Saezio (EUNE)
: Oh, sorry. In that case, what's even the problem of many people putting support last? Since they can still be assigned it
Exactly. This system is ONLY positives.
Saezio (EUNE)
: Well, don't allow support (or whatever position is the least popular) to be excluded. Problem solved
I never even said anything about excluding. I just said preferential selection. The guy coming up with terms like "last chance autofill" understands.
5050BS (NA)
: So Riots autofil system is buggy. Iv seen a game where Jungle was Autofilled by a Top/Mid and Top was filled with a Top/Jungle and Mid was field with a Top/Mid When they COULD have just made top Jungle and Jungle Top OR Mid Top and jungle mid and Top jungle. But NOPE we had to have a Jungler that had no clue how to jungle. We found out about this after the game had started by looking up the team in But Riot Mods will delete this post because you are "Protesting" a gameplay issue in gameplay
Exactly what I was getting at when I made this post. Shame both devs and communities are perpetually napping or this would be common sense.
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