: Helmet Bro has existed for a while. Along with being very prominent in the Vel'Koz trailer, he (or at least the helmet) is also in a number of champion splash arts. Take a look at Kog and Cass splashes. Sion's splash also appears to be from the point-of-view of Helmet Bro lying on the ground (note the outline of the helmet around the edges of the art).
That poor helmet bro. He could be the first full on zombie soldier. All these league champs be like,"Haven't we killed this guy before?"
: Oooh his puppets could be minions of a sort, like Malzahar or Azir! It would be a complicated kit for sure, he would definitely be a mage
Well start creating!
: The guy from the Vel'Koz trailer has sort of developed among the fandom into someone called "Helmet Bro" who has had a couple fan-made champ kits made for him.
I need to check that out then. That's pretty sweet!
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