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Xavanic (NA)
: lets not give one of the most powerful mid laners in the game more power PLLLLEEEEAASSSSSEEEEEE
This has nothing to do with powercreep, and the new ult would simply be more her style. It's just simply noting the fact that her ult is sort of a buzzkill for how interactive and meticulous the rest of her kit is.
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: Should the other Darkin fear Varus?
Nah, they should fear Aatrox. Varus isn't in complete control all of the time. Aatrox, however, is; and he has also harvest many lifeforms in his futile attempt to return to his Ascended power, to which he has discard and now seeks to destroy the entire world in hopes that he, too, will be destroyed and blessed with death.
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: This is kind of an idea to incentivize making your teammate(s) go afk using any toxicity, guilt tripping methods if the game goes south.
So then they get reported for being toxic.
: > [{quoted}](name=GatekeeperTDS,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=cE6AQ3ms,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-26T02:04:13.948+0000) > > I'd rather just lose the match than have the match take even longer because of shit AI. exactly, and the enemy would just snowball off of it and you wouldn't be able to surrender because the AI wouldn't let you no matter how much it fed.....
I edited it. I didn't mean about adding a bot, just how the game takes consideration how you have a leaver.
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afmghost (NA)
: League beats CSGO at least
Nah, RIot just feeds the meta scum. Buffing champions that don't need it, where they don't need it, and nerfing things that get nerfed harder when the first nerf wasn't the actual problem.
GankLord (NA)
: Season 10 Runes Reforged
I think Reforged is fine. The problem is that they game itself hasn't properly compensated for the shift in how Runes/Masteries work with the champions themselves. It took more than a season for them to nerf GP's Q because of Klepto/Grasp. I think that Riot just needs to crack down on diversifying the champion roles. With the new runes, a lot of Vanguards are stuck being tanks (though they tend to be the best tanks) because their damage options just don't quite compare, or it's some wonky off-tank at best (Consider Titanic Leona). Items also probably need changed as well.
: If you have any kind of dash or mobility you basically insta-win against, Illaoi. She counters divers and people who want to hard engage, that's why she's great at 2v1ing in lane. Her entire counterplay is to run away from her ult, everything else she has is slow moving and fairly short range, plus her e cooldown is pretty long anyway, something like a darius, aatrox, kled, riven or jax can demolish a game 100 times harder than an illaoi can, i'd use my ban on one of them lol and pick up volibear or even teemo, which just destroy illaoi in lane.
E cooldown is long? It's back up the instant you're done playing DDR with her tentacles as a vessel. Long cooldown likely not long enough for how effective it is.
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Ironmad (EUNE)
: I love playing Blitzcrank, but grabbing some champs, like {{champion:81}} , is shit. I mean it even says in game description that the grab stuns. So shouldn't that stop Ezraels jump. Same if you grab {{champion:99}} while she's doing her ulti, it doesn't interupt her.
They are stunned during the grab pull animation only, I think.
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3xample (EUW)
: I have a theory (quick poll)
3f, Index on E/D and Flash on D. I'm an old-school shooter player, so a lot of times my index rests on D. I find it good that it rests on Flash, because it's there as a panic button (where the only thought I need to have is to aim it, not find the button). Realistically my index is only on E when I'm using it.
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: Is there a reason that Kayle's rank 1 ult has one of the longest CD's in the game?
Kayle also just needs a hotfix in general. As is, a lot of her kit is super wonky, and I expect her late game to get dialed back eventually (encouraging that her early game be improved). In particular, her E being a ranged-empowered AA as opposed to a ranged on-hit ability means it takes more mechanical muscle memory than, say, Parrley (Gangplank Q) since she is melee at the start (when it's most useful). Her Q has a delay, is obvious, the projectile is fairly slow, and the cast time is also slow. Her W is fairly clean-cut, though I wouldn't be against her getting 25% more healing if she casts it on herself while alone (a similar buff I'd like to see with {{summoner:7}}). As for stats and scalings... I'm not great with analyzing hybrid-stat champions, but it seems she would benefit from an early Sheen into Hextech Gunblade, eventually the former into Lich Bane. I wouldn't be surprised if she also has a viable crit path similar to Gangplank's as well.
: Any melee champion with a large proportion of their damage from autos and auto resets is plain busted with the current conqueror rune, it's that simple.
I respectfully exclude Gangplank from this...
: Hot take: Riven is harder to play against than to actually play
Don't forget to tape "WIN" on your R button.
: Did riot ever actually fix the inting sion?
Turret plating and Tiamat price increase. Together they made it a good bit harder for the strat to snowball out of control.
: Unless I'm crazy does Hecarim feel too strong with the recent changes with the runes and stuff?
It's because he has access to runes and items that just wombo combo his abilities and one-shot very early on.
: [CRASH] Loading screen stuck at 100% / 0%
I still get this every once in a while, too, but I don't get a bugsplat. It usually crashes and returns to a RECONNECT button, I try to reconnect (even though I know it's too late), it says it can't reconnect, I cancel a retry, game is concluding on the launcher.
: D or F: What's your flash key, and why?
D because I have the force of habit of my fingers on the WAD buttons (shooter games), as well as D being faster in that respect. Once you get the habit of not panic flashing, using it quickly is more important and not costly. Also applies to Ult (R) being a tactical decision that takes longer than putting my finger on it (with most champs I use anyways).
PhRoXz0n (NA)
: Crit Item Explorations
The buffed Hexdrinker and new Maw look good, and they compare to Sterak's nicely. When it comes to IE, I prefer the % true damage conversion as it is now. Even as a GP main, I don't think we need one-shot barrel combos. I'm also concerned about a 40-50% crit chance IE and defensive PD because of champions like Tryndamere and Yasuo; they synergize with crit well (here we have them able to get 100% crit in 2 items with % damage increase) and already have defensive/sustain options in their kits, and they don't need more. New Stormrazors feel like a weaker Trinity Force, even though they are cheaper, because their paths aren't very pleasant or don't power spike compared to TF (namely Sheen for on-hit ability champions), in addition to them being slower to proc than Spellblade. While on-hit champions get 100% crit damage in 2 items, it still revolves around a CD similar to Spellblade (that it stacks with Spellblade may be the issue, of course). The Essence Reaver change seems like a reintroduction of Stormraider's Surge, but with the Essence Flare intact so I'm not sure, since this still seems it will be abused on champions like Jax and Riven. I think the current version is fine, but I would like to refer to my [Mana Drive]( idea to make the path more interesting (alternate upgrade idea is optional, but not necessarily relevant). I presume the 25% crit chance Zeal upgrades are simply to stress the idea of 100% crit chance in exactly 3 items without overflow or a CD for champions that do not have any innate crit chance, and I'm fine with that (it's like that now and it didn't seem excessive). Lastly, I like the buffed Last Whisper, but I feel like between it and Conquerer, as well as IE feel like a lot of just raw damage. In all I feel like crit is nice since it stresses raw damage, but we could also use more interaction with crit that isn't just more damage or more crit chance (i.e. Tryndamere's Rage). More items that give crit chance, but also proc effects on crit (e.g. old ER 3% maximum mana refund) would add more flavor to crit.
: Please do not change PD, it's already defensive on the damage reduction, and really nice offensively too. Not all ADC's build it as a first zeal but the ones that do really rely on it. And the Yasuo and Tryndamere mains will be really sad as well
Lowkey don't think Tryandamere or Yasuo need a defensive crit item. They both have strong sustain already with their kits (Ults in particular), as well as innate crit effects.
Alzon (NA)
: Yet another item that only Diana would ever build.
> [{quoted}](name=Alzon,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=mRxsRBlU,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-10-30T16:30:21.243+0000) > > Yet another item that only Diana would ever build. Leona. Malphite. AP tanks that already use Titanic basically.
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: Inting Sion needs to be nerfed
It's unconventional play, and needs changed ASAP. The issue (and this happens in other champs using a similar strategy) is that you have an incredibly tanky champion, so he can ignore a LOT of damage before going down. Next is that Demolish and Titanic Hydra gives damage that scales with the tankiness, and too well.
David 777 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Alzon,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=zL9uJlBX,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-09-13T18:40:41.526+0000) > > Mana Drive looks great. I’d lower its mana to match Sapphire Crystal to help keep marksmen from spamming everything off CD. > > On the other hand, Nova Drive looks like a ridiculously cost-efficient statball, which was the entire point of the most recent Essence Reaver rework. It needs some other effect than just “no more mana problems,” and the raw stats need to decrease. The word “nova” makes me think “burst.” Maybe Nova Drive would build out of Sheen or Kircheis Shard and restore more mana on proccing the effect. Yes to all of the above. However, I'd say Nova Drive passive should look like this: Unique Passive - Mana Drive: While below 50% mana, critical strikes restore 3% missing mana. Unique Passive - Mana Overload: While at or above 50% mana, critical strikes will consume 3% current mana and create an explosion dealing 15 - 30% of the attack's damage. The damage is increased by the percentage of current mana.
> [{quoted}](name=David 777,realm=EUW,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=zL9uJlBX,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-09-14T01:42:00.862+0000) > > Yes to all of the above. However, I'd say Nova Drive passive should look like this: > Unique Passive - Mana Drive: While below 50% mana, critical strikes restore 3% missing mana. > Unique Passive - Mana Overload: While at or above 50% mana, critical strikes will consume 3% current mana and create an explosion dealing 15 - 30% of the attack's damage. The damage is increased by the percentage of current mana. At first I was wanting to make Mana Drive total 1500, but 1300 is a nice number and a totally possible first back for good farming, seeing as BF Sword can be an ideal first back with some strategies, and it's not like the upgrade is buying you a Doran's Ring. As for Nova Drive... bursting wasn't the intention, necessarily, and I did feel like I overdid the upgraded raw stats, but I don't think the item needs any shiny new passive. Just something to synergize with the other passive being crits that give mana back. I toned down the raw stats.
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: Why dodging shouldn't make you lose LP
Riot just appears to hate one-tricks (be it role one-tricks or champion one-tricks). Can't turn off autofill, get punished for dodging because of autofill, get screwed over even more because you autofilled and lost due to it. Autofill is just a lazy way of making people play Support and Jungle, instead of making them more enjoyable to play themselves.
SSmotzer (NA)
: But what about crit shield Poppy? {{champion:78}} Or crit hand cannon Gangplank? {{champion:41}}
Funny that I was looking for a Poppy build with this... And you also mention my main man GP.
Kürama (NA)
: Hiya! Firstly, I'd need the following info to pinpoint this issue; 1. Your CPU / Processor 2. Your GPU / Graphics card
AMD A8-6410 APU with AMD Radeon R5 Graphics. Just had a game where everyone loaded to 100% (sat there 2-3 minutes) and the game client just closed without warning, to the launcher's RECONNECT button. Hit it, and almost instantly got a "Cannot connect to server [...] Try again?".
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Barkley (NA)
: Glacial Augment?
I use it on Gangplank jungle. It allows his point-n-click Parrrley to be a slow whilst he sets up a barrel combo to proc another slow for ganking.
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: Game client anti-cheat known issues and fixes
Update, now the League of Legends.exe deleted itself, and does so every time I try to extract it. I managed to fix it before(that is, somehow keep it from deleting itself), but now it's doing it again and I can't seem to figure it out. Is anyone else having this issue?
: Game client anti-cheat known issues and fixes
I figured out the problem I was having. When I was unzipping the stub.dll and League of Legends.exe, the .exe wasn't sticking around. I forced them to in a separate folder and then transferred to the C:/.../deploy folder manually. Now that the .exe stuck around, it now runs perfectly. I believe the solution was that I had to unzip each file separately, because unzipping them together would overwrite/place the .exe and then it would dissolve (meaning I had no .exe to run), resulting in the persistent RECONNECT button. I'm unsure why this happened, but I watched the file go poof when I unzipped them in an independent folder. I hope this helps anyone else with the same issue.
: your anti-cheat isnt working people still cheat on aram and reporting people for doing so
Willing to bet that the anti-cheat is causing more issues than the number of cheaters it's preventing. Good job Rito.
: Game client anti-cheat changes going live
I did the forced update and downloaded the debugger (and followed the rest of the instructions). Instead of League of Legends.exe appearing for a few seconds, during which the launcher would minimize, before returning to a "RECONNECT" button; it now shows a persistent "RECONNECT" button and doesn't produce a .dmp file in the debugger folder.
: Game client anti-cheat known issues and fixes
Here's me dump. Barely got it because the LoL game process is there for a couple seconds before disappearing, and then returning me back to the client (reconnect loop).
Scibra (NA)
: I suppose removing a huge chunk of players is a method for anti-cheat. I mean, it removes that many potential cheaters before the thought of cheating even enters their minds! Please fix swiftly.
Seriously, this happens literally when the only icon I ever sought becomes available again (a Bilgewater icon), though I think it's different than the Burning Tides version.
: Game client anti-cheat known issues and fixes
I suppose removing a huge chunk of players is a method for anti-cheat. I mean, it removes that many potential cheaters before the thought of cheating even enters their minds! Please fix swiftly.
: Which champions do you hate playing against in lane or just in general ?
Yasuo, and any AA-reliant juggernaut toplane, like Garen or Urgot. They can easily use Tank runes, and build AD that's splashed with armor or health, and simply become unstoppable except by your ADC.
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