Calabok (NA)
: so? its a good thing against that cancer
I know the 99% of people dying from toxic poison rather just trashcan Singed's blueprint from League, but us 1% need to have a chance too in this everything is better than Singed meta.
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: Story Mode
I would love this or some type of Co-op mode based on the lore.
: Like a popcorn machine, popping popcorn. Haha.
: That Blitzcrank one looks cool. I would probably buy it.
Same here. Instead of gears inside his body I would love to see popcorn though. I don't know why, but I think it would just fit good.
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: Open Letter to Parents of League of Legends Players
This is nice and kind hearted, but honestly I don't think Mommy and Daddy care if 9 other people drop from Gold to Silver when they want Jr to go to bed.
Atrak7 (NA)
: so heres my day smurfing
Tyler1 is so popular right now. That's probably why they were feeding.
: How many "hehe xd"'s can we get?
Bablito (NA)
: Does that mean Riot will eventually step it up and clean up their games? Tyler1 was a small issue if you look at the cam whores that stream your games such as Kayceytron, Nicktron, and all the other titty streamers who afk, feed, cant play for shit, talk shit and have pre-recorded gameplays, they are a much bigger issues. But hey, I guess Rito love them titties streamers, so we're stuck with them. ATLEAST Tyler1 was a LEGIT PLAYER and was actually good at this game. Well played Riot, once again you're only doing half of your job.
No, apparently if you're a titty streamer raking in the bucks for Riot you can go 0-15 without any punishment because at least you tried. {{item:3070}} Tyler1 even stated before out of all the accounts he fed on he never once got perm banned for actually feeding. Riot really doesn't do anything about feeders. I mean it's a pretty sweet gig for those cam whores though. Pick support and afk half the match, feed, get carried by diamond white knights, and still make a living.
: The indefinite banning of Tyler1
Tyler wasn't toxic. He was just a misunderstood Alpha. You guys at Riot must be Beta's.
Diode (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=The R In Bard,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=qEvbt772,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-04-30T20:03:54.958+0000) > > Tracking/Stalking someone from making new accounts is just bs. Everyone should be able to create a new account and reform. It's not like he hacked their system or anything and was trying his best to change this last past month. Tell me again how many new and reformed accounts Tyler1 has made? Im sorry but the way you speak here shows how heavily misinformed you are. Please do some research before you comment.
> [{quoted}](name=Phantom Neko,realm=NA,application-id=mNBeEEkI,discussion-id=qEvbt772,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2016-04-30T20:05:49.282+0000) > > Tell me again how many new and reformed accounts Tyler1 has made? Im sorry but the way you speak here shows how heavily misinformed you are. Please do some research before you comment. Let me tell you how misinformed you are. Riot has be banning him for weeks for doing nothing perm ban worthy. Just look at this last ban of his and think to yourself: "is this perm ban material? Is this really the best material Riot could find to perm ban that account?"
Diode (NA)
: lol why are people mad at Tyler1 ban xD
Tracking/Stalking someone from making new accounts is just bs. Everyone should be able to create a new account and reform. It's not like he hacked their system or anything and he was trying his best to change this last past month.
: The League Community's Reaction to Tyler 1's Ban Shows How Much it Needs to Grow.
Let me guess you're one of those people that watched 1 Tyler feeding video from over and month ago as your source? If you actually watched Tyler1 this month on stream you would know that he's been good recently and actually mutes his teammates if he gets too mad. The only reason Riot took action now is because he's actually getting popular on Twitch. Since he reformed recently and hasn't been breaking rules they want to completely get rid of him from the community just so he doesn't become the #1 face for LoL on Twitch. It's all politics. If Riot really cared about the community and their game they would have done this like a dozen accounts earlier.
LostMind (OCE)
: I'm no Tyler1 fanboy, but this is ridiculous. There is no doubt in my mind that players like Meteos has some influence over this. If you are going to go full "think of the children!" mode then keep it consistent. Don't just ban one guy who was popular because he has a personality (and yes, he was toxic at times, but he received much more toxicity than he gave ever since he "reformed"), employ an actual tribunal that will ban the more toxic players in the lower ELOs, not just the popular streamers. Ban people like Nicktron and Kaseytron who only got popularity by purposely trolling and acting like muppet-potatoes (I'm trying to get inventive with my words to convey my feelings without incurring the wrath of Rito). So, so, so, so disappointing. If you were going to ban him, it should have been done a LONG time ago when he was really bad. Not now that he learned his lesson and showed that he was actually a decent person and player - and of course, got popular because of it.
Since Tyler was reformed when they sent this out and literally hasn't done anything perm ban worthy for at least a month, I guess this is a message from Riot saying they want to indefinite ban reforming players. I mean look at the chat logs from Tyler1's last PERM ban a week ago: It's laughable. Things like this are said every League game. At worst this would be an All-Chat mute for a couple games, but for Tyler1 this is a perm ban. It's just Riot bullying someone trying to better themselves. On his last account he would just mute everyone most games and wouldn't even say a word...
: I mean...did you read what I said? He was probably banned as a person well before this post. ALTERNATIVELY he doesn't stream the games that he's extremely toxic. Did you ever think of that Mr. fanboy? Probably not cause your idol can obviously do no wrong after telling the internet that he was trying to reform.
So what you're saying is all the evidence in the video provided is faked and Tyler1 between lifting weights, going to class, streaming, eating, and sleeping is getting on a League personally everyday just to troll. Time to get out your tin foil hats.
: If you read the part where they said he's been permabanned as a makes sense that he was banned for exactly that. Being Tyler1.
No, I was talking about his 2nd to last ban. They've probably been targeting him for nothing for a long time because that last ban he had is completely bullshit. Shit like this is said in literally every league game: I mean at worst this would be a All-Chat mute for a couple games.
Kotex (NA)
: Could someone explain to me why this is being reviewed so negatively? Isn't this a good thing? A notoriously toxic player being barred from playing? I mean im genuinely asking as to why this seems to have upset so many people. Did the guy not deserve it? It's this a sham? Im so lost >.<
If you watched Tyler1's streams this last past month you would understand how changed he is. Riot really doesn't care though. They don't want someone like him to gain so much popularity on Twitch even if he is reformed. He even got one of his accounts perm banned a couple weeks ago and showed the ban on screen and it was over nothing. I bet a lot of his last bans were simply because he is Tyler1.
: I logged in to say that all these god damn tyler1 whiteknights needs to stop. You are literally trying to defend a guy who would "run it down mid" have a list of people where if he ran into them he would intentionally feed. So fucking what if he is trying to "reform" he just realised his stream got more popular so he had to take a more professionally direction with his stream. In my eyes if he at any point thought "Oh hey im gonna run down mid and die on purpose cus i dont like this guy" then you deserve to get banned forever even if you realise later that it probably wasnt the smartest idea ever. People should not get a "2nd chance" because they are "reformed" they shouldnt have done it in the first place. Also not to mention tyler1 had 18 chances where as he got banned on all accounts. You guys enjoy watching his stream cus he gets angry and trolls in his games which is fucking hilarious but its also wrong. Im sorry for shitty grammar issues and punctuations but im on phone so fk off
You sound like someone who watches highlights of Tyler "running down mid" from a year ago as your sources. Tyler hasn't done anything recently. His account that got banned a couple weeks ago he showed on stream and it was for nothing basically. Riot seen a report for him so they just decided to perm banned that account. His last account he wouldn't be toxic or talk to anyone and most of the time just mute people. Riot only decided to take action now because they're worried that they'll never be able to actually ban him for something legit and can't stand the thought of Tyler1 being the top face for LoL on Twitch.
: The indefinite banning of Tyler1
Let's be real. The only reason you guys singled Tyler out is because you knew he was REFORMED for good and couldn't stand that he was climbing to be the top face for League on Twitch... Honestly I don't care if he's been banned 20 or even 50 times. Someone holding back that much rage and reforming the way I've saw in the last month or so shouldn't be banned at all.
: The indefinite banning of Tyler1
Look at the votes and listen to your players Riot... Tyler was REFORMED when you banned him. All you have to do is watch his last Twitch streams these last past couple weeks to see how much he's changed. By putting something like this forward it just shows how UNFORGIVING and UNREFORMED Riot is as a entire company. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. Tyler actually lost his recent placements due to trolls trolling HIM. I suggest you rethink your decision because if you don't it just shows how out of tune you really are with the community and how much you really don't understand how Tyler has changed recently. Tyler's recent popularity wasn't because he was "toxic". It was because people liked watching a person who was once toxic, but reformed his actions and deeds in-game. By singling out someone like this it's really putting the message out there that you don't give a fuck how much someone changes their actions, you'll trace, track, and ruin their entire life because in reality you're the toxicity.
Vanic998 (NA)
: Hey riot can you make Taric's ult more noticeable?
Not really... You have a huge blue ring around yourself and your ally. It's actually very noticeable...
: Bringing up communication is stupid. Anyone can communicate with any champ comp so your point is moot
Not really considering Taric is the only champion in the game that can make his entire team invulnerable before engaging a team fight (Not counting Kindred as that ult works on enemies as well plus it's not mobile like Taric's ult). Plus the way Dynamic Queue works right now Teamed Players can be paired against 5 Solo Players.
resumed (NA)
: taric's damage output hasn't changed all that much from old taric, sure, his passive empowered auto attacks attacks are going to hurt, they always did. but he can only hurt you if you let him get close and mages like zyra, brand, morgana, annie, lulu, etc all have the crowd control needed to keep him at a safe distance if he does decide to dive the backline
He smashes them as a team, not by himself. Honestly the way Taric is right now by late game he doesn't even have to be a front line type of guy. He can just sit in the back and AoE heal, stun and help shield allies. His shield mechanic is also pretty amazing in that you can be far away from an ally, but if they're linked you can just shield yourself and they'll be shielded.
resumed (NA)
: taric is only really a beast in the laning phase if you let him from the games ive played, working around his mana costs, his laning phase is extremely weak all the stuns ive managed to land on people feel like complete luck that they just stood there, because i feel that taric is extremely telegraphed to the enemy and can easily punish him for trying to engage with his stun i think people just need to get used to it, like with how poppy support was a thing before people were just like "well shit she cant do anything if i dont stand near a wall" but yeah his teamfighting is phenominal, which im pretty sure its supposed to be to counter him just pick the things that countered old taric {{champion:63}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:25}} etc
Using those counters might make him turret hug for a little bit of laning phase, but that's not going to work late game when team fights start. He'll smash Spell Mages in Team Fights.
: His old counters still works. You should be happy he can actualy be viable now against supports that only have a fell counters. Taric struggles against a lot of supports like {{champion:223}} {{champion:25}}. Generally supports with decent magic damage and relative ok defense capabilities.
53% win rate and nearly every match he's played. You can't argue with statistics.
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Meddler (NA)
: The updates to mage kits, Vlad included, will also be in 6.9. Vlad's being balanced with the context that spellvamp from WotA/Revolver won't be available to him.
That being said you should also rework Soraka again since I currently use Revolver on her.
: This seems suspicious. Not sure if I have the bravery to try this out in a game. For the OP: I felt similarly when playing Bard. He does actually have a pretty good win rate over game time curve. As in, he tends to get better late game. Clutch ultimates and map mobility through magical journeys do some work, perhaps? I do start to care less about those chimes, so I like your suggestion of making them more essential as the game goes on. We make them too required and people will just go chime-hunting all game, though. Tricky balance.
A lot of people try just building full tank Bard, but I found that it seems to lack a lot just because Bard's base def is so low it isn't worth fully investing into imo. Getting IE on Bard as 1 attack item + Zeke's which gives a nice offense and defense bonus is good for balance to then start building into tankiness. I also don't like fully investing into AP on Bard just because his only skill to land is his Q meaning if you miss his Q you're screwed where his AA with meeps has a 100% chance of landing. His AP is only slightly higher then his attack damage. I think if Bard had better base stats this would be different, but me personally I can't see investing into purely def as a first item when a champions base def, attack, and AP are pretty sub par (with the exception of CC titans like Janna).
Stacona (NA)
: Soraka Changes
Soraka was already updated. She seems so lack as a Support now then what she was, but she seems good as a mid laner now. :/
: So a leona who has cooldowns all timing out should not try and save the adc by sacrificing themself? Here's another scenario: The adc sucks ass and won't engage with leona ever, which negates her whole reason for being there. You're looking at it as the support's fault when it could have been the adc or even a jungler's poor decisions that led to that kda. This is all situational. If I was that leona and my adc wasn't at 14 kills then I'd be upset, but overall, that kda can be seen a bunch of ways. If the other two lanes are winning and that support died 7 times to feed 14 kills or mroe to the adc then it's worth it by the time the game is over. Leona still has her stun and her ultimate to make use of AND their adc should be hitting for a ton and shredding the enemy team. See how if we look at the leona alone she seems poor, but if we remember it's a team based objective game then it really isn't horrible? We just don't have any other good data to run with. Normally, that wouldn't be an acceptable performance, but if those death's were traded off for a power shift somewhere else then it's not a huge loss.
Feeding the enemy purposely is never ok. You shouldn't engage on a enemy/team if there's a good chance you're going to die especially as leona because there's no guarantee it's going to save your adc. I don't play leona just because she's a all in type of support champion and doesn't have a good escape, but I know she is the type of champion to kamikaze and feed the enemy half the time. Like the scenario you stated, if you can't count on your adc to back you up you shouldn't be playing leona. Play something safer with more tankiness, the same amount of cc, and higher damage that can carry themselves like Nautilus.
: Suggestion for Slight Bard Buff
The cone damage chimes they added actually helped a lot. I've found getting IE on Bard actually helps a lot for damage as well his meeps + AD is really good.
Bellows (NA)
: You should be banned on this spot for declaring your smurf. WTF IS THIS.
Nothing wrong with smurfs bro everyone is doing it.
: My issue with supports
Idk why people are downvoting this. Feeding is feeding. In most games 2 assists = 1 kill so really as support you should be trying to get 2x-3x+ more assists than your deaths. People with the mentality of "Oh I died 2 times to Vayne, but I'm a Soraka so it's ok." are extremely irritating. If you are support you're probably doing the least amount of damage on the team if you are just playing a support for cc or tankiness meaning since you're doing the least amount of damage you should be the most careful in the sense of not dying because you're contributing the least amount of work in terms of raw numbers. This doesn't mean you're the least efficient though. Support is definitely in my opinion one of the most carry potential roles if played right simply because it's the weakest instead of having someone less skilled take it.
: You want a box for farming feeders, an afk and low levels? Gtfo.
Yes I would. It's not my fault their entire team fed because they got matched up with a bunch of smurfs.
Gotted (NA)
: Game feel unwinnable to anyone else?
Yeah feeders are problem. The game just feels too unbalanced to me right now. I feel like 1/4 of all the champions are god tier and if you don't jump on the champion abuse bandwagon you can forget about a positive ratio. I don't know what they should do tbh. There's so many champions unbalanced right now by either being overpowered or highly underpowered that I can't even count them on my fingers.
JoZee II (NA)
: Riot needs to keep level 5 players with level 5 players, not level 25
Yeah I agree. I think it should pre 30 should be split into like 3 different groups to find people in the queue: level 3-7, 8-17, 18-29. 3-7 for beginners in league 8-17 for people with flash 18-29 because at level 18+ you have the ability to get a key stone. I also don't think people under level 30 should have the ability to party up with their level 30 friends in pvp.
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