: Let us choose our level up borders
Logged in just to up-vote. Genuine logic and probably easy for Riot to implement. Hopefully they respond.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 3
Hi Meddler, haven't heard the character being talked about for awhile. Thoughts on Dravens state? Anything to see for him in the near future? Buffs - Nerfs - Skins?
: Alienware Amateur League of Legends Tournament
"North America ~ Tournament". Apparently, Canada is not apart of North America.
nm1010 (NA)
: You literally get everywhere faster throughout the entire game for having boots. Without them you are rotating slower, getting to lane slower, repositioning slower, etc. Oh and they are some of the most cost effective items in the game, so they are worth more than their cost in stats given.
I definitley agree with that logic but then how much time do you think you are saving? Also, wouldn't it be better to prioritize damage over roaming faster? Especially if you sit in lane for a good portion of the game?
: **Well MS is required because it helps you run faster"** Ya answered it already. Boots give 40-50+ ms once you start adding in the % items. Its simply too much not to get.
Well as Draven I rush Statik & Rapid Firecannon and it typically puts me at enough MS as others in the game. Why would I want more?
: Eh, it comes to crowd control. If they hit you with it, you might still be able to catch/escape them with some ally help and/or the combination of mobility abilities AND boots. On the reverse, if your ally hits them with it, it becomes significantly easier tonget into position using mobility ability and then stay there by using the boots you purchased. Does that answer it? Also, I get a kick out of writing mobility ability for some reason:)
Yeah, that actually is a good example. I suppose if the enemy team has a lot of skill shots, that extra stride might help, so it is something to consider when building vs the enemy team.
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