Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Save Vilemaw
Make Baron and Vilemaw rng between each other's spawns in the top-side boss-pit. Baron Nashor awards the team that slays them enhanced recall and powerful minions. Vilemaw could weaken nearby enemy minions and summon 1 "Spawn of Vilemaw" on each lane. Kinda like a more durable Tibbers. (Inspiration from playing Abathur on the Raven Lord's map in Heroes of the Storm. His second heroic ability plus the Curse of the Raven Lord effect)
: Useless League of Legends Facts?
I've got two. 1. Sona's full name is Sona Buville, and she's a famous demacian musician. 2. When Neeko shapeshifts into Ivern on her team, she can't damage the jungle camps until she changes back.
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GoLéon (EUW)
: [REWORK IDEA] - Udyr (Invoker type rework)
This is similar to a Sona idea I had that actually involved playing songs in game with her q w e abilities to achieve different aura effects or passive auto effects. Its complex so I doubt they'll do it to a simple champ like sona/ udyr, but it's interesting nonetheless.
mirAcIe (EUW)
: Asking to nerf a champion because your team lost is ... not surprising, but not going to happen either.
TBH I just played against a Yuumi Garen bot-lane today. Completely lost. There's very little counter-play to it. Yuumi gets to harass for free most of the time, and the threat of the Garen silence+movespeed on his q makes things difficult in lane. In theory the only way to counter it is ranged poke, but with Yuumi's q being controlled, it's a little difficult to play safe and utilize distance and hiding behind minions. She'll just go around them for 120 damage every few seconds until you HAVE to give them the lane priority.
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: What I want to know is how can Senna be next if no one ever gets out of thresh's lantern.
> [{quoted}](name=Linna Excel,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=UmtknA3O,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-10-12T16:40:07.000+0000) > > What I want to know is how can Senna be next if no one ever gets out of thresh's lantern. Read the short-story they just posted in the Universe Page a few days ago. It explains a way Lucian might be able to use to free her from his Lantern. <3
: You do realize china owns league of legends too, right? It's gonna happen here too eventually.
> You do realize china owns league of legends too, right? It's gonna happen here too eventually. Not necessarily. The Blizzard issue was caused by them as a company choosing the revenue they could earn from China over the rights of, and responsibilities to, their players. Riot's been a bit scummy about money and cashgrabs in the past (lootboxes... they're terrible) but they make enough money from other countries, namely Korea, most of Europe, and the United States, that losing China wouldn't hit them TOO terribly hard. I fully believe Riot would stand up for its player's rights to freedom of speech.
: Hey, Im a HotS player who recently migrated to league of legends for *various* reasons...
*Warning* *Lengthy Post Ahead. No TL:DR* Depending on what role you're playing, I'd suggest some very simple champions to get you started. Top: Garen{{champion:86}}, Mundo{{champion:36}}, and Malphite{{champion:54}} Jungle: Master Yi{{champion:11}}, Nunu{{champion:20}}, and Warwick{{champion:19}} Mid: Ahri{{champion:103}}, Annie{{champion:1}}, and Veigar{{champion:45}} Bot(ADC):Ashe{{champion:22}}, Sivir{{champion:15}}, and Ezreal{{champion:81}} Bot(Support): Soraka{{champion:16}}, Sona{{champion:37}}, and Morgana{{champion:25}}. All of these champions have a simple set of abilities that you can make the most of in fights. A few key differences in League vs HotS 1. Experience isn't shared. They don't give you the exact distance, but if you're not near an enemy minion when it dies, you don't get xp for that minion. XP gives you access to your abilities, which get stronger as you put points into them. More on that in a moment. 2. Abilities don't change (With exceptions) In league, the only way to power up your abilities is to buy items or put points into them as you level up. As much as I personally enjoyed the perk system of HotS, I think League did it better by just keeping it simple. 3. Gold and... In order to get gold from enemies, you HAVE to land the killing blow on an enemy unit. The smaller Melee Minions give you around 23, the Ranged Minions behind them give you around 17, and the larger, less frequent Cannon Minions give you anywhere from 40 to 90 as the game goes on. Champions give you a whopping 300 gold per kill, but are much harder to get. It's better if you focus on killing minions early on. 4. Items There are QUITE a few items in League of Legends. The item system promotes versatility, allowing champions to make use of different advantages and play in different roles. Ideally though, some items are meant for certain roles. AP(Ability Power) is a stat for mages, while AD (Attack Damage) is a stat for Fighters and Marksmen. Different items give different combinations of stats. It's best to just buy the recommended items to start out, and as you get more confident you can buy whatever you feel like you want / need. 5. Don't leave lane. League has 3 distinct phases to the game. Laning Phase, what I like to call the "Skirmish Phase" (most call it the mid game), and the Late Game. Laning Phase lasts anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes, and usually ends when one team takes down the first tower. You don't want to leave your lane much at all during this time. Doing so means you lose XP and Gold you could be getting, and lets your enemy get a lead over you. Just don't leave lane. 6. Map Objectives. There are 4 main non-structure objectives on the map. FIrstly, The Dragons on the bottom half of the map. There are 4 types of dragons, and killing them gives you a different type of buff that will stack up to 3 times. Ocean Drake gives you health and mana regeneration, Cloud Drake gives you movement speed out of combat, Mountain Drake gives you bonus true damage when attacking other objectives, and Infernal Drake gives you %increased AP and AD. Elder Drake is the next objective. This adds a burning effect to your spells and attacks for a few minutes, and amplifies the effects of any dragons you have. When you die, you lose this buff, even if the time isn't up. On the top side of the map, there's the Rift Herald. This creature doesn't spawn until 10 minutes into the game, and de-spawns just before the 20 minute mark. Killing the Rift Herald will give one ally the Eye of the Herald for a few minutes. While you have the eye, you get an increased recall (Hearthing) speed. When in lane, you can use the Eye of the Herald to summon the Rift herald for your team. It will walk down a lane and charge into towers and structures for a LOT of damage. At the 20 minute mark on the top side, the Rift Herald dies if it was not already killed, and is replaced with Baron Nashor. Killing this godly foe usually takes 4 members of your team. Killing him will grant all CURRENTLY ALIVE members of your team the Baron Buff. This buff will empower nearby minions, giving them more health and damage, give you more AD and AP, and give you the increased recall speed. Like Elder Drake, this buff is removed if you die. I hope this crash course helped. If you want to add me in-game I'd be happy to show you the ropes and explain things in depth.
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: Mage on the bot lane( Support) make me upset
Neeko and Zyra I can both see as being good supports. Zyra has the ability to zone off enemies from her carry, and help pin down a target or two, while Neeko can provide some pretty long cc at level 1, and can help zone enemies with her w and ult. On the plus side, if her ult hits its ANOTHER burst of cc. Most all of the champions you're listed can essentially be qualified as decent supports, the only issue is that theres no other viable build for them than building Spellthief's into full AP. Items like Twin Shadows and Shurelya's Reverie aren't as viable because they're niche items. You cant reliably build them every game over the standard AP build. At least Rylais is commonplace for these types of "supports," and thats kinda supporty right? :D
: How do you built pure tank and still die in 2seconds
The lowering of tank item costs would make them too affordable and effective on non-tank champions. A kassadin could safely pick up Abyssal Mask without much consequence because it's cheap, makes him more durable, and still gives him a little damage. AD assassins could run Dead Man's Plate for the extra auto damage without sacrificing too much. its all about payoff. There are many other, more useful items that an assassin can buy with 3k gold. If you lower the cost of tank items below that threshold, they risk making assassins and other non-tanks too powerful, causing the meta to basically turn inside out and upside down through their ass, and become something I really really don't want to see.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Salron,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=K4n6HevT,comment-id=00000000000000000001,timestamp=2019-07-17T22:49:11.644+0000) > > No it's not because Riot doesn't fucking "roll back" patches So you're suggesting that Riot should leave the BASE game in a massively buggy mess to the point of unplayable status and we should just calmly wait until those bugs are fixed? If the bug fixes would be in 48 hours, I could deal with that. But these are just a little too widespread to suggest it will be anything less than 4 days. And knowing Riot, it'll take at least a week. They should roll back the patch.
> They should roll back the patch. From what I can tell Riot doesn't like undoing things they've done. Yeah the game seems to be more buggy than ever before (my client wouldn't even open since the update rolled out) but they'll just sort the changes in order of most importance. Most likely in the order of 1. Bugsplat (crashes, literal unplayability) 2. Unplayability (something like the morgana q hitbox i've seen, or something like yuumi being unable to attach) 3. Poor playability (Hitboxes, abilities not working 100% as intended but still functional) 4. Stats (Like the death recap) 5. Visual (animation bugs and such) I think they'd make their game playable before making it pretty. Function before form, as I always say.
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: Why didn't Qiyana receive any emotes?
Qiyana was overshadowed by the Mordekaiser rework, the Arcade event, and Teamfight Tactics. As such it seems like Riot has put her mostly on the back burner and just decided to release her with the Arcade event as an excuse to give her a skin, and to amp up their event.
: The game has existed for 10 long fucking years, and the client is still trash?
If you would keep up with the League of Legends youtube page, or any of Riot's social media, you'd know that they posted an update [in their last "Riot Pls"]( video stating that there's another client update in the works, but I don't even think it's on the PBE yet. I highly suggest you go watch it.
Damocracy (OCE)
: Tokens to spend in the shop to buy the items you want for the champion build you are going. This also solves the build problem of item build info instead of me having to look at Scarra's cheat sheet all the time as the shop can tell what things build into.
Na, cuz then you'd see the same 6 items played again and again. Everyone would be going for the op ones like Shojin and Runaan's, etc. Though a popup detailing item paths would be rather convenient. I often forget what builds into what so I've gotta look at the cheat sheet, or I have to just wing it and see what's what
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