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XcomegaX (NA)
: If you're good enough you'll carry enough games for matches like this to not matter at all. That's only true for good players i guess.
Bro you can't even say anything you probs have never played a ranked game in your life
XcomegaX (NA)
: ***
I don't run it down in almost of all my games, because if I did i wouldnt be able to play in promos, so I dont know what you mean here
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: How to get old league announcer voice back?
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: Collegiate eSports are here! Come earn a scholarship at Indiana Tech.
: LF duo. Currently s3.
Can i join im in bronze 2 its OmnKPaladin if u want to hit me up I got "Ok" mmr
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: Made a club called NerfTabi join so we can make a tag ( name in the comments
Molohk (NA)
: If you mean the splash borders during the loading screen: Bronze: no trim (blue/red). Silver: silver trim. Gold: golden trim (i assume this is you). Platinum: turquoise trim. Diamond: light blue trim with diamonds in the upper corners.
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Keyru (NA)
: Discord Verification
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Korrz (NA)
: TeamUnitas
Can i do supp? bronze 2
: Apox Gaming is LF a TOP
Thought I could join, but my mom will whip me if I stay up that late :P
: Gr4m is recruiting for a top and a support and jungler
My IGN is OmnKPaladin My Rank is Bronze 2 I can play Support My main champ(s) at the moment are Janna, Tahm Kench, And Taric. Some other champs that don't count as supp but I play as supp as to is Aurelion Sol and Ashe. I'm recently starting to try out Braum so I can play him too.

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