rammus is a juggernaut
Hi, im a Rammus Main 850k, i can say he is a Tank with a subclass of Fighter, but mainly a tank, its role is to engage a rival carry and resist damage from enemy team.
: With all this true dmg, isnt it time to intoduce true armor/mr?
That would be a bit "silly", the right thing to do would be to reduce true damage and armor penetration.
: Good question. Ornn needs a skin too.
: laning against illaoi is almost impossible now
: Where is the new skin of Ivern
791 Days whitout skin. {{champion:427}} {{item:3070}} ######Vamos Riot, deja la avaricia y dale una skin a Ivern loco.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: December 5
Hi Meddler! In this PBE cycle will the massive buffs and nerfs come to balance all the champions who have been hit in the preseason? Something to say about the current state of {{champion:58}} and {{champion:28}} ? :)
iiGazeii (NA)
: I feel you, but I think there's a lot going on with Ivern that makes it hard to make a skin for him. First of all, he's just not popular. From an economic standpoint, they would get very little money out of an Ivern skin unless it was one of those skins that was just SO good it made people want to pick him up. Second, he's got a lot of models to deal with. He's got his own model (which is a weird, lanky shape), Daisy, and the bushes from his W, plus all the normal particle effects. Finally, he's not a serious character, meaning he doesn't fit in with the majority of the alternate universes. By his nature, a skin line like Blood Moon, Dark Star, or PROJECT wouldn't suit him. Personally, I think he could totally fit into Super Galaxy, Odyssey, Toy Box, Arcade, Culinary Masters, or Luchador. It's just a matter of waiting for those sets to come around.
They could have made a winter Ivern skin, it wasn't difficult and the concept fits perfectly. But they preferred to get money with Yi Snowman. Shame on you Riot/Tencent.
: what do high elo players think of damage in the game ?
I don't know if the damage itself, I think the problem is in the amount of armor penetration, lethality - penetration - true damage. Full AD compositions that do not suffer from such penetrations. I personally believe that lethality and conqueror were mistakes.
: > [{quoted}](name=Salvor Hardın,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=oz4dlZAg,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-12-04T17:58:19.940+0000) > > Where's the RNG in Neeko? (seriously) Her clone ability is just another 50/50 being thrown into the game.
Alzon (NA)
: Apparently he hasn’t ‘erned his skin yet :(
2 Years, 790 days since his release. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
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