: ranked restrictions
in the end im not good at htis game. i have a couple hours each night to try and have fun but when i guess its just my luck brings every single game i play to a win/loss based on trolls and afks. you can say im just sick of it. and since the majority of the player base is in low elo it dosent make sense that there is no steps being taken to rectify or balance the quality of game play for these people. its kind of hard to carry even as a good team of 3 when the other 2 are working against you. so trying to carry as 1 seems even less likely. but i do appreciate all comments and thoughts. yes i am tilted af with this game and i guess its just my luck to get the games and teams i do
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: Other people were talking about this. IIRC its intentional.
thats lame as hell.. it has also caused a glitch/bug were instead of moving 2 feet to reach the desired location he literally ulted on top of himself. was not happy with that at all lol
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: Higher requirements for ranked
every no vote is literally someone who wants to troll and enjoys ruining other peoples games so if every time they have to make a new account they had to do this it would be an issue. every single concern you have brought up is solved by practicing in norms and playing in ranked when your ready pro or not your not above the need for practice and exp with a new champ or match up. if the pros didnt need to practice then why is it not the same winning team every single year?
: > [{quoted}](name=Scarr Facee,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=KP12R2fl,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-08-17T04:40:32.895+0000) > > why? are you one of those smurfs that ruins low elo or are you the iron troll that likes to drag people down? because if nether of these are you then it truly only benefits you how many champions do you play in ranked. Tell me. Do you play 20 champions? hell tell me how many champions you play in general. This would do nothing but make it more annoying to swap champions in champ select and nothing more. People would still feed, people would still play badly. All you are doing is making it more obnoxious to get into ranked and nothing more. You adding dumb restrictions for the sake of adding dumb restrictions isn't going to achieve anything. Hell I can play any champion in support even though I will never play them support in any of my ranked matches just to get the "requirement" out of the way. I would have learned nothing about the role, nothing about how those champions are even meant to be played or anything useful yet I would still have gotten the requirements necessary to play ranked. Nothing was achieved other than making it more annoying for me. That is what you are doing with this sort of "change"
i have 27 champs 5 or higher and another 15 champs mastery 4. i only play like 10 but because of this vast exp on these other champs that was gained through aram and norms and other events like urf. i have a basic knowledge of all the champs not an extensive knowledge but basic and to play in ranked you should have that. you wanna troll and fuck around play norms or blind that's what its for. anybody who says this is a bad idea is a troll or high elo that likes to smurf there for still a troll. its not hard to get mastery on 20 champs by simply playing them in any mode other then ranked. and when a new champ comes out maybe its not an issue in high elo because those people are obviously better at the game but in elo hell yummi comes into the game on your team and she dosen't know how to attach or what her r does so she just dosen't lvl it and roams alone all game which is a loss for you all because she tried her for the very first time in ranked. this addition to requirements would not limit anybody's ability to play the game it would just force the community to play norms to troll and learn were in ranked you have a basic knowledge of the game and would eliminate 50% of your losses because every 9 out of 10 games are decided by which team has the least trolls or afk.
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: I'm against restrictions. Now, I don't PERSONALLY take champs into ranked until I'm mastery level 5. But I also think that people should be allowed to do what they want. If they do it, they'll probably lose, and therefore lose ranks, and you won't have to play with them anymore. It all works out.
ya but if you get one person every game that you play that does this then you get whats called elo hell that nobody seems to think actually exists
: Higher requirements for ranked
all of you are forgetting that ranked is to climb in elo were norms is to practice so that answers all of those so called concerns or questions you play the champion or the new account to the point were you have enough champions at a high enough rank which will give you basic knowledge on those champions and basic knowledge on most likely the rest as you will have had to play against many different people. so less trolls cuz you wont want to loose your account. less first time champion playing noobs that feed there asses off. and less smurfs or account boosting because the grind is not going to be worth the time
: No
why? are you one of those smurfs that ruins low elo or are you the iron troll that likes to drag people down? because if nether of these are you then it truly only benefits you
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: Got 14-day suspension
the real problem is that ppl now days are a bunch of snowflakes. everything is offensive and you cant say he/she without offending someone somewere .. entire world has become weak and usless in so many ways. its sad really
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: Patch 7.21 notes
I would have liked to see the attack speed reduction of frozen heart get an increase instead of the armour because I will still never buy it over other armour options

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