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: A Brief Look at Silver 5 Toxicity
So instead of having a converstion about how to stop toxicity at it's source, or referencing your own personal experiences, we have A) someone who acknowledges my point, but misses the point of it. b) Someone posting for the sake of posting. c) Someone Rp'ing an Ancient Egyptian, who communicates in Hieroglyphics. We could try and find a solution. Or at least try to find like minded individuals to play with and try to find a better way to play.
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Nice emotes. This could actually be a conversation, if you wanted.
: I read the first sentence then realized, neither I nor anyone else here cares. Just thought you should know.
Thanks for stopping by. And adding to the conversation.
: I love it when people blame toxicity/ trolls on their rank. The same amount of toxicity and trolls are in gold/plat/diamond. In challenger/ masters the only reason why it might go down a little is because you'll know a lot of people in the game, because you play against them often. Unless you get like a 50 min que so u get diamonds in ur game.
Not blaming it on my rank, just giving some background information so I don't have to go through and elaborate every detail.
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