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: Cass has never seen high amounts of play because of the difficult of utilizing her kit. Vitkor bullied out melee top laners so heavily that he got nerfed as well as being a champion case of never outright bad, but not willing to put the effort in for people to consider worth it. Fizz is the same thing as Vitkor but assassin. Azir when strong dominates all elos and pro play. Ahri is like the second or third most played mage with an above avaerage win rate to boot. People begged for Leblanc nerfs, so not sure what people expected. Anivia is again a case of a difficult champion being perceived as not being worth it even though she is one of those champions who has never really had subpar winrates
nOne oF thOsE cHampiOns WeRe oVerpoWered and wEre nerFed tO beiNg noNviaBle
: Advice against Draven?
Draven wins any 1v1 trade. You have to coordinate your autos with your support, so when you make those small auto trades, it's 2v1. Buy executioners calling early. Don't let draven take extended trades. Draven wants to all in you, so don't let him. Force a lot of small trades, rather than a few extended ones. And make your support take exhaust.
: 1. You have no MR (whyyyyyyyyyy?!?) 2. Morrelos cuts your healing down when you're low 3. Viktor hits like a truck after his update I see no bug
His Q has 90% Scaling and 240 Base Damage. He dealt 1300 damage. That would require him having over 1000 ap, which most definitely wasn't the case.
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