: Reported for AP Ashe support
: i swear to god if im perma banned for trolling
You deserved to be flamed for doing that leaving you lane just because you didnt get what u want cmon man your the type of person i hate in games
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l MrD l (NA)
: Does vlad have to be ....
i hate it how people think vlad is too op or needs nerf he gets countered by one item
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Nisu (NA)
: Maybe thats why ppl feels disappointed on this game or this kind of actions i should say . I am kinda upset seeing that the game started to corrode. Sigh , speechless
: {{champion:22}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:21}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:51}}{{champion:236}} same exact kits change my mind
they are rlly diffrent to lazy to write an essay
: banning system
This is def a perma ban u violated every chat rule you could an from what it sounds like you had bans before soooooo plus u told someone to kys an thats an auto ban so u deserve it suck it up an make a new account
: These solutions aren't for the issue we are having. The issue is a result of having AMD hardware that the game refuses to cooperate. It's not that the game doesn't open, it's that load times are 10+ minutes, and we have a framerate of less than 2fps
then that's even worse if its a hardware issue that will take a lot more time give riot time
: Lol are you serious? Because Ahri and Zoe both have a skillshot as q, cc as their e, and mobility as r they are the exact same champion?
dude dont get mad its a friendly debate lol {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: hextech looting luck
GIMMIE UR LUCK https://media.giphy.com/media/fJW2jK0akgkhi/giphy.gif
Zaghyr (NA)
: Stormrazor Rework
the only thing i dont like about razor is when its up its like every 2 secs which is dumb thats the only thing i dont like
SockDash (EUNE)
: Should riot rework Nidalee?
yes but not now because they already done so many reworks in little time we need the game to adjust for a bit
: Alright, of course I don't mean identical kits, they are very similar: {{champion:103}} {{champion:142}} Q dmg skill shot, W proximity dmg, E range dmg increasing CC, R Dash {{champion:266}} {{champion:92}} Q triple use melee attack w\knockups, w short cc, e short dash, R enhanced stats
Well i do agree they are similar but (in my opinion) they are quite diffrent zoe q does more dmg fauther it goes an it can be placed an shot ahri q throws out infront an comes back i would say sivir q an ahri q are alike w are diffrent zoe can pick up items puts to sleep an adds true dmg i think ahris is the balls the auto attack zoe sleeps ahri e is a charm an ahri ult is 3 dashes an zoe ult is one dash an back aatrox an riven are kinda simmilar as well though i can see how they look like iddentical or similar kits
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: Quick Message- Some Hit Boxes Feel Really Off
naaa morg q is most broken hitbox ingame lol
: Nerfs don't change the fact that they basically have the same kits
not rlly though if you would read their dmg an how they are used you might notice that they arnt the same exact kits
Pyrosan (NA)
: You have no way to verify if he was punished or not and you breaking TOS because someone else did it before you doesn't mean you're allowed to do it lol
Hey post ur chat logs or do you not want to because u know u were also in the wrong hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Riot? Do you listen to us?
Its funny how the solution to the problems you were having was down voted to hell like bruh when u want something fixed an someone gives u a solution you don't take it? jeez stop complaining about riot when you can fix it with a press of a button
Sugarbones (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riñey,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=rNv8g9Ls,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2018-08-05T08:55:01.687+0000) > > * Would you rather inconvenience every single player or just a portion of all players? I was thinking of disabling the anti-cheat, since it doesn't function properly and makes more problems than any good. I didn't ran into any cheater for the entire span of my League experience personally nor spotted any major frustration around this issue. It would be more wise to temporary disable the game-breaking feature that also affects people in matches with those who get 0-2 FPS. Test it properly, then throw it in any other quick patch. Well, yeah, I don't know how poor the project ierarchy is, but if they put something irrevertable on servers like that - it's the bad tone in a nutshell. And again, you're not appear to be a staff, yet you do what they're supposed to do. It's called damage control.
Stop complaining do you know how hard it is for a company to fix issues to their games? do you have any idea the number of effort rioters has to put in just to fix 1 bug? because the second they change something in the game they have to test it on basically every type of CPU from windows to mac to laptops an in-between if riot didn't care the game would have more bugs then players read their patch notes they fix bugs every single patch so stop saying they don't care
: na lol
though some things in s8 i would like to be changed but overall i like it
: agreed, season 8 is trash IMO
: Riot, i can NOT mute feeders, smurfs and boosted noobs. Don't place me with them when i ban them.
diamond players can make in to dia easily even with trolls so stop blaming your team
Chermorg (NA)
: Maybe, just maybe, these "feeders" are simply players who are bad at this game? Looking at your history, I could very well call you a "feeder". I'm not going to do so, however, because I understand that different players are different skills at this game. Look, bluntly, you don't deserve to be ranked higher. Until you improve your **own** skill and stop focusing on others, you'll not move up in rank. The problem isn't other players. the problem is you. I'm done responding in this thread. Best of luck in your future games.
i agree i find myself that tilted sometimes where i blame my team for everything an sometimes getting chat bans but when i rlly think about it its actually my fault (accept responsibility )
EtyrnaI (NA)
: State of the Game
i like s8 tbh the current meta is weird tho hey maybe eventruly in s10 adcs might not even be a choice anymore the game has to evolve to stay alive
: Riot? Do you listen to us?
well riot actually does listen to us it just things like this take a long time to fix because they have to fix it for windows 6,7,8 etc mac laptops diffrent types of pcs networks list goes on actually i submitited a support ticket an the rioter Corndog gave me these solutions the client repair worked for me ///////////////////////////////////////////////// Corndog here to serve up some fresh answers on the situation. Running into an issue where a match doesn't load in as it should would certainly be a rough start to a Ranked situation D: From what it sounds like, you either had an interfering 3rd party program running at the time, a corrupt game file that needs to be replaced, or firewall preventing the game from opening as it should. I realize you didn't mean for this problem to happen, and it feels pretty misplaced to get a Leaver Buster. To clarify, the point of the Leaver Buster system is to get you to stop playing until you've addressed the problem that is causing it to happen. If you happen to be having a technical-related issue, then we don't want you to queue up until it's fixed, or else you'll risk getting more wait times and neither of us want that. This is to avoid un-due stress to the other players as well, cause no one likes to get stuck with a 4v5 D: Sadly, I can't replace the lost LP but I can offer a few fixes that should be able to prevent this from happening again. Heads up: You will want to test the changes we make in Custom games only until we have this resolved. Please don't risk further Ranked games until we have a solid fix. 1) To help with conflicting 3rd party programs, I'd like you to run a CLEAN BOOT to get rid of any extra processes you might have running. 2) Temporarily uninstall your antivirus/firewall software. For the purpose of this diagnostic, we just want to eliminate it as a possibility of it causing your issue. Antivirus software contain background processes that could hinder necessary data files from being accessed or downloaded. After diagnostics, I recommend installing an antivirus/firewall back on after recording logs. 3) Files sometimes become corrupted during the patching process, usually due to connection issues. Forcing a re-patch should have resolve this issue without resorting to a full client repair. You can do this in the repair tool by checking the “Force Repatch” option and running it. The repair tool creates a .zip file and places it on your desktop after running. Attach that file to this ticket and I can investigate further. Corndog Riot Games Player Support Thresh Main (Thank Corndog not me)
Rioter Comments
: ***
people made it a "racial slur" when it rlly isnt
Chermorg (NA)
: I'm sorry, but there is absolutely no context in which "pick the cotton <black> boy" is acceptable in life. Literally no context. Ever. Unless *maybe* if you were writing a book set in a time of slavery and that was a quote you were having one of the characters say. Maybe. Even then it may not be appropriate.
hate speech depends on the person using it yall say the n word is hate speech but it isnt it only is in that because yall are sensitive an make somthing a racial slur in theroy if the n word is a racial slur that means any word is a racial slur so u might as well ban every person in league there is a such thing as racism but nothing as hate speech
: "Oh, I didn't know I couldn't use a racial slur in public facing the consequences? Since when did offensive languages is frowned upon by society?" Just because you're on the internet doesn't mean its any less offensive.
hate speech depends on the person using it yall say the n word is hate speech but it isnt it only is in that because yall are sensitive an make somthing a racial slur in theroy if the n word is a racial slur that means any word is a racial slur so u might as well ban every person in league using this for every dumb person that thinks hate speech is a thing
Rioter Comments
: Simply put, this isn't swearing. This is hate speech, and hate speech is not okay.
hate speech depends on the person using it yall say the n word is hate speech but it isnt it only is in that because yall are sensitive an make somthing a racial slur in theroy if the n word is a racial slur that means any word is a racial slur so u might as well ban every person in league
: tru am black but idc if people say the n word riot is going downhill
its only a racist slur because you think its a racist slur actually nothing is a racial slur
: only saying the n word gets you banned because riot only cares about blacks
tru am black but idc if people say the n word riot is going downhill
: I regret nothing
riot likes to have a bunch of 2 yr olds handing out bans the seconed you say somthing negitive its ban worthy an ur toxic an ur the problom thats the mind of a rioter nowdays
: and why do you think it's okay to be toxic against Janna?
wasent even toxic just yall think the seconed i say somthing negitive is toxic an bullying
BBW Chaser (EUNE)
: Game 2 and 3 4 premades and me Alone funny games so funny :D oh and they were racist too... Ah no wonder why this game goes downhill racist players get the same treament with the players who just calling them out But meh..
dont even try with riot they are smokin somthing along with the rest of the community
: so i get a added on a ban for trying to get someone toxic to admit their mistakes okay
yea yall are smoking somthin hope u get caught
Xidphel (NA)
: Oh no. That's typical punishment. You simply had a 10-game before.
so i get a added on a ban for trying to get someone toxic to admit their mistakes okay
Xidphel (NA)
: Negativity, blaming, calling for reports.
thats 25 games worth okay u must be smoking too
: so how is this a 25 game chat restriction
I didn't insult or argue with teammates at all the only person I even barely was "toxic" against was Janna
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Gall (NA)
: You should be honored that you're not immediately placed in the wood tier :D
> [{quoted}](name=Decredulous,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VmX5q74A,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-20T01:51:10.320+0000) > > You should be honored that you&#x27;re not immediately placed in the wood tier :D i feel like no matter what u should be placed bronze and the go up ranks when u first start
: so how come kayle's ult costs 0 mana?
prob because of her early game mana usage idk
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Cloud273 (NA)
: Can we nerf Shaco and Warwick plz?
there actually really ez to counter if you dont let shaco have any kills early hes useless an with ww u stop him in his tracks an someone with grevuis wounds plus ign takes out all his hp
Kekyi (EUNE)
: Punishment Levels in League (Please spread the word, this might actually be a good idea rofl)
Also league didnt copy csgo banning system csgo copied league look at the times the game came out
: Better BUFF Irelia
CAN WE PLSSS STOP SAYIN that champs are too weak or too strong actually this is prob the most balence ive seen league in forever
GigglesO (NA)
: Can we stop with the buffs to literally everyone?
i honostly dont see why people are complaning about riot buffing an breaking champs also funny how people say vlad is broken litterly one item an on abbilty counter him just get a silence an freaking greveuis wounds
Mannny (NA)
: Honestly Irelia is disgusting
lol saying irelia is broken boi just becaise you got dumpster by champ doesnt make them broken any champ can be "broken" when their fed or maybe u just suck at adujsting to new champs btw i find it really ez to beat new irelia so just learn how to counter
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