Felvyne (EUW)
: I rly wish next Ahri skin is a more dark vibe line, like Dark Star or Coven. For the sake of difference. Even if it's in 10 years
Blood Moon. Every champ is getting a Blood Moon skin and Ahri is getting every skin, its gona happen.
: Theory on who are Iceborn,Stormborn and Hearthborn in the Freljord
: Question for the Lore team about Zed's aesthetic
There is no official look but I'd imagine he would look a lot like unmasked Deadpool, the shadows are consuming his body.
iiGazeii (NA)
: Honestly, I'd love to see a solid jungle mage that isn't a bruiser or tank.
Fiddlesticks, Taliyah, Nidalee :D
: First of all, Imperius is the aspect of valour, the angel of justice/righteousness is Tyrael (cue the ["You cannot judge me, I am Justice itself! We were meant for more than this... to protect, THE INNOCENT!"](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5NjXESiv_0#t=1m25s) . ). Being the manifestation of valour is the major reason why Imperius is so trigger-happy when it comes to the idea of purging the evil and taking them head on; as it's literally his very being to do battle and vanquish those who he perceives as evil and by being a symbol of courage and bravery to lead people in the midst of war. The inner struggle within Imperius with concepts like duty and righteousness, the debates with them in regards to his battle-seeking nature, could have been its own epics. But then the writers of Diablo3 clearly didn't have a clue and simply wrote him as a cheap overzealous angel who thinks like some radical extremist and a supremacist of sort, who also can not stand any forms of criticism, and being actually quite weak for some reason despite being supposedly the most powerful angel when it comes to combat strength. Imperius is written as both being hilariously weak in both the mind and the body, with 0 room for any characterisation nor any forms of development, because reasons. I hate the utter wasted of narrative potential of Imperius in D3 so much. I can't contain myself! I hope the writers for Kayle do not make anywhere of that same mistake. Explore the idea and conflicts fully, not some knockoff efforts as seen by the writer(s) of Imperius.
>I hate the utter wasted of narrative potential of Imperius in D3 so much. I can't contain myself! I can say the same for SC2 as well..
: I mean... players in China sued Blizzard and got their money back because "Diablo 3 is not a Diablo game". That's how bad it was (and still is, doesn't matter if you got an expansion that's a bit better than banta turd, the game and the lore are still crap).
>players in China sued Blizzard and got their money back because "Diablo 3 is not a Diablo game". WUT!? YOU COULDA DONE THIS!? WHY WAS I NEVER TOLD.
: I consider most of D3 writing as pure garbage, they introduce characters to fit their narration and both the endings of the main game and the expansion are just embarassing, the simple existence of the Black Soul Stone makes most of the original Diablo lore to go in the dumpster. With Imperius they had a chance to create a proud combatant that turned into "the evil guy on the side of the good guys" that did not fight much in the end. Tyrael becoming and staying human is indeed a blasphemy.
As someone who played D2 religiously back in the day, got super hyped for D3 and then my hype was systematically torn to pieces by just nearly everything about the game. I tapped out, the game was dead to me. "But but the new expansion fixed everything!" No. Dead. This, all this you typed. Wtf am I reading!? Cant say whats worse, Kerrigan becoming space jesus or tyrael going fuck it, ill be a lame ass human
: You have to understand: Demacia is Germany before it invaded Poland. No one took Germany seriously back then too. EDIT: Before anyone asks- Piltover/Zaun... parallel for USA at the time.
Hmm, the Prussian Empire (Germany before Germany was Germany) it was often joked that countries have armies, Prussia was an army with a county. Before WW1 many countries including England and Russia were indeed scared of what Prussia could do, so they all made pacts to prevent them from having access to more colonies or declaring war to acquire more land. People took them seriously :P
: With Kayle and Morgana's Duo VGU on the horizon let's talk about my favorite League Rivalry
I like how theres little talk about Kai'sa, being that shes Kassadins daughter and Malzahar punted her into the Void in a confrontation. For years, all us fans were excited how she would become. How she would come back a twisted creature, shaped by the Void. Mutated and chaotic, a true glimpse of the horrors the Void can bring! Jk. Shes just a generic hot chick in a power suit.
: If you are gonna change Ezreal...
: Something I noticed about Kayle's lore that I hope they actually apply to the update:
: Why does Sona have such a big fanbase?
: K thanks. So if i set sail from the unknow islands in the west to the west i arive at bilgewater?
The other side of Runertera is Void broken
: What do you want to see in Miss Fortune's Voiceover Update?
I like current MF's VO. I know its old and short but its my favorite female VO. I like the energy and spunk. Wasnt a fan of gun goddess VO. Space Texan? I get it but it still didnt beat the original
: List of beings on Runeterra
Why is Shaco a magical golem...?
: > [{quoted}](name=Placentas,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=PTzpEg0N,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-08T16:51:21.904+0000) > > Nah. No apology was needed. Their explanation made sense. > > It's not their fault you see breasts or chest and immediately consider that sexual because the fact of the matter it isn't. their explanation doesn't make sense, kai`sai design makes no sense, she's a girl in a suit, not a human who got fucked up by being in the void, she doesn't even look like she endured the void, no scars, nothing void-like, nothing eldritch, it's just a supermodel in a suit, it's bland, it's boring and it's been done time and time again
Yeah, back when (forever ago) when i read Kass's bio about his daughter being drop kicked into the Void by Malzahar, I had always imagined her being very monstrous and Void-like. A really cool design space that is unexplored by Riot as so far.
: > [{quoted}](name=redniwediS,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=T0RfhFfh,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-04-08T17:47:17.858+0000) > > I haven't heard anything about a re-design, so until someone links a direct statement from Riot assume that's just a rumor. > > Basically, there were complaints about the Kai'Sa when she released, and Riot recently answered some questions where they talked about Kai'Sa's design and why they made the choices they did. Some people took Riot's statements the wrong way, and instead of hearing "we understand the concerns and agree we could have handled this better" they heard "we did this on purpose" and got all offended. > > For a short TL:DR for anyone who didn't read what Riot said, Riot tried having a more normal suit design for Kai'Sa, where the neck didn't dip down anywhere near that low. Kai'Sa's design didn't get the idea across that Kai'Sa is a human in a Void suit properly, with her head being so small and the only human part of her showing. They messed around with the design a bit, found that the current idea got the human aspect across properly, and ran with it. Riot agrees they should have looked into other ideas a bit more, considering the original intent behind the champion. but that doesn't make sense, that's like saying jarvan shouldn't wear a helmet to show he's human, kaisai looks human, she looks completely human, no scars, no wounds, her ''suit'' looks more like normal average armor, nothing inhuman or void-like about it so why was just the head not enough? it's enough for garen and for literally any other human champions who has everything but their head covered
I dont know of any official statement but my issue with her is that she isnt Void looking at all. For someone trapped in the Void for several years having to survive off of sheer will and desperation, she doesnt show it. Shes just some hot chick in body paint.
: What is your favorite all time skin!
Pumpkin Head Fiddlesticks and Draven Draven.
: Can we make Brolaf have a bro-skin with a Mantheon skin?
We allready have a Mantheon. Have you *seen* Ruthless Pantheon old splash?
Rioter Comments
: Jayce surname?
Jayce Pompusbutt
: Heyo, sorry for the confusion! Let me help clarify where we're at with those custom SG monsters. As I mentioned before, we didn't build these to be champion skins. What that means is that aside from some tech limitations (they're actually new characters instead of skins, and use some new tech that hasn't been back ported to the original champions), we didn't even consider how they'd fit the champs as playable characters. That means we didn't do our due diligence we'd normally do for any new skin (concepting any abilities other than the ones you saw, checking skin readability on SR, cleaning up VFX clarity/performance, etc etc). All that means is we can't just sell you guys what we have in existence right now. There's been a very loud and clear request to be able to play as these badass monsters, and we hear you! I want to make it clear that I'm not promising anything, but I've started conversations with our skins team about what it'd take to turn these into real skins. We'll see where it goes from here :)
I think the simple yet very cool style is what every one wants in their skins here. Green/purple glow is quite awesome
: I mdoerate the C&C/SAS boards!
Is this something new or i just roll a nat 1 on spot checks?
: Holy shit, that's a pretty cool cait VU idea. And it's hard to tell with Camille. It's possible she wore something more lady-like.
Why is your name yellow?
: Someone made a fan-made SG Soraka VO and it is AMAZING.
I understand adding a VO to the Soraka skin Buuuut then Riot would have to charge more RP for it. Then they would have to get the voice actor to say a 120 lines of when she kills someone and then 80 lines when she uses taunt vs specific champions with a specific skin (you know, that thing that never happens in game)
: > [{quoted}](name=UnboundHades,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=PFxWb8aw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-08-27T03:04:17.318+0000) > > because he didnt need those How so?
Shen pre-rework is better in every way than the Shen rework is now. Even Riot stated that they missed the mark with Shen's rework on several occasions. Art-wise, new Shen looks like a football player and walks like a doofus. That giant sword is out of place too. Gameplay-wise, old Shen was simple, yeah but the new kit didnt really change much other than give you *less* options on how to play him. Like i said before, Riot isnt happy how Shen turned out and has learned from their mistakes on it. It is what it is, im sure Shen is on the pipeline for a legitimate VGU, just not anytime soon.
Krabohod (NA)
: I think his passive should be that he is terrain (and he should be big) - like Talon can jump over him, Poppy could E enrmies to him and etc. But your idea is ok too, you can combine both passives.
Huh, i like this idea alot
: Can we have a new champ that uses her hair as skills
I think Riot hit their animu quota for several years just from Kayn. I like anime. I like League. I dont want them to be the same thing.
Ooh yeah, i forgot her parents died and why she went all batman. I guess instead of a Van Helsing hunting all the Warwicks and Vladimirs out in runeterra shes a Lucian 2.0. "GORAM UNDEAD SHADOW ISLES. I'LL GET YE. I WILL."
Smelp (NA)
: Darkin Questions
I think with Varus, Riot is doing a lore retcon that the corruption instead of being some "ooh spoooky mist in a temple" that he took onto him self when the temple went under siege to save it from spreading to prob Yeah, that bow, its a Daarkin. It is slowly taking over Varus, why he has Daarkin pants. Perhaps there will be an actual Daarkin skin for Varus to represent the eventuality when the Daarkin conquers him.
Decrit (EUW)
: simply put, they are older characters of when the game has its aestethic ripped out of the earliest days of world of warcraft. Remember that LoL comes out of DotA. which in turn was a mod of warcraft 3 and as such used its game assets, so stuff like dwarves, elves and trolls heavily influenced LoL. Meglings(rip) and Yordles were based on gnomes too, only that they managed to be developed as something else early enough. This is also why trundle is the only referenced troll in the game, both in old and in new lore, with really few other exemplars being present in other lore pieces. It's something they got rid off the quickest way possible.
>World of Warcraft Warcraft 3. You uncouth barbarian.
: Question for Dr Mundo
Dr Mundos cleaver is like Mjölnir, but every time it comes back its facing the wrong way.
: Is it just me or does Kayn's in game model look...bland?
You mean generic anime guy? Yeah, ofc hes bland.
: Can i please get alistar
Isnt Ali like 450 ip? Just play like 3 games of aram
: heal? that's an icon not a splash
Oh wow, haha. I kept trying to figure out what acronym it was standing for or if he was in the wrong games forums. Heal spell icon. Got it.
: How do you think urgot relationship with the other zaunite champs might go.
Viktor doesnt use chemtech, dont think hes too trilled about it. Allthough Camille might fascinate him alot. Urgot has a quote for Warwick, simply calling him a beast. Guess that Urgot likes brute and brains. I dunno about Mundo but for all the rest of Zaun, Urgot doesnt seem to care for them much. In fact, the only two champions he remotely complements are Ekko and Camille.
: Why would a login be canonical at all? And anyway, what makes you think Rhaast is the true one and Shadow the alternative one?
Rhaast's login music is 400% better. That means he is the true one.
Nebuul (NA)
: Omega Veigar is not recognizable . . .
But Veigar is some yordle.. So it makes sense he looks like a yordle? As someone who plays Veigar alot, im not excited about this skin after seeing the splash but honestly its hard to top Superb Villain.
Rioter Comments
: Splash Arts
Best start gettin' to it Edit: Just goto the wiki and down load the skins there by right clicking them and saving to desktop.
Lùmen (EUNE)
: Does anyone else agree with me on Gatekeeper Galio being one of the best skins in the game now?
: Gatekeeper Galio Interaction with Ashe - Loretime
What is Lissandra transformed into a visage of Ashe and killed her mother (as well as convinced Sej to kill her own, which prob wont take much) and then that lead everyone to believe that Ashe was the cold hard killer even though she didnt want it. Ashe cant really seek out revenge on the killer because: 1. she doesnt exactly know who it was 2. Freljordians probably think Ashe is a badass for killing her mother (a barbarian lot they are), so there isnt much pressure to seek revenge
: lol i've actually never seen them side by side like that before, looks pretty fun
Will champions with effects as part of their character (Brand, Xerath ect..) ever get a chroma?
: On the topic of changing color schemes after VGU's
Iirc (and i havnt been keeping up with the lore recently) Mord is from the Shadow Isles, true, but hes not defined by the Shadow Isles (such as Kalista and Hecarim). Lorewise, he was a warlord that was collateral damage from the Shadow Isle transformation right? What im saying is that for Mords VGU I dont want mord to be some undead/necromaner themed champion. I want to see him as the master of metal (that just happens to be undead). Mord being a cut of the mil death knight would be plain boring.
: @riot Can you rename the longsword to be something more suitable?
Well, a simple long sword would still pale in comparison to something name-worthy like a Manamune or Infinity Edge
noagamer (EUW)
: What's your opinion about the new pbe lunar revel login screen?
Rioter Comments
: For some champions that don't have a place or lore, I think I've managed to place most of them in their respective locations. {{champion:63}} Brand: Shurima, Freljord (they'll probably explain how he came to be soon) {{champion:31}} Cho'Gath: The Void {{champion:24}} Jax: Ionia {{champion:10}} Kayle and {{champion:25}} Morgana: Possibly responsible for the Protectorate (Stag) vs. Magelord (Owl) war. {{champion:54}} Malphite: Independent, but he might be a free roamer around the Great Barrier. He is a walking mountain after all. {{champion:56}} Nocturne: Shadow Isles, Ionia {{champion:61}} Orianna: Piltover {{champion:35}} Shaco: Noxus, The Glade {{champion:26}} Zilean: Urtistan, Piltover? So far only {{champion:9}} Fiddlesticks has nowhere to go because he has nothing to work with. Unless they can create a new place for him to bloom or put him in a minor area like {{champion:1}} Annie or {{champion:26}} Zilean, he's pretty much nonexistent.
I'm really hoping that Shaco is connected to the Glade, showing the other menacing side of the Glade rather than just the Lulu whimsical one
Sharjo (EUW)
: Indeed he does. Hopefully they'll give Zilean and his home of Urtistan love in the future!
A lot of the recent champs have had mentions of the Void and void creatures in their vo's. Since the Shadow Isles didnt receive a lore I'm willing to wager that the Void is going to be the next major event (like Freljord). (along with Urtistan and how it became the epicenter of the Void)
: Basically they wanted to start throwing more random Champions at the game and didnt want to figure out how or why they are in the League
Isnt that basically the job of a writer?
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