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: Just Had An Entire League Game Disconnect
If you were on Comcast or any of its connecting companies yesterday, almost the whole nation suffered internet issues. Started in the am and lasted all day, and was sporadic. There was a major blackout somewhere that caused loss of service all over the place.
: really weird glitch (in game)
I had this happen the other day, So strange, it was an empty map with sounds. Reloading the client fixed it for me.
: [Client] Takes a long time for the client to load after I get out of a game.
I have the same problem. I can hear the chat and people joining and leaving the post game lobby, but the client still has the loading screen, sometimes 30+.
: Social experiment: Is a gif of Carlton enough to make people laugh?
It's not unusual to be loved by anyone ♪♪♪ Thanks, its going to be in my head all day!
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: League randomly minimizes itself during games?
Same thing happens to me once and a while. No idea what is causing this!
: You're a bunch of oversensitive, entitled millennials who think their feelings matter more than anything else in the world. I'm ashamed to be a part of this generation and the fact that everyone is against me only helps to reinforce my own confirmation bias against this community. Bunch of sensitive, crying little girls who want to be held. Get off it, talking shit in a video game is not a valid reason to take someone's money from them and give them NOTHING in return especially when these sensitive idiots can press a "mute" button and never read anything I type, ever. Every single person playing has the option to never see anything I say. So IMO this is garbage, this community is garbage, and a GARBAGE company unfortunately made a great game that a bunch of over sensitive ninnies now have great influence on.
I have never, EVER, said anything remotely close to the hate speech you word vomited in those logs. In a video game, online, in real life, or otherwise. The fact that to you, doing this is normal and ok sometimes, and that disliking the disgusting hate speech you spout is considered being "sensitive", shows just what type of person you are not. And you, sir, are NOT the type of person anyone "human" wants to have in their games. Also, I am old enough to be your mother, you sweet summer child. Maybe gramma, cause kids now a days. IDK.
: Why does no one ever want to give constructive criticism?
When I first started playing on SR, it was a big ol mess. I had a lot to work on, and most games didn't go very well. Many people were quite toxic, but there were some who actually very helpful. Surprisingly, the most helpful criticism came from the **enemy team**! They pointed out various things to look for , where they would most likely be and how to ward properly, what to buy in what situations, and how to defend against their champs. They all got honors of course (they still won, but it was a delightful game. Their helpful and upbeat nature gave all our team a different feeling towards the match). That one match made me stick with it. I am still not very good (silver, best I can do lol!) but I am willing to keep going and try to improve. Practice makes perfect, eh! I have had people on my teams that do this as well, but it is fairly rare. I wish the mentality was geared more towards helpful then abusive.
B4L5H4 (NA)
: Riot give me back my account or I will sue
I invest a lot of money in the game. I feel Riot takes great care of people as myself, since they ban people like you.
: I think Aurelion Solt could be one. Zed Pepper. Cheese Sin. {{champion:119}} Cajun. {{champion:14}} Cream and Onion. {{champion:150}}beque JalaSheño Fizz cheese {{champion:107}}nished toast Veinegar {{champion:131}}pple Teriyaki Queso {{champion:7}}o Forgive me.
Oh my, lol! This is amazing!
: > [{quoted}](name=Blue Moon Wolf,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=nMUwTiq2,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-06-22T19:46:43.688+0000) > > Why is Ionia Jalapeno, wouldn't that be Shurima? I was just throwing ideas out there. You're welcome to add to the tasty ideas! Gotta convince Rito, so I can sit here with my Annie Spicy Heat flavor lol!!
> [{quoted}](name=Auraelle,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=nMUwTiq2,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2016-06-22T20:01:45.250+0000) > > I was just throwing ideas out there. You're welcome to add to the tasty ideas! Gotta convince Rito, so I can sit here with my Annie Spicy Heat flavor lol!! oh wait maybe that would be brand....annie would be more sweet chili heat?
: Why is Ionia Jalapeno, wouldn't that be Shurima?
> [{quoted}](name=Blue Moon Wolf,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=nMUwTiq2,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-06-22T19:46:43.688+0000) > > Why is Ionia Jalapeno, wouldn't that be Shurima? I was just throwing ideas out there. You're welcome to add to the tasty ideas! Gotta convince Rito, so I can sit here with my Annie Spicy Heat flavor lol!!
arc95 (NA)
: doRITOs :P
> [{quoted}](name=arc95,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=nMUwTiq2,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-06-22T16:47:57.835+0000) > > doRITOs :P haha yea!!!
MrPharmD (NA)
: You forgot League's favorite flavor:
> [{quoted}](name=MrPharmD,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=nMUwTiq2,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-06-22T14:06:52.198+0000) > > You forgot League's favorite flavor: > > omg LOL!
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: Excess IP ... Can we gift champions for 2x the cost?
Love this idea. I have over 70k IP , I'll never be able to spend it all, and I like to give gifts, so it would be nice to be able to gift with IP too.
: > [{quoted}](name=yolohoboswagnoob,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=myAaHnZE,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2016-01-08T04:33:22.064+0000) > > im pretty sure if u read ToS&C you will find a part where it says they won't refund any money spent so quit wasting your time > > also 14 days is not too bad... if u want to rub it in their faces, just play smite (or dota... LoL hates both) I shouldn't have to rub anything in anyone's faces. We should be able to be adults here.
_There are other actions I can take if they don't refund my cash. I can make it my life's mission to ruin other people's experience with their game. I can make multiple accounts, get them to 30 and ruin the experiences of more of their players. Then post said results on youtube. I'm sure their players would appreciate that. I could then track down the social media accounts of said players and then post the videos to them. I believe I'm actually being reasonable._ **and then you say:** _I shouldn't have to rub anything in anyone's faces. We should be able to be adults here._ lol, wut.
: anyone else sick of the crybaby community we got going on league?
I** report negative players always. I report those who troll and feed and such on purpose always. ** I **never** post in chat that I have done this. Why do I need to? I report and move and hope for the best.
: Is this really worth a 14-day ban?
_Is this really worth a 14-day ban? _ Yes.
JHleah (NA)
: Annie Q and R not responding
Happened to me as well in a few games. Also noticed her stun doesn't always go off with Tibbers, directly on top of 2 or more enemies. None of them built anything at that point which could stop it. It happened quite a few times in Poro King.
: What a bronze win looks like [Fixed]
L the guy above me said, deep af! Im stealing your words for reasons. In the mean time, send this screen to support. Guys like that need to be taken out of this game.
: ARAM Bots
When youre aram MMR is low , you will run into a lot of them. As you play and win arams, they will be few and far in between. I play tons of aram, and its been a long time since I have seen a bot. But yea, they sure are a pain to deal with!
: Ban system
I always laugh when I see posts with threats to sue Riot. I know that most people never read the agreement when they click ok, but before making random threats, you ought to. Riot owns your account, and you have no rights to it. They at any time can take it, regardless of what you have spent or how much you complain. You didn't even have to break their very specific rules for them to take it. I can tell by your attitude here, that it was deserved, and I am sure a lot of people will be happier not having to play with you. Side note: The army , eh? You're attitude will definitely be changing if you can make it through. You will grow up, as it sounds like you sorely need to, and become stronger in more ways than just the strong words you use. You will learn that what you say, and what you do, have impact, and why making proper decisions is important . I wish you all the best, good luck and God bless!
: Female Population Increase in LoL?
I met 2 other women in a game the other day. I had no idea they were also women, by their user names, until I joined them on curse. Its nice to see! I think there are a lot more of us ladies then you would think.
AmpereD (NA)
: Annie Tibbers
I've noticed this too! While yes you can press R or what not to move him, sometimes that is all he does. I will have him go attack someone or something and he will move to the spot or follow, but won't attack or sometimes just stop short. Sometimes he just doesn't do anything at all, no matter what you press. Its a frustrating.
: Help Me Understand Something. So I can be a better player
Heh, you think like me, in the sense that..."we are on the same team, we are not enemies, why are you attacking each other!?" Don't these people understand that in most cases, it makes your teammates play worse. Cause now they have to babysit that persons temper, and will second guess everything they do. Seriously, wtf! I think you did right in all those scenarios. Sometimes you just can't help your teammates, be it you don't have the boots, the mana (now more than ever omg I miss mana pots) or every things on cool down and you don't have enough time to act. As for the ks, like c;mon, the enemy is dead. That's team work. Everyone gets a piece of it, who cares! They dead. I am not terribly good at this game, and I don't play a lot of normals , mostly because I can't stand the way people are treating each other in this game, even when its not directed at me, it feels shitty! Ruins the enjoyment of the whole thing. You come out of those games learning nothing. But, if you ever wanna play with me sometime, add me! i usually play mid, sometimes adc or support. I'm nice, and I like to gift good team mates!
: Will the CDR mastery give you 85% CDR in URF mode?
Heh can you imagine against Taric! Player: Oh Taric, hi, this will be - *stunned* Player: Heh, ok well, I'll just - *stunned* Player: But I just want to - *stunned* Player: Ok could you just- *stunned* Player: Sigh. *stunned* Player - Oh, fu - *stunned* Taric: Never bring a rock to a gem fight.
: matching making for normals is making me cry
Im not ranked and i don't play or win a whole lot of normals, but in normals there is always golds and higher playing with me. Its not fair, to me or to the higher skilled players having to have me on their team. I can't practice and get better because I just get melted every time. I wish they would look in to this.
: Riot confirmed does not like us West Coasters
Ermmmm, before the move my normal ping was 86, (now its about 65, and it doesn't seem to make a difference) and I never had problems like that. Once and a while a connection issue but that was my end. Game ran smooth...72 is not bad at all, at least not enough to cause the issues you are describing.
: Got my first pentakill as anivia! <3 Also, when do most people get their first pentakill?
I've only had two pentakills on ARAM, both with WU. Soooo close to a penta so many times with Hiemy though, but I kinda suck at the regular game tbh lol!
Kilvean (NA)
: ARAM ('All pick' Random All Mid)
I mostly play ARAM and I have a good selection of champs. I did not, however, buy these champs because they were considered strong on the map. (I plan to own them all one day!) But I still agree with this! I want to have a challenge and I want it to be fair! Having an open pool of champs would make the game tons more interesting, and in my opinion more fun (even when I get my butt kicked cause I don't know how to use a champ ). They really should let us have all the champs in ARAM, and besides, it may interest others to purchase champs they normally would not have even tried in normals.
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: Riot Pls
""‘Feed’ will probably not be an option, (sorry!)."" OMg I laughed. Cute!! Nice to see the updates! Thanks for giving us some heads up, excited for things to come!
: [Client] Unable to connect to chat
: Aye, the absolute BEST comebacks I've ever had the chance to witness or be a part of have been on ARAM. SR comebacks can be amazing, too, and I've seen some huge ones, but like 75% of them involve splitpushing/backdooring. In ARAM it's almost always epic plays (especially from the tanks and initiators, who for some reason people like to reroll. Like, please, why did you reroll that Alistar?!) There's also another facet that SR/TT focused players might not be used to: strategic deaths. It's a really tough mindset change to go from "trying to never die" on SR/TT to "dying with a purpose" on ARAM. xD While it's not a HARD concept to understand, or apply in practice, it does throw them off - and for the dumber ones, sometimes, when someone is able to die properly, they tend to say things like "oh wow feeder ff" and throw the game. It's sad.
Oh yes, I have many times baited and took a death while my team waited in the bushes and slaughtered them. "It was a good death" lol
: To my ARAM Players
ARAM is my fave mode! Its exciting, and no game is the same. There are some who come in and complain about things like "ARAM is broken", the match-ups are unfair" "FF at 15", "I give up, its only ARAM anyway". That bugs me because ARAM is a random and fun game mode yes, but some of us exclusively play it and don't think of it "only ARAM". It can be difficult, and one sided at times. Sometimes you get the dream team, sometimes you face the dream team. That's what makes it interesting! Especially when you win, with only your Nexus left at half health!
: The best part of a guy is hands down this
Hey , you need to find some good people to play with! Add me! We usually play in the evening. Sometimes we do really good, sometimes not so good..lately not so good...BUT we are trying to improve and we genuinely enjoy the game. Some times we are silly, sometimes dead serious, but in a nutshell we have fun. When you add me I'll trade Skype names with ya, so you can chat with us. Once and a while we don't have a full team and end up with random people, and they can be real jerks, but when you have four other people making that person feel silly (not in a toxic way, of course!) they tend to bite their tongues. Also I know what you mean, I play by myself during the day and it really is pretty bad sometimes. The flaming is not usually directed at me, but that doesn't make me feel any less bad about it. Why can't being a nice person while online (in game or anywhere else) become a trend?
: Is anyone tired from being of being banned by trolls reporting you!?
Anyone can report you all day long. You can have a million reports in a day. ** BUT, if you have not done anything wrong, then nothing will happen to you. Period.** All reports are manually reviewed by Riot employees. Bans and restrictions are only issued when they find something worth restricting or bannable. So obviously, you've done something to deserve it, but like with most people who post about "wrongly issued bans", you've been struck with LOL alzheimer's. However if you do feel this is in error, which can actually happen since believe it or not Riot employees are human too, you can send in a support ticket and ask that you want the chat logs for which you were banned (or restricted) with.
I will be 33 on May 3. Old people unite!
Lenariah (NA)
: Looking For A Patient Player to Teach me
Hi! Well, I can't teach you anything because I have just started playing PVP myself, like you said...people were rude. But I have found some cool people to play with and its getting better! I even venture in on my own. Scary. I'll play with you if you like! I can't offer a whole lot of advice while we play, but we can mess up and/or (try to) kick butt together lol :)
: hi im master tier, i'm here 2 share u secret trick to get high elo
I tried to read this. I really did. It started to hurt. My noose is bleeding. Oh god, I think I need he----
: Why there are no girl gamers in League
There are lots of women who league. Just not all of us have names like Princess Pancake or Fluffly Lady Lumps or what ever to advertise it. Oh man though, now that I think of it, I should totally have the name FLuffy Lady Lumps. Can you image a top lane Voli slapping the crap outta people with that name. Brilliant.
: I'd love to play a game where saying "get shit on kid" doesn't warrant a chat restriction
I really don't understand your thinking. The people you describe in the olden days of Cs and Quake, well, I found it a rarity to come across "toxic" people. I don't know, maybe I am old and my senility is catching up to me, but 99% of the games had cool, fun, decent people who had actual social skills and were willing to communicate on a level of human decency that your kind seems to lack. No care bears involved either. Besides,* you agreed to the code*, as someone posted earlier. You agreed not to be a dick. Why are you crying about it now. You can always uninstall. I do not think any one will miss you, judging by your attitude. **Quote of the day: ** Don't be a dick, be a dude.
: 1000th ARAM Win! Pat-pat-pat
i love ARAM too! I have only got 34946 takedowns, 660 towers and 603 wins. :( But hey, halfway to 1k right? :D I love Heim , hes pretty safe and also deadly behind those turrets of his. Next would be Velkoz, hes deadly if he can stay out of the fighting. Voli also. His damage and sustain in those quick fights are amazing. As long as there is not a Lux on the other team. Whoops my butt everytime. Lulu is pretty fun to play as well, I love when someone comes in for a kill and BAM! rabbit, or squrrel or whatever the lil fuzzy thingie is she makes.
Eversio (NA)
: Just looking for people to play with.
Hey! I'll play with you! I don't do much pvp and am hoping to play more and work on getting a lil better at the game. I most certainly have fun win or lose, even though I would love to win more! :D Add me if you like....I can't seem to get my game patched at the moment :/ but when I can get on Ill give you my skype.
Wayfear (NA)
: Texas players: what is your ping?
Mines usually about 80, but I do tend to reconnect a lot.
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: software used for 3d printed poro
That looks like ZBrush. Its from Pixologic and runs about 800$. They also have Sculptris, which is free, it might be that. Not sure if they look or work the same.
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