TrapicsX (NA)
: Riiiiiiight, because that makes so much sense. You need help.
You are extremely delusional my friend. You're never going to be happy in life with your attitude. Id suggest seeing a therapist.
TrapicsX (NA)
: It doesn't change the fact you have no idea what you're talking about. Keep faking about being a season 3 player. People that are actually season 3 players know whats going on. Hence why a plat player called you out because you run your mouth when you legit have 0 skill or knowledge to backup your profound and obscure comments. Rank means everything in this game, if you dont think so well its because your either new here, or an ARAM warrior. And lets just say I havent seen any ARAM in your match history as of recent (; If only Riot would separate drafts by elo then people wouldnt have to match players like yourself. And I have no life? Please lol have you looked at your board posts? Yikes my dude you have more time on the forums then on League itself. RIP
I mean i commented on my main plat account but then deleted it deciding against it because ur a waste of time.
: If you take a look about two comments down, you'll see just what makes me feel this way. And i get that shit daily.
Yea I get it. Again sorry. I think we just sort of lashed out at each other over something but like i think its mostly attributed to just how fed up we are with the community in general. Who knows we might even be more alike then we think. Maybe we are friends in another life. :) who knows. anyways tho wish you the best.:D
TrapicsX (NA)
: Look at my match history and tell me when i went 0/10. Find me a player with a 2.0+kd that is 0/10. I just looked at yours and 1/11 and unranked. . Whats Beta is you trying to act as a vet s3 player in other posts when you yourself said 4 hours ago in another post ""This is my main account. Im unranked and im not ashamed of it...". Why did you say that? Ohh I know because you tried to act like you knew what you were talking about to a 64% wr Plat player. hahahaha link to post:
LOL you pointing out me doing poorly in a game legit proves my point even more. That everyone has bad games. But it doesnt change the fact that you are flaming your allies and contributing nothing to the success of the team by doing so. You are toxic and you got banned for being toxic. I pointed out that you are playing badly that you are human and that you should understand that people have bad games. So thank you so much for pointing out my bad game because you are proving my point entirely. Also you clearly dont have a life, all you seem to care about is rank because your only counter response to anything I saw to you involves rank shaming. That really reflects on your character if you have to rank shame to some how justify and validate yourself. You being plat doesnt change the fact that you are toxic and are chat restricted for being toxic and it doesn't invalidate anything im saying to you. I dont even need to respond to you anymore because apparently Riot agrees with me hence the 10 day chat restriction. GL :)
: I'm going to be the minority here and say I don't see anything wrong with what you said. The majority of the LoL player base are timid beta males who see anything other than whimpering as "aggression" and "toxicity", as far as I'm concerned they can go fuck themselves. You didn't deserve your punishment, but that's riot for you.
NA whats beta is getting upset at people for having a poor game when those same people can legit look up your match history and see all through it games where you have "inted" just as much as they have.
TrapicsX (NA)
Thing is. What you are doing is extremely toxic. Maybe they are having bad games. LITERALLY everyone has bad games. From the looks of it you "inted" this game: Like I dont understand how you can be this toxic in a game and cry at people for having a bad game when you legit have games like this yourself. Its hypocritical af. Then you have the audacity to be shocked when you get chat restricted for this behavior. HEll why not take the time to go to your own and just scroll through your matches and realize you are one of these players in some of your games and think about how you made them feel but how you werent "intentionally" doing it. People have bad games get the fuck over it.
vâDe (NA)
: I'm SO FUCKING fed up with Riots BULLSHIT.
: .... I can't believe I decided to do this...
Just one trick anivia. Thats your best bet. Play her in both mid and top and support. :) and dodge games she is pick or banned and you will climb more. :)
: When are we going to ban smurfing
Not ever happening. Smurfs get put into a smurf q after literally 2 games and quickly climb out of lower ellos. Stop crying. Get better.
: She is balanced. She is jack of all trades (Burst mage/Artillery mage/Support) but master of none like {{champion:43}} {{champion:25}} (Burst mage/Battle mage/Support). She doesn't have burst of {{champion:134}} {{champion:45}}, poke of {{champion:161}} {{champion:101}} or peel of {{champion:40}} {{champion:117}} but she can do all these things decently.
I mean I agree with everything accept the burst thing. Lux has far better burst then both syndra and veigar. She can one shot 2 people at once and far more reliably then Syndra and Veigar whom both have to get in super close to do so and or have extremely telegraphed burst. Lux is land Q from a mile away then throw all ur abilities at that location from far away and it will kill someone possibly an entire team and her ult resets so she can do it again. Yea syndra and veigar have HIGH burst but its not better then lux's.
Lacuni (NA)
: I'm curious do you guys think Lux is balanced?
Lux is perfectly fine. Dodge her slow skillshots and ward and she is useless. Also buy qss.
: Make Karthus mana pool lower or his mana cost higher
I mean they are gutting his ult so he will be shit soon. Dont worry.
TheGrot (NA)
: The MS increase from celerity is about the same. The nerf was the damage you gained from the movespeed increase. If you calculated it, you'd also find the raw change in movement speed from celerity effectively didn't change. And no, she's not a monster in lane. She stopped being a monster in lane a long time ago. They made sure of that with a big set of nerfs. Even Froggen doesn't play find her worth playing in competitive anymore. Let that sink in.
Not going to argue with you. Simply put its not happening no matter how much you cry about it on pbe. :)
: I aint stuck my guy. 1 quick look at my opgg and you'll see my juicy 64% winrate in 128 games. I just got plat a week ago. Dont assume my rank and dont assume I'm stuck. I think youre the one that's stuck honestly since you aint using your actual account. Too scared to give advice on it cos youll just be shamed. Peace
This is my main account. Im unranked and im not ashamed of it. Clearly I already have a better attitude towards this game then you do if you have to soft int games when they dont go your way.
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TheGrot (NA)
: It's not mobility my man. We're talking about a low 5-10 base movespeed increase. Really not that big of a deal when it comes to roaming, but it does make a difference when dodging skill shots.
I mean. It is a MASSSIVE deal. I dont know why you are trying to downplay 5-10 movement speed increase. ITs HUUUUGE why do you think celerity was nerfed so hard. IT only gave you about 3-5 movement speed in laning before it was nerfed to like 1%. Its HUGE and its highly abusable on mages with high cc and zone control as well as waveclear. Riot is never going to make this change. Anivia is already a monster in lane.
: Reminder: "Well Played" is not the same thing as "Good Game"
This is why you have all chat perma muted in settings. You dont ever have to deal with the enemy team tilting you. And then you skip end game screen by having the client closed while in game, makes it so you can skip end game screen when the client opens up. Then if you wanna check your stats yopu just go to match history. Dont ever have to see anything the enemy team says. Also full muting your own team at the start of the game helps to get rid of your teamates tilting you.
: Its definitely 100% loss rate when bot loses. Theres no recovering from the int they did. I just soft int wait until 15 and /ff
This is why you are stuck in your ello. Every game is winnable but once you give up and start soft inting it truely is unwinnable. And those games that you come back from losses as few as they are, are deciding factors in climbing.
TheGrot (NA)
: Buff Anivia Movespeed
Anivia cant have mobility of any kind that being movement speed as well. She has the highest amount of crowd control of any mage in the game. And she permanently pushes waves at 6. She cant have movement speed or she will become a r%%%%%edly strong roaming champion and would pressure the map infinitely after 6. Her gaining movement speed base would actually mean her kit would need to be significantly nerfed which i dont think you want. When a anivia is missing at 6 you dont get that super fear factor that you would if like taliyah was. This is why riot opts out of her not having movement speed since she legit pushes the wave faster then a sol and taliyah. NOW if you want to combat this weakness you can through runes and its something i do. People dont expect it. Take celerity and relentless hunter. This will give you a tiny bit of lane movement speed when you are just last hitting you wont always have the movement speed up for dodging skillshots but you will some of the times and then you also now get to have the crazy roam power that anivia shouldnt have. This is ok because she loses out on other runes to go this route.
: You know , I am really surprised. Honestly,. No one I've ever disagreed with online, has apologized to me before. Especially in boards. I'm sorry for being a %%%%. Sometimes I let my emotions get in the way of actual issues rather than minuscule one. And thank you for being such an adult about this.
It's prob because im not a troll most people online arguing are trolls. I actually have very strong feelings about some of the issues brought up and I just think we clash on some of the solutions to solving those issues. But there is actually no point in fighting because its actually achieving nothing. Both of us trying to force beliefs on each other is impossible and its not actually doing anything to stop the culprits. Idk when i put myself in your shoes I just was like idk I COULD have those same exact beliefs it just depends on experiences and i mean not even that because im sure we've both had alot of similar experiences but I think we've both chosen different paths for how we deal with them. Which is honestly something we never should have gotten into a fight about in the first place. WE should be feeling for each other and supporting each others ways to deal with them. Like for me i just try and hyper focus on what the point of league is and it being a game and just none of the shit i deal with matters. I refuse to tell people my gender and or confirm it when they use pronouns. and I also dont like making fun of like sexist terms like "egirl" and shit because I feel like it desensitizes and makes people think its ok to do because oh look girls call themselves that too. That was the big thing that got me tbh and I kind of went off on you over that. Anyways I feel we were both wrong in the whole grand scheme in how we handled it. Anyways. Yea sorry. gl with everything tho.
: The attitude towards women in league reminds me a lot of r/NiceGuys ;
You know what I was gonna type up a pretty negative paragraph, in fact I did posted it, and deleted it. But it doesn't change anything. And tbh I cant even be mad at you for having different views. Like me and you arguing over different views is actually not changing anything. I actually kind of feel bad for you overall that your experience in league has been so bad that you've even gotten to this point. Like I want to be angry and say your just doing this entire thing because you think the world revolves around you, and who knows that might be true but it also might not be. The same shit happens to me, I go through the same shit but I guess I just view it differently and handle it differently. I'm actually trying here to be a bit sympathetic, my origional paragraph to this thread was pretty mean and accusatory. I realized after i typed it up and posted it that it wasnt solving anything and then i tried to put myself in your shoes. We both are two different woman in the gaming world dealing with the EXACT same problems but coming at them with different views. Even though they seriously conflict, its actually stupid to fight with you over it because its not changing anything or helping the problem. Meanwhile the culprits get away with what they are doing. Anyways. Overall. I'm sorry for offending you in my older posts and getting so heated. I just come at this shit with a different arsenal and I guess some of the things you do i feel just make things worse. But I cant blame you. So sorry for that.
: ***
You know. Whats even more pathetic about you. The fact that you even also tried to look up the rank of my account in a previous interaction and were gonna use that to backup your opinion. When you released my account was new you couldnt use my rank as a weapon. Also its pretty obvious too that you are logging into your other account and upvoting your own post. You are extremely predictable and its disturbing to me that you think you are helping to be a part of the solution with your awful attitude and hypocritical tendencies. I dont need to refute your claims when you are doing it yourself. Nobody can take anything you say seriously. You are an absolute joke of a human being and you should be ashamed of yourself for trying to pose yourself as someone that gives any sort of shits about social justice for women. Also it doesn't make you sound smart when you say "imagine" for every other sentence. Did you hear that in a league game or something? You are clearly a follower if you have to resort to overused league terms in your defense against my reasonable point out of your hypocritical statement. I'm done actually trying to talk to you because you are stubborn and seem to have alot of built up emotional distress, probably steaming from your childhood. I dont know what happened to you but I feel for you and I do hope you seek council with someone that can help you with your self hatred.
: Wow. See let's flip the roles. Anytime someone spoke to you, called you something you arent. You'd want to correct them right? Dont give me that "nah it doesnt matter" because it does. The same way it matters if someone tells you something that isnt correct youd fix it. For example, if i called you.. idk a girl? And you werent a girl. how would you feel? You'd probably say "hey im not this " and then continue about your post. In a lot of my posts i use it as a joke, it's actually almost like a cope mechanism for me! Because when you're in diamond+ and you get shit talked by every man with an opinion on women in league, it starts to take a toll on your mental health. However, men dont really see that and thus think im an attention seeking person. >If you actually at all care about female rights and equality. Stop doing this shit because you are a part of the problem... in more ways then just this. See thats just the thing, im not a part of the problem, im contributing to the solution. When someone calls me a bro or a male variation on my alts, i correct them, and move on. Its very quick, very easy. It also makes me feel good because girls arent often in high elo. I've had several of my peers tell me this. Also you are equating female rights to a video game my dude. How many times have you volunteered to work at womens shelters? Mens shelters?? Do you contribute to campus organizations to help protect against sexual assault? I'm so PART OF THE PROBLEM yet im helping DAILY. So tired of men talking about shit they know nothing of. You always go by this political agenda that people fighting for women's rights are just sad red haired sjws who scream at men all day. I'm so fucking tired of it truthfully. ^^That wasnt even to brag or anything just to clarify, it was more so, so you understand that i genuinely give a fuck about women's and men's rights and i put time and effort daily into helping and you throwing this in my face.. equating sexism in REAL life into me correcting someone about my gender, is fucking insane.
You know I was actually going to write up a thoughtful response to everything youve said. But when you type something like this: "So tired of men talking about shit they know nothing of." Like? Do you not see how much of an absolute hypocrite you are. You are assuming my gender and you get pissed when people do it to you and make a deal about it. You aren't some special mary-sue, the world doesn't revolve around you, we all dont have to hold our breath in your presence. You seem to think that your social justice is more important then anyone elses. That is a problem. This is why nothing you say will ever be taken seriously. Just by that one hypocritical statement I can see the type of person you are. You are the absolute worst person to be working on any sort of social issue. You are far too emotional and hypocritical. Someone up above said it right. Stop trying to force your agenda into literally every situation. Not everything that happens is a social justice problem. Just because someone says "bro" to you in a video game or uses a random pronoun to describe you doesnt mean you need to cry about it. Get the absolute fuck over it. Like holy shit. Gender doesn't matter in a competitive video game pronouns do not matter in a competitive video game. Just use whatever word you need to to communicate with one another and be done. This isnt Real life this is the internet, you are a invisible person talking from behind a screen-name. Don't expect anyone to automatically know your gender or care to know your gender. I've been called female and male in my games (usually based on the gender of the champ im playing) and I dont say a word i just play the game. Because my gender doesnt matter when it comes to winning a game of league.
: Can we do something about Ahri Glacial augment + GLP-800 + twin shadows spam?
Tbh Swifties actually do help vs glp. As well as tenacity runes. The only thing I do agree on is twin shadows not applying it. Glp is at least something you can dodge and or hide behind minions. Twin shadows is basically unavoidable.
: A small reward for guessing
This 100% would just lead to more toxicity in games. We dont need people dueling it out in all chat over this shit. People already sit afk half the game typing in all chat.
: >Yes, and I'm sure you've never called anyone a bitch that isn't a female dog, referred to anything as girly when it exhibits no female qualities, etc. etc. Bitch and bro are quite literally two different things entirely. Literally no one calls a dog a bitch unless this is suddenly a century in the past? >That's the wonderful thing about language -- it evolves, and gets used outside of its normal bounds. But since you have a specific agenda in mind, you default everything to the definition that suits your desire to vomit your agenda whenever you get an opportunity. And that's just it! There is no agenda i was just questioning why the default term was that i am male! It's really fucking hilarious how absolutely butthurt guys get that i even wonder why. God forbid i, a woman ever question why you, a male, is defaulting me to a guy. I can GUARANTEE him saying that wasnt a gender neutral thing, i would put MONEY on it. The thing is, when im at work. Working that shitty 9-5, not one person has ever called me bro. I live in california, somewhere im sure bro and dude are very popular. So no frankly bro isnt companion or good friend. Bro is brother. Simple Homie- gender neutral Homeboy- Friend that is boy Homegirl- Friend that is girl. Bro is to male . it means brother. Thats where the whole brother from another mother got coined. So fucking tired of people trying to defend it. Literally its so fucking easy to be like "mb " and then carry on Edit- I also wanted to point out, i have two brothers and two sisters. Literally no one has ever called me bro in person. I get called ading (little sister in tagalog because thats my family) or sister or any variation of that but not one time, has anyone in my immediate family, my external family, friends none of them have called me bro. I am very active in discord and also dont get called bro when i talk on calls. It's so easy to chalk it up to him not knowing that im a girl plain and simple and not mass downvoting me because i ASKED why. Like holy fuck
Tbh. Who cares? I feel like you have this like inner desire to let people know your a female because everywhere i look that you post you seem to ease that information into your posts. Like nobody cares. It's not getting you any special points and it doesnt somehow make your opinion special. Nobody needs to know what your gender is. But since you seem to feel the need to let everyone know in any sort of discussion on the boards it really makes me wonder why. Like are you just straight up hoping that it will get you special treatment? In one of your threads you literally put "im a boosted egirl" at the end its like??? K. What are you hoping that you will now get ethirsty guys to now defend your honor. Just stop. If you actually at all care about female rights and equality. Stop doing this shit because you are a part of the problem... in more ways then just this.
: Hiding behind a low level account to say that? How shocking :p
What. LOL. This is the only account I use. Why would i hide behind a low level account? Wouldnt it be more ideal to hide behind a high level account so that your opinion is more valid. I feel like being on a low level account would make my opinion less valid. Also it was pretty obvious that i was being sarcastic in my comment to you. LOL. Why are you so defensive? Low mental? Also while we are asking questions why call yourself an egirl? Is that a humorous way of letting people know your a girlgamer to gain sympathy for your post? -thinking-
: Dear jnglers, learn what's prio
The problem is junglers seem to think the game revolves around them so they make decisions that affect other lanes blatantly when they should be discussing them in team chat before they just do it. Like running into enemy jungle to counter jungle and then expecting other lanes to save them if it goes wrong but not taking into consideration that those lanes may not be able to do it in that moment. They dont care about anyone but themselves they are the heros of the game in their minds. And I tell you most Jungle players are like this and its aids. It's why I want jungle power reduced, the entire game shouldnt revolve around these players.
: This is going to be very angry and very rude but i need to get this off my chest, youve been warned
: How do I destress when my team hates me?
Mute your entire team and have the all chat pre disabled in settings. At the start of every game fullmute everyone and mute pings as soon as they are abused. :) Trust me you wont feel stress it starts to feel like your in bots after a while.
Kamichie (NA)
Yea this would 100% scare me and should be addressed by a Rioter or something. This is disturbing. I dont blame you for posting it here.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 24
@Meddler Is there any way we can get some work on Syndra's W. Like I know we dont want to buff her or anything because pro play. But her W being such a small hitbox for how massively long the cast animation is. I feel like this definately warrents the ability being stronger in some way. Id like to see the max rank knock up finally added back to it concidering its super easy to predict dodge it, which gives it more of a zone control aspect when she has something held with W and its maxed out. Could also see the mana cost being reduced to like 80 at max rank because an ultimate level mana cost for a spell thats VERY difficult to land is kinda upsurd. Like I dont want her damage buffed at all. ITS LITERALLY just her W that needs some a change. I REALLY think the 0.5 second knock up should be added or the mana cost reduced. Any thoughts?


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