Kazekiba (NA)
: QSS is supposed to aid in combating mages, as they're the ones most reliant on long cd CC. Malz, Annie, Veigar, Zoe etc. Zhonyas is less beneficial here because stasis just let's their skills come back up. An Armor cleanse/Tenacity item would be helpful against Renekton or Pantheon but you already get Tabivand Frozen Heart/Bramble. Would be nice against Warwicks though, but he still does magic damage so QSS saves quite a bit. You also can get Tenacity from runes if you see a CC heavy team that you'll need armor for
Tenacity from runes stacks with the boots, as it would stack with an armor tenacity item. So you still can't get as much against an all AD team as opposed to an all AP team. Frozen heart and bramble aren't comparable... that's like saying you don't need zhonyas or qss for mages cause you can just build MR and buy adaptive helm. That still doesn't help when you get stunned by one and then focused by entire team. I mean, most every item in the game has its use... I'm just saying it seems like there are some stats/passives that you can really only itemize for if they have alot of one damage type or the other. Tenacity is very helpful against a very wide selection of champs, however it is stuck on an item meant only to be used against AP and there are no other options.
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: im a support main, i added you then noticed that i added your main account as you did not say the name of your fresh 30.
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: Who still builds Rageblade after the 9.10 changes?
I still think it is the best option for Master Yi. Crit just doesn't do enough sustained damage and your too squishy. Plus he still synergizes too well with on hit. The "new builds" with spear and black cleaver just don't do enough damage. Sure you might get lucky and isolate a squishy with Q, but that gets more and more rare the higher you climb. Master Yi isn't really an assassin, he has no real escapes. He is an all in champ and he needs sustained damage. The rageblade nerf on top of the AD nerf on E was a pretty big hit. His win rate already falls off hard Plat+ because he is such a one sided champ. Damage is all he has and now it's been gutted and just removing the .1 second cast time from Q & W isn't enough to compensate. He has no CC, no escapes and is very squishy. Kind of sucks being a Yi main, I don't think he is in a very good spot right now. I expect his Plat+ win rate is going to bottom out in short order. U.gg has his win rate ranked 50th in Plat with 51.52%. He drops to 140th with a 48.46% win rate in Diamond. Lower still in Masters. I like playing late game hypercarries. I like knowing that if I survive the early game well enough that I can become an unstoppable late game monster. I don't think that is unfair. It is the reward you get for giving the enemy the chance to abuse your early game. It is nothing but their fault if they don't take advantage. He has always been a high risk / high reward champ, its just in lower ELO it is basically "League of Damage" and Master Yi is king. Low elo players don't press advantages. Simple as that. It's pretty ridiculous that Riot actually stated "We want to increase the satisfaction on key parts of Master Yi's kit while **_nerfing him in ways that'll help out those who don't know how to counter him_**." That's basically a giant f**king L2P sign, but instead the champ just got nerfed. Grouping has always been the achilles heel for low elo.
Sarthero (NA)
: Elo Hell does exist, and it's for the unlucky
JUST TO GIVE ALL THE UNBELIEVERS AN UPDATE: As I said from the very beginning... I'm not challenger, I can't waffle stomp every single game. But just to get everyone an update of my progress. When I first posted, I was complaining about bouncing back and forth between S1 and G4. So basically zero LP. Well after maintaining a near 60% win rate over 100 games... ONE HUNDRED GAMES... I have now moved from G4 to.... any guesses?? GOLD 3!!! ONE HUNDRED GAMES, moved from G4 to like 60 LP G3. I made it up to G2, but after the same old shit and a run of bad games... of course got demoted again. Played the demotion / repromotion game going from G4 to G3 as well. Even still... 100 games to move from G4 to G2 with a 60% win rate is fucking ridiculous. And these aren't challenger games we are talking about, with games only lasting like 20 minutes. Average time is close to 30 minutes. So that's 50 HOURS of game time... and I have climbed a division and a half. This whole climb... still losing more LP for losses than getting for wins. This systems is broken and I'm really tired of it. If I wouldn't have gone on that big losing streak when I started playing again... and dumpstered my MMR, I would probably be G1 or in promos for plat by now. Like I said before, got to my Plat promos really fast last time I played... but this time it has been a constant struggle from the very beginning.
: > [{quoted}](name=Cocho,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=78hTdEBt,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-29T05:18:06.976+0000) > > This is what happens when you climb on one champion, then you decide you want to play another one for some reason. Sure your YI might be gold, but your ADC is not. This is the reason 90% of the people stuck in low elo are stuck. Only recently discovered this myself. I struggled in Silver for thousands of games for three years only to easily reach Gold on an alternate account this season. I was only able to buy a few champions when I got that account to 30 so I was stuck playing only one or two champions unlike the 50 different champs I was playing on this account.
> [{quoted}](name=FioraWillCarry,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=78hTdEBt,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-03-29T05:36:59.524+0000) > > This is the reason 90% of the people stuck in low elo are stuck. Only recently discovered this myself. I struggled in Silver for thousands of games for three years only to easily reach Gold on an alternate account this season. I was only able to buy a few champions when I got that account to 30 so I was stuck playing only one or two champions unlike the 50 different champs I was playing on this account. Funny thing is I actually started playing ADC because of that losing streak and me feeling like I wasn't carrying well enough from the jungle anymore. It's like G4 is cursed for me right now.
Cocho (NA)
: You're g4 losing to silver 2,3,4 players. You average 8 deaths a game. I mean, just look at your last last match. You were down 20 cs to jinx at 10 mins You almost did as much damage as the support, 2nd lowest on the team. Your TOP, MID, and JG all did better than their counterpart. Even your supp had less deaths than the enemy supp. When we look at you vs the enemy adc, she did almost 4x your damage and carried her team. You are losing because you're bad. Not because of this delusional view of elo hell. If you're consistently going even with players a division lower than you, then you deserve to be their tier. Once you drop down to silver 3, your LP gains and losses will be normal because that is the elo that you belong at this time. This is what happens when you climb on one champion, then you decide you want to play another one for some reason. Sure your YI might be gold, but your ADC is not.
That's an outlier, i main jinx when I adc and enemy picked. That was my first vayne in quite a while. I never I said I was perfect every game, like I said, I'm not challenger. Also, typically when I have high deaths, they are all racked up in the last like 10 mins of the game from people being fed.
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: The better question is why it sometimes searches for minutes, then finds a game almost immediately if you cancel it and re-queue.
Yea, goes along the same lines. Rito has no actual queue line, everyone just in random pool and it just draws straws to see how gets game.
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: I am having a large amount of Ranked games failing to start today.
Two in a row now for me and a couple friends too. It's not even putting us back into que... just straight out to home screen launcher.
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: [NEW] Having issues Patching 5.10? Click Here!
Rito must be trolling me.... I have had so many problems since 4.21... it's getting ridiculous. Not really even a point in trying to play anymore. It all started after I updated to 4.21. I was playing a game and the game locked up. I thought well shit, my comp must have locked up for some reason. Boot my computer back up, get into league launcher and it says I have to update... SERIOUSLY RITO!?! I was just in a game and now I have to update!?! WTF is going on. Well of course it got stuck updating and I never did get back into that game. The screwed up update must have corrupted some files as well because I started having all kinds of problems after that. Ran chkdisk and corrected several problems... couldn't ever get LoL to actually update from there still, and had to run chkdisk again after I tried. Finally just uninstalled and reinstalled, and it FINALLY updated... again. Get back into games and it is still freezing. Last game I played I reconnected 3 times and every single time it locked up again about 10 seconds back into the game. Not having any other issues with anything else on my computer and wasn't having any issues with League until 4.21. WTF IS GOING ON RITO? Leaver Buster is going to screw me over because your game keeps screwing up on me....
: The Warwick Mistake
I have played WW post 4.21 and it is fairly underwhelming now... The real problem was the devourer + skirmishers combo... which they appropriately nerfed. There wasn't really a need to nerf the damage of his ult as well, since as myself and others have stated, that not only affects jungle WW but makes playing him anywhere else besides the jungle even less viable. All that was needed really was a slight nerf on devourer and to make his ult ignore challenging smite debuff...
: No they should have nerfed him. Devourers isn't broken on other champs like WW so why nerf 1 item hard because only 1 champ is able to easily abuse it? That doesn't make any sense. Also WW had other problems as well that weren't item related and most of them stem from him being super safe and able to sustain in the jungle. He can come out with full health and not really care about what you think. He is the new udyr from the old jungle. AFK farm and come out a monster, tanky, and hitting like a truck.
Devourers and Skirmishers smite wasn't broken on him... they were broken on his ult. There are several other heavy AS junglers that take just as good advantage of that combo with their AA's as Warwick.
: Yet he will still come out with full health. Not really seeing an issue here.
He may not come out of his first clear with full health and no pots anymore, I can't confirm yet since I haven't played it or seen videos since 4.21. But he is going to take significantly more damage on his first clear with the nerf to his W. This isn't really a big issue anyways, I was just making the point that his sustain actually WAS nerfed a little with the shortened duration of Hunter's Call. Less AS = Less Sustain. As I said above though, the real issue was just the OP Devourer + Skirmishers Smite combo with his ult.
SouL1ess (NA)
: They didn't nerf Warwick's sustain, so technically not a knee-jerk reaction.
They indirectly nerfed his "jungle sustain" tho. His clear speed was already very slow, and now that they also nerfed the duration of his W, his clear speed is going to be EVEN SLOWER and he is going to be taking more damage from jungle mobs.
Tusutaki (NA)
: Warwick nerf a kneejerk reaction?
They should have nerfed how his ult interacted with skirmishers smite. Devourer and Skirmishers was the real problem, and this was evident by the fact that **top lane** WW /w smite was a thing... and a terribly OP thing. They already appropriately nerfed Devourer, they should have just changed the way his ult interacted with skirmishers smite (by ignoring it, or making skirmishes smite affect only individual AA) and left his ult damage alone. Because now that was just another nerf on plain old top lane WW, which didn't really need a nerf. Now there is even less reason to ever play WW outside the jungle...


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