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: Why is there no love for ARAM & 3v3 @ rito ??{{sticker:sg-lux-2}} 1. give us stats 2. give us ranked 3. underline the teamfight aspect 4. give it some love...
I'd love to see an ARAM ranked queue - but I don't foresee it happening. {{item:3073}}
: You need to be honor level 2 for ranked rewards, but ive been at honor 0 for months with no progress
Honor is easy. Seriously. Win or lose.. Just dont flame. Report the trolls, gg, queue up again. If you cant play a game without raging, that on you.
: I don't care if you are the worst player in all of League of Legends
I agree with your sentiment. The problem that I find in my games is not people leaving - its people not listening or knowing what to do when they are behind. The only way come back is to farm up. Protect the towers and defend until you reach a power spike. Constantly initiating a 5v5 from behind is a losing tactic. Eventually its no longer initiating, it becomes intentional feeding. Picking someone off is wonderful, unless it ends up being a trade or objective give. I guess that is the bronze solo queue life.
: Patch 7.19 notes
Every new patch my client runs like crap with tons of connection issues for a minimum of three days. {{item:3070}} {{item:2050}}
: Runes Reforged: World Around Runes
Don't care much about Ip for runes. Ip cost me nothing, I got it for free for having fun. Rune pages tho.. I spent actual money on.. any word on that?
: Well, there is likely a few reasons for this. Xerath is one of those "long range poke poke poke and win" champions that people often do as well as you do on in aram. Thats like getting a score like that on Lux or Ziggs. People do it way often, so you have to do better to get an S on Xerath rather than Malzahar who is needing to get up close most of the time and will often times die more often. Also damage to champions is part of it, did the Malzahar have a lot more damage to champions? They also have more kills, rather than assists, which is harder to get in ARAM..... Honestly it just seems like they barely got the S- and you barely did not.
Malz had 10k less damage.
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I don't have this happen a lot, but when it does, it f*cking tilts the sh*t out of me. Whether they report me or not.. doesn't matter. They've pretty much f*cked my lane for the rest of the game.
: Legacy Client Officially Retires April 24
Riot should have made the new client closer in appearance to the legacy. A lot of the complaints that aren't about functionality, are about the feel and look. Too much change at one time. Could have created the legacy client to appear closer to what people are used to, and simply did a VGU at some point down the road when all the functionality issues are fixed an people are used to the newer client.
: Legacy Client Officially Retires April 24
Still haven't discussed my biggest issue with the new client. The Champ select screen in AR games. In the legacy client I could click on the champ icon beside my name and it would show a limited amount of information on the champion so I would have a better understanding of what runes/masteries to take. This is noticeably missing from the new client. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: 1. Riot's stats actually show that it did decrease slightly the waiting time 2. Surely at very low elo (bronze/silver/maybe gold) it doesn't make a huge difference due to the amount of players in there, but starting Plat you get some more minutes waiting without autofill. 3. You are already autofill-prevented when in promos, so that doesn't impact your most important matches 4. If you think you are better than your elo and deserve to climb, it means you mastered the game's mechanics in all roles at your elo. Not just the on champion you play in the jungle. I mean you need to know how to play the other lanes too. Including playing support. 5. People "bitching about being support", as you said, aren't Riot's fault. It's these people's fault for being immature. Don't put that one on Riot >_> 6. Also you seem to forget that Ranked used to be full pick order. Maybe you weren't playing yet, but trust me it was far worse than "sometimes getting autofilled top or supp"
> You are already autofill-prevented when in promos, so that doesn't impact your most important matches Unless someone gets autofilled JG or ADC while you are in your promos. I may get my position, but a heap of soggy tissues is not that easy to carry. > If you think you are better than your elo and deserve to climb, it means you mastered the game's mechanics in all roles at your elo. Not just the on champion you play in the jungle. I mean you need to know how to play the other lanes too. Including playing support. It's a five person game. I can generally hold my own. Sometimes I can carry. I'm generally not worried about auto-filling. I main mid and top - but I know the other roles. However, not everyone in every game has had more that a year in league. I'm bronze 3. I'm right in the middle of the lowest rank. People in bronze are in bronze because either they are still learning, or have no interest in learning. There are thousands of combinations of matchups and items and team comps and skill combos. Bronze is where people work those out in a competitive setting. I would like to climb. I finished bronze 1 last season. I started bronze 5 this season. But sometimes a game can be ruined because someone on the team does not know their role, or cannot adapt their role as the game progresses and power shifts. In bronze ELO JG is auto-filled quite commonly. The team with the experienced jungler has a better chance of winning every time, regardless of team comp. When this happens in promos.. its aggravating. When this prohibits me from getting to promos.. it makes me think longer queue times are not the worst thing in the world.
: Client Beta Update #3: Closer to Completion
Any chance we might see a return of champion info link from ARAM "champ select"? In the legacy client I could click on the picture of my champ and identify skills/strengths. In this client I cannot. I found this extremely helpful in modes where I would have to play champions that are outside my normal pool.Knowing which runepage or masteries to take makes taking on a new champ a little less stressful.
Elikain (EUNE)
: >I don’t need to keep arguing against this queue. The queue will wreck itself, when queue times are 5 minutes and you get 5-6 dodges before you ever get in game. I can honestly see that you haven't played the mode past a game or two at least. Arguing about whether you have the right to post your opinion on the boards and argue like you've stated facts, is irrelevant. No one really cares about what you think. If you're posting an opinion, then state it. Don't ever attempt to sound like you're above all of the shit you write and then proceed with the negativity and hate. If you don't like something, you don't like it. You and your Asshat legion that you're so adamantly "defending" rivals your shitposting to the letter. When you learn how to articulate and formulate opinions on forums that don't sound like you ate a dick and want everyone to partake in the same shitty experience, feel free to express them wherever you want. Otherwise, might as well not talk at all since this is always going to be the outcome.
Ok kid. You are doing the exact same thing. Arguing about how you feel, and your opinions. You are stating things like they are facts.. and pretending like people care. Don't tell me how to sound, cause clearly you didn't get the message anyway. You started with the negativity. I'm just not going to back down from a forum warrior. You know all about shitposting. I'll take your advise cause you are an expert. When you learn to read what someone is posting, and reply accordingly, I'll take you serious. Otherwise, I'll post whatever I like, and you can continue to eat dick. My final comment: You have failed to provide any refute to my claim that ARSR fails in comparison to any of the other RGM's as gameplay is not altered in any way. You failed to refute my claim that ARSR is just a sugar free version of blind pick norms. The FACTS are, that once the rift has loaded this mode plays out like any other SR game. This is not what people (clearly more than just me) have come to expect from the RGM. You failed to do anything but trash my claims, and act like you have some sort of intellectual high ground. Thanks for the hypocrisy and foolishness, it was worth a few laughs.
Elikain (EUNE)
: Apparently, you can't read or wont read. Pretending to be an ignorant ass leads you nowhere because you're literally setting yourself up to get corrected on every turn. ARSR was not meant to be a unique mode, at all. From a standpoint of RGMs, it's the same as SR, with same rules BUT with just the random element of picks implemented. You dumbass. It's a twist of the normal SR experience so yes, it's a bit different from what we usually have but not by much. For people already enjoying regular SR, this mode may be just what they needed to spice things up a bit. Since you "main" ARAM, i didn't even expect that you'd like something SR related. You avoid that experience by a mile so your argument about "i don't like it" is noted, but only as an opinion, not a fact about mode's overall level of satisfaction. So far, anyone here who came to "argue" about the mode's legitimacy in the RGMQ provided nothing concrete to go on. It's not about balance issues, it's about their own tastes. _**"I don't like it because it doesn't offer anything different" **_ is a personal opinion that doesn't have any weight from a practical point of view. What do you expect Riot to do with this? Remove it because 72 people on the boards had the courage to step forth and say they don't like it? You didn't lobby for ARSR's removal but a lot of people here did. Or at least the questioned the legitimacy of it based on their personal tastes, that not a lot of people potentially share. >I never said this game mode should not be an RGM because I don't like it. I said this should not be a RGM because it fails to offer a break from the norm. As you've already said, you played every mode and didn't enjoy every single one. _**That is to be expected.**_ RGMs aren't meant to be permanent experiences, they are meant to be variations/deviations in experiences we already have. So there isn't even a scale where you can determine which mode belongs to RGMQ or not. It can vary heavily from what you know and it can vary very little from the vanilla experience, but with a twist on its own (which so happens to be the case of ARSR). So why does every moron in this thread believe they have a legitimate complaint about this mode when they don't? >ARSR is vanilla SR. Period. The AR is not even sprinkles on this ice cream. Since it's a twist of the vanilla SR experience, your argument here is debatable because it embodies your own personal taste. It is different from vanilla so yes, it does constitute as a change in experience (ice cream taste). Whether someone believes this is what was needed to be fun or not is again, a matter of personal preference. It isn't to your liking but it is to mine. It's enough to make me play it for fun, it's not enough to for you. And where does it say that your opinion is right, mine is wrong and vice versa? _**Nowhere.**_ That's exactly what should've been the point of this thread, to which you've also not shed any light on because you keep debating the same thing about personal tastes. #What makes this entire thread a shitpost is the fact that we're questioning the legitimacy of ARSR based on personal tastes - it's not different enough to be a RGM. It's a 3 day experience that's not going to stick around for long. After that, some other mode will take it's place. And since you like stickers so much, there's just one in here i can use to commend you for perpetuating stupidity and feigning ignorance. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} --- #EDIT: Here's ONE LEGITIMATE post i caught a glimpse of, that's about the ARSR experience from an individual's point of view, that actually isn't pure garbage. That's actual feedback that people can use as a baseline for something: >> [{quoted}](name=Erockandroll,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=86JEXqVh,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-04-08T14:23:17.426+0000) > > I think more of the issue was the backlog of game modes that Riot had already made, but never brought back. Though is possible that some of those game modes such as BMB, may need work to bring up to a modern standard. Others Riot basically stated didn't quite hit the mark in terms of popularity. (I think was the case with mirror mode and 1v1) > > Honestly it only feels lazy, but we can give Riot credit for trying something new. I did have some speculation regarding Roles, that would make ARSR more frustrating than ARAM when it came to that random element. And then there's the defeatist attitude that thinks the random element almost exclusively determines the outcome of the match. > > After playing a few games, I would probably say My speculations are unfounded. Or that anyone who disagreed with me, is no longer playing the game mode. But it's not like it's especially interesting either, it's just kinda meh. I'll probably play while it's around, but not especially look for it to come back. ##This is an opinion i can respect, even if it is the opposite of mine.
When a person starts with “ignorant ass” it’s a clue that they are losing the argument. Once again, in this entire thread, and in this entire board, I never once said I didn’t like the mode, putting words into my statements is a sure sign that you lack read comprehension. Like I said in my last post, I don’t expect RIOT to do anything they don’t want to do. Quote “. I am okay with features existing that I don't like, cause... what the fuck am I going to do about it anyway?”. That does not mean myself and others should not express our opinions. You do all the time. Yes my argument is based on opinion. BUT SO IS YOURS! Complaints based on opinion are just a valid and legitimate as compliments based on opinions. Seriously, go take an economics class. Opinions rule this world bruh. Who are to tell anyone that they shouldn’t be expressing their opinion, simply because it is contrary to yours? Eat a dick. You don’t get to tell people what they should think, or how they should feel. Like I said in my ice cream reference, ARSR is not a change to the vanilla flavor. It’s just a sugar fee version. Once again, you have proven that you think entirely too much of yourself and your own opinions. You think that somehow because you are in favor of this mode anyone who has anything negative to say about it is beneath you. You suck at arguing, and would lose any legitimate debate you enter. Go sit down, because you are just a little kid spouting the same nonsense over and over like a broken record. I don’t need to keep arguing against this queue. The queue will wreck itself, when queue times are 5 minutes and you get 5-6 dodges before you ever get in game. And, don’t come whining on the forums when the next RGM is just ARAM where you get to choose your champ, or ARTT. About your EDIT: I don’t really care about your preferences or what you think is legitimate. The guy’s post is well thought out. But you are an undeniable asshat.
TxAlly (NA)
: Patch 7.7 causing game to behave like it's lagging
I was having this problem when this patch first came out. I found that riot had made the client stay open while in game unless you tick the box in the options. I changed it to where the client closed while in game and the issue cleared up for me. This client is a bit resource intensive for my rig, so the patch that implemented the client closing while in game made this client playable for me.
: No... . That doesn't work.. 4 friends all random. Your team is assured a disadvantage... Compared to a team comp.. The troll situation isn't a literal "feeding" troll but rather 1 or 2 idiots just choosing a champion.
Have fun with it. I'm kinda done with this thread.. tired of arguing it. Riot made the choice. No changing their minds. Hope you and your friends enjoy the queue times and constant dodges. They will only continue to increase. I bet 5+ minutes and 2-3 dodges per game this time next week. See nexus seige queue health for an example.
Elikain (EUNE)
: >You cant say "i like it and you dont so end of conversation". I actually can say that. Because you said "IDGAF what you like". I don't give a fuck what you don't like. You have to accept the fact that not everything has to appeal to you. Double standards are a real bitch. Come here arguing that chocolate and vanilla are basic ice cream tastes and that if you want something new, you can't have it with any other combination of these two flavors because everyone knows what they taste like. If you don't want to eat chocolate and vanilla because you want more flavors, your choice. But you don't have the right to tell people if their flavor of choice is or isn't the right one to have because you're then arguing _**personal**_ tastes. >You like this mode because it takes one choice away from other players. Sounds like you need to "git gud". I like this mode because it doesn't play by the meta. You get what you get and you can trade or reroll two times. Same as ARAM. Except that there are lanes and it still tests the same skills as SR. Junglers aren't necessary if you didn't get one in the team but taking Smite anyway to contest objectives is good practice. _**"Sounds like you need to "git gud""**_ argument made me chuckle. I play this mode because all the same rules of SR apply and the game isn't altered in any other way, except the random champions you get. Whereas, you like to play clownfiesta modes that have no rules or don't generally test the same skills vanilla SR is based on. And considering that i finished S6 in D4, i think i'm fine where i am but thanks for your concern. But your icon looks like it's made of Bronze so you should probably follow your own advice. #TO RECAP: >My argument was that this mode offers nothing that we don't already have available in permanent modes. AR mode makes it more unique than vanilla normal SR games we have. It doesn't have to have everything different in order to be a part of RGM queue. It doesn't appeal to you. It appeals to me. Come tell me again how something that doesn't appeal to you shouldn't exist as a RGM because you don't like it. League experience doesn't revolve around your personal tastes. If you don't like it, don't play it. Same as i won't be playing RGMs that don't appeal to me.
I have no standards for you, I've seen you troll this thread as you have many on these boards, acting like you are morally or intellectually superior, but only coming up with logical fallacies (straw man in this instance). You can end the conversation.. by leaving.. otherwise Eat a hairy Gnar penis.. I'll continue the debate. Up to this point, no one has tried to tell you what to like (here is where the straw man comes in, in case you missed the reference) Like whatever you choose. My point was not that this mode is unlikeable. From my point of you, your personality is unlikeable.. but that is a different thread for a different time. Since you want to use ice cream references, lets correct the argument. This mode is not like saying that all ice cream has to be chocolate or vanilla. This is like an ice cream parlor that offers a rotating flavor every weekend. In addition to chocolate or vanilla, and then suddenly one weekend they decide that instead of offering the variety flavor, they are going to offer sugar free vanilla. If you can't see how that would irritate some people, then you clearly are not as smart as you think you are. Ill state this again. Meta is what the community makes it. Often, the things that are found in the meta, are the strongest offerings available. Meta is not required in ANY GAME MODE EVER. Meta is a choice. Most people pick the meta choice because they want to win. However, you are free to choose any champion or item in ANY game that you like. That is the essence of what normals are for. In contrast to ranked games, norms exist to feel out the meta and try new things, while ranked is there for people to try and win and compare themselves against other people. In addition, this mode does not force players off meta necessarily, the RNG can still make you play lane against a meta pick. My rank is the least important factor in this conversation. I main ARAM, because I prefer shorter games. However, I have never once lobbied to have SR removed. I am okay with features existing that I don't like, cause.. what the fuck am I going to do about it anyway?Also, I personally don't care about a person's rank, as rank simply is not a determining factor in skill or knowledge, you boosted gorilla. I play all the RGM modes. I don't care for some of them, but I play them for a break from the every day. This mode is the only mode that has come out since the RGM became a normal thing, that does not offer a break from the normal. The game play is not changed in the slightest. This RGM simply forces all participants to do what they can already choose to do in a normal game. People have ARAM accounts, People have limited champion pools, and people dodge. This mode doesn't inspire, create, or require creativity. This mode simply adds a luck factor to an otherwise completely normal game. **To Recap:** Your arguments are full of logical fallacies, and you missed the mark worse than a blind man in a dart contest. ARSR is vanilla SR. Period. The AR is not even sprinkles on this ice cream. I never said this game mode should not be an RGM because I don't like it. I said this should not be a RGM because it fails to offer a break from the norm. Keep on making false claims, and illogical arguments, it makes you look so cool. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: So.... Find 9 friends.. Organize everything.. HOPE that nobody just trolls everyone. k
As opposed to .. Have zero friends - play this mode - still get trolled? OR have 4 friends.. all four hit random.. have the same fun?
: doesn't sound boring just sounds like you bitching about some bad experiences not riot's fault you get the shit covered end of the stick. as for One For All, that will come back eventually, just give it time. to end, if you don't like a mode, then just don't play it instead of whining on the forums. not every weekend mode is going to be stellar, fun, "exciting" mode for you.
Complaints are how things get changed. Bitching about bitching is still bitching, only a trollier version. It's not about playing it or not playing it. Clearly people are not going to play a mode they don't like. Its about this ruining two weekends of RGM by not actually having a RGM, just a forced random blind pick normal.
Elikain (EUNE)
: >This mode says fuck you to that logic. You can do this in blind pick and in normals? Maybe if you play with 10 people on skype and you all decide to randomly pick champs. Otherwise, you can't do it in blind pick or normals. Again, "i don't like it because" is not an argument. This mode is not your cup of tea and that's the end of it. You can't give me anything concrete because there's nothing concrete to discuss. It's just a AR twist to regular SR experience. There isn't any unique set of rules to follow. People don't want to play outside of the meta and this mode allows them to do just that, without any judgement from anyone - because it wasn't your choice for a champion to begin with. But the champions aren't picked from the entire champion pool, they are from yours + free week rotation. I like it and you don't. Different strokes for different folks. You stick with your "unique" modes you think are fun for you and i'll stick to mine. >The reason RGM is so appealing is because it is a break from the permanent modes. Last time i checked, RGM is not fun because of that. It allows everyone to enjoy some fun and quirky experience that isn't permanent and allows people to take a break from monotony. ARURF doesn't even count as "unique" experience you think it does because it still plays on SR, with the same rules. Only the CDR cap is on 80%.
No one said anything about not liking it. I read your comments above Mr. Broken record, that logic doesn't apply here. You can hit the random button in blind pick normals, and yes it is essentially this mode. Meta = what the community chooses. We could make random the new meta. You either can't read, or are not as smart as you think you are. Your entire argument is saying this mode is perfect because the only negative thing people can say about it is that they don't like it. My argument was that this mode offers nothing that we don't already have available in permanent modes. Yet, you default back to the same argument you have already spammed in this thread a dozen times. In any game, there are no set of rules to follow. You can choose any champ in your pool. You can play in any lane. You are the puppet master. You like this mode because it takes one choice away from other players. Sounds like you need to "git gud". I never said "RGM is fun because" I said that RGM is appealing because it is a break from the normal modes. This is not a break from the normal modes. I didn't mention URF or ARURF at all. But URF/ARURF do meet the standard of a break from the norm, because game play is significantly altered. ARSR does not meet that standard. It is a recycled permanent mode, game play is exactly the same. The only difference in the entire mode is it can be lost in champion select through no fault of any of the players. You cant say "i like it and you dont so end of conversation". My comment was not about liking the mode, and IDGAF about what you like. My comment was that this mode is a bad excuse for an RGM, and says fuck the players who play it for an alternative experience.
: I like it.... My friends like it.... Just play with some friends, it makes things alot better.
or just play a custom game, and dont screw up the RGM for this crap mode.
Elikain (EUNE)
: They will bring it back again. Every mode in RGMQ has it's fair share of frustrations in parts of the community. Despite what OP says "hurr durr ARURF is more fun" that's only his opinion. I can't stand that mode so i find this one more fun. Does that mean because i don't like ARURF, Riot won't bring back that mode again? Of course not.
The thing is.. there is nothing in this mode that can not be done in blind pick normals. The reason RGM is so appealing is because it is a break from the permanent modes. This mode says fuck you to that logic.
: I like the gamemode, it's simple
So is blind pick normals - which also has a random button. - this is not a RGM - just a regular mode posing as one.
: I actually kinda like it because it's a good excuse to play wonky off-meta stuff without my teammates QQing about it.
They already have several methods of doing that. A) blind pick normals. B) practice tool. C) Custom games. d) play your game and let your team QQ, that is what the mute button is for.
: I wish people weren't idiots, and this is my favorite gamemode.... when i get a decent team. People who play the game and lack creative thinking skills when it comes to lanes and team comps is what makes this horrible. This game mode gives you a space to do really weird and wonky things. Unfortunately, the amount of creative thinking in League is almost nonexistent.
Just hit the random button in blind pick normals... seriously.. essentially all this mode is.
: Riot try's and makes an interesting game-mode, that is completely different from regular SR. Community, "Nexus Seige is shit, why does Riot make such weird game-modes." Riot makes a game-mode that is like regular SR, but slightly different. Community, "Riot made a boring new game-mode, why can't they make something different for once."
Not sure that's exactly how it went. More like "Nexus siege is boring" and "ARSR is cancer" ARSR makes nexus siege look brilliant. AR-HEXA-URF-King = inventive. ARSR = Blind pick norms with a forced random pick.
: Then don't play, if you don't want to.
I think that you are missing the point. There are a couple of RGMs I don't play because .. I simply don't like them. However, I wont play this one because it is just a more toxic cancerous version of blind pick norms. Seriously.. nothing is done in this mode that cannot be done in BP Norms. Nexus seige is... bad.. but at least it is not just SR with one less choice. Poro king.. at least there are features in there that are not in normal aram. Disabling the RGM for 2 weeks would have been less of a F U to players.
: Today I played Malphite for the First Time (ARSR)
At least you were playing him in the worse RGM to date.
Brascus (NA)
: If you complain about autofill you're just part of the problem
The only position I object to auto filling is JG. A bad JG is hard to carry. A good jg can carry a bad lane matchup or stop a bad laning phase from ending the game. I am not a good JG. {{item:3070}} {{summoner:11}} {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Patch 7.7 Notes
Are you serious with the RGM? Seems really lazy Rito. People (well me anyway) play RGM to get a break from the rift. So you go and give us the rift... with no other changes except you don't get to pick your champ? I thought Nexus siege was the worst.. you have outdone yourself. A potential hour long bore fest, or even worse, hour long troll/feed fest. I know yall want people to watch the LCS split finals.. but did you have to kill the RGM queue to accomplish that? Might have just saved the two minutes of coding and just disabled the queue for two weekends. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Why is Nexus siege queue time so long?
: Please delete Nexus Siege
I personally dislike this mode as well. Its the only RGM that I will not play. To me its not even slightly fun. I'll find something else to do for the next two weekends.
: Give it another shot on patch 7.4. We buffed the hell out of Low-Spec Mode and made it so (with Low-Spec activated) the client doesn't even run in the background during games
I'm going to give the next patch a shot. But, the last patch did nothing to resolve my issues. I am simply unable to adjust masteries pregame due to lag. When I finally do get into a game with the correct masteries, I tend to see MASSIVE frame rate drops. The more graphics intense the champs or skins in the game, the worse the lag. For instance a game that included Illoai, elementalist lux, and a malzahar made me wish that I were simply staring at the sun, instead of attempting to play a game of league.
: Guys, you don't have to trash talk this. Some people, like myself, enjoy the fact that the Red Envelopes are 100% guaranteed to not ever give you anything but a skin shard and a relic item. I think little things like this are fantastic for Hextech crafting. Granted, if we could spend IP on 1 or 2 of the Red Envelopes for the event, similar to the chests for the PROJECT event, that would be fantastic, but I enjoy the Hextech crafting.
I enjoy hextech crafting also. But I don't like this event. The randomness factor in addition to having to have orange essence to get any use out of the purchase makes it highly disadvantageous to me.
Scootz (NA)
: Why would Riot _want_ to drive people back to the legacy client?
I agree with Aatroxxx. I have stopped spending money on this game because of the announcement that they would eventually force everyone to the new client. When the new client is the only option, I'll be forced to end my LOL gaming days. Simply put, the new client turns my PC into a potato.
: Updated Client - Known Issues
I cant use the Alpha client to play ranked, because I cannot reliably edit my mastery pages. {{item:3070}}
Prxzm (NA)
: The New Client Lags WAY Too Much
I get horrendous lag in the mastery pages. I don't want to dodge, but i also don't want to start a ranked game without masteries, because it takes 60 seconds after clicking on a master for it to register.
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: Riot Pls: Ranked Pls - 2017 Season Ranked Changes
Solo/DQ doesn't really matter to me. I have been matched with toxic premades, as well as premades who carried my a**. I would much rather see a voice chat and a working tribunal. DQ only sucked when people made it suck.
I2yujin (NA)
: cant login :o
It seems to be a server issue, I can't get in either... same thing happened last weekend.... Between downtime, and maintenance, it seems like the game is down more than it is up lately.
: I actually just realized that Dynamic Queue is Neapolitan Icecream.
One point of contention... with Neapolitan.. at the end of it all, you still get Icecream. With SQ V DQ, you either get what you enjoy... or you don't. Not everyone gets icecream :-(.
dbddbs (NA)
: I thought Riot fixed primary roles even if you pick supp secondary
Hopefully with the changes coming to support, more people will take on the role.
: Ok have your Gold account reply to this comment and nothing more will be said about that. 2nd, you did make all the statements I pointed out, now you are backpedaling and trying to make them sound like less than what they are. "You are either lucky, OR LYING" an accusation no matter how you try to phrase it. You also just confirmed what I said about preferring toxic players vs bad players. I am not confusing anything, if they didn't have the 2 role option que times for anything but support would be 15-20 minutes, also champ picks in ranked cant be guaranteed due to banning which has always been the case, I don't recall mentioning anything about people raging over not getting a certain champ, I've only ever seen rage over roles. My point is this new system has improved MY experience with the game and the grind out of Bronze and up through silver. It was my opinion that toxic players ruined the integrity of the previous ranked system by raging over simple issues as I pointed out, this system really does eliminate alot of that rage. NOTHING will be perfect but as I stated this is a step in the right direction. Again, until proven otherwise, someone who hasn't climbed out of bronze really can't weigh in on a topic about that.
Once again.. I SAID "I would rather have one salty ass toxic player tilted and throwing, than four of them doing it and flaming me at the same time" <--- Direct quote. I'll end this conversation now, as you don't seem to be getting the point. You are misconstruing my words, and incorrectly inferring the information. DYNAMIC QUE =/= Team Builder. One is not the same as the other. Selecting two roles has nothing to do with DQ, that is TEAM BUILDER. The toxicity level has decreased because of TEAM BUILDER, not dynamic QUE. ALL DYNAMIC QUE DOES IS ALLOW PLAYERS TO PLAY RANKED IN GROUPS. The results you are touting could have come around from simply adding TEAM BUILDER to SOLO QUEUE. PERIOD! I'm sorry that you don't understand. I would log in to my gold account, but proving a point to someone who willfully ignores the information they are being presented with, offers very little satisfaction. If anything DQ has crushed the integrity of ranked, because you can simply be carried now. It has had 0, zlich, nadda, none, no effect at all on the toxicity levels. That is team builder. But please please feel free to continue in your ignorance. I'm done with this conversation.
: Everyone always has another account. I asked about your rank because you openly made the comment that you'd rather have toxic players on your team than positive players who are just bad at the game. I simply wish to ask the question that don't you think that may be part of the reason you are still in Bronze? My whole original post was talking about the grind out of bronze and how this new system has made it easier to do by reducing toxic players, then you come in and give your opinion which is fair since it's an opinion, but you essentially tell me I'm wrong and even accuse me of possibly lying. So yes, I bring your rank into the equation since you questioned my honesty. If you haven't made it out of Bronze how can you ever give an opinion on MY OPINION of why this new Q has made the climb out of Bronze easier? That's like saying a Camaro drives like shit without ever being behind the wheel of one...
I never made that comment. I said I rather have one toxic player than four. Again.. you are confusing DQ for team builder... they are not the same thing. I didn't accuse you of lying. I said you were either lucky or lying. Accusing you of lying would be "You are a liar". I never told you you were wrong. I simply stated there is a difference between DQ and Teambuilder and DQ introduces a new form of toxicity. Your opinion is flawed in that you are attributing less toxicity to DQ, when your original post was all about how if someone didn't get their preferred role or champion they fed. However, DQ does not ensure that a player gets their preferred role or champion.. that is team builder. So you should be attributing less toxicity to team builder, not DQ. I have climbed ranks. Which many would argue is EASIER with DQ because it enable a person to be carried through ranks by friends. If you want to continue the conversation, thats cool. But please do so without putting words in my mouth, or misconstruing my statements. Also, your opening line in your most recent post basically questions my honesty as well. I have no reason to lie. IF I was going to lie about having another account, I would have said plat or diamond. If I'm going to lie, I would lie big.
: Quick question, have you ever climbed out of Bronze?
> [{quoted}](name=twchris13579,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=dK2M54Lc,comment-id=000000000000000000010000,timestamp=2016-06-22T13:21:01.421+0000) > > Quick question, have you ever climbed out of Bronze? Quick question, how is my rank relevant to this conversation? Quick answer, this is my "main". Meaning the account that I have the most skins and champs on. I have only been playing ranked on this account for a little over a month. This was my very first account. Which means all my learning took place on this account. However, I do have another account that is gold 2.
Darksyde (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Y u b SO Mean,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=kl2ejExp,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2016-06-22T12:40:20.968+0000) > > I really don&#x27;t think riot, or dynamic queue players should be taking the attitude that player should either love DQ or leave. Honestly, if that&#x27;s the case and the SQ players do leave, DQ fails anyway. Yes DQ fails if all solo players leave, but they won't all leave and that's the point. When I said "if you don't like it, get some friends or just don't play," it was directed at the whiners who don't want to compromise and want everything to cater to them. We can get by without those players complaining all day, as long as the rest of the solo players who have some balls keep queueing.
Personally, I would rather have them bitching and queuing than not queuing at all. Maybe with all the complaints and whining some one will come up with a healthy solution that is reasonable to both sides of the argument. IF you don't want to see complaints, stay off the internet. This world wide web is filled with hate fueled rants. These board are actually pretty tame in comparison to some. People are passionate about the game. No matter what side you stand on, passion is the fuel that drives innovation. DQ wouldn't exist without passionate people pushing for something more. As long as there are people on this planet, there will be anger and complaints. That's life. Can't make everyone happy every time. As long as people are complaining about the game, they are still here to queue up and play. That's a good thing for everyone. When they stop complaining, is when you should start worrying. That means that they've stopped caring, which is the first step before moving on. DQ needs solo players, who are already salty. Pissing them off by telling them to leave, or saying they don't have balls if they don't play DQ won't help the situation.
: Well thats your opinion. I found that climbing out of Bronze this season was 50 times easier than in Season 4 simply due to the lower number of toxic players. I have played with a few premades who werent very good but were very positive and never gave up. We actually won games by staying positive until the cocky enemy team throws at baron or in our base. If we had toxic players that wouldn't have happened.
That's more luck of the draw than factual data. Believe it or not, Group-think is a real psychological phenomena. Not all premades are bad. Some teams go in with the intent of winning. Others, go in with no intent, and troll the entire game, then flame the solo player. It happens. It's not every game, but that doesn't mean it is not a problem. I've won and lost with premades. I have been honored and reported by premades. To say you haven't seen a toxic premade, means either you are lucky, or lying. Team builder is responsible for what reduction has happened in toxicity, not DQ. DQ introduces an entirely new form of toxicity. BE glad that you are lucky enough to not have experienced it yet.
: Whats the difference? I only have 1 queue option for ranked and I assume that was what people are calling Dynamic Que. I'd rather have a premade of players who make mistakes than the 1 toxic player that completely throws the game for us.
Thats my point. I would rather have one salty ass toxic player tilted and throwing, than four of them doing it and flaming me at the same time.
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