: It looks so freaking CUTE! >O< GREAT JOB!
Thanks! :3 The only thing I regret is the awkward size of the final product. It was my first try at this type of crochet stitch / pixel art, so it was good practice, but now I have something that isn't necessarily large enough to be a functional blanket. Not sure what to do with it now. xD
Mhija (NA)
: This is ADORABLE. Did you come up with the pattern yourself?
Yeah, mostly. I looked at a bunch of 8-bit poro art that other creative folks had posted around the interwebs and based it on that.
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Doofs (NA)
: Riot's new models look so realistic now.[](http://i.imgur.com/bs8Alrj.png)
Rich (EUW)
: idk why this is getting downvoted. I love it, haha. The name alone is worth the RP.
His claws are made of superior potassium. Also, I might be biased, but I am quite partial to any punny champion skin idea.
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: Was playing Varus in a ranked match and about halfway through it my q just stopped working
This happened to me in an ARAM as Varus yesterday. I was doing super well until then but then rendered myself pretty useless. :( I could type Q just fine in chat, but my Q ability wouldn't cast. I even tried rebinding the ability to a different key, and that wouldn't work to cast it. Clicking the ability on the hotbar wouldn't cast it either.
Jynx (NA)
: Playtime with Gnar
These are possible the cutest thing I've ever seen in my life. The amount of *squee* is too damn high! :) I would love to see {{champion:150}} watching {{champion:11}} do his ult, and then trying to do it himself, but the sword is too heavy for him to even lift. I'd also love to see him take the place of {{champion:57}} 's sapling. I can't wait to see more. Keep up the awesome work!


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