: Tencent has owned Riot since like beta (maybe just after? I don't feel like looking it up, point is it has been a long time) the current punishment system has been in place for years, and intentional feeders are banned, just not detected as easily.
>(maybe just after? I don't feel like looking it up, point is it has been a long time) The end of 2015. It's relatively recent actually.
: > [{quoted}](name=Chermorg,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=8kTEELHi,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-03-23T00:27:08.385+0000) > > So this is a very common theme - players blame matchmaking for toxicity. It sounds great and all - until you look at the root of the problem. > > The problem here is not matchmaking - it is that players tend to think they are better than statistics show they do. For example, OP, you have a 46% winrate in ranked this season. That means that, on average, you are being matched with players slightly *better* than you in skill. Don't try and claim you "always" get "feeders" or "AFKs" etc - statistically those do not affect your skill level/MMR *at all* (proveable quite easily when you remember that there's 5 players on each team and both teams draw from the same pool of players to match). > > Once you realize the root of the problem is players thinking they're better than they actually are, you can finally discuss whether Riot needs to stop punishing toxic players. Players who get negative because they feel as if they are being held back by others, instead of realizing that they themselves are not skillful enough to climb - those are the types of players who *need* to be punished by the system. You are blaming matchmaking for the lack of control you display in deciding to flame others instead of focusing on improving your skill. > > This may sound quite blunt, but the problem is not matchmaking - no matter how much you try and claim it is or what "logical argument" you try to make. Ah thank you so much for bringing the elo argument up as if it's not happening across the board. I am literally posting this because watching imaqtpie today he had terrible teammates and surprise surprise, he gets tilted. This has nothing to do with ranked and RIOT needs to end this mentality too. This game is not about just winning and ranking up; people play this game to have fun not to stomp or be stomped. I also understand that they are working on the stomping aspect of the game but maybe just maybe when people are consistently getting pissed in games when it is literally against all of their best interests THE PROBLEM IS THE GAME.
You can't use ppl like QT to critique matchmaking. People like that are soooooo far off of what is average for the game that any attempt to balance things for the extremes will just break the game for the average player and that is not something Riot wants to do.
Ermin09 (EUNE)
: ARAM: Lying Nidalee
Report them for their behavior in post game but if you spent the whole game flaming someone for not using a skill then maybe you were part of the problem too. Asking for reports is a punishable behavior because it accomplishes nothing but to create a toxic atmosphere within game. Furthermore that player does not regularly play Nid and it was an ARAM, who cares if they don't fully know all of their skills? Why get so angry about a "for fun" game mode?
: Blind pick needs some sort of fucking ruling where if you call your lane, you get it.
>Blind pick needs some sort of fucking ruling where if you call your lane, you get it. There is! You click draft pick, call your lane and then go into queue!
: > [{quoted}](name=SavageConcordia,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=1ht9qdk2,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-03-21T19:37:46.436+0000) > > Maybe if you played long enough to get placed at an appropriate MMR instead of getting banned it wouldn't seem arbitrary. There's no topic of subjectivity here. It IS arbitrary. Instead of taking stats and such into consideration, it's numbers based on win or lose--MMR. The matchmaking system isn't based on whether or not the players you're grouped with are a good fit for you as a player, but what your MMR is. Theoretically, you can have 0 minions killed per game, 0 kills, 10,000 deaths, 0 assists, (you get the idea) and be matched with someone with stats on the opposite ends because of MMR and that's a shame. > [{quoted}](name=MadMad Sickness,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=1ht9qdk2,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-03-21T19:12:11.633+0000) The mute button does not miraculously make toxic players non-toxic. Toxicity exists in more than just chat, in case you didn't know. Muting them does not stop them from harassing you in other ways, such ass refusing to assist you when assistance is needed, refusing to play with the team, deciding to farm jungle for the rest of the game, never leaving lane ever again, etc etc. Like I said before, there's no miracle to end toxicity as a player forced to endure it. There is no way for us as players to stop toxic behavior and at the same time we're forced to endure it and are told not to respond or we'll be punished. And no, because I'm sure it'll be the next "miracle cure for toxicity," being nice in response does not solve the issue. See above statements about "muting."
> Instead of taking stats and such into consideration, it's numbers based on win or lose--MMR. The only way that using win/loss data is arbitrary is if you have no control on the outcome of the game. In league, it is possible to carry or, at the very least, put your team in an advantageous position. Winning more that 50% of your games will result in you gaining more LP than you lose. >Theoretically, you can have 0 minions killed per game, 0 kills, 10,000 deaths, 0 assists, (you get the idea) and be matched with someone with stats on the opposite ends Lets dissect this. The system is designed around the assumption that everyone is trying (I know, bold assumption in League but to rank people you have to assume this or rankings fall apart no mater how you do it). Your 0/10,000/0 person is just a person who, say, bought an account and is wayyyyyy above their skill level so they get stomped every game. A person on the opposite end would be someone who is hard carrying a game because they were placed below their real skill level. While yes, these two players can get matched together for 1 game they won't regularly be placed with one another. Instead the first player will steadily drop their MMR until they reach roughly a .500 win rate and conversely the second player will climb until they reach the same point. You can't look at matchmaking from a single, seemingly unbalanced game. The whole point of the ranking system is that it is fluid, people are moving up and down all the time. You can get people on the way down or on their way up or people who are hard stuck in any given game. If you are able to win lane consistently you are giving your team an advantage every time and your odds of winning go up, thus your rank won't be arbitrary but rather reflect that fact. If you lose every time the situation will be the same, you will lose more and your rank will go down.
: As someone who's now been banned twice, there's zero reason to reform.
> arbitrarily grouping people based on numbers not gameplay. Maybe if you played long enough to get placed at an appropriate MMR instead of getting banned it wouldn't seem arbitrary.
Nomiyu (NA)
: League is balanced :)
If you built {{item:3190}} instead of {{item:3174}} you could have had an extra 30MR and the ability to dump a 667 health shield on your team. Brand was laying grievous wounds (40% healing reduction) on you thanks to his {{item:3165}} which made your ult (and other heals like {{item:3174}} {{item:3107}} and {{item:3222}} ) very weak. Your itemization was very poor given the team and situation you were up against. Learn from this experience and improve your play.
>dont you just love it when you get a perma ban for saying youll report someone. You mean that thing that is widely considered harassment because it has no benefit to your team and only serves to create a toxic atmosphere? I can't imagine why Riot would want that sort of behavior out of their game! Neither spending money or someone else starting it excuses your actions, which from what you said are at least mildly toxic.
: u guys sucks so bad xD
: yup I guess we should just talk passive aggressively at each other and never say it directly
Or you could realize that in 20-30 min you will never interact with these people ever again so flaming them will literally achieve nothing but getting banned. Maybe just be the adult in the room, when a child starts crying on a plane you don't yell at the kid to shut the fuck up, you suck it up and deal with it.
mah1foo (EUW)
: Check the demo and decide yourself if he was inting or not: http://www.mediafire.com/file/lvd45yatayabhr4/EUW1-3559654395.zip Now stop blindly believing everything Riot says, they're a company who wants to make money, they're not always on your side.
I'm not downloading some rando ass .zip file from a stranger online. If you want to share your video use YouTube.
: My revenge for Riot's bullshit bans
I'll show Riot I'm pissed by constantly supporting their business and giving them money! That'll show em!
mah1foo (EUW)
: "comments that distract rather than help" are a bannable offense according to support
"that case where I defended the enemy Darius from flamers." Aka "that case where I defended the guy who was inting because he was feeding me"
: What the actual heck is this stupid system then?
It bans behavior that the community deems toxic. You displayed that sort of behavior, you got banned. If someone else also displays toxic behavior in the same game and they also get reported, they may also get banned depending on their history of toxicity. You are judged on your own behavior in a vacuum, you don't get a free pass just because someone else is worse than you or because someone else starts it.
: Trash Supports and Leaving Etiquite
"My teammates can have no opinions and must blindly follow me as I suicide into the enemy team and if they don't I am going to go cry and give up." -TwoStronk
: How a mental disorder got me banned.
> things i do in the privacy of my own fucking home Except when you are talking to 4-9 other people in their homes. When you play league it is no longer private, you are interacting with several other people and when you argue and verbally abuse them it is no different than if you did it on the street or in a movie theater. If you can't manage your mental health to a point that you can be in public without attempting to harass those around you, you need to talk with your doctor and try to retool your medicine to a point where you can because this must have larger impacts than just league and should be sorted asap for your own well-being.
: The term AFK in low levels
So, as far as I can tell you are saying: I went Taric top, died a few times early, went afk, when I came back my team was mad at me and gave up. Not sure what the whole English/Spanish/Trump stuff is, if you aren't a native English speaker you can post in Spanish or any other common North American language and odds are some people will understand and be able to respond to you. That being said, you can't be surprised that your team got mad at you for rage quitting in a game after going 0/2 by 4 min.
nonamerx2 (EUNE)
: Why im perma banned?
Obviously it's impossible to tell for sure why you got banned but selling all your items to have 6 {{item:3070}} is never a strong sign of positive behavior.
: I am not using it as insult as I use it as a way of saying that their mentality is wrong and shouldn't judge all my plays as being bad.They had a sick pleasure of seeing me play bad.Like my reaction was decent in comparison to the way they behaved towards me.
You literally said they couldn't read because of their rank, implying that lower ranked players are stupid. You use rank as an insult in the same breath that you called a player garbage. All you did was be combative towards a team that was frustrated with your lag. You were at fault due to your internet issues, rather than just muting everyone, finishing the game, report everyone and call it a day until your internet situation improved you chose to attack your teammates, argue with them and insult them.
: I explained above that it was a really sad coincidence that both my home network and mobile data failed at the same time. The only insult which I said and regret is calling draven garbage.Besides that I was keeping it pretty mild and tried to humanely talk to them. I got suspended 4-5 months ago.I started getting honors since then,being way nicer .I can even add some proof if I find it.Almost 1 honor lvl 1 I think.
>I explained above that it was a really sad coincidence that both my home network and mobile data failed at the same time. Unfortunate coincidence or not, it's your responsibility and unless the service disruption is on Riot's end it's on you >The only insult which I said and regret is calling draven garbage.Besides that I was keeping it pretty mild and tried to humanely talk to them. You are constantly using rank as a way to insult people. What do things like "Stay silver" and "Poor silver players can't even read" mean if not to use rank as an insult? As a side note, all of the players in that game who had gone through placements were G3 or above. >I got suspended 4-5 months ago.I started getting honors since then,being way nicer .I can even add some proof if I find it.Almost 1 honor lvl 1 I think. Moving up honor ranks happens more rapidly than going up punishment tiers, you were likely still in the one and done tier and this was your one.
: Dont be quick to judge.
Internet aside (which is entirely your fault for playing on an unstable connection), you spent the whole game fighting your team who were, understandably, frustrated by your poor internet connection. If they were flaming you for your lag, mute them and report them. The fact that you just kept insulting them only made a bad situation worse, have you received punishments prior to this? Because while this isn't, in my opinion, worth a straight permaban it is certainly toxic and worth a punishment.
: I never did it. A friend played on my profile, and played 6 games of my ranked were i NEVER PLAYED in season 8 yet. I finally get my laptop and log into my league client and it says ive beened banned. Bullshit but you know what.......i dont care anymore, me and the asshole arent friends anymore.
>A friend played on my profile, That is a violation of the ToS that warrants a permaban, you should be thankful you even still have your account.
: im banned and my punishment was *way too cruel* ->14 Days. I'd Atleast expect 4-8 day
>One game isn't worth A 14 week ban, You ruined a game for 9 people, that is almost 7 hours of people's life that they won't get back and that you wasted because of your selfish, toxic behavior. You absolutely deserve to have a severe punishment and it needs to be severe enough make you never behave this way again. Your reaction shows that this is actually a good punishment because it elicited a reaction that Riot wanted, that you will never do this again!
: Can I Report People for making stereotypical statements Regarding Yasuo?
Given that you have an 18% win rate and a .85 KDA on Yas I can't fault your team if they aren't wrong.
xAirezx (NA)
: What a great game
>Another tidbit, why did riot make it so difficult to earn honor in season 8 than in season 7? Because honor was only out half of last season, ranking it up had to happen faster so people could get to honor 5 by the end of the season. This season there is much more time to rank up. >Overall Riot has its own interests at heart not ours No shit, they are a business, that's how businesses work. I'm not addressing the T1 crap because you clearly have no idea what you are talking about in that regard.
sikkl (NA)
: I don't believe my eyes
When you recieved your 2 week ban you were told that **any** punishment would result in a permaban. This means if you display behavior that, on its own, would only warrant a chat restriction (like spamming ff and gg) you will be permabanned. That is what happened here and therefore it is deserved. Riot told you literally no more toxicity and you spent a whole game spamming gg and giving up.
: perm ban after one game lmfao
>I can't wait to see league die and Riot go bankrupt. Hope you are ready to wait a long time.
: > [{quoted}](name=SavageConcordia,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=YjgyUvH4,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-03T00:10:48.989+0000) > > Well you'll be glad to know that some of those things, particularly the hate speech, is already bannable. Is it ? I saw that GG EZ is not punishable somewhere and it kinda bothered me because to many people are aggressive for no reason .
For things like ggez it is context dependent, you won't get banned if you say it once at the end of the game but if you do something like spam ggez every time your teammates die as a way to harass them then you can be banned.
: Trash talking and ''Bming'' really need to be punishable..
Well you'll be glad to know that some of those things, particularly the hate speech, is already bannable.
Minulfur (NA)
: Instant Feedback System is So Bad
>How are you gonna have an algorithm instantly ban people with no chance of an appeal? You can submit a ticket to Riot Support if you want to appeal a ban but odds are the ban was correctly applied. >I mean I have kids actually "passive inting" or actually inting in my games and report them and nothing happens. Inting and having a bad game or getting stomped are not the same thing. Looking at your match history I don't see any clear cases of people truly inting. >But god forbid I type "ff 15 I don't wanna play a game that is 24-3 and 2 people are feeding." Well, given that there is nothing constructive about typing that and all it does is announce to your team that you have given up. Yeah, that can warrant a chat restriction. >Algorithm should be able to instantly detect shit like teemo jungle in ranked and ban that kid for trolling. Want to create an algo that can tell when someone is trolling with teemo jungle versus having a bad game but genuinely trying an off meta pick? It's not as easy as you seem to think. EDIT: On the note of that teemo, he had the highest kill participation on your team, did the most damage and had a 2.11 KDA. He wasn't trolling, you just flammed him for not playing a meta jungle.
: No they aren't what we call "Trolls", sir. The whole "feed the troll" thing is about 10 years out of date by the way. Trolls do things to be funny. These guys don't flame to be funny. They say things along the lines of "get cancer". It's because they are young kids who don't have good manners and need to be taught them by somebody
So how many times have you flammed one of these people and they apologized and started playing better? Or how many times have you flammed them, they report you and you get banned and they laugh at you?
: You can't be breaking the rules if there aren't any?
But you don't get rid of toxicity either. Your solution to the problem is to get rid of rules making it bad. That is like saying crime rates would drop to 0 if there were no laws, sure it's technically true but it isn't a real solution to any problem.
: The players who say kys and 'get cancer' deserve a ban. Riot handing out bans too easily
Those are what we call "Trolls", by feeding them you are giving them exactly what they want. They want a reaction from you and if you ignore them they stop talking because they aren't getting what they want out of you.
BadboyUG (EUW)
: Does the report system work in it's current state? If it did, we'd not have an epidemic of toxicity
Rögüë (NA)
: Fuckk this game im uninstalling
>If you fix that shit then my team wouldn't be that bad. Just because your team can't carry you every game doesn't mean matchmaking is broken, it just means you need to get better.
: Next time you run into a toxic 12 year old in silver 5, you try "killing them with kindness". Tell me how it goes buddy
Most of the community does this every day and never gets punished. It's not hard, all you have to do is not flame at someone you will likely never interact with again in your life. You flaming them won't accomplish anything except losing your account.
BadboyUG (EUW)
: I think Riot should disable reports and language filters in Low Elo games especially Bronze.
mazdajay (NA)
: Players ignoring called positions
>it ruins more blind games than anything else. I would argue salty children who int because they don't always get their way ruin more games.
1) Calling for reports constitutes harassment and is punishable 2) No one in your last game was trolling, they were playing poorly. 3) You went 0/4/0 and you had the audacity to call for anyone else to be reported for doing just as poorly as you?
: I distinctly remember that game. I got ganked right before I killed Zed, then my JG (who he admitted was high af) dove and fed zed. Then he dove and fed zed again So yea, JG threw lane. It doesn’t matter how much better I was then Zed if he gets 3 kills from JG. So in summary, I didn’t have a bad game, I had a bad JG whose mistakes took me out of the game
Fine. You have never had a bad game in your life and should be in challenger but are stuck in Silver because of your teammates, it has nothing to do with your god-like play. Keep that attitude up, it'll get you far.
: > [{quoted}](name=SavageConcordia,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=zBfR5OEW,comment-id=000700000000,timestamp=2018-02-26T18:09:04.897+0000) > > So people can't do that bad "in ANY circumstance" unless it's you, then you totally get a pass for having a bad game because you got camped. Do you not see the hypocrisy here? If I’m 1-7 it’s because top and bot started 0-5 each and none of them would forfeit. I dont even see a 1-7 game in my history My point is I never do half as bad as the autoloss randoms I get stuck with do regularly. I think I had one game where I went 0-4 getting flash ganked 3 times in a row... but 1v1? Yea right. Not at this ELO
Here is the game in question: https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2717416032/229088454?tab=overview Your adc was 8/8, and your top started 2/2. You were by far the worst preforming player on your team. You barely had more gold than the support, did less damage than everyone but the support and had the least cs of any laner in the game. You have bad games too, we all do and you need to accept it and understand it can happen to anyone in any game.
: > [{quoted}](name=SavageConcordia,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=zBfR5OEW,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-02-21T14:05:43.921+0000) > > What about games where people go 1/7/1 Mid? Because that was you about a week ago. People have bad games, it happens to all of us. If they aren't intentionally feeding it should not be punished. I got 2v1ed by JG and mid... which I don’t mind if my team can capitalize on
So people can't do that bad "in ANY circumstance" unless it's you, then you totally get a pass for having a bad game because you got camped. Do you not see the hypocrisy here?
scazzman (NA)
: im tired of losing LP due to chat wars
>i shouldnt be forced to play in a full premade Then stop playing in the queue that is designed for premades, if you play flexq you can't be mad that there are 4 man premades in the only place where 4 man premades can play.
: ur not answering anything i just want to know if i can say this without getting banned the loophole thing isn't for me it's for anyone and to fix said loophole i personnaly don't want to use these just want to see if i am allowed too
You're asking if censoring your own hate speech will avoid detection. That is the definition of trying to find a loophole to get around the fact that Riot has a zero tolerance policy towards hate speech. And basically, if you do any of these things there is a chance you will get reported, some (like 4&5) are expressly bannable, the others are context dependent.
: Will these words slow my honor, or even get me a ban?
Stop trying to find loopholes so you can harass your teammates without getting punished. Try just not being a negative player.
: Clearing up a misundertanding resulting in a ban
>Just want to clear this up, i said kys NOT to flame it was aj oke to my friend who was in the game in discord. Then why not use discord to use zero tolerance phrases?
: got banned for two weeks by a toxic duo
No, you got banned for telling someone to kill themselves because you were losing a video game. Grow the fuck up.
Kanzler (NA)
: So tell me, what does an assassin like akali without any gold income contribute to the team? It's easy to toot the horn of "off meta isn't punishable" all you want, but when you dont actually contribute anything to the team by virtue of your pick, it's trolling. The game is now a 4v5.
Well given the Akali built support items early, didn't steal cs, placed more than twice as many wards as you did and lets not pretend your team losing 46 kills to 13 was all his fault. Your team lost mid, bot and were out jungled, having a meta support wasn't going to change anything.
: Okay first of all, thanks for the comment. I would like to know when did I use homophobic slurs, or sexual comments. I really cant see it. im not flaming, serious question ty
>WannaBeATigger: come WannaBeATigger: %%%%t WannaBeATigger: SHE Riot censors it, those % are replacing a certain homophobic slur that starts with an F
Pjeder (EUNE)
: Honor level 0 is hell
You mean the punishment isn't an pleasant experience? It's almost like that is the point or something.
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