Boomer (OCE)
: Can't believe this is banworthy
Time to ban NA teachers for calling their students tardy.
: Dont. Buff. Pyke.
Um, in 1.13 they obliterated him. Even with the small buffs in 1.14, he is not a good pick IMO. Everyone is better at pushing than he is now, and getting to stun minions isn't going to be enough of a buff.
Terozu (NA)
: Theyve patched it this morning. It was godawful yesterday.
Oh okay I was thinking people were photoshopping this stuff or something because I saw some ridiculous stuff in one of the posts here.
Terozu (NA)
: How in the 9 hells is the new death recap MORE BROKEN THAN THE PREVIOUS ONE.
I don't know what you guys are going on about I feel like complaining about death recap is a meme at this point. I died 3 times last game and I only looked at it once. And it told me about what I'd expect. Most of the damage was physical and also the champion that did the most damage to me was Illaoi whom my ally wasn't helping me kill more quickly.
Madjack01 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=BLACK REALM GOD,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=8luWAswe,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-07-14T07:50:30.811+0000) > > it's because youre from NA and Linda plays on EUW. Luck has nothing to do with it. I thought NA was considered more toxic than EUW? I played Vel supp too for a while (in normals) and the only toxicity I got was from angry enemies who found it to be cancerous to play against a Vel.
There is at least one popular streamer from NA that plays Vel'Koz support, so NA is less likely a region to have people rage quitting over the pick. People don't think for themselves and instead look at popular players to see what's 'normal' so I'm sure it's not hard to find some champion that will trigger someone if you pick it, but the region can make a difference because if for no other reason, time zones exist.
: i hate that riot has such a fleshed out and interesting universe but is doing nothing with it
Yamanoki (NA)
: [Bug] Wild Sex Orgy in Bushes on the side of the game board
I see items grouped up off stage, too. Doesn't seem like anyone can pick them up.
: It broke both. You can't just say "it broke ADCs not healers!" when healers were literally the champions making it possible.
: The problem with Font of Life: It's an early game rune that doesn't really beat out Revitalize for enchanters or Demolish for tanks and catchers. The item isn't meant to scale, but its effect IS pretty ass. The ticks of healing it gives are meant for people to continually proc it (support slows you, and then the marksman hits you to repeatedly trigger the 5+ 1% hp heal). It's supposed to offer a slight edge in early trades, but it's better to just heal/shield more whenever you're trying to heal/shield or gamble on hitting turrets with demolish for that fine china. They need a more interesting choice in that slot that defines itself, but given Shield Bash's existence, I don't think they know what to do in that slot.
Revitalize is nice, but FoL is competing with Shield Bash actually. And yeah, even if FoL were a lot better, it would have a hard time being justified IMO because it has to compete with those 2.
: Font of Life is underwhelming, even if you hit 5000 HP all it'll heal is 55 over 1.75 seconds
I'd rather them set the ratio to be something that makes sense instead of just a terrible way to easily activate Ardent Censor.
: Things i do not like in TFT
: But...spamming taunts and dances are not even toxic most of the time. It's just funny and fun to do. Not everything has to be so serious, and sometimes a little taunting can be fun as long as it doesn't get toxic.
Use them all you want I don't care just don't abuse the fact that the playback for them is bugged, please.
: Aftershock + Lux Support is Still the Core Problem
Aftershock was already nerfed for mages. I suppose they could tweak the changes that they made, but it would make tanks better with aftershock than they already are. Are you sure you want to ask for that?
Barkley (NA)
: Auto-combining items just feels bad.
How about we are allowed to disassemble items(including removing them from units), but only while the carousel event is happening? I notice that I can't do anything with my bench or my board while the carousel event is happening. Would be nice to be able to do something before or after it's my turn to pick something off of it. Yeah, it's cool to watch the others run around and pick things but sometimes I'd rather attend to something else.
Rioter Comments
: Ahri always tries to Q champions out of range
Aatrox is a worse offender IMO. Why can't he even jump to another space? Would be less annoying. Also Rek'Sai.
Barkley (NA)
: Please remove pings from TFT
Pings aren't even half as bad as the spamming emote/joke/taunt/dance or whatever it is that the avatars do. Players don't even wait for the damn function to finish, they spam the button so that it sounds unlike how it's supposed to sound. This abuse has existed in the game for years and they still haven't fixed it so that the command just follows through instead of allowing only the beginning part of it to be heard again and again and again and again and again times infinity. When there's a flood of gifted subscriptions, Streamlabs on Twitch doesn't try to destroy our ear drums by playing only the beginning part of the notification again and again and again. Instead, it plays the entire notification as many times as commanded to. That's how the pressing a button to taunt or whatever function is being pressed should perform.
: Why creating a ranked mode in a full random game ? (A.K.A T.F.T)
I'm guessing it's like because the game is kind of like Poker.
: TFT is too random to be a game of skill
Honestly, I think they broke the RNG in this latest update. I got 3 Red Buffs in one game, a single opponent in one game had 3 or 4 Spears of Shojin, and just now I had 3 Cursed Blades in a game. And I've been seeing stuff like Nidalee show up once in the first 2-or-3-dozen rounds or more. She's a 1 gold cost unit for crying out loud.
iPoundxX (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=SanKakU,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=87QOYEMR,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-07-03T19:37:02.703+0000) > > Last I checked, Shaco's boxes are bugged and don't even work correctly. They are coded like Teemo's shrooms but they weren't before(if he tries to stack them, the game pushes the new traps away from the already existing traps). Not sure how relevant this fact is to the discussion, but he's not as good as he used to be due to the trap bug. This is not a bug, it was patched in to balance the ability. Tactical boxes instead of all in gamble boxes
> [{quoted}](name=iPoundxX,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=87QOYEMR,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-07-04T00:43:21.929+0000) > > This is not a bug, it was patched in to balance the ability. Tactical boxes instead of all in gamble boxes I checked and couldn't find a patch note on it and since you're not a rioter, that's just your assumption so it's worth nothing.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: after the latest drop rate chances i personally dislike it having to fight with 1 star units against 3 star units is even more of a problem now at least before people could actively strategize to get the 3stars now it's pure luck
Maybe triple star units should only require 2 double star units instead of 3 double star units? Not sure how I feel about that though, I just notice that it's rare that I ever get a triple star anything. If anything, I might be getting them more often after the changes, but that could just be a misconception based on small sample size. And then they could add a way to separate them into 2 double star units in case you'd rather have that for some reason. Although I will comment that I absolutely love that they combine automatically. I'd like to be able to remove items and potentially even disassemble them. I hate getting a large rod on someone that doesn't use the spell damage. Or seeing a tear on someone that I want for my army but doesn't use mana.
Nrsh (EUNE)
: Let's Have a Discussion - Deception Champions
Last I checked, Shaco's boxes are bugged and don't even work correctly. They are coded like Teemo's shrooms but they weren't before(if he tries to stack them, the game pushes the new traps away from the already existing traps). Not sure how relevant this fact is to the discussion, but he's not as good as he used to be due to the trap bug.
: Why are the TFT beta rewards Mystery Emotes and not, idk, eggs?
Well, it wouldn't be good for them to give you only stuff you would use. They want beta participants to buy something at least. I got the little rune dude. He looks really puny but if he gets leveled up throughout the game, eventually he gets big enough that he actually looks a lot less strange and more normal. Still not as interesting as his double and triple star forms of course. I think we would do well to not underestimate the appearance of our avatars based on just their level 1 form. Furthermore, just the fact that now not most people will have the same avatar is really nice and makes the game feel a bit more complete and professional IMO.
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: The new 2 and 3 cost increased chances are too early in the game
I like it but I think the balance of some of the units isn't that great. Overall though, I think they've done a better job balancing this game than the regular game, even if the RNG breaks the balance a bit. I don't know if the game is fun, but it's certainly a kind of RNG that for me isn't frustrating. People don't play Minesweeper or Sudoku because they are fun. They play them because they are a puzzle which challenges the mind and helps keep it healthy. That's what TfT has become and I respect it for that.
: What's the most evil thing you've done to win a game?
I bought a control ward and put it near the enemy base.
radetari (EUNE)
: Using my sick MS Paint skillz again I drew our favorite world-ender Aatrox
: Make the first carousel longer?
Same here(well, it's exaggerating to call it always but if someone takes what I was going for then it definitely happens) but after managing to get first place even while getting a random I stopped caring so much.
: Increase queue lockout timers and increase the reset timer. One day is a joke for a penalty reset, and 5 minutes is a joke of a delay. I'm not in favor of increasing LP/MMR penalties, but longer time penalties would be great. And, of course, penalties for dodging ARAM and ARURF, as well as any other gamemode where you don't decide your champion, needs to be quintupled. Tripled at the **absolute** least. It should take longer to get past the dodge than to just play out the game where you didn't get the champ you wanted. ######Edit: I had the wrong words entirely lmfao.
I agree that dodging in a mode where it's impossible to dodge unless you closed the client should be penalized very severely if nothing else changes about dodging. As for draft games, I think closing the client should simply get you a loss immediately. Full LP penalty. There's no reason it should be any other way. If people want to not be held hostage the only thing they can do is leave the game. All enabling dodging does for Riot is allow players to decide before the game even starts that they cannot win, and that goes against he Summoner's Code, if they even remember what that stood for anymore, then they would have removed the ability to dodge already. If someone's AFK in a draft they could be treated the same as AFK in the can report them for AFK and if it's true they can be punished however is appropriate. I don't really get why they feel like they have to make it complicated.
: Im okay with dodgers. Id rather have someone dodge then play a lane they are gonna be terrible in and or throw the game so everyone takes an LP loss. Or if someone doesn't get the lane they want they can just troll. It's not worth it. I actually think the dodge system is fine as it is
Maybe for normal draft. For ranked, it just makes no sense.
: But he totally and on purpose to prove his point left the classic "Birds of a feather flock together". Toxic ppl will watch toxic streamers. LoL is creating frustration bcs it's teamgame, frustrated ppl are more likely to show toxic behaviour and they are probably more likely to watch toxic streamers. Watching toxic stream won't make you magicaly toxic, there are more factors in game. Also xj9 himself is kinda shady person, here is [reddit thread]( (he did pretend to be girl tho), [another one](, you can find many thing yourself.
The toxic players aren't the only problematic players however. Many players will think that being toxic is not a problem because high profile streamers are like the toxic players in their game. Then they will not take seriously anyone that has anything negative to chat about the toxic players. They will pass it off as something like "it's just a game" instead of realizing that the game isn't fun for people that wanted teamwork and a fair match. It's not even a game if it's not fun. It's just doing our time until the match is over. Also, it's possible that he was including himself mentally when he tells us that streamers need to be banned. Just because he might be guilty of whatever terrible things doesn't make his comment untrue. There are a lot of people that admit to being bad. Not everyone is going to lie about it. As for me, I try watching toxic streams but they make me sick (emotionally), so I stop doing it.
: I'm not saying it will go away, and I'm not saying people weren't like this before, but I think it's a fair consensus that it has gone worse overtime and in my opinion they contribute significantly to its perpetuation.
Yeah, the issue for them is how to deal with the problem without it backfiring on them somehow. If they don't think there's financial gain for them to clean up the morality of the player base, then it seems like they won't do it. The reason the honor system got reworked was they figured it gave them an excuse to introduce free content that players could buy more of in a gambling system which in turn would grant them money, especially considering some of that free content was essentially advertisement of the purchasable products, and when gambling fails to yield the desired items, the items can be purchased outright. And for the people that don't want purchasable items but older items, there's a reason for them to spend on the content as well because they can then access such items. It seems that it was a good decision, and it made them money. But they need some way to make money off of dealing with the twitch streamers I guess or they won't do it?
: > [{quoted}](name=Winter Soraka,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=mGENPbgO,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-06-30T02:13:48.800+0000) > > Just like parents or friends play a big part in educating a kid, many of them get influenced by streamers regarding in game behavior. Maybe not grown ups but definitely kids or teenagers. If you think this doesn't exist you are most definitely wrong. I will not say that it does not exist..... but people have been acting like this in League and other online games long before twitch. Its nothing new and for the most part I doubt it will ever go away.
There is a deeper reason LoL is toxic than just twitch streamers, but Riot can exert some measure of control over this realm contrary to what whoever might have you believe and they could do so, but the deeper reason can get in the way of this, or find another way to keep the world toxic, whether in LoL or outside of it. We can't DM/PM here but if you want to message me on twitch my username there is RayTeamStrategy. I can explain what I know if you want to learn more. I personally think it's silly that you were down-voted so much. I went to up-vote you and saw it go from -1 to -4. I guess they saw your realistic perspective as being pessimistic. They want to see change, and quite frankly I do too and I agree that Riot can do more than they are doing to combat it but I guess maybe they are worried that if they try to combat toxicity that their efforts could backfire or some silly reason like that.
Terozu (NA)
: Really, really, no you don't. I don't know how to play adc worth shit, I full well know how to protect and adc, ward and trap people for my team.
@Invexus, there's more to support than just being a lane partner. Maybe you know this, but I've noticed the average support player doesn't. @Terozu, if you're really performing well then it's either being helped by a good lane partner, or you're overestimating your performance, or you would be a fine ADC. Nothing you are claiming makes any sense. You could learn other slots by watching replays as an example, but if you're doing that to up your support game then it's going to mean you'll know what to do when playing other slots. Will you be able to perform? Maybe not, but that doesn't mean you won't know what you're supposed to do.
: the people who dont agree with you are clueless. humans naturally mimic others they hang around/watch. never said "bruh" before but now your friend/streamer says it? You'll find yourself saying "bruh" without even thinking of the words. it is natural. why does this happen? Because we used to come from groups and be a family, so us knowing each other, speaking the same way, happened naturally. now we have people who copy the way people speak that live 1000's of miles away and don't think anything of it. your average gamer will not accept this and act like people are individuals when in reality people bandwagon whatever is popular (how to think/act/play, you name it). every small bit of toxicity that happens and isn't dealt with properly adds onto the problem. there should easily be a few dozen ID banned players for how toxic they are but riot doesn't care unless it's for public PR.
A sensible response. I agree with all of that.
: More like here's a good way to get items. Get a shop in the game. Each item is worth gold. Save gold for the items or use them for rerolls.
Guessing they could also introduce another currency which is only used for items.
: > [{quoted}](name=iPrawn,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MLLzgAuv,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-30T12:58:47.612+0000) > > Of all the ways to lose a game, this has to be one of the most shitty ways. > > You look up the players on your team, but it's too late to say anything because either the adc or the support already made their pick. If you had seen it sooner, or if they had looked themselves up, it might have been easy to get them to swap roles with each other. > > Can Riot please look into this? Give the matchmaker one single brain cell? You would be surprised how often this happens. This is such a depressing way to lose a game. I mean, I don't mind losing, but I hate it when I have a loss that seems to be entirely due to a poorly coded matchmaker. > > By the way, the entire enemey team had no autofills. Our team also had no autofills, except that our ADC was on support, and our support was our ADC. Our bot lane played poorly and lost their lane, and that was the entire reason we lost the game. And to think that we had a good ADC, and we had a good support! But they weren't on their damn roles! We had all we needed to win that game! If only the match maker had a brain. If an ADC player can't play support, or a Support player can't play ADC, then they aren't a very good bot lane player :3 Of all people to autofill the role, they should know best what their partner needs/expects.
You're right, but he's probably talking about a game of low average skill where players are being 'bullied' by Riot into learning more than just one team slot.
: why wouldnt they just swap roles? honestly, the easiest and laziest solution for riot would be to put a tiny symbol onto the bottom right corner of your champ select box that indicates the main (and maybe even secondary) role you qued up with. could save a lot of pain. especially in those cases. they could immediately identify that they just need to swap roles.
Yeah I've been wanting them to add an indicator for what players chose ever since normal draft came out.
: Often times there are games where ill queue mid/top and my friend top/jg then i’ll get auto filled jg and him mid. It makes no sense why this would happen but it does, and far more often than it should.
When you get autofilled, the system doesn't care about what your secondary is, it just shoves you into whatever the team needs. I think it's always been like that. Some time ago they changed the primary/secondary ratio because some people didn't want to get their secondary choice so often. Probably autofill wasn't working correctly before then, but now it still isn't and the autofill is therefore happening more often because of the primary/secondary change to make a mess of a system. It's that or people are pathological liars and Riot should probably put in working indicators to prove if what people are claiming about autofill is correct but they probably aren't going to do that because easily exposing flaws in their matchmaking isn't something they want to enable or they would have done that a long time ago.
: Riot, these lootboxes aren't making you look any better.
Can I please have Odyssey Rhaast as my Avatar in TFT? I don't own Kayn's legacy skin, but I have the icon because I completed the final challenge in the Odyssey event. I don't know, it just seems whack that I have to play as a little rivir spirit thing when I could be playing as something I've earned instead. But oh well, not a big deal since I don't plan to play it for fun. Just enough to stay in the know about what's popular I guess. I got some level up experience from playing it, although I'm not sure how much.
: Riot, these lootboxes aren't making you look any better.
People with gambling addictions would continue playing the mode after trying it out, unlike others, right? I mean, is it really that much fun to roll dice all day? Edit: Actually, I think I'm being too harsh. Now that I think about it, it's an okay way to grind Blue Essence when you don't feel like dragging other players down with low performance or don't want to spend much energy on a real game.
: Card rolling pool-size needs to be incresed in order to incorporate the full roaster of champion.
Voidner (EUNE)
: Okay Riot, i get it... You can't make a gamemode that isn't luck based
I don't think Nexus Blitz was good but it wasn't a terrible idea IMO. It's actually impressive how much work they put into TFT IMO. Yeah, it can use a lot more work I guess, but ultimately it's not a fun game. And I honestly don't think any amount of work they put into it can fix it. It's just a terrible game. You could make the best MMORPG ever but if it's just a boring yet fancy 'text-based RPG' where you're surrounded by other players then it didn't break the mold. I don't even think Riot has considered that there's a mold to break, let alone try to break it. Tower Defense games are actually pretty old, but part of what makes them good is discovering new content. LoL made too many of the wrong decisions that Dota 2 Autochess and Dota 2 Underlords made. The moment a MMORPG makes me feel like I'm playing a decent quality platformer, or a fighting game, or an action-RPG or whatever else I might be tempted to play is the moment the game breaks the mold. AFAIK that hasn't happened yet. It's ironic that developers go for what they think is a safe option and people that are addicted to gaming just gobble up such safe options. I truly believe that this kind of game just fills a very specific niche in the gaming community, those who like to gamble are the only people that would like it. I've played enough TFT by now to get first place once. I've done so for Autochess as well. Quite frankly, the experience was not the least bit rewarding nor was it fun. It merely felt like an accomplishment. Like I passed a bare minimum IQ test. I don't mind FFA game modes in general, and to be honest, this was far less frustrating to play than Autochess, the quality of play here is so superior. But the problem is the quality of game is just not where it could be, at least for my gaming desires. I played Nexus Blitz a little bit on my own(maybe 6 games max and that's ) and then even fewer games with streamers who were looking for viewers to join them and I think it's interesting but I don't really like it and I'm not sure how much work they would need to put into it to make it good. The amount necessary might not be worth it, I don't even think there would be a large amount of people that would like it, and I'm not sure how much I myself would like it. But it still has a little more appeal than what we got. Seems to me like they just don't want to commit the resources to hiring some new inventive talent so they are just committed to copying another game which has been wildly successful. On the surface it seems like a good plan, but yeah, I can expect most LoL players will not take a liking to the new game mode. But I don't think that's such an issue, is it? Would you rather have bots be in Twisted Treeline, or the new game mode? Think about it, the bots that plague LoL servers...this might be their way of dealing with them. Would you really mind a badly programmed robot in a FFA? It's a FFA, they're not on your team or the enemy's team. And that is good enough reason to support their decision to make this game. If there was another option for a FFA game, then great. But they want to make sure it's popular or there would be no point to investing so much time into it, they went with something they saw as already successful. I think us not liking the game is irrelevant. So I think Riot made a good decision in the end to make this new game mode.
Vaati006 (NA)
: When did Veigar lose his passive breakdown?
This makes me worried that they broke Veigar's kit when they changed his visuals recently.
BestGmers (EUNE)
: Why does Braum have less HP than a adc?
It's because his Q scales with HP, so they don't want to make it too strong?
: To be clear, my issue is not with the off-meta strat he took. My issue is with him attempting to force 4 other people to play the game in a radically different way from what they planned to, without ever even attempting to share the plan he wanted them to go along with. It's quite literally impossible to commit to a plan you don't know, after all. He also refused to change his plan when it was failing. For example...Let's say he did this in a game where NB3 and his duo *don't* flame him out of town. He was still losing more games than he won with the strat over all...but let's say he made a change in this one in particular. Immediately after he hits 6, he starts setting up vision and shrooms around dragon pit and the entrances to the enemy bot-side jungle. THAT ALONE draws attention from *everyone* to dragon, and his mid is much more farmed/fed than theirs - his team hold the stronger major damage source in the upcoming fight. Do they contest and risk getting dumpstered by the empowered mid and shrooms? Do they let his team take a free objective and hope punishing bot will be enough? Forcing the enemy to make tough decisions is how you outmaneuver them. That's a universal truth regardless of whatever off-meta shenanigans you're up to. All of that, and I didn't even bring up how effective it could be if the guy used his damn words. I do not hate the Teemo and support mid. I hate the ones who go Teemo and support mid *just because they can*. If you haven't put the thought into your goal, you're wasting *everyone's* time.
He was rude. Being rude or polite won't change the fact that players will give up(not every game of course) regardless of our diplomacy skills when we try something off meta.
: I mean, the match is going to be a win or a loss. You are going to get or lose lp. Everything that happens in it doesnt matter, who chooses what champ or how they play. Reason being, again, is that no matter what the outcome the winning team gets lp and the losing team loses lp. I guess I am weird and I just try to earn lp rather than just freely give it up even if my bot lane dies 20 times or my mid lane tries some weird strat and ends up being useless. I've seen it on the enemy team too, and sure enough I have won those games and lost to the enemy team when they are having those games too. I think people just want excuses and targets to point fingers at, rather than take the effort to keep trying even when things dont go their way.
> [{quoted}](name=Dr Endeavor,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=IlRGvrEY,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-06-22T00:10:46.326+0000) > > I mean, the match is going to be a win or a loss. You are going to get or lose lp. Everything that happens in it doesnt matter, who chooses what champ or how they play. Reason being, again, is that no matter what the outcome the winning team gets lp and the losing team loses lp. I guess I am weird and I just try to earn lp rather than just freely give it up even if my bot lane dies 20 times or my mid lane tries some weird strat and ends up being useless. I've seen it on the enemy team too, and sure enough I have won those games and lost to the enemy team when they are having those games too. I think people just want excuses and targets to point fingers at, rather than take the effort to keep trying even when things dont go their way. Yes, the Teemo is responsible for his own rank. If his strategy is so bad that it deserves to be banned, then he's going to lose LP and ranks. Yeah, what he did could be considered rude and I don't know if I've seen anyone on these boards express an opinion that Nubrac wasn't being rude. But there's a difference between being rude and trying to destroy someone's experience online. And if anyone replies to this post with that too often told lie about Nubrac only performing this strategy to target bigger streamers than him, let me assure you his strategy had nothing to do with that. If you need any proof, feel free to look at Nubrac's pregame lobby chat where he asks for a duo from the more popular streamer. He repeats his request when the game starts. Of course he was targeting bigger streamers than him. Should he be doing that? Even if he was and he is, that is a Twitch concern, not a LoL concern. And all he's doing is trying to bring attention to both streams. Asking for duo ranked could be met by blocking him after the game is over? At some point I feel like the issue is that in their minds, Teemo's allies were convinced that he wasn't trying to win. So they tried to compete with him for who was the biggest loser on the team. There's no other way I can comprehend how childish they were being. It just doesn't make sense for people that are at an above average rank already to think that they can just throw away games as if they mean nothing. I figure they assumed the game was lost, and their prediction somehow excuses their own worse plays because they don't play the game for fun, they only play it to compete. Same reason why some people rage if their KDA isn't to their liking.
: > [{quoted}](name=preternatural,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=IlRGvrEY,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-06-21T21:00:24.372+0000) > > none of those players are griefing. > stop airing your bullshit if you can't grasp that. I don't think you read his post, he literally says he DOESNT think those people are griefing. It's quoted in your own post >But i also don't want players like that banned, no do i call what they're doing griefing.
> i don't flame them and give up mentally less then 5 mins into the game They are referencing Nubrac's allies in the game that got him banned.
: > [{quoted}](name=BestPudgeNA,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=IlRGvrEY,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-21T20:23:38.012+0000) > > Just like > I don't want one tricks on champs other then their champ > I don't want Master Yi junglers > I don't want autofilled supports top lane > I don't want Vayne top laners > I don't want a whole bunch of other nonsense in my games either > > But i also don't want players like that banned, no do i call what they're doing griefing. > > And if i get someone like that i try to win, i don't flame them and give up mentally less then 5 mins into the game There's a difference between supporting what he's doing and not wanting him banned.
> [{quoted}](name=Darkdemon653,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=IlRGvrEY,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-06-21T21:08:58.760+0000) > > There's a difference between supporting what he's doing and not wanting him banned. If you think he messed up but should get another chance and not be banned, that's an interesting perspective. Taking Nubrac's side is the same as supporting him, even if you dislike the strategy. When we sign up for support and help someone bottom even though they are playing badly, we're still supporting them even if we dislike them. Off meta stuff has a place in this game, without it the game would be more boring. People that can't handle this kind of change up just prove that they at some point stop being humans and become biological robots.
: NB3 was the third to afk and only 2.5 minutes before the early surrender.
He wasn't playing the game normally long before he went AFK.
: > [{quoted}](name=ChaosReyn,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=5dZEmyWr,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-06-20T23:06:18.035+0000) > > He's the new face of "off meta" > > (in quotes because we all fucking know the difference between off-meta and griefing while claiming it's off-meta...) > > As someone who frequently tries off-meta strategies, I fucking hate everything about that guy because of this. > > Like, I get it - he powerballed Irelia. But after getting her ahead, he shoulda went back bot, because it was obvious Sivir was struggling and his goal of getting Irelia ahead was already accomplished. I know plenty of ways that his "strat" would've worked if it was an actual strat instead of just griefing the mid and bot laners. I think the right ADC needs to be played for the strat to work. The ADC doesn't need to win lane, just hold it reasonably well. Maybe one with good range & waveclear. Maybe {{champion:22}} or {{champion:51}} ?
Sivir is definitely better than Ashe at solo a lane.
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