Saianna (EUNE)
: Riot, could you kindly stop removing diversity from this game?
I agree with everything you have said except for flash. The summoner spells we currently have cover a;most everything one could need. If people didn't run flash it would remove an element from the game, and make some immobile champs unplayable. Riot once responded to something saying to have flash plus two summoner spells, but then we'd have to deal with 5 exhuasts., chain exhuasting someone. Now you could argue we already have to deal with 5 flashes on a team, but flash doesn't make the game anti-fun. Who would want to play an assassin, with multiple exhuasts on a team, hell ADC's could be exhuasted every fight. The game is healthier and more diverse with everyone taking flash plus one summoner spell.
mlcheIIe (NA)
: [LFM] Recruiting Ranked Team 5s Players!
Game Name: Ryan Schneider Current Tier/Division: Gold 4 Season 4 Rank: Silver 1 Main Role: ADC Secondary Role: Jungle/Support Preferred Champions: All ADCs (excluding MF). Jungle Champs: Vi, Jarvan, Zac, Lee Sin,Rengar, Khazix Support: Karma, Lulu, Janna Number of Hours played per day: 2-4 Number of days played per week: 6-7 Weaknesses: Positioning Do you watch LCS: Yes Skype: Yes
: Inhib is always, always better then Baron. Taking an inhib(and the tower with it I assume) gives your team global gold, it turns a lane into an auto push lane with lots of pressure, essentially making any teamfights that happen while that inhib is down a 4v5, and opens up an avenue into the enemy base. When in doubt, always pick inhib.
But what if the baron could translate into a won teamfight and then game? because in some situations such as if its 30 minutes in and you can end game off next fight, is it still better to get inhib?
: What is the main reason you lose games?
The most frustrating thing for me is when team doesn't stay together in a teamfight. As someone who mains adc there are games where my team dive bombs the enemies carries, and their bruisers dive bomb me and i have to outplay them or die. Another thing is when the enemy team composition is better because then it feels like there is nothing you can do. The number one thing that probably loses my games is the baron calls or inhib calls. I never know which is the right thing to do.
: Why can't assassins be more like Talon?
Personally I wish more assassins would be like zed BUT they have to commit to a kill. The reason I liked zed as an assassin is because he is predictable and you know what you have to dodge to avoid him killing you. However I don't like how zed can simply port away as if he never went in. I feel like if zed was changed to have to commit harder he would be the healthiest assassin. For example the ultimate shadow that he can swap to should be placed on his target rather then where he ulted. That way if he wanted to have the safe shadow to swap yo he'd have to use his w shadow which means once he goes in with his ulti he has no way of gap closing.
: ***
Hecarim is "considered" OP (I don't think he is) because people are starting to realize how much burst he does when he is ahead. But with Hecarim against a melee top laner he has many tools to get ahead. The mana buffs and sustain buffs gave him more lane presence, his e allows him to escape so he can run ignite which gives him even more kill pressure. He can spam his q in lane allowing him to outrade many melees (not as bad as darius but still quite strong). and on top of that he fits in with the tank meta and has a fantastic ulti.
: Kha'Zix, a Champion so Close to Viability (but not quite)
I think because khazix is a reset assassin, I think giving him the tools to 100 to 0 someone in one go if their isolated isnt his playstyle. His current playstyle is: Is the target isolated? NO --> dont jump in Is the target isolated? YES --> Q for 1000 damage and auto hydra proc dead. I would rather him have to use his ulti to wait out his cooldowns to 100 to 0 someone instead of just killing them in one go. As he is more of a duelist assassin not a full on burst like talon. I think they should change his un evolved base damage and shift it higher, then when evolved add a considerable missing hp multiplier, (with the extra aa range and q range of course). I also think his passive should scale with AD but still do magic damage, so he still has a reason to weave his autos in between his ulti.
: Riot is autistic to say it's okay for Lee Sin to have 100% win rates in multiple tournaments. But hey! They refuse to balance so I guess they're just rigging it at this point.
> [{quoted}](name=Naelarstrasz,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=oRz6K7eb,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2015-02-27T23:57:36.238+0000) > > Riot is autistic to say it's okay for Lee Sin to have 100% win rates in multiple tournaments. But hey! They refuse to balance so I guess they're just rigging it at this point. What are you talking about? Lee sin has a 27% win rate in the LCS right now, and has been picked multiple times. Your still in season 2...
Visigoth (NA)
: Remember when Lee wasn't nerfed because of "community backlash"
You have no statistics to actually prove that 90% of people want him gutted...
: I'd like the ability to pick {{champion:53}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:22}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:161}} And not feel that every champion on the enemy team is designed to counter me.
All those champions besides morde are viable and can carry games Morde is not good until he is ahead, if he is even or behind he does no damage and gets blown up.
PyroStar (EUNE)
: [Riot]League is no longer a strategy game.
League was never a full blown strategy game. It was always a combination of strategy (team comps, rotations, etc...) and skill/action from the player (mechanics and quick decision making). Items is a strategy of how you playing your character but lol was never based around item diversity. It was more based around the interactions of champions kits with the kits around them. Tanks do feel a little under-powered right now but riot did say they are looking into it and we can expect to see changes in 5.5/5.6. This is the beginning of the season after all when things are at their least balanced state. Just give it some time.
: League has the best community and everyone that says otherwise is wrong
Its better to not sound super nice, because some people (like me) kinda find it annoying when people talk like that. Its better to just be like hi, and they say what you'd like your role to be. I wouldn't say anything back if you started a game like that, I would be like i bet this guys gonna rage if someone feeds.
: > They say "just build QSS against veigar" this is false because veigar can just q+ulti and your dead without even landing his stun. build qqs vs veigar, use it and flash , veigar just lost a chance to kill you build qqs vs zed ,he ults you you remove his ult but he still mashes you, you flash away but he uses w and still hits you,you cc or use your mobility and he flashes after you just to still hit you(or he dodges a skillshot), you have loads of useless magic resist and even if you manage to fight him he can just pop back out so you just wasted some gold while zed gets youmus and infinity to stop relying on ult for damage veigar has less counterplay in his kit than zed zed has less counterplay in his gameplay than veigar riot gives counterplay to veigars kit meaning that he will get rekt in gameplay, most of his usefullnes was from oneshotting carries, this wont happen without a stun also next example that gets me mad lee sin/ jarwan get good base stats, good scalings,good cc,good mobility and they arent the only examples of that meanwhile darius and mordekaiser just deal damage, and not some insane damage, their damage is good but a well build bruiser can either win a trade or survive long enough to escape from them first thing, the stats have to be ballanced to prevent cases where you just cant fight anyone because you will get melted once you get in their range, thats why morde and darius dont get to be the masters of damage consider this and notice that some champions get owerloaded with usefull stuff on top of good stats while some just deal damage and cant even get a high amount of it cause it causes toxicity and now they update mordekaiser and still dont hink about giving him cc while completly wrecking his damage (old morde built like a tank deals better damage than new morde with the same build, and riot will enforce the tank build on him)
I agree with you and I think the should nerf Zed's attack speed to shit, because sometimes its complete bullshit that after he misses all his abilities, he can continue to auto you, get 2 crits in and still pop you. Early game however, flashing zed's q means he can't do anything to you, because that was his damage. You can also run in a straight line forcing him to take a linear path towards you so you can set up some easy cc and escape. I do think they need to buff some champions to increase diversity, and j4 does deal insane damage while just building tank items. He is kinda like the old vi where you could build one damage item and proceed to go full tank while the W allowing you to dual everything.
: In my experience, if you build the way I suggested, you'll be much stronger than Veigar early game and can usually snowball off of him. If he plays like a complete pussy you can always just push the wave and roam. His mana regens and waveclear is pretty sad. Especially if he's trying to stack. I'm pretty sure haunting guise is actually better than large rod when it comes to damage. I could be wrong on that though. I just know it gives you much better dueling power because of the hp.
Yeah that's a good strat for countering Veigar. However the play combo of stunning and then deleting someone would be unhealthy because either he deletes someone and the person playing against him will be like "WTF I got deleted?!" or Veigar fails to delete someone and he's like "this isn't fun". Currently you can shit over Veigar in lane, but with league of late game, eventually he will farm up, and you will have to just steer clear of veigar and let other people deal with him.
: If you are the mid-laner, then that's like not going near Nasus in top lane. Knowing when to go in and knowing when to stay away is key to killing Veigar. It's not a NEVER situation. If you don't know the time frames, then you are definitely going to lose against a good Veigar.
I was unclear, whenever his ulti is down you go in on him, as the threat of the targeted burst is not there, but when he has his ultimate up Q+R+Ignite will kill any squishy, unless Veigar has not been playing safe. When against veigar, I normally play an assassin or a mage who can bully him, but if he plays it right (wards) and he stays safe there's not alot one can do when he is farming from range. This is league of late now because games almost always last upwards of 30 minutes, and it will not be uncommon for Veigar to hit that 1000 AP mark.
: I always thought the counter to Veigar was building merc treads so his comet doesn't hit you(edit:so you get out of his stun, so his comet doesn't hit you). Then you build penetrations items like haunting guise and abyssal so you don't juice up his ult. So even if you full combos you, you have extra hp and MR to deal with it. That's pretty much why Veigar is a shit champion.
Once Veigar gets a void staff and farms up on ap, 200 hp, and 40 Mr isn't going to save you from his ultimate. Generally Tanks counter burst mages because they can tank through their initial burst and just slap em till their dead.
Raptamei (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=SchneidRpro,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EyHzNImY,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-02-16T16:33:09.409+0000) > > They believe that being insta-stunned and killed by veigar has more counter play then flashing away from zed or landing cc on him and running. No, they believe that **VEIGAR** has more counterplay than **ZED**. You can shut down Veigar in lane. You can't shut down Zed. Veigar has weaknesses. Zed has none. Veigar has safe zones. Zed has none. As a bruiser, you can jump into Veigar's face and force him to stun you instead of the squishies. Zed can be anywhere he wants. If you get stunned and instantly killed, you already screwed up several times before that point and now you die. It isn't instant karma, therefore the new generation of ADHD kids doesn't understand the relation between cause and effect and complains that he's uncounterable. Watch a Dota match and ask yourself how people actually end up losing even though everything they have is point and click with "no counterplay". The answer: because they put the wrong people into the wrong lane or didn't expect X to roam from bot to top and gank them or because the enemy timed their gold income and ganked their Enigma at 1900 gold so he couldn't buy a blink dagger for the decisive teamfight. That's *strategy*. Veigar requires *strategy* to beat instead of dodging skill.
> No, they believe that **VEIGAR** has more counterplay than **ZED**. I just said that. >Veigar has weaknesses. Zed has none Zed is a squishy melee, his gap closers are predictable, His q skillshot is slow, he has no meaningful form of CC, Flashing his q when he ults completely negates most of his damage. He is an assassin and is useless once he burns his ult and if he doesn't kill someone it s a 4v5. >As a bruiser, you can jump into Veigar's face and force him to stun you instead of the squishies. With veigar's range he has the option to simply poke from the back lines with w and q, and save his ult to simply destroy their APC/ADC, and he can use his stun to zone bruisers away from him. No ADC auto is going to kill veigar as fast as he can kill them, especially if he has zhonyas. >Dota Riot has no intention to follow Dota, counter play in dota follows items, counter play in LOL follows champion kits and playstyle. They are two different games.
: If you are dying to QR alone, then you're doing it wrong lol. It's not even a matter of "counterplay" at that point, you're dying from his most basic burst combo. Mind you, if he doesn't land his stun, he's losing out on about 1000 damage from not being able to land W. If you built QSS, you would likely have enough MR to survive his QR combo. After QR, you have 3 or 4 seconds even at level 18 to get back at him before he lands another Q. Seems like *you're* the one who needs a counterplay video. If you can't survive Veigar's burst, you're dead, of course. Veigar has all of his damage put up front. Once you get past that damage wall he's an easy target. You don't even have to come up with a tactic to beat Veigar. It's all in the strategy. If you can't/don't want to learn how to build a counter strategy, then you can eat your own words.
My counterplay strategy is to not go near veigar. Veigar is like nasus where all he has to do is stay safe in lane and farm. These new q changes will make him even safer to farm with AND gain more ap in the process. The changes are a buff to him even if his e comes up slower. If your playing a squishy mid laner or ADC, you NEVER want to go near veigar and its the job of the tank to lock him down so they can kill him. I guess I was a little unclear in my post, but my point was that people don't want to learn counterplay to the new champions so they just complain on the forums that they are "uncounterable". EDIT: After 25-30 minutes veigar Q+R is a one shot to a squishy with 1800-2000 HP, and with games lasting longer its not so much of a risk to reach that point.
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Dr Easter (EUW)
: Sorry Rito... but the offset camera is a lazy solution
In that same reddit thread riot said they are aware of it. This is just a small help for the people who use locked camera.
: Fiddlesticks Has Been Beaten Down Hard
Fiddle is still super strong and always will be. He is a champ where you can land one good ult and win the game.
: Shyvana doesn't suck, she just lacks Utility/CC
Shyvana does a shit ton of damage, a top lane shyvana is nothing to laught at. She's only not getting played right now cause she has trouble laning against ranged top laners.
Rioter Comments
: Well said. The idea of season 5 "strategic diversity" is a fucking joke. Remove dfg, nerf fizz, zed, akali, katarina, mana, mana regen, syndra, et cetera et cetera... I'm not even sure what Riot wants us to play at this point. It feels like they hate their game and all of their own champions. Except Lee Sin. Obviously.
"What riot wants us to play"... Riot does not tell you what to play. You should play what you feel is strong, fun, or just something your good at. The players create the meta and if no champ is really sticking out right now, then doesn't that mean the game is balanced right now?
: Well said. The idea of season 5 "strategic diversity" is a fucking joke. Remove dfg, nerf fizz, zed, akali, katarina, mana, mana regen, syndra, et cetera et cetera... I'm not even sure what Riot wants us to play at this point. It feels like they hate their game and all of their own champions. Except Lee Sin. Obviously.
"What riot wants us to play" riot doesn't force you to play anything...they don't even force you to play the game. Just play what you feel is strong or fun or just play what your good at. If you can't tell what champs are FOTM, isn't that a good thing? That means the game is pretty balanced and there is strateguc diversity.
: My confessions as a support (and ADC) main: - Sorry but if you're going to play Ezreal ADC I'm going to dodge because I can't support an Ezreal because 99% of the Ezreals are toxic and misses skillshots and are just plain bad im sorry :< I have yet to see a good Ezreal in Silver ELO - {{champion:412}} YOU, TAKE MY FUKING LANTERN OK? What the fuk. Why would you flash out of my lantern range. WTF. - {{item:3302}} YOU, LET ME GET THE FUKIN CANNON. PLS. Supports need gold too. PRETTY PLZ DON'T TAKE IT. I pinged the cannon and you took it wtf selfish ADC reported Kappa - Don't blame me when you're going in 1v2. If I'm recalling then hug your tower. Lmao don't blame ur support! - Shut your mouth if I'm missing hooks as {{champion:53}} {{champion:412}}. You're playing ADC for a reason (OOPS). - I'll assume that you are a DL wannabe if you're playing Vayne. I mean, if you're someone I don't know of course. I won't judge my friends I promise. - SHUT UP If I'm getting ignite. I'm getting it for a reason (TO KS HUEHUEHUEE). - If I didn't peel for you, you're obviously not worth to peel for. Lmao don't cry when you're 1/5/2 and you expect peels. I would rather peel for my tank than you. - It's really hard to lane with a passive ADC as a support main especially playing Thresh. - You need to go in when I flay/hook/bubble someone, seriously, what are you doing. You let me die and will ask everyone to report me for "obviously feeding" afterwards. - If I died for you, you don't have to thank me. JUST don't tell me how bad I am at the game for peeling for your sorry ADC ass. - I will support top/jungle/mid if you can't stop bitching about your shit support. But don't ask me to stay with you afterwards. /RANT.
I'm in silver and the funny thing is like half my supports take the cannon minion and the other half like never touch it. The worst is when a thresh misses a cs with targons. I don't rage at them but it just irks me.
: I actually do this a lot, the problem is that while you might be able to make it work in the laning phase and even mid game, having a miss balanced late game team is almost impossible.
I think you might enjoy dota more than lol. Dota's interactions rely more on item diversity while in lol interactions come more from the champion's kits. I played both for awhile when I first got into mobas, but in the end I decided I liked lol's champion kits a lot more so I stuck with lol.
Atuko (NA)
: Just because you can find ways to counter someone doesn't mean they're suddenly balanced
Stop listing yasuo's strengths and list me his weaknesses. he is easily kitable without minions his damage is rng till he gets 100% crit his shield is nothing takes like one auto cant use his own ult reliably
: 1) Zed's shurikens now work like Lux's Light Binding
Whats your reasoning behind taking away his passive on minions?
: well, his low skill floor is a problem too if u ask me
Most champions have a low skill floor.
Noraver (NA)
: Thank you Riot, really.
Same here after all those mystery skins, riot gives me a good one. I got snowstorm sivir, thanks riot!
: Those are the 62/123 least-played champions in the game, and with six bans and all of them unlocked for the mode, I could see people discovering how broken OP Yorick or Taric are. When was the last time you saw a Mundo, a Galio, or even a Kennen? (It's not about who's strong or not, it's about who's played or not.)
Yeah but we discover the strong champions by playing them. People play what they like to play and zedd and yasuo are fun to play. Nothing is stopping people from discovering how strong a champion is. If your teammate is dumb and tells you kennen top is bad , just mute him and carry the team. I just don't think there is any need for this mode, it just creates a whole new meta. I know your talking about pickrate but I dont see why that is important.
: Heh, it'd be really fun for maybe Valentine's Day (no love) to have a mode where only the least-picked half of LoL gets to play, but all champs are unlocked for the mode. This would leave us with: {{champion:45}} {{champion:12}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:43}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:78}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:3}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:83}} And of course you need to have three bans per team, to make sure nobody gets too popular :)
Most of those champions are strong right now, the only ones who are quite low is gangplank, elise, taric, mordekaiser, nautilus and zac. Otherwise all those champions are pretty damn good.
Sooko (EUW)
: We need a mode with popular champions banned
This just creates a new meta than riot would balance the "OP" champions in this meta. Plus over half the top lane champions you listed are all strong picks, people are just dumb and don't use them. This mode is similar to what urf was; it created a new 5v5 meta, that than riot would have to balance around if they kept it, so they removed it. It could work as a limited edition mode.
: There is nothing wrong with countering,but there is a problem with *unhealthy* gameplay.Point and click abilities with no delay that deal damage,making the player untouchable while having low cost. The problem isnt like you pick Cait and Vayne,u get a clear advantage over just her(1 champions from 123),but picking a champions that counters nearly one whole class is. Mages are unable to kill tanks,bruiser,ADC(which have become better carries) and now they cant compete with assassins? So they should onyl be able to kill support and other mages(which are mostly played in the support role)? That is the extinction of one whole class.How is that fair? If bruisers win against assassins and assassins win against mages,do mages win against bruisers?It doesnt seem like it...
What? Mages have no problems killing adcs...yeah some are mobile but if you play a mage your good at landing skill shots. I have had ori ults delete me, and tf card stuns absolutely wreck me. Syndra dfg ult and I'm dead. Mages are still good against adcs.
: >Zed relies entirely on skillshots He has 2 skillshot abilities, the other two (his E and his ult) are point-blank AoE and targeted, respectively. This statement is incorrect. >you can simply time your flash right and dodge his q/e or if your good enough you can sidestep them. You can't dodge his E, it's instant AoE, you just don't get near Zed or his shadow to avoid it. If you seriously think that a champ should be required to burn Flash just to avoid *one* skill, I...I just...I just can't even... >However, with yasuo, I do agree that he is annoying with his unlimited dashes, however he is a melee carry and is vulnerable to cc and kiting. yes he has a strong laning phase but if you just play safe and farm any mage will be more useful then a zed or a yasuo in a teamfight. Well...this is just wrong. Yasuo supposedly has a meh laning phase, and was intended to be a late-game champ. He specialized in dueling and teamfighting, since his Q + ult combo can immobilize entire teams and chunk them like crazy. I *really* don't think you know what you're talking about.
I wasn't clear on the "you can simply time your flash right" I meant during zeds ult he only has one chance to get his e and q on you, to counter that sidestepping, flashing, and using zhonyas or cleanse, can easily save you. I agree that skillshots are technically invalid when you are completely resource-less with low cooldowns. About yasuo, he is difficult to balance because if you remove his damage he is a useless assassin/fighter, you remove his shield and he won't be able to cs, you remove his armor pen and he becomes useless in teamfights (then he needs to build 4 items (lw) and thus loses out on a tank item), you could remove the double crit but something else would have to be given to him to make him feel like a full champ. He'd just be a wet noodle that dashes around and does 600 dmg when he ults but zero damage when he tries to kill you.
MarcReady (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=RasCaelestis,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=kw9Ni3xV,comment-id=00010000000000000000,timestamp=2014-12-26T00:19:01.933+0000) > In most matchups against them, you do not rely on your own skill to win, you rely on your opponent lacking it. That is wrong. My ability to win should be dependent on my own actions and my ability to play this game better than my enemy. If s/he is more skilled, s/he deserves to win. If I am more skilled, I deserve to. When it comes to Yasuo and Zed, this is not the case. This is exactly what I meant ^^ your thought is more clear than mine
Except when playing against "high skill cap champions" there is even more counterplay. Zed relies entirely on skillshots, hell I love playing against zed as an adc or as someone like lux, because when he ults you can simply time your flash right and dodge his q/e or if your good enough you can sidestep them. Zed is extremely vulnerable to be kited after he has ulted. However, with yasuo, I do agree that he is annoying with his unlimited dashes, however he is a melee carry and is vulnerable to cc and kiting. yes he has a strong laning phase but if you just play safe and farm any mage will be more useful then a zed or a yasuo in a teamfight. Without minions around yasuo has very little defensive mobility. They are assassins and playing against them requires you to play safe.
: Protect the Carry or Kill the Carry, nothing else matters "Strategic Diversity" is a lie.
Or riot could just fix itemization for tanks. If sustained carries made weak/removed then tanks would be OP. Riot designed a trinity to combat this ---> Burst counters Sustained and tank counters burst and sustain counters tanks. If we removed sustain damage then it would just be tanks counter burst. The game would turn into World of Tanks and wet noodle fights. There would be no reason to play bursty champs cause who cares if a tank will just eat your burst, and kill you when your combos down. Team would have so little damage against structures and objs that games would take forever to end. Without carries the game would be incredibly boring to watch or play. Tell me how can you even destroy a tower quickly without a carry, just seiging a tower would take 10 minutes. I agree with you that tanks are weak right now, but right just needs to give them a little better itemization to lock down a carry. Maybe an item that gives them a snare like skillshot, so if your an immobile champ you can outplay them, land that snare and kill them.


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