Draehl (NA)
: 10 Favorite Skins For Your 10 Favorite Champs?
(in no particular order) {{champion:268}} Warring Kingdoms {{champion:28}} Tango {{champion:69}} Mythic {{champion:114}} Royal Guard {{champion:202}} High Noon {{champion:64}} Dragon Fist {{champion:238}} Championship {{champion:157}} High Noon {{champion:91}} SSW {{champion:236}} Heartseeker
: Never should have shoved URF into ARAM. Should rotate all the various game modes so much more than just Ascension and Siege. Hexakill, One for All, Nemesis Draft, DnD...there are good options.
> [{quoted}](name=ChompyWulf,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=k2QROAFX,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-12-26T05:17:07.286+0000) > > Never should have shoved URF into ARAM. > Should rotate all the various game modes so much more than just Ascension and Siege. > Hexakill, One for All, Nemesis Draft, DnD...there are good options. What's Dnd?
: Counter picks to a midlane Zed?
{{champion:84}} shits on Zed in the laning phase
Bombardox (EUW)
: Your top 3 '' wtf why did rito make him ? '' champions ?
: I know that...better to dodge than to feed on a champ you cant play well
How though? Worst case scenario is you lose, if you dodge you instantly accept the worst case scenario.
: Nerf champions that take no skill
Name 10 champions that are 'no skill'.
: it was in promos so I couldn't just play someone I'm not that comfortable on. especially since the role I was in was a secondary role and no one wanted to switch
If you dodge in promos that's an instant loss lol
: When are the early sales? I'm still waiting for the dreadnova gangplank sale
: well when someone dodge you get to play role you dont want since the queue time increase and they want you to find a game . This goes the same for aram you get a champ you want but someone dodge because they got something they didnt want . It actually break the game and if there is a way to report ppl who dodge i will gladly do it . I want also better punishmnent for dodger .
You have to be kidding, right? The punishment for dodging is a little harsh if anything, I'm really glad it isn't worse. I dodge plenty of times, everyone does there's nothing wrong with it.
Dessem (EUW)
: But wind can die down.
: I have crush on Kindred
No judgement here
: But Braum is the wall
: you should also get reported for dodging .
: Corrosive Tome: The AP Black Cleaver
It would be busted on: {{champion:34}} {{champion:1}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:90}} etc
: A video would help! Did you make sure you had a target? Did you try to selfcast (alt+E)? Do you have quick cast enabled? It would help with recreating this potential bug.
Nevermind, it seemed to work when replicated, idk what happened but I guess nothing is wrong.
: Things You Miss About The Game But You Know Will Never Come Back?
Old Talon, he felt so...crisp. God I miss one tricking the old Talon.
Rioter Comments
: Nope: > Nocturne's dash and damage cannot be interrupted by crowd control but any effects he suffers during the dash will apply for their remaining duration (if any) after he hits his target. http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Nocturne/Abilities Besides, that's not the point wether or not he does during it, no assassin should be able to just jump into the middle of the team, who shield and defend their carry, and do it that easily and quickly. It's not a matter of Nocturne, I couldn't care less what he does. It's a problem of lethality (namely Duskblade)
Ok, fair enough. And yes, like I mentioned, duskblade is stupid right now but he was still building squishy with no resistances, so yeah it's no surprise.
: You can't CC him during his ult, and he had a spellshield to block the first instances of it after that. I'm not saying Nocturne shouldn't be able to assassinate, or that he shouldn't be able to when 1v2. But 1v5, with the team actually doing their job trying to protect the carry? That's a problem with the amount of burst and the ease it's done with
As Ralanr said, I think you can be cced during ultimate, and regardless, if a Nocture did ult into the middle of a team fight, he probably died right after killing the Jinx.
: They shouldn't be doing that when you're in the middle of the team and they do everything they're supposed to. That's when the assassin is supposed to fail because of teamwork
Right. But then it should be on the support or tank or the team that is at fault, not the assassin. Yes, Duskblade is stupid right now. Regardless, Nocture is still supposed to kill adcs quickly - if he did that, then good for him. It would be Rakan's fault for not ccing him, the tanks fault for not ccing him, etc
: I dont care it im a squishy ADC jinx with no defense items..
Oh my god this is so broken I can't believe a squishy immobile adc with no defense got killed by an assassin building burst Riot what the hell.
Rioter Comments
: That moment when you see the word yiddish and Sikh combined
HeilHiem (NA)
: the only thing i see here is the fact you just pointed out why it needs to stay more then remove it, yes alot of champions abuse Frozen Mallet but you just made a great case to keep it because cc no matter where it comes from is good cc. yes it is not really used alot out side of plat, thats a shame but the item speaks for its self. so yes you are wrong, since removing it would make rylia's the only half decent slowing item, but the ad's wouldnt have an on hit cc item like it anymore. Why do you think they brought back Executinor's, because in alot of cases morellonomicon was not enough having to be activated a specific way like rylia's.
Fair enough, I see your point, so does that mean that not even changes are needed?
Danjeng (NA)
: I'm an oriental/asian history and culture connoisseur, and I can tell you that your comment is very wrong. He's definitely inspired by the Southern Yiddish-Sikh swordsmen archetype from the Jōdanda era. _Scopé is from EUNE, so he might refer to East Asians as Chinese. There was another EUNE boards user who claimed to have never met a single asian person in his life before. Maybe there just aren't many in the region._
> [{quoted}](name=Danjeng,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=jNeHuZNZ,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2017-07-20T03:52:03.009+0000) > > I'm an oriental/asian history and culture connoisseur, and I can tell you that your comment is very wrong. He's definitely inspired by the Southern Yiddish-Sikh swordsmen archetype from the Jōdanda era. You're kidding, right? Because that comment is SO wrong, you have to be kidding lol
: How to Make Everyone Hate You in 1 Easy Step
: Yes.
Yes, as in you agree, or yes as I'm wrong?
Rioter Comments
: I approve of this champion RITO PLS
Oh I get it because you're a cactus octopus and the champion is a cactus so you like him because you're both cacti.
: I always imagined the items you buy as little magical trinkets that you would put on a sort of charm bracelet. All the champions already have weapons, so it would make more sense in the grander scheme of things. Then again, consider a champion like the new Urgot wearing a charm bracelet.
I imagine the EXACT SAME THING lol it's funny how minds work that way.
Dengeden (EUW)
: And you still misunderstood me. You can. *Permanently*. Disable both all-chat and champion voices. Not by painstakingly muting every enemy at the start of every game. But by default. Get it now? You're either annoying players who aren't doing everything to win or players who don't care about your childish mockery. Go you. What a great strategy.
But all chat is disabled as a default. Like, you have to go out of your way to turn it on in the first place.
: Yasuo Ult
He can't, stop spreading fake shit.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sciraen,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=gExyx0kg,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-04T21:10:44.265+0000) > > I've never seen anyone E flash on Warwick, Every Warwick does this. Every single one. It's basically a guaranteed kill if he lands it.
Like I've said, I've never seen someone do this, but now that I know, I'll be on the lookout for it, thanks!
: I seem to recall Gragas being nerfed because he forced people to "respect flash" on every gank.
I've never seen anyone E flash on Warwick, maybe it's just because I'm bad, but it doesn't seem that great of an idea. Also, that wasn't the only reason Gragas was nerfed. Gragas had been a staple jungler for a long time, with sustain, great ganks, pick, teamfight, engage, disengage, and zoning. He had so much, and could dominate the professional scene as well as lots of elos. Warwick, while he can be annoying, doesn't do all of that.
Dengeden (EUW)
: Disabling all-chat isn't easy for everyone? Wut?
Dengeden (EUW)
: Learn to read but thanks for proving my point.
Oh I did read. Just because someone doesn't agree with you doesn't make them stupid or illiterate. But maybe you misunderstood what I'm saying, so let me elaborate. If they mute me, fine! I don't care, I still affected them enough into doing something against me. If they don't care and are totally impervious to tilt, props to them. I wish I had that sort of mental fortitude all the time. And as for me camping the tilted laner, that's just being smart. Ya can't mute ganks.
Dengeden (EUW)
: Being annoying isn't a "legitimate strategy", you're just being annoying
I mean, not at all. If I'm jungling and I see the enemy top laner say "lucky." in all chat after they got solo killed, I know where I'm camping cuz they are tilted. If someone messes up a combo that gets them killed, and they're obviously tilted by it, I'll say something like "?" in all chat. Does it always work? No. But when it does, holy shit is it effective. And that's part of the game. It's not "denying someone the chance to make friends over all chat". Cmon, let's be honest. No one has made a true, good friend over all chat.
: I don't get why Zac is permabanned?
Lol this guy saying people are banning Zac because they don't know how to play against him and it's just a meme. Go tell that to a Yasuo main. If people are banning him because they're bad, why are pros and high elos banning him too? They aren't doing that for Yasuo...
: What rare skin-shards have you gotten out of your VS event orbs?
This is a stupid question, but how do you get skin shards from the vs event orbs?
: Dear Yasuo Users
As a Yasuo main, I would like to kindly thank you, a Wukong main, for all the fun wombos we've had in the past. That being said, that one Yas player being an idiot doesn't mean all of us are like that, so yeah he was an idiot but that's it. Thanks.
: People just like to whine, Yasuo will never be nerfed enough for them until he's unplayable. People like that will still probably be complaining even after his soft rework.
"I know how to play against him, I just don't like to. So gut him Rito pls!!!1!!!1"
Oriyoki (EUW)
: No, you killed me because your champion is overloaded with damage, mobility and sustain. Don't try to defend Fiora or Yasuo with "they require skill". The skill requirement is minimal to do well on those two. Once Yasuo required skill, but those days are over.
: I've had it with people belittling the amount of effort it takes to play tanks
Yeah, so what? How is that any different from people saying Fiora or Yasuo or whoever else is also braindead? "Yasuo is so ez you just dash around hurr durr durr" Or, my favorite, "You only killed us because Yas is broken rito pls nerf wtf" No, I killed you because I dodged your skillshots with my e, got in a good angle to knock you all up, ulted you all, and continued to move while attacking. This goes for all classes. Yes, tanks aren't braindead. But you guys aren't the only ones, either.
: Actually Chaos only exists because of Order, people will always seek cause chaos to an ordered society, it's why we have police officers and a military. Order can live very happily without Chaos, but with no Order, Chaos just get's bored.
That's an interesting sentiment, but the way I see it, nothing can exist without it's opposite - it would simply be.
: I also seemed to notice 4 order icons on his friends list, so I guess "god" can be wrong.
Fair enough. Wait, but Order and Chaos cannot exist without each other, so regardless of the outcome, they both lose - without Chaos you can't have Order, and without Order you can't have Chaos.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Sciraen,realm=NA,application-id=9hBQwnEU,discussion-id=xd2Rf5IV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-06-04T22:40:04.382+0000) > > That's what everyone said at MSI 2016 to CLG, right? They didn't win it wtf LOL
Yeah but they beat everyone only to lose in the finals, doing better than every other region except Korea, and even then they still beat SKT in the groups.
: Stop being piss off and mad, NA is not going to win Worlds anyway
That's what everyone said at MSI 2016 to CLG, right?
: agreed I'm level 7 and his playstyle is too boring and you just get fed{{champion:157}}
That's cute. I have 130k mastery points on Yasuo, AND level 7 mastery, although i think we all know that champion mastery level means very little. Not to mention my mere 130k mastery points is nothing, as I'm nowhere close to mastering him. But I still know that he doesn't have a boring playstyle at all. You obviously didn't play him correctly if you thought he was "boring".
: I think its pathetic you need to add a 'jk' to save yourself . Oh wait gotta make sure you don't hurt anyones feelings on a video game , its clearly detrimental
I mean, better safe than sorry, right? I feel like most people are kidding, but still, I want to be respectful.
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